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    more seriously- I imagine there's a part of this pedal which is @alexclaber coming up with something cool with a mate and wanting to release it - just cos it's cool and exciting for him. If they are made to order then there's no real biggie if they don't sell crazy well - worst happens is nobody buys them and he just ends up designing his own pedal for himself... Cos it's fun and interesting is a reason people do things sometimes - I guess at some point Crazy Kiwi and Ped thought it would be fun to start a forum to chat about bass in the uk...
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    I'll be very disappointed when the amp comes out. I wanted a bicycle.
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    Similar to the CD/mp3 vs Vinyl argument I guess. (As already mentioned on this thread IIRC!) I am certainly not against modelling etc but for my basic needs I just don't need it, a basic pedalboard and amp/cab set up works. That may all change as the live music scene re-finds its feet and I decide I'm too old and stinky poo to keep doing half of what I do, but even then I'm not sure I'll ever go fully digital. We'll see. I can certainly see its benefits!
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    Been a while since I saw one for sale. Looks clean - currently well priced but expect late action. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jaydee-Bass/114543059896?hash=item1aab4c63b8:g:fqgAAOSwk4tfwAzF
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    That’s a pretty sobering read gafbass, I hope you start feeling better soon. I don’t think I’ll be getting in a rehearsal room until I’ve been vaccinated.
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    I'm actually wondering whether I should Chuck what I've got on the fire and use the packing as a cardboard cigar box bass.
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    Absolutely. I've built two fuzz pedals this year. I never use fuzz. But it was fun..!
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    Oh my, that's terrible! let's hope the medics can do their best for him. Life can change in a split second indeed.
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    Price includes EU shipping. Weight is 5.2kg - too heavy for me now. Partial to offers/trades but not Basses. I’m downsizing. This isn’t one of my builds but a bass I impulse bought in Seattle in 2015 and lugged back to Scotland. Its a copy of a G&L ASAT but with a proper G&L heavy bridge. Its pretty in all black, vintage thick gloss finish and Pearl binding. I was going to fit a Kickass 4 bridge, rehape the headstock (to a Telecaster), remove the decal, make it more like a Fender/ASAT/Schecter Baron Tele Bass — hybrid but I never bothered & left it untouched. It plays great with a really gnarly punk tone. I would keep it but I really dont need the number of basses I own. I simply want to get back to two. Pots are vol/vol/tone: Neck is long-scale Maple Truss adjustment at headstock 21 x jumbo frets. (Feels like a C profile, quite agile). 42mm at nut The Fingerboard is a hard rosewood or ebonite Neck is bolted on with stainless steel bolts Wilkinson Tuners The neck has pearlite bindings and the body has a matching pearlite binding. The Body has a Fender neck pocket, looks like mahogany with ash top and back. Ibanez Bass Pickups (look like Ibanez PFR N4/B4s unlike Alnico — but possible, it has quite a high output) It has no dents but it has small paint scratches between the rear pickup and the middle control pot and on the back top, easy to fix..(highlighted in pix.) Its a live playing bass. One to go nuts with. Nothing too fancy or foo foo. This is not a G&L ASAT but that bridge is a proper G&L Bridge. It’ll come custom-crated with a fresh set of rotosound roundwounds. I think it would make a good basis for a modding bass or a gift or a standby or as an all rounder. If no one buys it I will donate it, but I have a few bitsas in progress already while i empty my bits box. Here’s a shot of me with it live.
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    CASH PRICE £1999 TRADE VALUE £2695 Alembic Elan made in 1990. Excellent condition. Spec below: Model: Elan top: Flame Maple accent: none body: Maple finish: Stormburst neck: 3-piece Maple scale; 34" long fingerboard: Ebony inlays: Pearloid (plastic) ovals pickups: Alembic PJ controls: volume, pan, filter, Q-switch, mono output hardware: chrome plated brass Comes with Alembic hard case MIGHT TRADE. NO P/ BASSES OR JAZZ. ANYTHING UNUSUAL THANKS FOR LOOKING
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    Great filter! Its the only one I've come across that hat midi controllable subdivisions of the lfo. Perfect for Dubstep.
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    Hope he recovers fully. It's routers that scare me and I have two including a very big one... One of my nephews is an ambulanceman/paramedic and his worst stories are about 'degloving' accidents. Don't wear gloves near a drill press...
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    The power rating of a speaker is thermal, literally how much power it can take before the voice coil fries. How much it can take before mechanical damage may occur is seldom more than half the thermal rating. Besides, most amps are rated for their output capability at a very low distortion figure. Most are capable of at least twice their rated power at high distortion, albeit not long term. A sufficiently high pulse can fry a voice coil in a fraction of a second. A watt is the product of voltage x current, period. The TCs have been proven incapable of delivering the requisite voltage at the requisite amperage to come even close to their advertised ratings.
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    Best wishes to your drummer, sincerely hope there's no long lasting damage. I've got a circular saw and I really don't like them to be honest. I'm massively cautious using it. If it doesn't cut with just gentle pressure applied I stop. The power tool I hate the most are those large angle grinders. Used one when we built our extension, awful things.
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    Not seen the Rode interface before. Lots of love for the NT1 out there. My only prolonged experience with LDCs was my Peluso P67 (talk about sellers remorse!) so not really experienced enough to offer advice there. I think any recent interface from a trusted brand has a much higher basic quality level than over 10 yrs ago (probably, though the curve was flattening even then). Make sure you pick a manufacturer with good support - Alesis have a bit of a back catalogue of units that no longer work after major Mac updates, so personally I’d avoid them. Id assume you’re going to monitor on cans? There’s a lot more appetite for that these days, especially as you can pick up a decent set for the price of poopy monitors, and monitoring environment is then a non-issue.
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    Have you looked at the comprehensive answers and information given to you over at your same thread at TB???
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    I reckon we have all been an Asshat at some point😂 Oh bass is lush as owt by the way.
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    Hope all’s well Dan, selling a Flea is about the same as selling a limb
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    Hi everyone, Hope you’re all keeping well. Selling my perfect 2018 Sire V7 First Gen Marcus Miller 5 String due to lack of playing time on it mainly due to my Sire P7 fiver and Sire V7 5 fretless ( amongst other tasty bass distractions). Bought this new Dec 2018 and it has a 6 month old set of D’Addario nickel roundwounds on it. The allen keys are included and Free UK delivery and it really is in Mint Condition . Alder Body, dark rosewood fretboard with a lovely ivory binding to it. Perfect working order too. Neck set almost straight B is 2mm off 12th fret ( fretted at 1st ) and G 1.6 ish and there’s plenty of play either way left for the saddle heights for you to adjust. 9lbs 15oz, 4.5kg. OK for a Fiver but not lightweight. Gave it a polish and just a little Nomad A1 fretboard oil today ( a clean really, I oiled it fully in July) and only a quick fret polishing needed for them to shine so it will get to you sparkling. Great basses these in passive or active and the Tone control actually works whilst in Active so with the Mids having a frequency sweep control as well you’re spoilt for choice. No swirling on the bass anywhere , no dents or owt, no nuffink! Not even a case! It didn’t come with one. I’ll pack it in it’s Marcus Miller box and that will be inside a larger box well padded. Couldn’t fault it when it arrived and that’s how it still is. Enjoy the pics. Notice the nice wavy maple grain on the neck towards the body. I like it anyway. Here are the Specs and photos. PM me to buy it, very fair Black Wednesday price is £325 with free UK delivery so I’ll wait for that thank you because it’s Mint. Cheers all and I sincerely wish you well. Quent. Specifications: Body Material – North American Alder Weight - 9lb 15oz / 4.5kg Typical for a 5 String but no lightweight. Body Shape – New Marcus Miller Jazz Type Neck Material – 1 Piece Hard Maple with two graphite rods. Neck Shape – C-Shape Scale – 34” Fingerboard – Dark Rosewood with Ivory coloured Binding. Fingerboard Radius – 9.5” Frets – Medium Small, 20 Frets String Nut – /5 String: Natural Bone @ 46mm width Inlays – White Pearloid Block Neck Joint – 4 Bolt Steel Square Plate Pickups – Marcus Miller Super Jazz Single Coil. Alnico 5 magnets Electronics – Pre Amp is an 18v Marcus Heritage 3 system. Controls Volume/Tone (Stacked Pot) Tone control also works alongside the EQ Pickup Blend Treble Mid/Mid Frequency Sweep (Stacked Pot) Bass, Mini Toggle (Active/Passive) Bridge Marcus Big Mass 1. Through Body. String Spacing @ Bridge – 5 String: 18mm 6 month old set of D’Addario EXL170 45-130. Not used much. Hardware Finish – Chrome Pickguard – Tortoiseshell on 3 ply White/Black/White
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    Anthony bought my Zoom MS-60B and was a pleasure to deal with. Great communication and fast payment, what more could you ask for?!
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    Having tested it, I can say that it is a really comfortable and beautiful bass. A very great fretless at this price, it's a bargain ! GLWYS Tony !
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    They make a great noise, these - almost like a guitar stepped down through an octaver. Good luck with your sale!
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    And this is making me regret selling mine...for more than one reason... ☹️
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    Sounds great, my band are possibly going to be adding this in to the set at some point, really suits our guitarists style.
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    From my limited experience with one I’d say that’s pretty much spot on. If I compare it to my gear it’s like turning the valve drive on my ABM600 on to full from off - same sound just with more life and harmonics.
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    Good stuff. It’s still the one on my avatar.
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    Love my Big Twin 2 Gen 3. Great cabs these. Top seller and good price. Get it while I'm try to justify having two of them 😎.
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    Whatever I write that needs fuzz. But if you're asking that because you're thinking this is a fuzz pedal - you can get a Jamerson Motown sound from the overdrive section, or Roger Glover with Deep Purple, or Geezer in Sabbath, or Krist in Nirvana, etc etc. And the fuzz pedal can do all the worlds of fuzz, like the synth thing, or the Larry Graham double-tracked thing, or the Ben Folds Five thing, or Geezer again, etc etc. There's far more dirty bass sounds on recordings that many bassists realise.
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    I think much better without! A friend who works in A&E said that first lockdown they expected uplift in COVID patients, instead they saw uplift in DIY patients. Some of them arrive looking like they’ve been in a road accident apparently. Combined use of ladder and power tool appears to be an especially effective formula
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    Whilst I’ve never been massively into DIY, since I went pro in the 90’s I’ve always been overly careful about damaging myself, on the basis that if I couldn’t play then me and my family couldn’t eat! Although my mates and brother often take the mick about me having ‘artist’s hands’, I’ve always got help with stuff that may be dangerous or run the risk me not working. My brother has just done his back in lifting paving slabs - he’s retired but had he been still working then he would have needed weeks off. It’s amazing when you are self employed how much it focuses you on being able to carry on working whatever happens, and the older I’ve got the more important it is. Sorry to veer OT musicbassman, really hope your friend manages to regain full use of his arm and hand, all the best.
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    That sounds pretty awful. I'm extremely careful/scared around power tools, having seen the damage that they can inflict.
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    After a bit of time I can say I need a tree - trying a lefthand muted pop left the portion of the G string on the tuner side of the nut singing like a, well, high pitched singing thing - use your own analogy, I've just thought of 4. Makes me wonder whether the suggestion to have a string tree for ADG might be better than the button one I have for D&G. Thanks for your input everyone!
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    You doubt the data Dave? Go visit a COVID ward, speak to doctors and nurses who do the caring and put their lives at risk every day, and explain to them that it’s Ok, you’re in a band and you need to rehearse. And go to the gym for whatever reason. But the supermarkets are at mostly at fault, cos while you need to play and exercise, people don’t need food.
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    Beautiful Ibanez single cut bought from the Bass Gallery earlier this year (https://thebassgallery.com/collections/bass/products/ibanez-srsc-805). Bought for £829 plus I had to buy a hardcase (£50). So for £850 included P&P get yourself a bargain. It's a lovely bass, super low action (I"m a real stickler for this) and plays very evenly across the whole board. I just can't get away with the slightly narrower string spacing having been a Fender man all my life hence selling. Basically you're getting a lot of bass for the money and they're not that easy to come by having only been made for a short time. Only trade I'm interested in is a Fender Jazz lined fretless. Can't add any money to the trade though so have to be straight swap or plus cash. Any Q's drop me a PM.
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    It wouldn’t sound fine in the mix if it was played as unevenly and out of time as you say. Listening to solo’d parts is of very limited use. He’s a wonderful player. The ONLY thing that matters is that it works in the mix. It doesn’t exist for any other purpose. Part of being a great player is knowing what works, and knowing when it’s done. Endless retakes and having to come back another day doesn’t get you work. Perfectionism gets you nowhere!
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    Very clever indeed, very nice. But; They’ve gone the Orange route of using symbols instead of letters for knob descriptions: awful!!
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    Capo on first fret, press down 17th fret, measure neck relief on E and G sides at 7th fret with feeler guage . Set truss rods for 10 thou on G and 12 thou on E... ?? loosen both truss rods and check relief increases - therefore truss rods are working re-tighten truss rods to get the 10/12 thou relief - if there are still free turns on the truss rods (ideally enough to get some back-bow) then all is AOK.
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    Happy birthday to my Stingray fretless, born this day in 2001 🥳
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    on a budget mass-produced bass retailing for £330 I would think that looks all ok to me.
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    This is a similar article but with pictures of the strings and sound clips too https://m.bonedo.de/artikel/einzelansicht/vergleichstest-flatwound-saiten-fuer-e-bass/2.html
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    Have you tried pure nickel strings? I love that knackered tone also, tried loads of strings, eventually tried some Fender 7150 pure nickel (vintage tone), and they sound amazing. Warm and full sounding straight out the packet.

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