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!!! SOLD !!! KRAMER The Duke Deluxe Trans Red, 1981, no Hondo Alien, £399 GBP delivered (see ad) !!!
Etalle, South Belgium

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Due to the Covid-19 situation and severe back problems (66% officially disabled because of it) plus right shoulder injury (non-operable capsulitis from which, after more than 3 years, I will never fully recover), I'm selling all my basses over 4 kilos and also the ones I'm not really using. I've also considerably lowered the price for a quick sale.


KRAMER The Duke Deluxe Trans Red, 1981, no Hondo Alien !!!





Asking price including shipping fully insured with tracking number to your place in these European countries (ask for other countries) : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (excluding French overseas departments and territories), Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom : £399 GBP !!!


In fully working condition, fully original (except for the added strap button for better balance, one tuner and the two knobs) and in very good overall condition.


Here are the specifications :

Body : flamed maple (very hard to photograph)

Neck : aluminium with flamed maple inserts and perfect neck joint

Fingerboard : ebonol (bakelite, in fact) with aluminium side and front dots

Frets : 24 (slightly marked)

Headstock : none as it's a headless

Pickup : 1 original DiMarzio Twin Jazz

Controls : volume, tone, 3 positions switch for parallel / split / series

Tuners : 3 unbranded + 1 Gotoh

Bridge : original Schaller 3D-4

Strings spacing at bridge : 18.5 mm

Nut : none with zero fret

Strings spacing at nut : 11.5 mm

Knobs : 2 non original metal dome

Scale : 30.5 inches

Hardware colour : chrome and aluminium

Truss rod : none and perfect very slight relief whatever strings gauge you may put

Finish : high gloss trans red

Land of craftsmanship : USA

Serial number : B1577

Year : 1981

Weight : 3.665 kilos

Action : from 1.5 mm under the G string to 2 mm under the E string at 12th fret (can go lower, but was perfect for me)


Will come with the original Kramer hard case in bad condition and a RockBag.


Non-smoking environment as usual.


The bass has been fully set up professionally. It has been fitted with a brand new set of D'Addario Nickel Round Wound EXL220 strings (40 - 60 - 75 - 95).


This bass, despite its age, is still very modern sounding. There is no skid pad on this one and it seems that there's never been one.


Link to the Kramer vintage aluminium page : http://www.vintagekramer.com/alum.htm


What you see is what you get !


Look at the photos taken under different angles to see the fantastic condition for an almost 40 years old bass (only very small blemishes at the rear of the neck and some dings and scratches, plus a relocated at the front strap button leaving a small hole) ! All the photos are here : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ODMfzU3efWttew2JpAbaNZv2hTHZMom1?usp=sharing


Don't hesitate to ask for more.













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They make a great noise, these :) - almost like a guitar stepped down through an octaver.

Good luck with your sale!

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I’d sooooooo love this.......:x     Isn’t the p/up a Schaller rather than a DiMarzio?    Anyway, GLWTS and by the time I’ve decided to buy it will undoubtedly have gone.....:|

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I would have said Schaller too, but according to all the literature I can find, it's stated as DiMarzio...

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Done deal Tony, I won't even pretend to resist.

PM incoming.


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    • By Marc S
      The 5 string version of this bass doesn't come up very often (certainly here in the UK) - In fact, they seem to be unavailable in Europe currently too. Not sure if they've been discontinued?
      Not sure if the correct term is X-short scale, but I think it's 26.5" scale. I bought this as a travel bass, and took a punt, hoping the B string wouldn't sound "flabby"

      I was very pleasantly surprised at just how deep and resonant the B string is, and just how much sustain it has for such a short scale - I really didn't expect it to sound so good
      From memory, I paid around £230 or £240 for this bass new, that was pre import charges and sans case / bag. I'm throwing in a really nicely padded gigbag (which I think I paid around £40 for)
      In great condition - can't see any dings or scratches and there is no fret wear. In all honesty, it could probably do with a teak in the set-up, but it plays nicely so I leave that to the buyers taste.....

      Pictured here alongside a Hofner Violin bass for size comparison.
      I would seriously keep this, as it sounds so thunderous for such a tiny bass - but the string spacing is a tad too tight at the bridge end for my tastes (or possibly clumsy fingers! lol).....

      No trades - I'm thinning the herd (unless you've got a Wingbass, Fingy or similar)
      Collection / meet-up preferred.... and I've got a decent battery amp when travel is permitted.
      I have the box this cam in originally - but of course that won't fit the nice, thickly padded gigbag

    • By adamlunt
      Hi everyone,
      I’ve decided to list my old P Bass in favour of something a little more traditional, perhaps with a sunburst and rosewood flavour. Not a desperate sale by any means, but I have a strict 1 in 1 out policy. 
      As you can see, it’s a great example of an old school ash-body, maple-board P Bass. Ready for punk and indie, but can handle soulful RnB all the same.
      I’ve owned the bass for just over five years now, and as a player’s instrument it’s certainly served it’s purpose, so as I’m sure you can understand, it isn’t in collector’s condition. The previous owners have modded the bass over the years as follows:
      Dimarzio PAF pickup - Earlier version of the Model P with the cream cover. Loud and punchy in the mids, but surprisingly dynamic. BadassII bridge installed at some point - Just the badass-est bridge ever! CTS pots - The originals probably wore out. For me, this just ensures the bass works. In 2020 (amidst all the chaos) I had the bass refretted with narrow/tall frets, and as a result it plays like a dream. I chose narrow/tall frets because they feel comfortable to play, and have used Daddario Chromes solidly, meaning there is no wear whatsoever. Even the most small-handed players should feel right at home!
      The body has some wear where a previous owner had fitted and removed a thumb rest, and the neck has some areas where the finish has come away, but this is no way affects playability. The neck actually has some nice flame action towards the top. Please see images.
      I know the important question with basses from the era is the weight, and while I don’t have scales, I’m guessing it’s 4.5-5kg, with most of the weight in the body. I'm 5'7" and around 9.5st, and it has never felt uncomfortable.
      I am looking for a sale at this point, as I hope to fund another bass, but if there is a nice sunburst P Bass out there, I am prepared to exchange with cash your way if needed. And I'm sure it goes without saying, please feel free to get in touch for more pics or info.
      All the best,

    • By hooky_lowdown
      Vintage DiMarzio cream pickups (1979). Good condition and excellent working order. The pickups measure 11.34k Ohms. Long wires.
      £55 plus postage.

    • By Grantd
      I have to trim the herd again, so sadly this demon of a bass has to go.
      Sandberg California VS Lionel 30inch
      Fretless, ebony finger board with sideline fret markers
      Black hardware
      Sandberg gigbag

    • By Sharkfinger
      Up for sale is my superb gigging PJ bass. I painstakingly built this up over a few years, trying out different combinations of bodies and pickups, centred around that superb Warmoth neck.
      Times they are a changin' and I’d like something shorter to practice with in my very small home office.
      This was superbly set up by Chris Ward of Bass Centre fame.  I even had him dress the fret ends.  It plays like an absolute dream and currently has an old set of GHS Pressurewounds that kinda sound like flats now.
      Will be sad to see it go.
      Here are the Specs:
      Neck: Warmoth USA
      Style:    Tele® Bass     Construction:    Super Bass Construction Scale:    34"     Orientation:    Right Handed     Neck Wood:    Roasted Maple Fingerboard Wood:    Indian Rosewood     Nut Width:    1-11/16"     Back Shape:    Slim Taper (about 21mm front-to-back at  nut) Stiffening Rods:    Graphite Rods  Fret Size:    6105     Tuner Ream:    Hipshot Ultra Lite (14mm)  Radius:    Straight 10"     Fret #:    21     Mounting Holes:    Standard 4 Bolt     Inlays:    Cream Face Dots     Side Dots:    White Side Dots     String Nut:    GraphTech Black TUSQ XL - Standard Nut  Finish: Tru-Oil (Gunstock Oil) finish (did this myself) Hipshot USA Ultralite Tuners Hipshot USA Ultralite Bass Xtender Hipshot String Retainer Body: Squier Affinity
      Original pickguard and bridge Copper shielding in pickup routes Seymour Duncan SPB-1 Pickup at neck Dimarzio UltraJazz (Split coil) at bridge.  Currently wired in series for high output, but you could put a toggle on the scratchplate for parallel. Kiogon wiring loom, with selector, vol, vol, tone. Weight of this bass is a very reasonable 3.75Kg.  There are a few minor scratches and a couple of dings here and there but nothing that jumps out.  Hit me up if you want close up pics of anything.
      Trade wise, I'm looking for a medium or short scale that's very light weight.  3.5Kg absolute maximum and preferably lighter. 
      Price is a firm £525 £450 plus delivery.  EDIT: That is the one and only price drop before being parted out.
      I estimate that insured, that will come out £40-50.  If you're local, you are welcome to look and try in a safe, socially distanced way, which probably means outside or in the garage.
      If this doesn't sell, I'd look to part it out but let's face it, no one wants that hassle and I've got at least 1 box I can use.  It would be such a shame to break this up, as it feels like these were meant to be together.
      Optionally, I can include the superb Mono M80 Case.  We'd have to work out a price for that.



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