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    So while I'm waiting for the two week paint-hardening period to end (this coming Sunday) so I can get busy with the wet/dry, I thought I'd take the opportunity to mock it together and get an idea of what it will look like... pleased is an understatement. God, I hope it works. The EMG eq is squeezed in place under the control plate and just about fits with the PP3 into the titchy cavity. That's the original black pickguard, with some 50mm reflective checker tape applied. The reflective white bits are very reflective indeed, so I'm hoping it will look pretty good under stage lights. Also: just how good is tung oil?? I cannot believe I've never tried it before. I am never going to lacquer a piece of wood again.
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    Peavey Fury. A nicely-made, uncomplicated, quality bass, made in the USA in the mid to late 1980s. It's a passive, bolt-on four-string with a ridiculously skinny neck (37mm at the nut) and an aggressive P-sounding pickup. Weight is 3.9 kg, or 8.5 pounds in old money. Controls are tone and volume. I've no idea what the strings are. The action is reasonably low; I'm sure it would benefit from a setup. I had it from BCer Paul S in 2014, on my quest for the skinniest neck known to man; since when it's mostly sat in a case. I've never gigged it. It's not being used, and I need the space and the money. It has some minor dings, but nothing major; it's in good nick for its age. The trussrod turns well (a Gibson TR spanner fits it). When I plugged it in a week ago I couldn't get any sound out of it; I took the scratchplate off and applied some contact cleaner, and it's been fine since then, but I've reduced the price somewhat to reflect the possibility it will need the electrics looking at. The volume pot has a whisper on it when the volume is changed. £150 plus shipping (at cost), bank transfer preferred; I'd prefer not to send outside the UK. I will pack it in a cardboard bass box, in a cheapo unpadded gig bag, all suitably stuffed with bubblewrap; or I can use a battered generic hard-case if necessary for an extra £10 (it's very battered ). Alternatively, I'm happy to meet in a 50-mile radius, and I'm intending to go to north Wales late this week.
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    Yup, still using them exclusively - for bass at least.. DSC01673 by VTypeV4, on Flickr 135 number ten by VTypeV4, on Flickr Beavis nearly by VTypeV4, on Flickr I don't do many gigs these days but all definitely have their place at the studio..
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    I'm liking that! If my bass fits then that's what I'd go for for sure!
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    Made it.... Just! Here's my entry to to the September 2020 Composition Challenge, inspired by the picture selected by August's winner.... er, me. When taking pics like that there's sometimes a sense of being watched ('ere Ron, that idiot's out in the garden again, shining a torch on the tree!), so I ran with the idea of being observed from beyond. All recorded in Cubase Elephants, using my Jake 5 and my Westbury Standard through the Helix. Standard Cubase plugin thingys, drums from the Mrs, and my unschooled wing and a prayer mixing method (and I don't even know what mastering means, so none of that exotic stuff).
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    Off white primer is on...
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    Play it outside in the remaining autumnal sun and get some rays on it to mellow to yellow
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    Looking great. All you need now is for gigs to start happening again and smoking to be allowed in pubs to get some incredible patina on it
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    @lemonstar Hi Neil, We’ve pushed on with a new guitarist who’s ace, things were looking Good and then (Half expectedly) the singer called it a day. We’re now In the process of auditioning his replacement. Look for “602 auditions” thread which is like a basschat version of war and peace - I think I started that thread around the time of this one. Thanks for your reply - I was very frustrated, but I’m hopeful now. Andy
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    And so, as a post-script. P and his delightful wife arrived last weekend to pick up the Guitar Bouzouki. And I think he would be happy in me saying he loves it For me, that is a great pleasure and relief in equal measure! P was able to bring his standard Irish Bouzouki for me to have a look at and listen to and that was fascinating. We both agreed that the Guitar Bouzouki has a much richer sound (which would be hoped and expected) and a strummed chord just goes on, beating sub-harmonics all the way, for a long, long time. The neck between the two instruments was quite different, part designed and fully expected and part more of a surprise. P had requested it to be wider and shallower than his original which will always change the curves and feel, but the thing I noticed straightaway was that the 'V' on the original felt distinctly V shaped to the hand further up the fretboard than my build. It doesn't really show on the profile drawings but it does give it a different feel further up the board. Not necessarily a bad feel, but certainly a different feel. Changing that, if P's conclusion was that he wanted that tweaking, is actually a very easy fix and the sort of thing that can be done on a 'while you wait' basis. And there's a crazy coincidence (that I won't go into detail on) that might mean that finding a convenient time to do that would not be too much of problem. But, that said, even at first play, this is P showing how a Guitar Bouzouki should be played. Glorious! And particularly glorious through headphones
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    Not sure BA. I think a fair few think it's somehow not got the same presence as a Ray. I've got both and TBH the Sterling is a beast compared to the Ray - sometimes it's a little hard to tame in a live setting. Despite the smaller body, the weight isn't that much less than its full fat brother (though I've only owned 3 and played a 2 or 3 others) which surprises me though. The neck however has to be my favourite profile of all the bass necks I've ever played.
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    Apologies if this has already been done but following from the very popular word association thread I thought it’d be fun to start something similar but with song titles the idea Post a song title that relates / makes sense from the immediately previous one. Artists name in brackets. I'll start the ball rolling. if it kills me (therapy?)
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    Anyone looking for a London luthier, I would always recommend Laurence Dixon. Sharing his crowdfunder: https://payitforward.london.gov.uk/help-the-bass-place-see-2021
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    Coming soon (about 3 weeks) a kind of upside down neck Thunderbirdish shaped thing. It's the same finish as the utterly stunning p bass I bought from Thomann a while ago...
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    Selling my Hofner Verythin Contemporary Series bass - set up with la bella flats - very woody and thumpy tones - action uber low - neck and intonation great, a nice bass at a nice price. Would prefer pick up - will knock off £20 cash for pick up - or can deliver within 50mile radius of Clitheroe - selling as not playing or recording for foreseeable - slight ding near bottom - ding pic shows reflection of my phone not a crack btw
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    Hi, I’ve got my 2007 CS Pino Palladino for sale. This bass is unreal. It’s been set up and stoned by the great Andy Warnock. Plays unbelievable and sounds killer. Only selling as I’ve just got an vintage Precision. £3000 ono Cheers Jack
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    ***Please delete if outside EU is against the rules (I checked the faq but haven't seen anything about it) **** Up for sale is a decent 2004 Spector Euro with sold maple wings, EMGs and TonePump preamp. Great/excellent condition fresh setup/overal check and fresh Rotosound RS66LDs (Sept 17.) I will ship in the original hard shell case for the buyers expense. Located in Florida.
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    Singer came. Singer sang. immense range, will work, for sure. Not sure if it’s what he wants to do...but...
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    I’ve decided it’s time to simplify my set up and will be going straight into my amp in future, so here is my line 6 Stomp up for sale, it will have the latest firmware installed and set to factory settings. It’s in good condition and due to Covid has only done rehearsal! Will get some photos up later, but you all know what this looks like!
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    Get in son, my second favourite Stranglers album, what a bass player, what a band, what an album, so much so I struggled to choose my ‘I agree with you’ track...
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    😂 Awesome! Never heard that before. The thumped open E there sounds EXACTLY like those on Higher Ground 👍 Flea, Chad and John... Dream Team! 💥
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    Looks great. Bit concerned with the fairly high output pickups with the active eq, won't they be too hot and spike your amps eq?
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    That’s looking so good rich, the pickguard has come out great, what about fitting some D’addario black tapes, to keep the colour scheme 🙂
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    I grew up with a semi pro musician for a father, not only was he the drummer in several bands but, for reasons unknown, he became well connected in the music world (Mitch Michell, Jake Hannah, Joe Morello etc). Accordingly there were bands rehearsing in the house pretty constantly but I also got to go to many concerts and music parties with my father. Even if there was no live music at home there was always a record playing. I was encouraged to play an instrument, starting with violin and trumpet at school and drums at home (a slight digression but my first drum kit was a present from Joe Morello to my father at a concert - Joe’s stage had some mini kits on and at the end of the concert Joe gave one to my father for me!). I have therefore always loved music from home, albeit mainly blues and jazz This led onto me teaching myself classical music via Classic FM when it first launched and the associated magazine that they published. This then was converted to Opera as a great love. I was never any good as a player (always playing the notes and not the song) so never tried to get in into a band (other than some school concerts). I gave up playing in my early twenties and became a lover of listening to live music wherever I could get it and of pretty much any genre. Taking up bass eightish years ago was as a result of the love of music my parents gave me (my mother was involved in musical theatre and also had an involvement in a record store). I am still a crap player (due the same lack of talent but now also arthritis in my fingers) but keep plugging away thanks to the inbred love of music. My parents both died before my first gig on bass.
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    Today I managed to get 95dB out of my Ashdown Little Bastard and a Barefaced Two 10. OK it wasn't the most trouser flapping bass sound ever heard but it was pretty damn loud. I reckon I can get it to 100dB with my 2 * 15 Schroeder. That would be an amazing feat for a 30W head.
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    We asked this of Italy, and Riccardo Damiani replied "they are treated after being wound, it is a special innovative nanotechnology process, you don't see or feel that... looking forward for your feedback when you'll try them". We understand it is an ecologically sound and biocompatible coating, using a new Markbass proprietary coating process.
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    Any maple boards 😁?
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    @Baloney Balderdash I'm a fan of early Eno, Taking Tiger Mountain, Warm Jets, etc and I had a few Bauhaus singles bought at the time but I didn't know about their version of this.
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    Haven't heard the 'New' SBMM STINGRAY RAY4 [replaced Sub] but older models sounded good and would work for styles mentioned. G&L Kiloton Tribute may be worth a listen.
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    Charles Mingus at Carnegie Hall album: only two tracks including 24 minutes of a pretty much improvised C Jam Blues. Perdido to follow. Thanks to Harry Bosch playing it in a book I am reading.
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    Hey guys, Selling this lovely little bass setup, which was my main theatre pit work rig. Holds it at bigger gigs to (supported Billy Bragg in islington assembly hall, London). * TC Electronic BH800 Bass Amp (in box) - 800w of workable, gigging amp with a built in tuner, 2x effects options, mute button, 4 band EQ, speakon out, effects loop and pre/post DI, aux in and phone out - £300 inc U.K. postage. * Hoffnine custom 1x12 bass cab, SOLD Will cut a deal if someone is interested in taking both of them. Based in Glasgow.
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    My folks were rather Puritan in their approach to 'enjoyment' and such, and so disapproved (passively...) to any music. I think they'd tried to see what it was all about at some point, as we had a radiogram, with a 'My Fair Lady' and a 'South Pacific' disk, and another by Kathleen Ferrier, whom my mother liked for having died tragically young, rather than her (undeniable...) musical talent. My father (or was it Santa Claus..?) did get me a reel-to-reel tape recorder (Robuk...) one Christmas, which enabled me to play continuous and diverse music through the night whilst I slept. At no point, ever, in my various musical ventures, did my parents show any interest nor appreciation, certainly not by attending any of my performances. My father did, however, lend me the cash I needed to get my first 'real' drums (the Camco kit I've played ever since...), and I helped him make the beech and ply flight cases for the kit; needed when I moved to France. So... Little, or no encouragement, but little or no obstruction. They disapproved my path, but allowed me, grudgingly, to tread it. A fair enough deal, maybe, all things considered.
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    Pic below - not a great one, but the bass is at my local guitar shop having a pickup/electrical glitch fixed so I can’t take a better one. Appreciate, there are alternative fret cleaning methods. And yes, said fretboard was lemon oiled with Dunlop 65. Made a huge difference too.
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    Yeah great guy to deal with always take my bass there and I’m from Birmingham!😬 I’ve also contributed to the crowdfunder So well worth it!
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    I would agree with that description, that the Mercalli is more rounded. I have found the Decision pickups are higher output and played with a pick, the bass can do throaty/aggressive really well. It delivers a big, full sound. It did take some experimenting with the blend knob and my amp settings to find the tone I wanted. A little goes a long way with those pickups and the controls on the Mesa Subway head (I recently upgraded to the D800+). The control configuration on both basses is exactly the same. With the Mercalli, I tend to favour the blend knob slightly forward, towards the neck pickup. It just seems to give it a clear but weighty thump than either pickup soloed. Like a Precision but with a little more bite if that makes sense. The bridge pickup almost sounds like the equivalent on a J bass to me. I tend not to solo it, although for poppier songs in our set, I would roll the blend slightly towards the bridge, just a little more definition. Dead easy to dial in your tone. In short, if I had to pick I would choose the Merc over the Decision. Not only does it look cool (it's described as metallic copper fire and isn't as orange as the photos would suggest), it is very easy to get a tone that I'm happy with and sounds better through IEMs. Again this is just my experience, but I have found that I spend more time tweaking my IEM settings with the Decision, but once I get it, I don't touch a dial for the rest of the night. The Merc is also slightly lighter. The Sentinel is another matter entirely. Now, if only they made a short scale Mercalli!
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    Tinkering with electronics today. I'm shoehorning an EMG 2-band eq under the control plate, I've offered it all up and it fits snug as a bug together with the battery. For the moment I'm going to go with just a blend 'pan pot' and no master volume control. At some point, if I can make it fit I might try a stack knob V/V instead.
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    If you were close enough for me to do a drive by it’d be gone!
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    You know you can buy this new for £389 right 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Seriously though that is a lovely bass to look at and at the reduced price. Wow wish I could Jon
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    I have here a barely used Plus Pedal, which, for those of you who don't know, allows you to sustain notes indefinitely. It's a really great pedal, with way more control and a much more "organic" sound than the EHX Freeze, or similar pedals. It also feels great to use. The wet/dry pedal is an incredibly useful addition, in combination with the effects loop, that allows you to have separate sounds for your dry signal and the sustain signal, which allows you to create synthy sounding pads and have a completely different sound for playing over the top of them. Unfortunately, it is no longer necessary for the project I was going to be using it for and I cannot justify keeping it in the current climate, so someone else can get a bargain. Condition is immaculate, except for the velcro underneath, and I've still got the box somewhere, so will deliver with that.
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    The one thing with big heavy blocks of valve amps is that they are fine to carry in an empty space, in a straight line, from A to B. The damage (to yourself) comes when it's the awkward carry. The twist to get it up and out of the car. The shuffling in through small doorways. The getting past people who wont move. The having to carry the amp and open the door at the same time. The double doors where only one is unlocked and you have to tilt to fit through. Smokers on the door. Band members who leave gear everywhere. Band members helping who dont lift it right when helping, putting even more strain on you. Climbing steps. If you are going to use one, do everything you can to eliminate these. Get a hand truck. Work out how to stack. If not, if people are in the way shout at them politely to move. Dont stop moving. Stopping, twisting, moving out of their way will injure you.
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    Whilst this is true, for the pedals @mik900 has described I’d just use a One Spot (or similar) daisy chain. Seems a little overkill to get a full blown power supply just for a Sansamp and a tuner.
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    I have never had an issue with anything Donner branded. My space is very limited at home and rehearsal. Going to get me a pair of these.
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    I'd go for the Vintage Pro. I have both a '64 t-bird and '64 Embassy Deluxe. The Vintage Pro is really 90% of the way there to the 60's t-bird and the best Gibson/Epi bird since the 60's IMO. Great bass for the money.
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    Is it any good for metal ?
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    How much is the postage?
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