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  1. I had one briefly; lovely rich sound to it and well built (although the jack was quite loose). I dare say they were overpriced, being Chinese-made, and there is still a stigma about instruments from there. I may also suggest they had a wave of popularity when Royal Blood came to the fore, but the fashion has since passed.
  2. foxyFuze

    2X18 feedback

    Just received a bridge from Will; quick to answer my messages, rapid post and exactly as described. Thank you!
  3. PRICE DROP Another one I'm not getting much use of with my valve amp setup; a cracking preamp / sound mega-ness box that gives fine control over EQ, harmonics and mild distortion. Check out the Ed Friedland video on youTube for more info.
  4. SOLD Hi all, I'm playing more guitar now so I'm using a compressor that covers both guitar and bass now. Excellent condition with box, has velcro on the base. Not after trades but it doesn't hurt to ask.
  5. It's spelt 'LANE'. I listened to Ogden's Nut Gone Flake again the other day; superb piece of work and Lane's playing is such a key part of it.
  6. The EQ takes some getting used to, but it's ultimately rewarding. I was surprised how much the Bass knob adds drive when the gain is over halfway. Definitely an amp that sounds great plugged straight in! I thought about moving mine on when I got something more compact, but changed my mind as soon as it made a sound! 😁
  7. Generally speaking the main act at Thekla is on by 9pm, sometimes earlier. Support act normally around 1945. For a busy gig it's worth getting there earlyish if you want a good spot at the front as it's quite narrow and not ideal if you're at the back by the bar. Enjoy!
  8. Advice appreciated, thank you chaps / chapettes. Hope you're having a lovely Friday evening!
  9. Hi all, Not like me to stray into non-gear territory, but here goes. After a couple of wedding gigs last year a band (covers, but NOT the usual over-pIayed standards) formed with friends took a hiatus, and we've now got the time to get back into it. We are all busy with careers but keen to do pub / club gigs once a month or so with a view to getting exposure and live promo material for better paid wedding functions and the like. I'm not really in it for the money but I know the singer would find it useful. We have a rough and ready song reel and outline FB page which I'd want to improve on with more live footage once we get going. Our members are based in Bristol and London (yes, not ideal and partly why we wouldn't play more regularly!), so looking for gigs in the SW. Any of you local who've much / any experience with agents or have you simply approached venues with a web / Facebook link? I'm sceptical as to how much use these "artist for hire websites" really are. Thanks
  10. An old thread rejuvenated, hope noone minds if I ask if the BQ500 owners are content with their purchase? I'm after a compact amp to use pretty much as a power amp for my Helix setup when my valve beast is too burdensome. Cheers
  11. Sold a bass to Geoff, great to deal with and prompt communication throughout. Enjoy the instrument!
  12. Bought some pickups from Frank; lovely guy to deal with and he provided extra info by way of a note with the package. Thank you!
  13. And, if not mentioned already (apologies if so), the XR18 allows individual track recording. Ideal for doing live demo clips for promo purposes.
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