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  1. SOLD Hi all, Thought I'd get way more use out this than I have but sadly not. Lots of talk about this and all the things it's capable of so I won't harp on. Works fine and is in good condition, with velcro on the base. It comes with power supply, jack to phone jack cable and original packaging. Price includes basic postage in the UK. Cheers!
  2. There a few sites which give a steer; these two are a good start https://anotherguitar.co.uk/fender/made-in-japan-fender-guitars-for-sale/ https://www.guitarinsite.nl/serienummers-fender_eng.php There are several MIJ experts on here who may be able to provide more insight too.
  3. Best guess is that the first 'digit' is actually the letter 'I', which would make it an 89-90 model. Looks like some wear on the numbering and guessing it's 023390?
  4. As it happens, I've just found a used kit online! Cheers
  5. Hi all, Im looking to rackmount my Sennheiser IEM receiver and I see the official kit is 40 odd quid (and that's before getting antenna cabling). Anyone here found a cheaper alternative or have made their own? Cheers
  6. I didn't know that was even a thing, thanks for pointing out! I'll try experimenting and see how we get on 👍
  7. I tried different channels and the noise followed whichever the drums were plugged into. My buddy hadn't tried the headphone port as he was using a feed from the mixer to in-ears. I'll find out if the noise was replicated there - I think it was. The noise wasn't dependent on particular triggers or kit presets either. It's rather odd; the noise was very much 'white noise' as opposed to ground hum or the sort of whine you get in a noisy gain-filled circuit. I'll investigate further at the weekend....
  8. Drum kit belongs to my buddy so we can test out again at his place. It was definitely the drums as the problem went away when the channel was muted. I removed the guitar feed from the mixer to see if that made a difference but no luck. I never tried unplugging the pedalboard from the wall which in retrospect, I should have thought about. Yes, this is the issue with electronic kit - lots of control but more things to go wrong! Will see how we get on with another session ..
  9. Hi all, I know several on here use the Behringer XR18 so I thought I'd open this up to see if anyone can advise on an issue I encountered: 4 piece band rehearsing this weekend with 3 mics, guitar DI and Roland electronic drums going into the XR18. First day, no problems at all. Next day in the same room, same setup (aside from additional pedalboard), there was frequently some horrendous white noise that seemed to come from the drum kit. I tried changing channels, cables, gain staging on the drum brain and in the mixer but to no avail. Sometimes there would be several minutes with no issues, then it would become constant or almost constant with occasional flickering. We also restarted both the drum kit and mixer. I thought there could be some sort of RF interference or problem with the mains supply but I don't think the rehearsal room had anything else running differently within the building. The only difference in setup, as mentioned, was an extra pedalboard supply plugged into a different socket within the room on the second day. I also tried plugging the drum kit into another power socket but that made no difference. Has anyone else encountered this problem at all? I'm a bit stumped as I tried everything I could think of to solve it. I'm no expert but I have had at least some practice with the mixer so I know enough to get by. Thanks
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. No sound on or off means that the problem will be to do with the 'off board' wiring rather than the pedal circuitry itself, so probably not too tricky to solve. I'd open it up and check if any wiring to the jacks or footswitch look unusual with loose connections.
  12. Sold my amp to Nigel last week - good Comms, very friendly and all sorted with no hassle. Cheers!
  13. Head to here and scroll down to my post from Dec 2020. photo of the result and the stuff I used: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/398704-nbd-fender-vintera-mustang/
  14. I used rosewood coloured furniture oil with a sponge and then a light application of lemon oil once that had dried. Came up a treat. Worth thinking about if the lemon oil alone doesn't work. Ref later point about the tuners - if this is a Vintera then the tuners are Hipshot, yes.
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