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  1. They're stuck on, not screwed. I bought an ex-demo model from Polar UK so I don't know if they were packaged separately or come affixed. Might be worth asking the guys at Polar as they are the main GK distributor in the UK.
  2. These are what I have on the bottom of my Fusion S, which I expect would be the same as the Legacy.
  3. I agree, quite frustrating! Photos just uploaded.
  4. I can measure my Vintera if that helps...
  5. I sold the SM that accompanied my BB2 a while back. How foolish! Rarely see them come up for sale which is probably testament to how useful they are, especially when combined with a larger cab.
  6. If you struggle to find a used JMJ, I can recommend the Vintera model - similar hardware and a slightly less beefy neck.
  7. Yes, really easy. The connections are simply 'slot in'. One thing to bear in mind is making sure the body routing is wide enough to accept the connectors (around 4mm I think) else you have to either widen the rout or cut off and re-wire the connectors once threaded through from pickup gap to the control cavity.
  8. Correct, in my experience. With my overdrive settings it does indeed sound fizzy via DI and likewise through the cab with HF driver fully engaged. I therefore use mine with it up set to around 25% ; it's a good blend of cab voicing with just enough high-end definition.
  9. Good choice! Got my identical bass strung with flats and fretboard dyed a bit darker. I found the truss rod needed tightening to get the action where I wanted it (now at 1.5mm) but if you've bought used, I imagine the previous owner has sorted it.
  10. Also consider 'Lugs' - it's a chap in Northern Ireland who does a range of options for drivers, colours etc and aren't as pricey as 'big name' brands. https://www.facebook.com/LugsCustomIEM/
  11. Anyone here have experience with the JB Fullerton Standard at all?
  12. Thanks folks, good steer. I actually used to have a SM and foolishly sold it! Will keep an eye out....
  13. I forgot I was following this thread, and it's now reignited my desire to get a SC or SM to add to my BB2!
  14. Hi all, I'm moving on my jazz bass that these were fitted to. All now sold apart from the bridge. £70 - Babicz FCH bridge. Got these on my other basses, great for intonation and I think they look pretty cool too. Screws are included. https://www.thomann.de/gb/babicz_bass_bridge_chrom.htm SOLD ----- £70 - Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder Jazz pickups. SOLD ----- Hipshot BT-2 D-Tuner SOLD ----- Kiogon Jazz loom for series / parallel switching. SOLD ----- Schaller BMF tuners. Thanks for looking, Al
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