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  1. foxyFuze

    Fender Bassman 100T and hard case

    Haha, the old Bassman models are still around online if you look, but this is the newer model that has quite a different spec to the 100 / 135 models of old.
  2. The only trades I will consider are for bass cabs. This is up while a possible trade option for another item is available. Bassman 100T and hard case (RRP £1659 and £160) This is a superb all-tube head in great condition. Once you master the EQ and drive sections, this is a truly versatile amp that delivers vintage tones as well as more modern high-gain sound. I'm looking to downsize for portability reasons, hence a reluctant sale. Specs as below: 22 kg 25.4 x 62.2 x 27 cm Power Tubes: 4 x 6L6, 1 x 12AT7 Preamp Tubes: 2 x 12AX7 Channels: Vintage and Overdrive Impedance options: 2, 4 and 8 Ohms Power: 100W, 25W and silent record As well as the tone, what distinguishes this as a great option for home and studio use is the option to reduce to 25W so you can drive the tubes without breaking your windows. The silent option enables you to run the amp without the use of a cab, straight to a recording interface or PA. The DI signal is taken after the power section, meaning you get the full pre and power-amp tube goodness being sent via DI. The Auto Bias function adjusts tubes for best performance and will indicate any that are weak or failing. The amp has had careful use, allowing the tubes to warm and cool properly between use. The amp is in excellent condition; please do ask if you would like to see any more photos. The flight case has got some nicks and scratches (as cases tend to have) but is functionally fine. Boxed up this comes in at 30kg or so; I'd rather not post but could do if a courier will take it. I'm in Bristol for no-commitment tryouts and a cuppa. I could travel a sensible distance to drop off also. Please do get in touch with any questions, and thanks for looking.
  3. foxyFuze

    Feedback thread for PJ-Bassist

    Got an amp in the post from Patrick; great comms and it arrived promptly as promised. Another smooth transaction with a fellow BC chap, thank you!
  4. foxyFuze

    Fano Alto de Facto PX4

    Hello all! Anyone else get a bit carried away this Xmas with "I just really want this"...? After acquiring this a few weeks ago, I'm now in the position again where I can't justify having more than my PJ that I'll never sell and another bass that offers something a bit different. There's this and a Fender Dirnt Roadworn up for sale; I'll keep whichever one doesn't sell. I'm not in a rush to move these on so I'm not really looking for offers unless you might be looking to part-ex with cabs. Fano Alto de Facto PX4 As per my other 'For Sale' post, I'll be gladly keeping whichever one doesn't sell. There are T-Birds and there are T-Birds - much chat on here about the merits etc of Gibsons, Epiphones and the various copies by Mike Lull, Cataldo et al. This really is a dream to play and although pricey, it feels great and has that gritty sound you'd expect of such an instrument, minus the neck dive. These have a great reputation and I do believe there are one or two Fano owners on BC (phil421 I think), judging by previous threads. I know heavy relicing is not universally appreciated by any means, but the neck playability and overall quality is as you'd expect from a custom-made bass. Body: Alder, Vintage Cream, Heavy Relic Neck: Maple, Rosewood board, C Shape, 7.25" radius, Graphtech Tusq nut (38.1mm) Tuners: aged Schallers Bridge: aged Hipshot Pickups: Aged Lollar Thunderbird Pickguard: 4 Ply Tort Electronics: Volume - Blend - Tone (with 16-way ToneStyler tone pot) Weight: 4.05kg The Tonestyler pot provides a range of tones; from a review some time ago it is described as follows: "Step 16 (rotated fully clockwise) sonically duplicates a stock tone control at 10—the familiar “wide-open” position. From here, one click counterclockwise yields a no-load, potentiometer bypass setting that coaxes extra sparkle from your pickups. Continuing counterclockwise, the remaining 14 clicks provide discrete treble cuts at progressively lower frequencies." It's currently strung with fairly new D'addario NYXLs for the fully 'grindy rock' sound it is great with flats also; it surprised me for sure! I will include said flatwounds along with the NYXLs. I'm happy to host no-commitment trials in Bristol, or could post if required. Thanks for looking
  5. Dirnt Roadworn P Bass (RRP £1340) Body Material: Ash Body Finish: Road Worn® Nitrocellulose Lacquer Neck Material: Maple Neck Finish: Road Worn® Urethane Neck Shape: Thick "C" Scale Length: 34" (864 mm) Fingerboard: Rosewood Fingerboard Radius: 9.5" (241 mm) Number of Frets: 20 Fret Size: Medium Jumbo String Nut: Synthetic Bone Nut Width: 1.59" (40.4 mm) Position Inlays: White Dot Middle Pickup: Custom Vintage '59 Split Single-Coil Controls: Volume, Tone Pickup Configuration: Split Single-Coil Bridge: Leo Quan Badass® II with Grooved Saddles Hardware Finish: Chrome Tuning Machines: Fender® '70s Vintage-Style Stamped Open-Gear Pickguard: 1-Ply Black No noticeable wear on the frets. It's been worn further than factory spec on the shoulder and is a very comfortable bass to play. It comes with a Fender hard case; one latch is missing a piece but the other two are fine (one of which is lockable). I'm in Bristol and more than happy to host for a brew and a tryout. It sounds wonderful through a tube amp and the worn neck really makes it a pleasure to play. Thanks for looking
  6. I only tend to contribute if I think it will be of use to someone, which this may well do, so.... Best: Fender Bassman 100T. It's bulky and heavy but I don't care; it's great. The EQ and blend etc takes some getting used to but I do rather like it. The 25W and silent modes are most useful and it's going through a Barefaced Two10, which is a good match I think. Worst: Olympic Shift Line Mk3 preamp. It sounds excellent in the videos, I just couldn't get it to come alive as a lone pedal without something else driving it. Maybe I was expecting too much of it going straight to a PA, but I found the GK Plex for me is a better piece of kit - far more versatile and a digital fuzz tone when the gain is set high.
  7. foxyFuze

    ***sold*** Line 6 Helix Stomp

    That was quick - they've only just come out! Already a fan of mine.
  8. --- SOLD --- UK POSTAGE INCLUDED A change-around has made this surplus to requirements. I believe there are a number of fans on BC - the 'one stop shop' for tube overdrive and fuzzy madness. It's a wee bit scuffed in places but works fine and comes with PSU + box.
  9. foxyFuze

    Feedback for Anthon Betaudier

    Just sold a bass to Anton; lovely guy, was able to discuss all things Bristol and bass-related on a drive to the city centre too. Thank you @Anton Betaudier!
  10. foxyFuze

    Feedback for iain_psb

    Did a PX exchange by courier with Iain; another smooth BC transaction with good comms throughout. Thanks @iain_psb!
  11. foxyFuze

    Feedback for P-ZARN

    Bought a cab by post from Neil - great comms throughout and very helpful. Cheers chap!
  12. foxyFuze

    Cables and Cables

    designacable on Amazon are pretty good too - good parts and a range of colours and lengths.
  13. It is indeed. I have a provisional viewing on Friday but let me know if you're interested.
  14. foxyFuze

    Band as a company - tax etc

    Valid points, thank you. Yes, having thought through it more it seems like far too much complication.