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  1. I bought one off him for a project, and he mentioned they were made in the far-east (China or Korea perhaps?). Goes to show you don't necessarily have to pay top-dollar for pickups to sound great.
  2. To answer the question about shipping (although I think this may have been covered before): email them using the website and Leszek will get back to you. It was around £25 I think. If you use Transferwise you'll only pay a few quid in exchange fees rather than using your bank.
  3. After foolishly selling my Dirnt bass, I managed to get that 59 CS pickup from the US on Reverb (and payed through the nose for import..). I wonder if the reason Fender didn't sell it separately was to encourage folks to buy the Dirnt bass and not do the sound 'on the cheap' with just the pickup.
  4. The WB100 is in the house! The Polish-Japanese-Dutch triumvirate of tone is assembled. If anyone is mulling over it, I can heartily recommend this amp. It's relatively light, powerful and the EQ is really useable; I was a little skeptical about the Contour rather than the 4 band EQ I'm used to, but it really does the job. The Handbox video on Youtube demonstrates the range of sounds pretty well and is a good reference for experimentation. With the gain up it really distorts nicely; I have no need for additional pedals to achieve a solid rock tone. It's a measure of an amp when you can run straight to it with nothing in the chain and be gig ready. As Alan G Partridge would say: "lovely stuff!"
  5. Ditto for Bristol 😀
  6. A reputable store SHOULD have it setup reasonably well but I understand this is not always the case. It may be worth investing in a basic setup kit (string / pickup height measure - basically a rectangular credit card with measurements on it), feeler gauges (example here on Amazon) and ensure you have correct allen keys for saddle and neck adjustment. About £25-£30 I think, or a lot less given the price of the package shown in the link. I'd be wary of Stingray basses as the sound is quite particular and not to everyone's tastes.
  7. There's a Vintage V4 Precision on FB at the moment for £150 - ideal first bass!
  8. I believe this is the model preceding the Road Worn which was around from 2014. My Roadworn is firmly in the "I shouldn't have sold that" category; guessing this one is just as nice.
  9. AT is 3.8ms it seems https://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=13613.0
  10. I know it's not 'cheap' as such, but this Audio Technica kit is the business. Quite a bit in other online shops; another Anderton's mega-deal! https://www.andertons.co.uk/audio-technica-stompbox-digital-wireless-system-atw1501?LGWCODE=ATW1501;56375;6335&gclid=CjwKCAjwza_mBRBTEiwASDWVvo-UOXYG2qFi0NfWORoz-QMj3nJHN2axwPNvNOnkN2Y-FXrPxUMvuRoCR9MQAvD_BwE
  11. Who needs roadies when I can carry all the kit in two hands? 😀
  12. Many thanks to you both! I'll message tomorrow once I have some more details. Thank again
  13. It's not confirmed yet, but we'd be flying to Belfast International, likely staying fairly central in town I think.
  14. Hi all, Our singer is a bridesmaid at a wedding in late June and has been asked if we would go over and do a set for expenses only. It'd be a flight from Bristol for the other 3 band members plus van hire, kit hire and airbnb. Any tips for equipment and transport other than Bairds music hire I found online? Cheers!
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