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  1. Limelight Precision Bass w Gator hard case

    Thanks but I'm looking to sell unless it's perhaps a Jazz bass.
  2. Sire V7 Pick Guard

  3. JV jazz basses. Thoughts

    I purely by chance tried a Tokai JB85 the other day; I was very impressed! I also see there's JB45 for sale near me, might have to have a look once I make some space....
  4. JV jazz basses. Thoughts

    And it's a P for a J bass, not like for like. Think I'll keep hold after all :-)
  5. JV jazz basses. Thoughts

    Yeah this Limelight feels great, really does. Just when someone popped up offering a JV it made me think....
  6. JV jazz basses. Thoughts

    Thanks so far folks, most useful. The reason I ask is that I was offered a trade for my Limelight P (which I'm not overly keen to move on, truth be told). It could well be a BC member but I don't know!
  7. JV jazz basses. Thoughts

    I thought I saw one on sale here but perhaps I was imagining it. They seem to have a very good rep (the early to mid 80s ones at least). Thoughts on value and how they compare with something of similar price like a used US Standard? Thanks
  8. GK Plex

    As above!
  9. NBD - Limelight P/J

    Out of interest, are both pickups Limelight's own or did you request something different?
  10. Very aware there is plenty of choice regarding replacement straps online, but I was wondering if anyone could recommend some for gig bags that are comfy, don't twist or loosen easily and don't cost the earth?
  11. Replacement pick guards

    You can get decent 3-ply ones on Amazon for around £11. Avoid 1 ply as apparently they can warp over time.
  12. Limelight Precision Bass w Gator hard case

    That's what the spare mirrored pickguard is for!
  13. If I didn't already have a Kemper (nearly always using the Super Bassman profile) this would be firmly in my sights. Best of luck, a great opportunity for a savvy player!
  14. Limelight Precision Bass w Gator hard case

    Thanks! The more I play it, the less inclined I am to move it on...
  15. Limelight Precision Bass w Gator hard case

    It feels great to play; in my mind a more 'classic' P sound than my old Fender P/J. May yet keep hold of it!