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  1. Crikey, don't know how I managed that. Rectified, thank you!
  2. Hi all, I acquired this some months ago from here for a tribute project which has since fallen through, so I'm back to using my P/J predominantly. These sit alongside Tokai and Greco for beating Fender at their own game in the 80s; good build quality and value means these punch well above their price. Nut: 42.4mm Weight: 4.1 kg depth at 1st fret (from fingerboard): 19.7mm See a demo here of the same model: I've tried to capture the dinks and imperfections as best as I can - please do ask if you would like to see more. I'd be happy to do a video walk-through if you decide to buy remotely. . All original hardware and electronics, frets in very good condition (re-dressed I think). Fitted with worn-in (but not worn-out) D'addario NYXL strings. Action is a pleasant 2mm which is great if you play with a fairly light touch, and has that rasp if you dig in. The case is an old, compact hard case with a busted lock (other latches work fine) - ideal for transporting or postage. No offers thanks; I'm not skint and am more than happy to keep hold of this as my go-to 'function band' instrument Possible trades for the following with cash either way: - decent rosewood Jazz neck (P as long as it isn't too deep) - non-reverse T Bird / T bird clone - P bass - NOT sunburst, with maple neck if possible. No-commitment tryouts in Bristol most welcome! Thanks
  3. SOLD Hi all, I have two of these and the second is somewhat superfluous for what I'm doing. Lots of praise and chat about these on this site, details on the Bassdirect site here: http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/MNT210.html RRP with cover is £715 new. In very good condition, bit of minor scratching on the plastic corners as you'd expect. Not seeking trades, but the right P bass wafted under my nose might interest me... Postage is possible but I'd prefer collection from Bristol (and no-commitment tryout if you would like). Thanks for looking.
  4. BIt of a hike from Bristol, but if you're in town, @bigjohn, you're welcome to try!
  5. Glad to have helped. Worth checking out some of their other stuff. 'Moody' sounds like a bunch of bad-asses from Brooklyn who've grown up with hip-hop and suddenly stumbled upon New Order.
  6. Surprised noone has mentioned ESG yet. Gloriously simple, deeply groovy:
  7. Andy @Erax Sound remixed some song clips that were in dire need of professional attention last week. He's been super helpful in answering my novice questions and has delivered just what I was after. I'll definitely be back again if and when more recordings are needed!
  8. Just received a pedal from Sam, no problems at all; he was quick to respond to my messages and most helpful. Thank you!
  9. Vanderkley 210MNT perhaps? I've got two, which is highly unnecessary seeing as one is more than enough for pub and club gigs!
  10. Bought some tuners from Keith; he was quick to respond to my questions, helpful and kindly refunded the few quid extra I paid in error. Much obliged, another smooth BC transaction.
  11. foxyFuze


    Snap! Good pickups on these, quite a chunky neck though, wasn't expecting that....
  12. To chime in again regarding the P / J nomenclature: the new one seems to have wider and deeper neck and the Jazz pup is in the 60s, not 70s position, so it is a bit more Precision-like, but I guess they want to be clear about the heritage and celebrity link calling it a 'Jazz Special'.
  13. Ex Hex at the Exchange, Bristol. Rock is still very much alive, and it was great to see some old-school twin shredding by these ladies. Good to see a band enthusiastic and appreciative about the audience, nor did they mess around either; they must have got through nearly every song they've done - the advantage of doing 3-4 minute no-nonsense rock tunes.
  14. The Duff will have a Seymour Duncan hot stack pup in bridge position. Good neck too if it's like my 80s jazz special it is modelled on. Has a D Tuner also I think? It's Mex Vs Jap,but there's probably little difference nowadays. I think there are a couple of Aerodyne owners on here who may be able to help!
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