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  1. £260 Hi all, A few things I'm no longer using / have not used at all. I can post at buyer's cost or arrange pickup in North Somerset / Bristol: £75 TC Brainwaves pitch pedal. Excellent condition with box and cable £40 Harley Benton GPA 100 poweramp. Works perfectly, has become surplus to requirements. No box but can include a kettle lead. £35. Joyo Power Supply 2 with Joyo adapter and jack cables. Again, works perfectly, slight signs of wear. £110 Roland KD-10 Kick Pad. Unused, with box and cable. Came with a new drum kit but already had a V Drums pedal. Cheers
  2. Nabbed one of these used. Seriously good bit of kit. https://www.andertons.co.uk/guitar-dept/guitar-pedals/delay-pedals/walrus-audio-limited-edition-slarp-reverb-delay-pedal
  3. I know you haven't mentioned it but give the HX Stomp some consideration. It really does all those things pretty well and despite having various single pedal equivalents of the effects, I come back to the Stomp as a 'one box' solution. Great especially for the casual user and you don't need to adjust via a desktop interface. If you need the extra switches you can simply get an additional double switch box and TRS cable for about £25 or so. Also, there are always a few on the used market and if you don't like it, you will be able to move it on for more or less what you buy it for.
  4. Both very good suggestions, as the Zoom could be great for getting practices recording for reference purposes!
  5. @Muppet appreciated, thank you. Looks like a phantom power supply is needed, will have to investigate....
  6. Hi all, Firstly - if this is in the wrong thread, apologies! Once again I've had a gig where I can hear my DI signal clearly via IEMs, but even with an SM57 at front of stage I could get very little of the other instruments. Guitarist has no DI from his amp and the rather old PA I don't think has extra sends I can use; I have said regularly the PA needs upgrading and I believe this is imminent. Given limitations of inputs to my IEM Tx and the aforementioned points, I'm trying to find a decent mic for catching all instrumentation. It doesn't need to be crystal clear quality, just so I can get a feel of the drums, keys etc. I'm not intending to spends loads but would consider a pricy option if it was worth it. Any advice on options and placement welcome. I've had a look online but nothing conclusive as yet. Thanks
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. SOLD Hi all, Thought I'd get way more use out this than I have but sadly not. Lots of talk about this and all the things it's capable of so I won't harp on. Works fine and is in good condition, with velcro on the base. It comes with power supply, jack to phone jack cable and original packaging. Price includes basic postage in the UK. Cheers!
  9. There a few sites which give a steer; these two are a good start https://anotherguitar.co.uk/fender/made-in-japan-fender-guitars-for-sale/ https://www.guitarinsite.nl/serienummers-fender_eng.php There are several MIJ experts on here who may be able to provide more insight too.
  10. Best guess is that the first 'digit' is actually the letter 'I', which would make it an 89-90 model. Looks like some wear on the numbering and guessing it's 023390?
  11. As it happens, I've just found a used kit online! Cheers
  12. Hi all, Im looking to rackmount my Sennheiser IEM receiver and I see the official kit is 40 odd quid (and that's before getting antenna cabling). Anyone here found a cheaper alternative or have made their own? Cheers
  13. I didn't know that was even a thing, thanks for pointing out! I'll try experimenting and see how we get on 👍
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