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  1. https://kytary.co.uk/gallien-krueger-fusion-s-500/HN191605/ £909 for the 500W version.
  2. That demo video is a cracker, looks like a superb amp and the GK EQ is so versatile. 900 quid though, that is steep.
  3. Predictably, I'm someone piping up with suggesting their own amp! Rather happy with my Fender Rumble 800HD (going through a Big Baby 2); versatile EQ and the 3 voicing buttons plus overdrive channel make it very easy to alter on the fly.
  4. All items SOLD Hi all, Up for grabs is my PedalTrain Nano Plus . Ideally I’d be looking to trade the pedalboard for a Metro 20 or something similar Pedaltrain Nano Plus and soft case - £27 inc BASIC (not tracked) postage in UK Ideal for 3-4 pedals, great condition, already with Velcro and drilled for the OneSpot. RRP £41 Collection from Bristol and a top quality brew while you're here is obviously possible. Thanks for looking.
  5. In case you want to sell your board too, I would be interested as I need something a bit bigger than my Nano Plus.
  6. Welcome! A few of us in Brizzle with a variety of toys to try out. As per a previous post, another left-hander who plays right handed, although I'd want to give it a go the 'correct' way just for showing off purposes.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Welcome! Several of us in the Bristol and Bath area and quite probably happy to advise / offer demo's of kit etc. Anything to keep me out of the pub this month...
  9. Best for me is between the HX Stomp and the Fender Rumble 800HD head. Worst is the Yamaha THR10 II wireless practice amp / speaker. Effects were ok but for the price, I was expecting considerably better sound when playing music. Didn't have the volume or sound quality I had hoped for, so it went back to the retailer.
  10. Point well made above. Take a look at Gemini pickups; several choices, all with detailed sound clips.
  11. @Cuzzie sound test / play-off with your Rickenstatus soon I think!
  12. Hi all, Bit of an impulse purchase (damn you, Facebook advertising!). Received the other day: Retrovibe LP with their own Rick-style Hi-Gain pickups. I've never owned a Rick so I have nothing to compare it to, but I fancied something a bit different! First impressions: light, comfortable to sit and play with and the finish is great. There are no blemishes that I can spot and it has a straight neck and no issue with the frets. I'll probably do my own edge rolling but that's just me. It's a broad, chunky neck so not for those who prefer the Jazz configuration. I did a VERY rough and ready clip through Helix Native to give an idea of sound; yet to put it through my amp. I'd put more effort in but I'm off to the pub now 🙂 Does it sound just like a Rick? I dare say not. Does it go at least some of the way there and give me a lightweight, travel-friendly option? Very much so.
  13. Worth mentioning they also do a 'mini' version with much (but obviously not all) of the larger version's functionality. It's tiny! Very good it is too.
  14. Bought a loom from Jon; super helpful and quick delivery. Thank you!
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