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  1. Hi all, I got this to have as part of a home music room as a standalone from my bass rig, but I think a second Stomp will more than happily fulfil my hobbyist noodling needs. It's in excellent condition and has a load of IR's, updated to Firmware 3.0. I can post at owner's risk; I have a suitable box. Alternatively I can meet at a reasonable distance from Bristol. If you have a Stomp you're looking to trade up then let me know.
  2. https://www.eventideaudio.com/products/accessories/power-supply/powermax Great bit of kit, usable for HX stomp etc.
  3. Had no idea this song of his was covered. Mr Hardin was such a talent. I think he died the same week as John Lennon, that news overshadowing his own demise.
  4. No tweaking required from the previous string set - I've had two different brands on before these and the tension seems comparable to both. Not exactly scientific but I don't think you'll need any adjustments.
  5. Just my luck that I buy a cloth-covered one (that doesn't quite match my amp) and then these come up within driving distance! 🥴🥴🥴 Best of luck 👍
  6. Take a look at Gemini pickups. Some excellent choices with proper sound demonstrations. British-made too.
  7. Doh! I even did a search, my bad 🥴
  8. Surprised noone has mentioned Paul Smith from Maximo Park. A deft lyricist whose North-eastern accent really suits the music.
  9. I've put a set on my P bass and they've bedded in pretty quickly. They feel fine, sound bright without being too 'metallic'; if they last as long as is purported, I reckon they would be a decent lower-cost alternative to Elixirs.
  10. I'd say knowing the chords helps a lot. Akin to doing the edges of a puzzle first to get the basic structure. Then you can understand the style and feel of the recorded player as they 'work around' the chord structure.
  11. foxyFuze

    Show us your rig!

    After some considerable time faffing with buying, selling, rebuying etc etc, I'm pretty happy with this now. Was going to sell the GK but it's just too good; it's very handy for ease of carriage and when I don't need the Fender. My latest bass purchase is included. I can't see myself wanting anything else anytime soon 🙂
  12. I had the same experience of details being overwritten. I suspect there's a bug on their booking site as it was not user friendly and such detail changes should not happen without clear prompts for the user to check.
  13. Correct. Phone chargers run at 5V normally.
  14. Agreed, and thanks for your help too!
  15. After a fair bit of research, helped by a couple of threads on here and advice from @ead , I acquired this. I'm very happy! Great neck, good condition bar a few dinks here and there, frets in good nick and a superb player. The seller seemed to think, due to a 'U' serial no, that it was from 95-96 but I'm inclined to think it's a 2010 model given its condition and spec. As the neck shows, this is the JB-62US model that indicates an alder body and US spec pickups; lovely dark tort scratchplate on it too.
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  17. TOO GOOD TO SELL, I'M KEEPING HOLD OF IT. Hi all, My Bassman 100T is now my main amp and this is too good to have just as a backup. Bought this year and includes footswitch plus original packaging. Polar seem to be the only UK stockists and this is £832 including delivery, so this is a chance to get one at a decent discount. It's in excellent condition, with only light home use and one band rehearsal. 4 band EQ with voicing and contour controls make this a really versatile piece of kit. The tube overdrive is pretty special too. I'll consider trades with appropriate cash adjustment for jazz basses (4 string, passive, 60s spacing) or a cheaper amp for backup use. Trials in Bristol most welcome and can discuss shipping. Review is here: https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/30090-Gallien-Krueger-Fusion-800S-bass-amp-head-review
  18. Following the tips and advice kindly shared on this thread, I enquired about this 62 RI: https://thebassgallery.com/products/fender-japan-62-jazz First glance suggests a 2000s VSP model but when I asked, they confirmed it was a 90s model with a refinished headstock. I wonder if they should have made that clear? Not a pointed question, just curious.
  19. I have the 500 Fusion S. It is superb. I've actually bought a used Bassman 100T which is my favourite but the GK is very good, just different. I thought about selling it but I think I'd regret it. The EQ is really good and the drive channel is pretty versatile. Lots of knobs and options so it's probably not one for those who don't like twiddling....
  20. Ah yes, very good point!
  21. Saw this on ebay last week, wonder if it's a BC'er? Tempted to have a look.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/293653473913
  22. AH, it's the camera angle; they are indeed 70's spacing. Shame as I'd have snapped that up, I'm sure someone will nab it soon!
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