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  1. Thanks for the response; I think this will be a bit chunky for my liking.
  2. Reviving an old thread here.... How's the neck on the Supro? 43mm does seem rather cumbersome.
  3. foxyFuze


    Just received a bridge from Nick: prompt, well-packaged and with quick comms throughout. Thanks Nick!
  4. Further to some good advice thus far, I'd suggest tapping up a local BC'er to try out their kit; we won't need an excuse to have a cup of tea and nerdy chat about instruments! Although you could be waiting a while for the lockdown to end....
  5. @Cuzzie, looking forward to having a good play on yours, so to speak.
  6. Ah yes, it is a bit out of the norm. The neck has a lovely textured look up close though. I've put a '59 custom shop pup in it. Rolled the fretboard edges too, lovely to play.
  7. Cue lots of p bass photos..... All matter of opinion I guess, I like my 70s style bitsa: @Cuzzie is a better bass builder than I am a photographer!
  8. I echo the comments about Ashdown kit - used in a local rehearsal studio and I rather like it. The drive channel is good too and beats more expensive amps in that department, IMO. Haven't been impressed by the Hartke Hydrive to be honest. Playing metal, I'd say as long as you had a powerful head then a lot of your tone will come from preamp / drive pedals - I use my Rumble Head as such, making the most of the EQ and character switches. Consider what a band may have PA-wise if you want to mike a cab for sending to the PA; this will negate the need for a monster rig. Everyone has opinions on cabs - mainly their own! I like my Barefaced BB2 and I'm sure there will be other brands popping up for sale on here fairly regularly. Depending on where you are, there will likely be BCers around who can let you try their kit out.
  9. SOLD Hi all, I bought this to scratch the itch of having a short / medium scale and with a different pickup configuration to my other instruments; all well aside from the P bass-sized neck which I can't get on with. I got this for £290 delivered so am offering a decent saving on a well-finished instrument in great condition. Offers and trade options welcome. 32" scale Precision-size neck, 42mm width at nut Lightweight! - small, basswood body Tuners are very smooth and hold tune well (I was pleasantly surprised by their quality) Hi-gain pickups of their own design - I'm not a Rick aficionado but they have a good reputation and have been used as replacements according to a couple of videos online. I'll post securely or I can host a try-out in Bristol (a fine selection of tea and coffee awaits). Insured postage also an option. Happy to take more photos as required.
  10. Interesting! I've had a look online and there aren't any close-ups of the front pocket; wondering how much space there is for the usual laptop, cables etc?
  11. I stand corrected! That is unusual.
  12. I dare say that was a typo, meaning 8 Ohms.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. I echo the responses above which focus on size and headroom, with having a pedal / preamp to fine-tune your sound. I use my Rumble Head for its power and useful EQ, relying on my HX Stomp to provide the 'sound' as it were.
  15. https://kytary.co.uk/gallien-krueger-fusion-s-500/HN191605/ £909 for the 500W version.
  16. That demo video is a cracker, looks like a superb amp and the GK EQ is so versatile. 900 quid though, that is steep.
  17. Predictably, I'm someone piping up with suggesting their own amp! Rather happy with my Fender Rumble 800HD (going through a Big Baby 2); versatile EQ and the 3 voicing buttons plus overdrive channel make it very easy to alter on the fly.
  18. All items SOLD Hi all, Up for grabs is my PedalTrain Nano Plus . Ideally I’d be looking to trade the pedalboard for a Metro 20 or something similar Pedaltrain Nano Plus and soft case - £27 inc BASIC (not tracked) postage in UK Ideal for 3-4 pedals, great condition, already with Velcro and drilled for the OneSpot. RRP £41 Collection from Bristol and a top quality brew while you're here is obviously possible. Thanks for looking.
  19. In case you want to sell your board too, I would be interested as I need something a bit bigger than my Nano Plus.
  20. Welcome! A few of us in Brizzle with a variety of toys to try out. As per a previous post, another left-hander who plays right handed, although I'd want to give it a go the 'correct' way just for showing off purposes.
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
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