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  1. Hey all can anyone recommend a good bass tutor in the south London or North Kent area? thank you
  2. Sounds like you are literally round the corner from me
  3. Nice, don’t live far from masons hill
  4. Today I took receipt of my first bass a Fender Vintera Mustang in sea foam green. Bought the bass from @Grantd who made the process super simple, really nice guy and went above and beyond to get the bass to me, so thank you, definitely buy with confidence. Really chuffed with this bass, should give me a solid platform to learn from and more importantly makes me smile.
  5. Cheers all, have decided to go with the the Fender Mustang and have bought one off a fellow basschatter. I will let you know when it arrives!
  6. Thanks for the advice. Out of interest @Dosi Y'Anarchywhen you say you're a short guy, how tall are you? I'm 5'6 and wouldn't consider myself super short but definitely shorter than the average - found the mustang very comfortable both standing and sitting. P bass was ok either way but not as comfortable, definitely adds a little more strain, especially when getting a little tense in the shoulders
  7. Lol hadn't even made that connection when i wrote that
  8. Quite the Bromley contingent! Thanks for the welcomes
  9. Lol @whynot more likely to be drinking than playing, give me a couple of years and we'll see
  10. Hey @mr4stringz thanks for pointing out the mustang on the classifieds, looks pretty perfect!
  11. Thanks for all the advice so far guys, really helps. Those musicmasters look pretty neat! Tried the MIM P/J mustang but was disappointed, really crackly switch and the connection for the j pickup kept dropping out. Obviously a bit of a dud, i know a lot of people rate them. I'll keep scouring the the internet for that elusive bargain
  12. Hey, no i played sitting down. Didn't even think of trying the bass while standing.
  13. Hi yeah i did they seemed, pretty nice. I think when i mentioned a "tad pricey" it was more for the fact that it would be my first bass.
  14. Really sorry for another "help me" thread. Looking at buying a bass and been to quite a few music shops in the past week. Really like the classic styling of the fender basses and am currently torn between the MiM Precision bass and Vintera Mustang. Played them both and liked them both, although quite different sounds. P bass felt gritty powerful, Mustang felt more rounded and bit softer. Andertons have both in January sale around the same price point and as such i'm torn. If the Mustang wasn't in the sale i probably wouldn't even consider it and even at £600 it still feels a tad pricey Love the style of the mustang made me smile, shorter scale felt comfy. On the other hand the P bass also felt comfy and had a really nice gut thump and is a classic. Part of me thinks that the P-bass will probably stand me better as an ongoing instrument for learning and progressing. Just getting tired of shop assistants giving questionable advice and need some players help - for example the sharp fret ends on one bass i tried is due to "the maple fret board", the dead Low e string on one mustang i tried is due to being a short scale (didn't account for the 4 others that sounded fine). Just for context this is a first bass and although i should probably get something like a squier or starter ibanez - i kept being drawn to the fenders, so think I would end up being disappointed if i went that road. But i'm happy to be advised Thanks in advance
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