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    So the current Players in Tidepool look pretty tidy with a black pickguard instead of the factory parchment one
  2. Had mine delivered yesterday too, certainly adds a different vibe to the instrument but I think I like both pretty equally, neither better or worse just different IMO
  3. The amount of time I lusted after one of these years back when I started playing, if only I could justify the spend now when I'm saving for other upcoming expenses... Good luck with the sale!
  4. Just ordered a black plate for my Tidepool Jazz too, same colours as the P above. Good to hear they're a direct fit!
  5. So I figure this might be the best thread to ask in - I can setup my action reasonably low and get no buzz, until I go past the 14th or so fret when buzz starts to happen, all strings are the same in this. So is this a case of tightening the truss rod a bit and raising the saddles? Or is it most likely just a high fret at the upper end? For perspective I have it set now to about 2mm E and 1.8mm G, any lower and I get buzz past 14th
  6. I can only imagine this change must have been implemented a while ago, one large store had 10% off everything including Fender products over Black Friday, and their prices were already the lowest online for the bass I was looking at.
  7. Now, when I say rolled edges, they're still a long way off fully rounded like you might see on a Custom Shop level, there is still a definitive edge, its just moved inwards a bit and, for me at least, never gets touched by my fingers or hands. Best to give one a try in all honesty.
  8. I've had one since October in Tidepool/maple and I'd pretty much echo the above; electronics and pickups are good, tuners do slip out of tune a touch but by no means are they bad. Neck feels great, fretboard tidy i.e. rolled edges, no sharp frets. Might benefit from a proper shielding as the pickups do tend to pick up EMI if they're near anything emitting.
  9. As someone who currently has no pedals (got back into playing a few months ago, bass and amp costs were priority!), this seems like incredible value for such a variety of sounds, amp emulation, effects etc. Am I missing something or are these Line6/Helix/Kemper units seriously good value propositions these days vs traditional pedals. I get that a bespoke pedalboard setup will likely be better, but on a cost to sound quality ratio, not so much?
  10. On the topic of CC, I've just seen a 54 P bass on their website for north of £12k... I don't see that selling anytime soon...
  11. Just had a nosey and they have a MX19 serial Jazz bass for £320 near Liverpool... seems a pretty solid price for a Player Jazz, looks good nick too. On topic, white T Birds are a beautiful bit of kit, sounds like a bargain with a hard case too.
  12. What started as a simple question has evolved into an interesting discussion. Certainly a lot more knowledge here than I expected, and its very interesting to read and understand.
  13. I'm in on this. Bought a new bass last month and a new amp and cab are on the way to me right now, so lets call it done at that... at least for a year anyway!
  14. Ordered all my bits and cables from Thomann, the speaker cable looks to be about as thick as a rope so I don't imagine it'll be getting mixed up anytime soon. Jack plugs significantly larger than my instrument cables too. Failing that, I'll be wrapping the plugs in a coloured tape anyway to see at a glance, all my instrument cables have a white heatshrink-type plastic round the jack plugs.
  15. Cheers all. Ended up going for a bit of a compact rig with the tc electronic BAM200 head and 208 cab, it has dual inputs so nice and easy to expand with another 8ohm cab if required in future. On a side note, quite impressive the amps these days and how small they can be. Back when I first played before my hiatus just 12 years ago, even small combos seemed to weigh a ton!
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