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  1. Eagerly looking forward to the android app!
  2. As expected, the bass i was after sold quickly! Going to leave this for sale for now, see if anything crops up!
  3. Here are the colours in the running from @LukeFRC's fantastic pdf. Many thanks for this Luke, really useful tool. I'm thinking Aged Vintage White is going to take it. Aged Vintage White: Aged Shell Pink: Sonic Blue: Surf Green
  4. Thanks for the heads up. What's the logic behind the darker primer coat?
  5. What a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing. I'm currently leaning towards vintage white .... that'll change a few times before I order the lacquer.
  6. For sale as there is a stingray 4h sale on here that i like to look of and need to raise funds! Wouldn't even think of moving it on for any other reason. I took this in a partial trade for a stingray 4HH and I must say, there isn't a gap in quality. Nicely worn in. The neck has some discolouration where its been played alot (which i really dig!). Doesnt affect playability. Strings are dull worn on roundwounds which again I appreciate is an aquired taste! I was always intending to get round to putting some flatwounds on but the rounds in this case where close enough! Comes with a musicman hard case. If you want to pick up without the hard case that can be negotiated but I will insist on shipping it in the hardcase. Happy to deliver or meet half way if that works. Collection is subject to any government restrictions in place. Any questions, please feel free to ask.
  7. The perfect passive sister for my reggie Hamilton jazz. Wish I hadn't of just started a build project for a passive jazz! GLWTS
  8. I didnt mention how colour blind i am in my OP did I? Funny, I've craved a fiesta red jazz for years but now its coming round to it, its not even on my hit list!
  9. Insomnia + Pay Day = time to start a new build! In truth, I haven't built a bass in 8 years (where has the time gone?!) but its been on my mind for a long time to do another and it seems like the opportunity has arisen to get started! As I don't currently own a passive jazz bass, and jazz basses have always been my thing, seems logical to build a Jazz. I figured I had best start a thread for the many questions I will have for the experts. I had thought about being very particular and building as close of a replica to a specific bass as possible but I've decided against that. I am going to have the the 60s in mind but I'm not going to worry about making sure everything is period correct. I haven't decided on "relicing" yet. If I do, it will be very light. I'll definitely be going for nitro lacquer, I'd love a bass that ages gracefully. I have a Neck and a Body on the way, and I have a wiring loom and some other bits and bobs knocking around too. I think the only major purchase left is pickups. More on that to follow. So the first major decision is .... colour! I was thinking vintage white but having just been browsing manchesterguitartech and I'm now torn between 4 options. Happy to hear your opinions! Sonic Blue: Sea Foam Green Shell Pink Vintage White So that's enough to start of with, next update will be when the parts start showing up I guess!
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  11. It is a great idea! I do a similar thing with a headphone amp on my pedal board. Run two cables up to my bass to feed my in ears. Great way to work in my opinion.
  12. Traded. Thanks for all the interest!
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