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  1. Generic, wife wants a new bathroom suite bump ....
  2. I've owned both all be it briefly on both occasions. The Sire for me did a better job of sounding like a jazz bass than the SUB did of sounding like a musicman.
  3. But the questions is .... Will you buy a second?
  4. Temple Audio pedal board, it used condition. There are 4 pass through jacks, 1 mXLR, 1 fXLR and a powercon connector. Power cable supplied but not pictured, can grab one if required. Cable length is approx 4 meters. Also included is a power plant PSU and a gooseneck light which I have found incredibly useful for lighting setlists on stage! All power jacks are included and I also have a number of loose audio jacks which I will supply. Carry case also included. £70 plus shipping, pickup from Mirfield, West Yorkshire. I make fairly regular trips up and down the country so may be able to drop off/meet up.
  5. Future Impact 1 upgraded to the latest firmware. Boxed and in great condition. - £215 + Shipping Collection from Mirfield West Yorkshire. I do a lot of driving up and down the country so could possibly meetup/drop off.
  6. I've moved to 5 string basses for now so I'm selling my 4 string Reggie Hamilton Jazz Bass (Made in Mexico). Without doubt, the most versatile bass I've ever played. This is my jack of all trades bass that I used when I was playing with function bands. I'm not intending on gigging again for a while after lockdown as I want to concentrate on other projects, so time for a clear out! Modifications: I have the brilliant Jon Shuker move the P Pickup a few cms towards the Bridge. This means the P Bass pick is in the traditional P Bass position rather than what usual Jazz basses have when they have a neck P pickup. This means when you solo the P pickup, you get a P bass in all its glory! Jon also serviced and set up the bass including leveling all the frets. This has resulted in getting a great and even action. Pickups: EMG PJ set replaced the Fender Noiseless Preamp: John East J-Retro Deluxe (3 band/active/passive) The preamp/picks are wired for 18v. The clarity of the EMGs combined with the versatility of the john east is an incredible combination. I found that I have to make much more subtle changes to the mid controls because the results are clearly audible. Straplocks: Schaller - also supplied The bass is in good condition. There are a few minor cosmetic bumps and scratches on the body but they are on the back or side so don't show from the front. I've tried to capture them fairly in the photos. Weight to follow. I do not have a hard case spare and will not ship the bass without one however we do have options: I frequently travel between Newcastle and Brighton, happy to make slight detours to drop off Meet halfway You send me a hardcase and I ship it back with a bass inside of it Pickup from Mirfield, just outside of Huddersfield. Apologies for the dusty photos, no matter how quickly I wiped it down, dust still showed up in the photos! Will make sure the bass gets a good wipedown before it is packaged. Priced at £700 plus shipping to sell.
  7. These are amazing instruments for the dosh. Im well chuffed with my v5 to the point where I'm preparing my fender for sale to get another!
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