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  1. P5 is pretty high on my list of basses I wanna try. Got a V5 and it's one of the nicest basses I've played.
  2. It was moved to the traditional P position as I find that the P position on a jazz lends itself to the tone of the P being too boomy or bass heavy where as moving it slightly towards the bridge brings out that P bass low mid grunt that I know and love. I'll be perfectly honest, the difference is subtle however I have found myself adjusting the EQ to the room a lot less since the change. I recorded some audition pieces for a covers band recently. These are with the P pick up solo'd. To be honest, I find myself seriously questioning whether I should donate a kidney rather than sell this!
  3. The pickups are active, as is the preamp. They are both wired from the same 18v power rail (supplied by 2 x 9v batteries. Pick ups are The EMG PJ Set: https://www.thomann.de/gb/emg_pj_pickup_set.htm In order to fit the solderless EMG system to the solderless John East preamp, the two way molex connectors were removed from the EMG loom. The cables were then stripped and tinned before being installed into the screw terminals on the john east. Non of the other EMG components are included as I sold them separately as spares. The Pickguard has been changed from the original. The one that is currently fitted moves the P pickup closer to the bridge into the traditional location for a precision pickup. The holes and the original pickup route have not been filled in, they remain in place under the pickguard. I had the work completed by the highly respected Jon Shuker: https://shukerguitars.co.uk/ Hope this helps.
  4. Yes it is solderless! Screw terminals, very straight forward.
  5. Generic, I've bought the wife a bathroom suite and now I'm skint bump. May take a cheapish P bass in part ex!
  6. Generic, wife wants a new bathroom suite bump ....
  7. I've owned both all be it briefly on both occasions. The Sire for me did a better job of sounding like a jazz bass than the SUB did of sounding like a musicman.
  8. But the questions is .... Will you buy a second?
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