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  1. 1 song is born slippy by underworld, never understand how people listen to it
  2. I like moon dance, I don't listen to jazz so I may be proving your point
  3. Anything on Heart FM, the only music I don't like is bland music.
  4. No problem, thanks for looking, I used to own a Bronco, that could explain where the missing one went.
  5. I believe it was fudge brownie..... Thanks pal
  6. I still have my first bass, but for some reason about 10 years ago I lost a tuner, it's an old shortscale encore, I would love to get it back together but finding the part is quite troublesome as it's very small. Does anyone know where I can get one from?
  7. Bought a bass amp, absolutely perfect, top Man
  8. Nothing better than an SVT2 going through an SVT 8X10
  9. I could get it picked up for £8 on interparcel, let me know if this would be ok and I'll get you paid and arrange courier
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