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  1. I finally got around to cleaning up my first ever bass today, I bought it in 1997 from a cash converters, I did the punk stuff with it then when I got a better one I put it in a cupboard, 100 basses later and it's one of the few I've kept, does anyone know what model it is, it's a shortscale encore, I know it's rubbish and worthless but it means a lot to me.
  2. Not yet, am considering it
  3. I used the bridge, I weighed it both were 147g so I used the new one, had the strings already so about 40 quid, I'm keeping it, I really like it, thanks for coming on the journey with me it's been fun. Love a bargain
  4. Set up and ready to go
  5. I thought I had some but it's ambersil, have plenty of polishes and potions, I'm sure I'll find something on there and I have some good old fashioned lem oil too
  6. What do you use the Dremel to polish?
  7. Shouldn't have put it on the floor
  8. I've ordered a bridge, not going to clean it until it gets here, I want to finish it once I've started it
  9. Perfect, I'll order it up, and spend the 3 weeks waiting for it cleaning it 😁 Cheers pal
  10. Picked this up for 25 quid from Facebook, needs a saddle (if anyone has one) and needs a bloody good clean
  11. Does anyone know where to get a 0.5mm allen key for a badass?
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