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    4 1/2 years ago I received a Squier Vintage Modified Precision 5 string as a valentines gift from my wife. I fell in love with the feel of the neck instantly - enough so that it straight away became my number one over all my other more expensive basses. I have a habit of tinkering with my gear though and since then I've gradually changed bits and pieces here and there. This week I finally finished making changes and thought I'd share the end result. Quick disclaimer - the modifications do include a Fender decal. This has been discussed to death on here already but its my bass, my choice and this bass will never be sold on (in fact it will have to be prised out of my cold dead hands). There's also a Fender logo neck plate but that was only fitted because the original Squier one got a nasty scratch across it and I had this one kicking about already. Here are the other modifications:- Bar string-retainer on the headstock swapped for a pair of round string-retainers. Pickguard changed to gold anodised aluminium (cut by myself by hand from a blank sheet). Black thumb rest added. Chrome pickup and bridge covers added. To make access to the bridge easier for string changes, the bridge cover attaches with magnets which are counter sunk and epoxied into the body. Again to make string changes easier, the bridge itself I've adapted to be quick release by drilling though the tail piece alongside each string hole. Crude but works perfectly! The pickup I've swapped for a Nordstrand NP5V. This originally came from Dave Swift's White Sadowsky P5 so the shell is branded Sadowsky rather than Nordstrand. Dunlop Straploks fitted. I originally installed an active preamp which was an old Dan Armstrong Yellow Humper that @KiOgon kindly repaired for me and modified to include a true bypass switch. It was a simple circuit that just had a 3-way toggle switch to select between a flat eq, bass boost or bass and treble boost. To install this I had to route out some extra space under the pickguard. I also routed battery access through the back of the bass and made a little plastic plate to cover it. Unfortunately the Yellow Humper gave up the ghost a little while ago so this week I've installed an Artec Semi-parametric preamp. Stacked treble and bass, stacked mid frequency and mid level, volume and an optional pickup blend. Because I had, the option of a pickup blend control with the preamp, and because I still had the original pickup, I decided to add a bridge pickup to get a bit more clarity - particularly from the low B. As the original pickup is a split coil I decided to go for the kind of V-shaped pickup layout that you see on the Warwick buzzard bass to try and get more articulation from the lower strings. I don't particularly like the look of bridge pickups on P-basses however so I also wanted to make it a 'stealth' pickup. My first thought was to route the pickup cavity in through the back of the bass so it would sit just below the surface of the body but a quick test showed that it wouldn't get enough signal from there to be effective. Instead I opted to fit it into the front of the bass in the normal way and to just make a wooden pickup cover for it. I made it by hand from a piece of ash and stained it a similar colour to the centre of the sunburst. I think it blends in fairly well. At this point the only original, un-modified parts are the neck itself, the frets and the tuners. I had thought at one point about fitting some Hipshot Ultralights but there's honestly nothing wrong with the original tuners and the frets aren't showing any wear just yet. 🙂
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    Bought this from Shambo in April. Great bass in all areas. The way things are going, it could be another 12 months before playing again and I’ll be approaching 73. I’ve been trying to give up gigging for some time now but it’s in my blood, however, this pandemic could be the signal. I did change the flats for new rounds. Would probably go back to flats. Very reluctant sale, beats USA make IMO. Includes hard Gator case. Shambo’s original add link: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/409665-fender-japan-mustang-sold/?tab=comments#comment-4038816 Geoff. 01902833173. WV149PU
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    Reminds me of a Christmas party gig we did years ago. Set the kit up, and left a CD player on with a 'Now that's what I call Christmas' type compilation on, which started with Slade's 'Merry Xmas everybody'. We left to get something to eat, and on our return I commented to our keyboard player what a coincidence it was that the CD was playing the Slade song again. Then it dawned on us it had accidentally been left on 'track repeat' , and the audience had been listening to Noddy Holder's classic over and over for nearly two hours. Can't believe nobody had manged to turn it off....🎅
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    Yep, they're spot-on for rough'n'ready stuff on social media, but get proper stuff for anything else. This was with my Q4n (not Q2n) - completely acoustic (apart from my bass combo, obv.). The mics are really pretty useable (I added a little EQ, 'verb and compression in post), and the image is OK after a bit of lens distortion correction.
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    Put them in 2 Modulus and @bassfan Shuker I had built
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    Generally we have John Cage's 4'33 on in the background. 😉
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    Reminds me, band I was in we used to put music on via a phone before, between and after so that it wasn't a shock when we began playing. One wedding gig our singer left his iPhone on random...we went out for a drink and when we came back we found the bride and groom desperately fiddling with the PA in an attempt to turn off chapter four of Harry Potter audiobook! Set the tone for the rest of the gig, that one did...
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    I love my black Squier VI so much that I wanted a second one. My VI had also spent some time tuned up to B and it makes a fantastic baritone guitar, with the strangle switch actually becoming useful. So, why not have both, a Bass VI and a Baritone? I got a second black Squier VI and started on a refinish and some new hardware to match the colour scheme. Sherwood Green and Gold
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    These are amazing custom hand made basses. The design, construction and materials are first class. Easy to play due to imaginative ergonomics and achieves a (new!) acoustic deep sound with a piano ring achieving a deep cut through. They also look cool, its good to be different and support bass innovation I have the 4 string fretted & 6 string electro acoustic (rocklight), which Mike introduced, he's a great guy, buy with confidence....B
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    Hi, I’ve got my 2007 CS Pino Palladino for sale. This bass is unreal. It’s been set up and stoned by the great Andy Warnock. Plays unbelievable and sounds killer. Only selling as I’ve just got an vintage Precision. £3000 ono Cheers Jack
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    Due to the Covid-19 situation and severe back problems (66% officially disabled because of it) plus right shoulder injury (non-operable capsulitis from which, after more than 3 years, I will never fully recover), I'm selling all my basses over 4 kilos and also the ones I'm not really using. I've also considerably lowered the price for a quick sale. KRAMER 450 B original fretless from 1979 with original latte macchiato hard case. NOW OPENED (past participle) TO TRADES ! Asking price including shipping fully insured with tracking number to your place in these European countries (ask for other countries) : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (excluding French overseas departments and territories), Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom : £999 GBP !!! In fully working condition, fully original (except for the new tuners as the original ones were dead and the two strap buttons) and in very good overall condition. Here are the specifications : Body : walnut and maple Neck : aluminium with walnut inserts Fingerboard : ebonol (bakelite, in fact) Positions : 20 original lined fretless (not a defretted model) Headstock : 2 + 2 shape (angled) Pickups : 2 original Kramer with their original wood surroundings (pickups are adjustable ONLY at the back) Preamp : passive Controls : 2 volumes, 2 tones, 3 positions switch with the original aluminium drop Tuners : new Schaller M4 180 Light (to avoid neck diving) Bridge : original Kramer Strings spacing at bridge : 18.5 mm Nut : aluminium with zero fret Strings spacing at nut : 11 mm Knobs : 4 new identical to the original knurled type ones (original well worn and partly broken do come with the bass) Scale : 33 3/4" Hardware colour : chrome and aluminium Truss rod : none and perfect very slight relief whatever strings gauge you may put Finish : high gloss Land of craftsmanship : USA Serial number : 22168 Year : 1979 Weight : 4.505 kilos Action : from a bit under 1.5 mm under the G string to a bit under 2 mm under the E string at 12th position (can go lower, but was perfect for me) Will come with the original Kramer rare latte macchiato hard case and 1 NOS spare set of Alembic CX3-45L strings that suit this fretless at the perfection, even if they have a bad habit to rust in places even when new !?! Non-smoking environment as usual. The bass has been fully set up professionally by Christophe LEDUC who did a fingerboard dressing and changed the tuners. It has been fitted with a brand new set of Alembic CX3-45L nickel pressure wound strings (45 - 65 - 80 - 105). This bass is, despite its age, still very modern sounding and dead silent. No neck diving with the new tuners. Link to the Kramer vintage aluminium page : http://www.vintagekramer.com/alum.htm Link to the Schaller tuners fitted : https://www.emma-music.com/-schaller,us,4,SCH-503172.cfm Link to the Alembic strings : http://www.alembic.com/prod/strings.html What you see is what you get ! Look at the photos taken under different angles to see the very good condition for a 41 years old bass ! Pay attention to the neck fitting where you can hide lots of things : it's the way they were assembled, sometimes very tight, sometimes not at all, but it has no incidence on the sound. All the photos are here : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ENOsU_o_tTfLEu2doDGyeCVE-xYls0Vr?usp=sharing Don't hesitate to ask for more.
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    That would be easy to play as I know mandolin chords (which are mostly guitar chords backwards) and sound great an octave lower.
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    Painted necks Those chrome things on old Fenders Zero Frets Headless Single Cut Stingray 5 string pickguard White pickups Anything that looks like a bit of antique furniture Knobs with numbers on Tort and Pearl Pickguard Fanned Frets - never played one though Warwick Thumb - that top horn looks a bit.... I leave it to you to guess. The original Wal body shape Short scale necks - come on it's a bass! Gibson EB
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    You and me both! If the 4s were 35” scale like the 5s it would probably have tipped the (bank) balance.
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    My year of birth, and in better condition than me...
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    This to replace the Bartolini 😁
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    I disagree. Except I actually agree. Let me try that again. I agree that a great bassline doesn't need to be flashy. Imagine AC/DC if the bassist was running up and down the fretboard. It would rip the guts from the song. So there is such a thing as a great bassline. It just doesn't necessarily have to use all the notes all the time.
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    ...Again to make string changes easier, the bridge itself I've adapted to be quick release by drilling though the tail piece alongside each string hole. Crude but works perfectly! Nice touch...
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    Yeah its very pretty except for the newer chunkier Streamer body shape. I thought the same as you originally but actually on close inspection the body is all flamed spalted maple - the centre is just a different colour but the same piece of wood - you can see the flames run consistently fron centre through the outter body. As you say, pretty fancy for an LX and if you can get it for close to the start bid then could be a bargain
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    It is. The OBP-1 with the Lane poor in the Shuker kicks ar5e! 👍🏻
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    P basses with too many Pickups, knobs and controls. You’re ruining a simple classic. For that matter... Any Frankensteined classics that has had extra nonsense grafted onto them.
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    Yup - I had a feeling I’d be spending an extra hundred-odd quid next week when the FB4 with Barts arrives! 👍
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    Nice one Jass best of luck with the course and thanks for the comment, only just started first lesson on Penta Positional Chord Studies but a few light bulb moments already.
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    I like them too, not sure why. Very “Star Wars”. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they had been listed for more than £600 (ono).
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    Congrats. how about a baby tuner?
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    Maybe - I'd have preferred Basschat Orange!!
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    Joe has a thread on here where he took (takes?) theory questions. He’s so knowledgeable, patient and explains things even a theory muppet like me can grasp.
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    If the rolex is not ripped after cleaning you could use an automotive product that is used for dressing plastic trim/tyres. I've used one called "Back to Black" and it worked really well as it has a black pigment in it so disguises any scrapes.
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    I ended up going with the Dunlops in the end and I'm really pleased with them. I've not tried loads of flats to be fair - as I said, they don't really work in my band - but these sound great to me and feel really smooth with none of the grabiness I've found with others I've tried. I like the fact the silks have a coating on them too which seems like a really good idea. Thanks for the suggestion @jrixn1. 👍
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    Happy Jack owns it. It is on its slow way back to him from here.
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    NOW SOLD Line 6 HX Effects Used at home only, I’m happy with my board so this beauty can find a new home. 6 months old, think I still have receipt. Price includes U.K. postage Thanks
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    Harley Benton babygrow edit. Sorry it’s for you isn’t it. Another HB then
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    20+ replies, and nobody's said that they like a nice big stiff one. You're slacking folks...
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    Built it himself from parts; it's a Kit-Kat.
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    @NancyJohnson very interesting video, that's definitely a work beyond my poor skills... Seems like I'm going to plan a visit to the luthier 😊 Ehm.... Forgive me for another dumb question but... When you say "to ensure the neck is straight", do you mean completely straight after removing the strings and eliminating the tension they generate? Watching the video I'm assuming that in order to be considered perfectly straight the neck must not be under any tension at all, neck relief is only to allow the string to vibrate properly...What if the neck is bowed even without the strings but just a bit (let's say 0.15, 0.10mm)? Couldn't it be considered as "normal" relief once the strings are on? Or must the neck be absolutely straight without the strings to be considered ok and not bowed/damaged? Sorry, thanks for the patience!
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    OK - definitely into the final furlong Trussrod cover cut and fitted with magnetic catches, heel carve and headstock carves are finished, frets levelled and recrowned, action height sorted, intonation sorted and template saddle cut. Here's what it looks like now. Fully playable but final finish not on the body yet and finish also not yet on the neck: So tomorrow will be disassembly and final varnish coats started for the body and the satin finish started for the neck. And then it's...well, done
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    I play German bow, purely because there was one with the bass I borrowed as a teenager and I've stuck with it. It seems classical players in the UK most often play French bow, but a jazz player doing the old "last note of a ballad" arco or practicing with the bow for intonation might go either way.
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    Ha! This morning, I decided that I'd sell my Squier Musicmaster. Put it on Gumtree, I thought. Just before I did that, I checked the BC "Wanted" section and discovered that Cheddatom was looking for a white Musicmaster. We swapped photos and -yes! - I had his first ever bass. It's now back with him, and I'm really pleased that it turned out the way it did. Bit of BC Karma, right there. Steve
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    Some of the old Trace Elliot heads had compressors. Hi and Low, as I recall.
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    Hi Basschat, I’m Ash from Leicestershire. I’ve been playing the guitar for 16 years and the bass for around 14years. I’ve recently started to really get into bass playing and the guitars are being left alone. The last 6 years my bass has sat patiently in its flight case, but since returning to the UK from New Zealand this year, I can’t put it down. I’ve joined this page as I’m looking for tips, advice and kit discussion. I’m in the market for a new rig, so I’m hoping you can help me with that. My Bass is a Fender American P Bass, 2004/2005 model S1 switch. That’s all I currently have bass wise Nice one, Ash 🤙🏻
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    Hi all, i've just joined and have been directed to post an introduction. i'm David, i have been playing bass for 15 years (guitar for 17 and piano for around 25). i am 'classically trained' so to speak. I played in bands from 2006 through 2008, first in a heavy stoner rock / grunge kind of band (think Sabbath, QOTSA, Zeppelin), then a classic indie rock band (think Stone Roses, Verve, Kula Shaker). I worked in studios 2008-2011 as an assistant engineer, then began touring as a technician which i really did, all over the world, until coronavirus hit us. Looking to find a 'normal job' and begin performing again. Got a few auditions coming up and dug my bass out of storage too. i really miss being in a band, and working for one isn't the same. i play an Epiphone EB-3 (full scale SG bass), and a Cruiser CX-100 which despite it's price tag is, in my opinion, a great bass. Noise comes from Ampeg SVT heads and an Ashdown 4x10. i still love my Bass POD XT as well. Looking forward to sharing experiences here. D
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    It's funny to see some people not liking blank fretboards. For me the standard dot inlays are really grating. It's not a complete deal breaker but very nearly. I don't mind if they're offset, but blank boards are my preference by far.

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