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  1. Best and worst bass gear purchases for 2017?

    Best - The Japanese Fender P I posted about elsewhere. Black with a maple neck, SD Quarter Pounder pickup and Badass bridge. Like with the Mexican Strat I got a few years ago, I wish I'd been playing Fender for much longer. Worst - Not a bad buy but it was a bit "impulse", the Maya Jazz I have a mod/repair thread on. A decent bass but I lack the skill, time and inclination to do a really good job fixing her up, and I was £200 down in initial outlay and bits when the Fender above came up, so that was an expensive time. I'll slowly finish getting it to a nice state and then probably just end up selling it on for a loss.
  2. Uses for a tablet

    Thanks all, you've confirmed my assumption that its basically an iPad or nothing when it comes to tablets and music production. I doubt it's up to anything strenuous looking at the specs so I think it's a case of wiping it, selling it and sticking with the laptop.
  3. Uses for a tablet

    I picked up a cheapish tablet from a friend in a job lot of stuff he was selling due to leaving the country. I don't think I have any use for it generally but was wondering if anyone uses a tablet for making music and had suggestions for what to do with it before I decide to just sell it on? Any good soft synths for touch screens, Kaoss Pad style uses or just anything creative? It's an Acer Iconia W4 running Windows 10 so not top of the range but OK by all reviews I've read.
  4. Which Headphone Amp Should I Get?

    Do you need effects/amp sims? I got an EHX headphone amp, 1/4 inch input, mini jack out and one volume control that cranks the gain when turned up. Nothing else but sounds surprisingly decent with bass. £42 ish.
  5. Rush documentary Netflix

    I'm a casual fan, got a couple of albums which I like but no urge to work my way through the back catalogue. The documentary was interesting but not very revealing. They're all too nice! I'm always in awe of the musicianship, no idea how Geddy plays bass so well and sings. It's made me want to practice to get be able to play faster for rockier stuff we do, preferably with my Jazz and a nice burpy tone.
  6. Flux FX Effects For Bass by Adrian Belew..........

    [quote name='NOIISE' timestamp='1420535432' post='2650281'] No problem. We are also considering making a vst/au version, but this will be down the line. For now we are concentrating on v1.1 of FLUX:FX iOS version! [/quote] So it's been 2 and a half years! Any word on that VST version? Recently picked up a Windows 10 tablet from a friend who's leaving the country and have no reason to keep it at the moment, but if there's some interesting stuff like this I might keep hold of it.
  7. ACG Build Progress

    [quote name='skelf' timestamp='1500626713' post='3339160'] [color=#C8C8C8][font=Verdana, Arial, sans-serif][/font][/color] [color=#C8C8C8][font=Verdana, Arial, sans-serif][/font][/color] [/quote] Is that John Niblock's new beast?
  8. Most Obscure Bass Claim to Fame?

    I'd have met Rick Savage if I'd been 10 minutes earlier to a function yesterday.
  9. Gigging & Public Transportation

    I've done it, it was a gig in town which is 10-15 minutes away on the bus and I used a Zoom B3 with headphones for monitoring rather than an amp. For the most part though I think a car isn't necessarily essential, but you're relying on someone else in the band to sort your transport out which isn't something I like doing.
  10. EBS UniChorus going bad

    My Unichorus seems to be very noisy as well. I was never sure if it was a daisy chain PSU issue but I only got it for about 20 seconds of one song so I never got to the bottom of it.
  11. New DHA pedal - help please

    [quote name='DHA' timestamp='1503604842' post='3359667'] Yes, same spec as the VT1-Di-eq so headphone out and aux in. [/quote] Thanks, I've got a standard DHA DI-EQ and it'd be perfect for me it had headphone out as I'm running it into an EHX headphone amp at the moment and the extra cables are a hassle. I'll keep an eye out for when the new model is out.
  12. Darkglass Alpha Omega users...

    [quote name='fretmeister' timestamp='1503603838' post='3359660'] The Cali Complressor arrived already - what a lovely thing that is! [/quote] Don't! I want a new comp and really want to try a Cali but they are expensive.
  13. Darkglass Alpha Omega users...

    [quote name='fretmeister' timestamp='1503498949' post='3358743'] (Dear Wife. "What? No, I've had these pedals for years. I just started using them again recently which is why you've never seen them before.") [/quote] Fixed!
  14. New DHA pedal - help please

    Do these have headphone outs? I'm looking for a 1 box gigging solution but there's oddly few pedals like this with a 'phone out.
  15. Noob question! 3rd's 5th's 7th's 10th's?

    [quote name='tantummenace' timestamp='1502643846' post='3352652'] Thanks Gareth... So is it always the 2nd chord you use? i.e --- A B C D E F G to make a AMaj7 it would be A C E G right? Or am I very wrong haha [/quote] Not quite! That's the A minor scale (the same notes as C major) so you're making a minor 7th chord rather than a major 7th. Not sure what you mean by 2nd chord? The A major scale is A, B C#, D, E, F#, G# so making Amaj7 with 1, 3, 5, 7 would be A, C#, E, G#.