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  1. Hi Chris, sorry I've just seen this message. Thanks dude. Dave
  2. Hope you're all doing well. I've created a tutorial on how to play 10th chords on bass. I thought it may be of interest to this message board. If you enjoy this, then consider subscribing to my channel. Any feedback is welcome. Dave Playing 10th Chords On Bass
  3. Hi there, got a few slots available at the moment. Please E-mail me at [email protected] if you're interested. Cheers
  4. Auditions next Wednesday for position in covers band. See here for more details... [url="http://www.dkmanagement.co.uk/jobs/22-jobs/manchester-audition-day-january-22nd"]http://www.dkmanagement.co.uk/jobs/22-jobs/manchester-audition-day-january-22nd[/url] Any questions, inbox me.
  5. [font=arial, sans-serif][size=3]I have for sale a case (and user manual) for a Gibson RD77 arist bass. They are quite rare and i'm told they that this one (in it's present condition) is worth about £300 but I will sell for £250. It was bought in 1987 and it was made in 1977. Pick up in Manchester unless you're willing to pay for the delivery.[/size][/font]
  6. No worries man just give me a call when you're ready.
  7. [quote name='munkonthehill' timestamp='1368745167' post='2081144'] I've likes the look of these since they came out :-) Lovely looking machines [/quote] One of the reasons I bought it when I couldn't afford to ;-)
  8. Almost new, hardly played Fender Jazz Modern Player. Bought a few months ago. Only one small blemish/ding on body. Otherwise perfect condition. Would prefer collect from Manchester area but will deliver if the cost is covered by buyer. £275 [attachment=134724:photo 1.JPG] [attachment=134725:photo 2.JPG] [attachment=134726:photo 3.JPG] [attachment=134728:photo 5.JPG]
  9. check out my new website...... [url="http://www.davemurraybass.co.uk"]www.davemurraybass.co.uk[/url]
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