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  1. Great album I’d forgotten about! King Curtis Live at Filmore west, I think the bass player was Jerry jemmott
  2. Prince - one Night Alone (3 discs inc after show party from 21 Nights tour) Paul Weller - catch a flame Bob Marley - Babylon by bus Chic - live at the Budokan Marvin Gaye - live at Montreux vulfpeck - live at Madisson square gardens Marcus Miller - The Ozel Tapes & A night in Monte Carlo
  3. Remind me Wednesday. I’m away at the minute. I’ll try and get it on some scales. It’s not overly heavy.
  4. Technically you are correct. 😂
  5. My Berg CN212 isn’t going anywhere. Love it.
  6. @AndyTraviswere you still looking for one of these?
  7. I use the DC7 and the converter lead. Works a treat.
  8. Wooooa. Stop with that kind of misinformation!! Mediocre at best….🙂
  9. I’ll play, but I don’t want your money…. 😃 oc5, proton, vt Di, and FI… that's the signal chain b1-4 at the end I will however, relieve you of the Proton if that’s not made the cull!! 👍🏻
  10. 🤔 I’ll have a look at the bank balance….
  11. Awww man… I wanted this last time you had it for sale. Want it more now!! 🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. I’m glad my post gig wisdom has the desired effect. Awww fanks, and I like you to. 😊😗
  13. Just think of the fun you’ve had with all that kit and the friends you’ve made playing/buying/selling… not all a waste… 🙂
  14. How’s that bass player not talking about laughing. 😂
  15. Blame @AndyTravis 😂
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  17. Fantastic live Mick, if you’ve not seen them you should try and go!
  18. I’m truly lost for words…. This is such sad news we had a few dealings and banter was second to none. One the the BC legends, RIP my friend. 💙
  19. And it has a handy usb socket for charging stuff! Love mine
  20. Genuine Sadowsky black Pearl scratch plate. Bought for my 4 string Jap UV70 earlier this year direct from Sadowsky but never fitted. £40 posted. number printed on rear 586 022 if that helps.
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