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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Bit of a longshot but I am after a Super Compact as I am looking to start gigging again in a covers band with horn section and not sure the One10 will cut it, as amazing as it is. Ideally I would like to trade my One10 plus cash (open to negotiate) your way for Gen3 Super Compact. My One10 is in perfect condition as has never been out of the house.
  3. Spent a couple of hours with it today and I am blown away by 1. how good it sounds and 2. how many different sounds I can get from it. Really impressed with the electronics and the Will Lee "mid" switch really adds a lot to as well. Everything from Marcus twang to Motown. Genuinely love it!
  4. Pino Palladino. Walked in and someone was playing something downstairs amongst the vintage Fenders... I thought the player sounded good. Turns out he was. I'm not a great bassist by any stretch because I've only just started relearning but I can safely say my mind went blank... Oh well. Scales it is!
  5. Went in to the Bass Gallery today to put my old bass up for commission sale and try a few basses out. Thank you to the excellent staff in there for all their help and subsequent set up. I am now a very happy owner of the Sadowsky Will Lee they had for sale in there, although one of my idols was in there at the same time getting some work done on their basses so had no idea what to play! Really versatile bass and way too good for me but I am unlikely to be in a position where I could do something like this again.
  6. Original Bowers and Wilkins Zepplin Air. Old Apple connecter version but WiFi works perfectly. Few scuffs and scratches to fabric but speakers still sound incredible. Comes with remote and white power cable. Would prefer collection but could meet up within an hour or so. £150
  7. Sandberg Custom Ken Taylor Bought from Neil Murray on this forum as a bass to get back into playing with. Its genuinely excellent but I am moving to a P bass as it will suit my current bands more and it is the sound I hear in my head for bass lines. Currently strung with EB Cobalts and it sounds brilliant. Would like get back what I paid for it at 795. Not interested in trades as I have my eye on a bass already. Would cost considerably more to get one specced this well from Sandberg. Details taken from Neil's thread here >>> Previous Sale "I had this built to my specifications, from the choices on the Sandberg website. Home use only. There are plenty of small dings and marks, which is Sandberg’s interpretation of ’soft aged finish’, which wasn’t what I was expecting - I would preferred either more obvious relicing or a perfect finish. Of course a great sounding bass, enhanced by the high-quality Demeter preamp. Basic Ken Taylor model Body: European ash (I think) Top: Imbuia with matched headstock Soft aged finish Rosewood neck 2 Sandberg powerhumbuckers, black metal covers, split coil on bridge pickup Electronics: Demeter BEQP-1 Bass EQ Preamplifier - active balance control which mixes two pickups and provides active equalisation for treble, middle and bass. The treble and bass are both shelving controls with 14dB of boost and cut @ 6dB per octave. The middle control is a peak control with plus and minus 12dB of cut and boost @ 6dB per octave. Black hardware with Hipshot Bass Xtender on E machine head Abalone front face dots Sandberg gig bag"
  8. Can only think of two occasions this has happened to me: 1. Snow Patrol supporting Athlete a few weeks before Run was released. ~2003 2. Kill It Kid supporting Vintage Trouble in Lincoln ~2011 (although Vintage Trouble were still outstanding)
  9. Kawai ES110 with pedal, collapsible stand, ABS Hard Case and a few learn piano books. Bought to teach myself piano but not really using it and have my eye on a bass so could use the money/space back in my study. Perfect condition. Collection from NW London but could meet within 45 minutes of Stanmore if needed. £450
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. It's a stunning bass. If I hadn't just bought a bass the week before I'd have bought this!
  12. I was going to recommend one of these. Just picked up a TecAmp Puma 500w from the bass gallery. Tested it against a MB Little Mark/Aguilar TH500 in store. The MB sounded a little more sterile than the Puma/TH but the Puma just swung it although not much in it. Lovely sounding amp and pretty reasonable used!
  13. Just put EB Cobalt Flats on my KT and it sounds amazing! Such a well made bass, they are great value for money!
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