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  1. https://www.sightreadingfactory.com/ I have been trying to teach myself to sight read during these fun times of isolation and after having worked through a couple of the SBL Sight Reading courses I came across this site on their forums. Genuinely the best thing I have found so far and my reading has come on loads in a short space of time through repetition. The site auto-generates 8 bars of music at a difficulty you can preset and then you can try reading it, playing it and then it can playback so you can play along with it as well. It was $35 for a years subscription but you can get about 18 pieces free to try it out. Would highly recommend it for those wanting to improve their reading. Disclaimer: They have a referral service where you can get free months if people signup. I have found this genuinely useful so posted the link above without referral tag as it has genuinely improved my reading in a short space of time. I have posted my referral link below but don't want to appear like I am pushing the site for my own benefit. https://www.sightreadingfactory.com/share/3bDdHL60vAmh6mxkPrC4
  2. His videos are brilliant. Really enjoyed both of them now and tempted to get his book to read during isolation! Anyone else watch Like A Prayer then scour the classifieds for Spectors? 🤔
  3. Yeah. I would email Anderton, GAK or Thomann to see if they can order one in.
  4. I emailed them three days ago and got an email back from Roger yesterday. They are still checking emails.
  5. Been lusting over that for the last week. I'm on the lookout for a decent 5 string and if it was a PJ I'd have bought it in a heartbeat! There is a nice natural Metro PJ 5 in the For Sale section (not mine).
  6. Might be worth putting in the bass gallery or bass Direct. If I hadn't bought my Sadowsky recently I'd have torn your arm off for this. Especially at this price.
  7. Duck Dunn and Tommy Shannon as favourites. Just for playing relatively "simple" parts that just enhance the music. Might be controversial but surprised Jack Bruce hasn't had a mention yet...
  8. I haven't changed the mid freq option since I got it so don't actually know what it is set on at the moment. I'd assume its at default which is WIll Lee's preferred setting of 500Hz, broad Q (source: https://www.bassgearmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/issue4.pdf) Made a quick video of the difference the switch makes:
  9. Also cough. The only 4 string I'll ever need. NYC Will Lee. The longer I've had it the more I love it. The Will Lee switch adds a lot of extra mid punch and tonal options to the bass.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. Im currently doing the SBL Technique Accelerator Course. Was about £100 and includes 24 video lessons with workbook and tells you what to practice each week (~20 mins/day at least 5 days a week) to remove some bad habits and improve overall technique/facility on the bass. I'm enjoying it and already feel like the practice is paying off. Improved RH finger independence massively!
  12. Not sure why Scott's bass lessons hasn't come up yet. Really enjoy doing the lessons and the paid content is excellent with good work books. Given my practice some structure and my playing has come on loads. Not a huge fan of the Youtube style "5 reasons why xxx sucks" things but in fairness that's clickbait to get his actual site more views. The actual site interviews / Webstreams and classes are great.
  13. That is beautiful. I got mine a few months ago and don't need another 4 string.
  14. Damn... thats lovely. I'm tempted to put my Sadowsky up for sale so I could buy this! GLWTS!
  15. Do you know how much it would cost to ship to UK?
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