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  1. Fender Precision USA 1983 Cream/Maple

    Very tempted Ben, are you still in Bristol?
  2. Bass still available. Cheers, Bill.
  3. SOLD: Sadowsky MV4

    Where are you based? Bill.
  4. Is this bass still available?..
  5. Feedback for girya32

    Bought a Sire bass from Pete recently, was great communication with the sale, and a lovely bloke!
  6. Seibass 5 string SOLD

    Beautiful bass, any sound clips or videos?
  7. I'll take it, did you see my private message?
  8. Here is a recent photo of the bass (on the right obviously)
  9. [quote name='ahpook' timestamp='1483565571' post='3208386'] Yes, we rehearsed a few times but I wasn't a great fit to be honest. My name's Mark, this would have been....2003 or so I think. [/quote] Oh fair enough man, that's interesting! 2003, woah, I wasn't even playing bass back then! I forgot how far back they go! Will mention you next time I see the fellas! Happy new year mate.
  10. [quote name='ahpook' timestamp='1483553805' post='3208213'] The Hoosiers eh ? I was their bass player, very briefly. Lovely bass, GLWTS [/quote] Oh for real? That's cool man, what is your name?? Cheers.
  11. FS: Custom Shop Warwick Streamer CV 4-string Hi guys, I'm looking to move this beautiful bass on, she's just not getting played enough due to me finding it hard to play anything but 5-string's at the moment - it's a fantastic sounding bass that plays amazing but I'd like to see it go to someone who will actually play it and appreciate it. I had this bass custom built for doing shows with pop-rock band "The Hoosiers" its done a 3-week tour and a dozen festivals throughout last summer. It's in immaculate condition and has been modified with Nordstrand pickups. I've attached the official Warwick showcase video showing the body and few video clips of how it sounds. https://youtu.be/ctcemTjxuFQ https://youtu.be/DlJE3Ak3KiI https://youtu.be/ZxUvJkR7gyc https://instagram.com/p/BDGmOVdjaXd/ https://instagram.com/p/BGmTI3WjaVr/ https://instagram.com/p/BGmRGA7jafl/ https://instagram.com/p/BDvlNbPjaRg/ Many thanks, Bill.