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  1. Thanks, EQ is set flat! :-)
  2. Hi Basschat! I recently purchased a beautiful Ocean Turquoise 4-string jazz elite bass, and had our monitor engineer send a desk recording from one of our recent shows @ Alexandra Palace, I'm super happy with how its tracking in a live situation, thought I'd share it and have this thread for other people to share their live recordings of their Elite's! (precision + Jazz)
  3. Warwick players...

    Thanks dude!
  4. I have a set of D'addario XL Nickel's on this bass, and really digging them, I dont normally get on great with Nickel strings as I'm so used to Steel, but very comfy with this set!
  5. Blasius Basses

    Thanks man, glad you dug it!
  6. Blasius Basses

    Just finished recording this tone test, so you can hear how the bass sounds with fingerstyle, palm-muted thumb, slap!
  7. Fender Precision Elite

    Haven't heard that one before, haha! Thanks! I've recently recorded a video with the pickup panned to the neck so you get a thumpier Precision sound without the Jazz bite.
  8. Fender Precision Elite

    Apologies! haha!
  9. Put together this video yesterday, quite new to recording so excuse the EQ! but I think it represents the tone of this bass quite well
  10. Fender Precision Elite

    Was setup pretty well! action was perfect, only a few minor tweaks here and there to the intonation!
  11. Fender Precision Elite

    Hey Basschat, I've just started properly recording this bass and loving the bite from it! Anyone else here using a P-elite and want to share some photos/videos?? Cheers, Bill.
  12. Post your Fenders here!

  13. Fender Jazz Elite on James Corden

    I always use the Elites in active mode, they sound fatter that way! but the last 3 months I've been using the passive precision and got on really well with it!