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  1. I've been offered some trades, but only interested in a straight sale 🙂 trying to decrease my bass collection (if ever possible) Thanks!
  2. Regrettably selling my 1978 Mustang, a beautiful looking and sounding bass, this thing has tonnnns of character! Reason for sale is that i haven't played it in a few years, so its just sat gathering dust, and i'd like for it to go to a nice home, where it's played! It's never been gigged or been on any long tours - was only used for recording sessions and recording at home! and is still in amazing condition for a 78 model! More pics to follow (she is currently over in Somerset) so will get them taken when i'm over that way next week!
  3. This bass may now be for sale if anyone is interested - i will put an official thread in the basses for sale section in next few days
  4. But now located in Surrey instead of Somerset!
  5. Excuse the late reply! bass still available 🙂
  6. Haha! yes just to clarify, this bass is not a lefty!
  7. Hi Basschat, I'm selling this awesome USA Fender Precision Elite 4-string bass, as attempting to decrease my bass collection! This bass sounds lush, and is super versatile! Almost 3 years old, but in great condition, only a few tiny minor dings, (pics and videos attached below)
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