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  1. Solid and Inexpensive Fretless Guidance Please

    Plus one for the Harley Jaco Jazz thing. Bang for buck.
  2. Are Markbass cabs now considered a bit rubbish?

    I like my CMD 102p combo very much. A wide range of tones. Different basses sound very different through it. Who knew?
  3. Sound levels with multiple basses live

    I use two basses with differing output levels. I have a two channel TCE Nova Comp, and a Zoom G3 on my board. I can set level using either channel of the Nova, or via different patches on the Zoom. Simples.
  4. Plus one for the Yamaha. Surprisingly loud. Also makes a great boom box for an MP3 player or smart tv with cruddy speakers. And you can play guitar through it, if you absolutely must.
  5. White Bass Porn Thread.

    Member of a certain Glasgow-Dundee funk beat combo, to a roadie: ”Eh, ken, dae ye like jazz?” Who replied “Eh, is that yon film wi’ the shark in it?”
  6. White Bass Porn Thread.

    That’s as nice as twa hoat pehs, so it is.
  7. Not feeling the funk with a Les Paul style guitar - why?

    Methinks also the bolted neck joint gives more spank/percussiveness than set neck guitars.
  8. Solid state amp suggestions?

    I’ve had three of the original analogue Roland Blues Cubes (3x10 and 1x12 models), as well as the Roland Cube 60, and the Tech21 Trademark 60, and a Fender Mustang. I also had a JC120 decades ago. The Rolands are all fine amps. I think the original Blues Cube is very hard to beat. Very versatile clean and overdrive possibilities, excellent parallel fx loop with level control. Super solid build quality and good vintage looks, totally reliable. I love mine. Shame I don’t use it any more. My next choice would be the Tech21, also analogue. Quite hard to find, and sometimes pricy. Tech21 customer support is excellent. I loved mine after I put an Eminence Red Coat Governor in it. Next would be the Cube 60, which I couldn’t quite bring myself to trust, since I felt its build quality was not as good as the other two. But, Roland is top notch gear in my humble opinion. I had a Mustang III for a while, just to see what it was like. Meh. Hope this helps you in your quest!
  9. Practice amp advice

    I have a THR10, which I use for both guitar and bass. I like it very much for bass. The drivers, though tiny, have HUGE magnets, and it can get surprisingly loud without distorting. There are various "filter mods" you can do (look YouTube or Gear Page) which change the EQ for the better with guitar, cutting treble a bit. This mod makes it great in my estimation, because I HATE too much treble. I would seriously consider a THR10 if I were looking for a neat, compact, well made practice amp for both guitar and bass.
  10. New Strat Day

    Dark red or brown tort guard would be luvverly on that.
  11. Feedback for KingPrawn

    I visited Sean today to try and buy his Markbass CMD102p. As everyone above says, he is a top guy, and from what I briefly saw, a sh*t hot bass player too. Nice cuppa too, strong the way I like it. Threw in a Gramma pad as well. What a gent!
  12. My First Assembly - '76' Jazz Bass

    Nice job indeed. I loves me a Jazz.
  13. Nice MIJ Yamaha BB300 in Edinburgh

    Parking tickets! That’s Embra for ye!
  14. Great gear you've moved on and wished you hadn't?

    A cherry 1964 Gibson ES 335 stoptail. Bought for 280 quid in 1978, and sold for three hundred quid a couple of years later. What. An. Eejit.
  15. Who did you see live last?

    Steely Dan etc at the O2. God, I love Steely Dan, and they were great. Donald was clearly very shook up by his recent loss, and the band seemed looser. Aja was downright weird but brilliant. And, as usual at SD gigs in the UK, I could not hear Freddie Washington properly.