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  1. The blue one is nice, but £325 seems a bit stiff.
  2. Gosh, I’d forgotten that I started this thread. Now I’m gassing for a BBG5. And I don’t even like five string basses. Nasty confusing things.
  3. I’ve got one coming, off of eBay. Wish I had seen this one! I can’t wait to start fiddling with it.
  4. This type of tuning peg is very easy to dismantle and reverse the handedness. So these can be made into four-in-line.
  5. I’ve got a SUB Ray 4. It plays great, sounds great, and is well finished. I don’t have any complaints about it, except that it would be nice if it was shiny shiny, and not matte.
  6. I've got one of these, and can't recommend it too highly.
  7. Saw him play drums with Wayne Krantz. Excellent musician.
  8. Ah, bugger. Scale too short, butt too narrow, nut just right. Thank you very much for looking!
  9. Interesting, might work for a project of mine. What are the nut and neck butt dimensions, please?
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