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  1. Plus one for Riffstation. And, yes, it’s free now.
  2. Looking at the pictures of the back, I surmise that the crazing is actually in the film itself.
  3. Good example of photo flame there. A word of warning, if you decide to go for a refinish: the flame is printed on a layer of film, which can crack and flake. I’m pretty sure a heat gun would melt it.
  4. I dig him. Check his playing on Theo Katzman’s version of Just The Way You Are.
  5. CMD102p here. Excellent combo. Loud as hell, portable, angles back if needed. I always do that.
  6. I find most commercial modern music insipid and whimsical. Gimme the sixties, seventies and eighties, mostly. My dad hated the stuff I listened to in my teens, which was mostly what we now call rock. I used to play Cream at high volume on my Dansette, drove him mad. Guitar solos! He loved his Glenn Miller and his Slim Whitman and his Karl Denver. But everybody he liked, and that I liked, could really PLAY. So, maybe for me musicianship shows through, and I take comfort in that. (To be clear, I know lots of musicians nowadays can really play. I'm not saying it's only old guys.)
  7. I’ve got TWO now, bwahahaha! Fretted and fretless. See me, I rule, so I do.
  8. Here ya go: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-BBG4AII-Green-Bass-Guitar-Used-1127866/333291484147?hash=item4d99b873f3:g:pGYAAOSwnopdTBy9
  9. There’s one on eBay right now, the greenish blue with photo flame.
  10. I’ve just bought a lovely Yamaha bass from James. I am very chuffed:a great bass at a great price, and James is an absolute pleasure to deal with, plus he is an expert at packing items to military specification. Deal with confidence. Thanks, James ! Stuart
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