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  1. Ah, you are totally a gent. What a kind offer. That would be lovely. I remember snipping resistors etc from old circuit boards a few years ago, when I deluded myself into thinking I would learn elecktrickery. A delusion that soon faded. Maybe I will find them in a drawer.
  2. Och, that AWB track is fab! What a band! Great sound from Alan Gorrie.
  3. Which audio interface are you using, out of interest? Also, on the channel strip, do you have the output set to Stereo Out? And the appropriate input set to Mono? (The wee circle next to the Input box). I’m sitting at my desk trying to reproduce your issue in Logic Pro X. No joy so far.
  4. You may have already done this: you have to select the track the bass is on in the arrange window, then click on the “I” button to activate the track. All fx in the panel that are in blue are on. Any that are grey are off.
  5. Thanks for that, that looks more within my capabilities. I’m electrically challenged, so can you clarify what 10k resistor PLUS 5% means? Ta.
  6. That wee lassie is a hella player, and does indeed get a good sound out of that cheapie.
  7. ^^^^ Correct. Mine is a later Indonesian one, but has hot output.
  8. Here it is. I got the pot value wrong in my previous post.
  9. It was posted on Talkbass by a guy who used to work for Sterling (I think). The mod uses a 250k volume pot and a change of wiring to the preamp. It looks quite simple, and I hope to get round to it soon. Also on Talkbass folks recommend cheap Chinese Alnico MM style pickups as a substitute. The lower output sounds better. The SUB Ray 4 seems to be a popular modding platform over there.
  10. I’ve got a pdf of the Sub Ray mod if anybody wants it. I haven’t tried it yet, but plan to. Carry on.
  11. Thank you so much for your generosity, Zoltan! I hope to dig into your electric bass course today.
  12. “Time controls”? Jeepers, these basses are too cheap!!
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