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  1. songofthewind

    Markbass little mark 111 volume issue

    PS Taking the lid off the amp and applying Deoxit to any obvious jack contacts may save you a few bob. YMMV etc
  2. songofthewind

    Markbass little mark 111 volume issue

    Total sense. As a reformed guitar player, I can tell you that this is a fairly common issue with guitar amps, and is caused by oxidation on the contacts of the jacks. It is NOT serious, but it is puzzling and annoying (in my experience). I am familiar with the change in loudness behaviour you describe when the fx loop is jumpered. I think the degree of loudness variation depends on whether the loop is series or parallel. Maybe bass players can learn something from the guitar world after all.. But more technical heads than mine may well chip in at this point.
  3. songofthewind

    Harley Benton Fretless Jazz £90.

    Sold, to the gent from Portsmouth.
  4. songofthewind

    Zoom B3n, should I get one???

    I’ve got AKG 240 DF’s, and they are not loud enough for the Zoom. But my daughter lent me a pair of Sony DJ cans and they are plenty loud.
  5. songofthewind

    Yamaha RBX?

    ^^ Yup, looking at pix on Google right now, I think you're right about it being active. It was the Jazz type pickups that threw me.
  6. songofthewind

    Yamaha RBX?

    Here's a pic of my de-fretted, Taiwan made lightweight photoflame BBG4AII. This is a really nice bass.
  7. songofthewind

    Yamaha RBX?

    I think it’s a BBG4, passive version. Except it seems to have a Nathan model style roundover in the lower cutaway. Likely made in Taiwan.
  8. songofthewind

    Cort Curbow

    Wow, cheap.
  9. songofthewind

    Olympic white jazz with a difference

    Even better!
  10. songofthewind

    Olympic white jazz with a difference

    Very lovely. Jazz Bass, white with tort, and blocks. Can’t be beat.
  11. songofthewind

    Luthier suggestions for SW England

    Totnes School of Guitar Making, maybe? I don’t know who’s runnng it now, but Norman Reed (sadly no longer with us) used to make and fix all sorts.
  12. songofthewind

    ToneLib editor for Zoom pedals (B3n, B1Xon, B1on and MS-60B)"

    I had that issue with those little USB leads and my B3n. Drove me nuts, until I found a crappy but functional one in a drawer. I feel your pain. I suggest you forget the proprietary Zoom editor and go with ToneLib. Less clunky.
  13. songofthewind

    Feedback for ALFIE NOAKES

    Just got a Cioks power supply from Phil. Top chap! Thanks Phil.
  14. songofthewind

    Your Favorite Bass Prevalent CD?

    Liberty City, Jaco Pastorius.
  15. songofthewind

    My Knob keeps falling off

    I did indeed note that you said “gently“, Mick. Just adding my two pence worth, and not suggesting you were off the mark.