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  1. Very interesting. I didn’t know they’d had a stab at a pitch shifter.
  2. I’m currently enjoying using several iOS apps. Patterning is very interesting, has great sounds and an unusual, creativity inducing interface. Funk Drummer by Lumbeat is also very good, but I truly hate the interface. Lastly, I still go back to DrumJam from time to time.
  3. Don’t put a plate on it!
  4. Lovely job, very cool. can you adjust string spacing on the bridge? Looks like it could use a bit of adjustment, to my untutored eye.
  5. Mine is ‘Valerie’. You know that bit where it doesn’t go how you think it’s going to go? Yep, I mess it up, every time. Jinxed, good and proper.
  6. Get a laptop bag from a charity shop. They work great!
  7. What are the dimensions and weight of the 210, please? Ta.
  8. Nice. I love the black and tort combo.
  9. This might sound very obvious, but are your playback and record sample rates the same? Also, I used to have the same Terratec sound card, which was really good, but I first had a wonky one which played absolute havoc with my whole system. Took me weeks to figure that out. It’s quite an old card now, maybe Windows just won’t support it any more.
  10. I’ve got a BBG4AII. I’m not sure how it differs from this model, but it’s a great bass indeed. This one here is a bargain.
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