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  1. Fender Jazz , Roadworn, with upgrades £725

    Tasty! Sean is a gent, buy with confidence.
  2. Warmoth fretless jazz £200

    Reminds me of Tiree so so much. Brings a tear tae ma ee. Did you play the festival the same year as The Fratellis? (2016?)
  3. Warmoth fretless jazz £200

    Beautiful song, Angus.
  4. I’ve got one of these. They are truly excellent microphones, and you can’t go wrong with one!
  5. SOLD Fender modern player jazz bass satin white

    Hi. Looks nice. Where are you located. Can you tell us what it weighs?
  6. ToneLib editor for Zoom pedals (B3n, B1Xon, B1on and MS-60B)"

    Yup, the Zoom app is just too fiddly.
  7. ToneLib editor for Zoom pedals (B3n, B1Xon, B1on and MS-60B)"

    Well, it turns out my usb cables were ALL flaky. Got one that worked, all problems solved. I vastly prefer Denis’ Tonelib to the Zoom app. Much easier to use. I am loving the B3n.
  8. PLEASE REMOVE. Fender CIJ Jazz Bass

    Very nice looking Jazz. Does it have the big ugly rout under the scratch-plate, or just the pickup slots?
  9. Ray34

    Hi Where are you located. And can you tell me nut width and weight? The bass, not you.
  10. Needing a micro head but being incredibly tight.

    Excellent work! I love a makeover!
  11. Zoom B3n firmware 2.0 - GuitarLab 3.0 editor updates

    Well, I've just loaded v3 up, and it seems to work OK, apart from a nag screen telling me to connect to the internet. I added the v2 firmware with no problems. The editor and general layout is not as intuitive as Tonelib.
  12. Zoom B3n firmware 2.0 - GuitarLab 3.0 editor updates

    This is very exciting! I've been successfully using Tonelib, which is great. But added MIDI functionality do beat all.
  13. Chibson Les Paul bass

    Get gold hatbox knobs, they will set off the gold nicely. You’ll see.
  14. TC Nova Dynamics

    I’ve got one of these. Fecking brilliant, and none of the infamous pop described by ovnilabs. GLWTS.