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  1. Thanks, guys, bless you.
  2. Thanks for checking in on me, Dave. Sadly, my wife is very seriously ill, and I’ve been very taken up with tending to her needs, and dealing with various medical matters. I’d love to get back into this build as a welcome distraction. Maybe this week..
  3. I just acquired some Tonerider Jazz pickups from Mark.A smooth painless transaction. Thanks, Mark!
  4. Lovely thing. What is the weight and nut width, please mister?
  5. Ah, Jim Mullen playing a Telecaster with his fingers. What a sweet, sweet sound!
  6. John Peel used to champion the composer Basil Kirchin, who made extensive use of birdsong in his work. Might be worth a listen.
  7. Och shite, wish I had seen that.
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