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  1. My two Yamaha BBG’s.
  2. You know you want to, so just do it..
  3. Thanks for that. Now all my basses look sh*t!
  4. Jings, I love that! How does it play and what tones can you get?
  5. songofthewind


    Drat! Pic got rotated somehow!
  6. songofthewind


    My trusty bitsa.
  7. Floyd Rose?! Shush, somebody will hear you!!
  8. Aw, I like the cute baby one on the left.
  9. You do realise, mcnach and stingrayPete, that we are talking purest heresy?
  10. Well, I played one of these in Guitar Guitar in Glasgow today. Weighs NOTHING. Super glossy neck plays lovely. Sounds really versatile thanks to (I think) 3 band EQ. I had persuaded myself that Ray necks were too big and wide for me, but I only remembered that afterwards, as I was wandering down Argyle Street wondering how to raise three grand and a bit. Yep.
  11. “Vi take “ is autocorrect for “vintage”, in case you’re wondering.
  12. Wowser, the V-Amp! I had one, which I re-chipped to turn it into the Mk2 version. You could buy Pre-programmed EPROM’s from some manufacturer in the U.K., and do it yourself. What larks! I used the V-Amp live for several years. A lawyer friend of mine, who has so many vi take guitars and boo-teek amplifiers it’s scary, heard a recording I did with it, and wanted to know how I’d gotten such a cool tone! You should have seen his face when I told him. I went over to a Zoom G3, which I still have. I like it for delays and some modulation, in tandem with my B3n. On Gumtree I recently found a Johnson Mirage JT-50 112 combo for thirty quid. Basically a J-Station with an amp. I really dig it! The effects and delays are great. Also it does a very passable Fender Twin style clean, which is the only guitar amp sound I use. The worst thing about it is that it smells like it was kept in a curry house. But, of course, I’m much better now that I’ve come back to playing bass, so please don’t be angry with me.
  13. Yep, very good, grooves like a mutha! Drummer played with AWB, and the guitar player sounds a wee bit Wayne Krantz before he really takes off. Most excellent beat combo.
  14. I really really want to see that.
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