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  1. Check out Brian Eno’s iOS music generation apps. I love Bloom HD, and I have Scape, which is very different.
  2. Blimey. Very interested to find out more. I’m pretty sure they will do a bass version.
  3. Fab! These are great basses. I’ve got a SUB Ray 4 that I like very much. Keep us posted!
  4. There was a guitarist around Paisley, called John Morton I think, who played a pink Paisley Tele. I don’t know what that means.
  5. These are brilliant. If they were in a boo-teek pedal box with a true bypass stomp switch aggressively to the fore, they would sell for big bucks!
  6. BTW, that's cultural appropriation right there! I'm officially offended on behalf of Paisley Buddies everywhere! And don't nobody raise the matter of where Paisley nicked the Persian Boteh Mir motif from. Oops.
  7. Originally, the Paisley Fenders were covered with a piece of wallpaper. I think this was then coated, and the metallic purple burst was then sprayed, and the finish coat(s?) applied.
  8. Wow! Well, I’m less confused now! Obviously I need to start again with Victors or Fame devices mentioned helpfully above. Rushbo, I’m sorry I’ve caused so much confusion by hijacking the thread!
  9. Just bought a Boss footswitch from Russ. Perfect deal. Thanks, Russ.
  10. Sorry, I seem to be doing nothing but adding to the confusion, or creating it. My last post should have read “did it kill the B3n WHINE”. Up to now I’ve used a separate power supply for my B3n, with no whine. I just wanted to simplify my setup and get rid of extra wires etc.
  11. I got a set of Hosco ones off eBay couple years ago. Much cheaper than elsewhere. They seem to have jumped in price recently. Try Tonetech.
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