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  1. songofthewind

    Do you remember your first bass...

    Yamaha BB1000, quickly defretted and a Jazz pickup added by Norman Reed in Totnes. Got a second fretted sunburst one for a pair. I got them from a guy in Glasgow called Charlie Marks, who had a funny wee music shop in Kilmarnock Road. I also got a seventies Tele from Charlie. Everything always cost £150.
  2. songofthewind

    Jazz Bitsas

    So, tinted but not lacquered? I see. Mine was tinted poly finish.
  3. songofthewind

    Jazz Bitsas

    And now I’ve just noticed your neck have got maple boards with plastic blocks. Best not to take a heat gun to those..
  4. songofthewind

    Jazz Bitsas

    I had a similar vintage tint neck. I used a heat gun judiciously to get the poly finish off, and then refinished it with a couple of coats of Liberon Finishing Oil. Looks much better and feels great.
  5. songofthewind

    Maxwell. Urban Hang Suite

    I love this whole album. Makes me think of Quincy Jones’ Body Heat.
  6. Very, very nice indeed. If only I had eight hundred quid.
  7. songofthewind

    Epiphone Rivoli - Natural - PRICE DROP

    Gawd. I used to have an old Epiphone Casino. They have buckets and buckets of mojo. Crazy cool bass.
  8. songofthewind

    The Les Paul Twins

    That is not just blacker than a very black thing, it is shinier than a very shiny thing. Really beautiful.
  9. songofthewind

    So, just how many basses do you own ????

    So do I! I even play them sometimes!
  10. songofthewind

    The Les Paul Twins

    Ooh, a black Les Paul shaped thing (or two). Sexy! All I ever wanted when I were a lad. Good work, Christine!
  11. songofthewind

    Octaver tracking through headphones.?

    I’ve only tried digital octavers, and I find to my ears they warble, rather than jump an octave. But, I am pretty deaf (reformed guitar player), and have tinnitus.
  12. songofthewind

    Roland Super Cube Bass 60 - reduced to £60

    Hi Do you still have this? I think this would suit a learner friend of mine very well. He is close to Chipping Norton, so not far to Banbury. Shal I PM you?
  13. songofthewind

    Jazz Bitsas

    Cmon guys, picture it!
  14. songofthewind

    Jazz Bitsas

    Tort with the yellow one, mint green with the blue one.