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  1. songofthewind

    Binned the compressor

    Interesting. I wear hearing aids now (bah) and I find they add compression to everything incoming. So now, I turn the comp in my signal chain off.
  2. songofthewind


    I have AKG 240 DF's. They are the high impedance ones from about twenty years ago. They are very good, but quiet, and need a bit of welly from the interface. Recommended.
  3. songofthewind

    lightweight combo, tilted, recommendations?

    ...cuz you already indicated you like 10” speakers.
  4. songofthewind

    lightweight combo, tilted, recommendations?

    Markbass CMD 102p with tilt back cab for the win!
  5. My Sub Ray 4 cheapie keeps my GAS in check. Just.
  6. I know! Get thee behind me, Satan!
  7. That is very nice! I tell myself I can’t play a Stingray because of the nut width, but pix like that weaken my resolve...
  8. To be sure, my experience of these is limited. A friend had a two pickup fretless back in the eighties, which I think was a Musician. It was a pro instrument for sure, no lightweight.
  9. Bet it weighs a ton.
  10. songofthewind

    I hate people like this...

    I like this. More power to them.
  11. songofthewind

    IBANEZ SR 1600

    Oh, god.
  12. songofthewind

    Ibanez SR900 Through Neck.

    Lovely thing!
  13. songofthewind

    Wal Pro 1 fretless

    Wood magnets. Simples.
  14. Axiom Air 49 here. Good quality. Works pretty good with Logic. Has transport controls which are useful. Logic occasionally deletes its .bundle in the MIDI devices folder, which is odd. It still works, but I lose the HyperControl functionality, and have to drag a copy of the .bundle back to the folder.
  15. songofthewind

    Zoom B3n amperage requirements

    Good work fixing the B3. I had a similar issue with an old G21.U. When I took it apart, the little buttons were all on the same plastic moulding, and it had snapped in a couple of places. A dab of superglue to weld the breaks, and all was well. The buttons on my G3 (same chassis as B3) are still good. Looking inside my Zoom units reveals pretty good build quality for the money, I think. Btw, what device do you use to measure the power consumption?