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  1. Can you file it flush without losing its functionality?
  2. Cor, gotta love an Aerodyne. Must resist.
  3. I’ve gone back and forth between guitar and bass many times over the years. I get bored or scunnered with guitar mostly, and switch to bass. I tend to prefer completely different styles of music on each instrument, even between electric and acoustic guitar. Once I just stuck my guitar under the bed for a year, I was so bored with the whole thing. I hope you will find some satisfaction in whichever instrument catches your fancy.
  4. Wow, nice playing! Hella groove. Thanks for that.
  5. Nah, got to be two more of the red ones. I don't know why, though.
  6. HøTøne, is how it is pronounced, I think you'll find.
  7. God, that neck is really beautiful!
  8. It looks like you apply tape strips with dot codes printed on them to the workpiece. It looks like it uses them to navigate. I think it requires a diagram uploaded to the device, or maybe streamed to it. Extraordinary thing!
  9. Wow, that sounds great! Not in the guitar related video, obvs..
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