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  1. God, Sam Li! I think he was in Great Portland Street, back in the late seventies and early eighties. He refretted a Les Paul Custom for me, left the wee nibs on and everything. Brilliant.
  2. I was gassing bad for that one! I managed to restrain myself, but I wish I had given to the urge. Enjoy!
  3. Aargh, I love that! Why, oh why, don’t they make them with a 38mm nut?
  4. Very nice. Can you give some details about weight, nut width and string spacing, and pickups? Thank you.
  5. CMD102p here. Seriously loud, without extension cab.
  6. The guard looks like it’s cut from a standard Strat one.
  7. Wow, that’s lovely. It works together very well. You are a real craftsman.
  8. I’ve never seen an SG Junior with a batwing guard before. Interesting.
  9. Thanks for this, I’d never heard it before. It sounds a wee bit unfinished in comparison to the ultra sheen of the the album. But hey, I’d take the bass gig if it was going..
  10. Sometimes the LCD's on my G3 varied in colour, but it seemed to be related to temperature. Do you by any chance store it in the fridge?
  11. Nope, mine are all the same.
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