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  1. It is indeed tacky, and that’s why I like it! So last century.
  2. I have two BBG4's (se my sig pic). They are great, and I have often coveted a fiver, especially with the amber photoflame.
  3. Also, makes me think of The Zawinul Syndicate vocoder vibe.
  4. I love that! The Herbie Hancock Rokit sound is great. I wonder if it would work with bass, maybe using an octaver to raise pitch.
  5. Then it’s out with the heat gun!
  6. I’ve stripped a few bodies and then refinished them. The last one, I decided to use the existing finish as the base coat. that worked very well, and saved me the bother of hours with a heat gun. Lightly sanded poly takes undercoat very well.
  7. These are brilliant. Big and solid, and easier to use than you might think. GLWTS.
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