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  1. I went to an evening of music and talk by Louis de Bernières. He played an absolutely enormous classical bass guitar to accompany his flautist. At the end of the piece, he asked us if we could hear it! It was very quiet, and impossible to tune accurately. Interesting though but.
  2. Horns look slimmer, and lower one slightly shorter, to my eye. Nice.
  3. Very cool. I am “working” on a similar project. How much smaller is the body than a regular Jazz?
  4. I've got one of these, and I can completely vouch for their build quality, even with a wee bit of damage as pictured. They are also very good at what they do. I vetted many loopers before settling on this one. There are tons of videos on YouTube showing how to use its many features. Buy it, somebody, you won't regret it!
  5. Looks like a blue ghost that is very happy to have escaped.
  6. Nope. Looks good now. Leave well alone! You can take wood off but you can’t put it back! *cackles and scratches snaggly beard*
  7. I freaking love that. Shame about the nut width on these beauties.
  8. Stew, don't fret about the finish repair until you've got the board back on. Then we can all have a butcher's at the result, and confer about what happens next. You are doing REALLY well. It took balls to have at it with the iron, but you only gone and done it! Onward!
  9. Nice. Sorry to have missed this. To my eye the nut looks narrower than the usual 43mm of this model. If it was narrower, you can all come round and watch me kick myself.
  10. I got round to changing out the bridge on mine.
  11. And an Ashbory for really up close.
  12. I assume the grey object is an internally threaded tube. Is it possible to obtain threaded tube local to you?
  13. Good work, pineweasel! I love Cupid and Psyche ‘85, great songs on there!
  14. Hmm. What’s the diameter of the section that passes through the headstock?
  15. I changed out the bridge for an MM lookey-likey from eBay. A bit of hassle with that but it came out fine. Then I tried a pickup from a Ray 34 kindly donated to me by Dov. This sounds more polite than the original ceramic, which I might go back to. Others on here have added various neck pickups to liven things up also. I’m planning a Ray build perhaps with a Jazz pickup in the neck position.
  16. The clipped pin/nail method will do the trick. Don’t listen to the alarmists, Stew, we got your back bro!
  17. I feel your GAS pains. I’ve got a SUB Ray 4. I agree it’s very good value for money, and is very amenable to upgrading. Plays great. The Stingray 24 is made in Indonesia (like my SUB), and has a similar ceramic pickup. It lacks the belly cut and forearm contour, which might make it less comfortable. The EBMM/SBMM/Sterling ranges are very confusingly named and differentiated, to be sure, but I think you probably can’t go wrong with either of the above basses.
  18. The iOS app DrumJam has some great tabla grooves for those who like to jam along.
  19. Vast and bulbous. Actually, I think it would look fine if you just straighten the lower edge so that it is a bit more parallel to the top edge, where the tuners will be. Check James Trussart's website for his lovely steel bodied Teles. They have a headstock shape that is just slightly Stratty. Very nicely proportioned.
  20. Let us see what the headstock looks like naked, first of all, then we can hose you down with ideas.
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