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  1. At a local studio? The reason I ask is I live in Midsomer Norton too.
  2. Lovely, just what I'm after. Shame I'm so far away. Don't think picking a bass up 200 miles away would be classed as an essential journey lol.
  3. If I had the chance I’d gig in a pub tonight. And next week, and the week after etc. Love it.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Probably the best article I've read about Neil Peart. Great job.
  6. Dragon treble clef and.......
  7. Sounds like Motorcycle Driver to me. Joe Satriani from the album the Extremist. Only thing I can think of.
  8. jgmh315


    Are you able to post?
  9. Sorry, been away for a few weeks. Based in North Somerset.
  10. Reduced to £300 Arctic White Fender Mexican Jazz body, Entwhistle JBXN pick ups. Third party neck with Fender decal. Sounds awesome, looks great but just not my thing anymore. Would consider Ibanez sr600 or Spector Legend in trade. Would also consider 2x10 300w cab.
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