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  1. Probably the best article I've read about Neil Peart. Great job.
  2. Dragon treble clef and.......
  3. Sounds like Motorcycle Driver to me. Joe Satriani from the album the Extremist. Only thing I can think of.
  4. jgmh315


    Are you able to post?
  5. Sorry, been away for a few weeks. Based in North Somerset.
  6. Reduced to £300 Arctic White Fender Mexican Jazz body, Entwhistle JBXN pick ups. Third party neck with Fender decal. Sounds awesome, looks great but just not my thing anymore. Would consider Ibanez sr600 or Spector Legend in trade. Would also consider 2x10 300w cab.
  7. I have a Genz Focus Cab for sale. In good condition but has been gigged and shows marks to prove it. Will post pics when I can. Would be pick up only. I'm in Somerset.
  8. [quote name='spacey' timestamp='1424872928' post='2701411'] The American built stuff was almost military spec. It was boring to look at, functioned like Army gear, but it always delivered and still does. What changed was buyers, they got more stupid as people got more stupid. Put some bling on, sling it together in China pile it high sell it low and everyone raves about it, until it breaks mid gig, then you wish you had kept that 20 year old American peavey head. Buyers lost the concept of durability and well built as opposed to trendy and cheap The market changed, blurb and bling is king now. Performance and durability come last. [/quote] So true about many things today!
  9. [quote name='chrismuzz' timestamp='1424539133' post='2697501'] Entwistle neo... VERY high output! Also the fullest sounding jazz pickup I've ever heard. As well as the least noisy... And yes, they are still very bright as a single coil should be. My absolute favourite pickups at the moment, I'm quite sad that everywhere has run out of bridge pickups! Beware though, size wise they are very deep! [/quote] I agree, really good pick ups. Never liked using a Jazz bridge pick up until I fitted them but the Neo is excellent.
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