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  1. Is that Rolf Harris playing the intro on the Stylophone?
  2. I saw him in Glasgow a couple of years ago. At one point he stopped playing in the middle of Cocaine, put his guitar down and walked off the stage followed by his confused looking band. He came back on a few minutes later. He said "sorry about that" they played one more song which Paul Carrack sang then walked off stage again. No explanation as to why he stormed off, no thank you to the audience, no goodnight. He just left and the lights came on. He was booed by the audience and rightly so. I think the people who have bought his records and paid a lot of money for tickets to watch the petulant knob deserved more respect.
  3. Thank you all very much for responding, it's given me a lot to consider. It's funny reading your different experiences, especially those of you who say that they have seen more fights at weddings. I've played hundreds of weddings and only ever seen one fight. And that was between the singer and the guitarist in the band! The singer wanted to do a particular song and the guitarist strongly objected. So the drummer counted the song in and the guitarist played the intro to something completely different. There was a good going punch up onstage, which to be honest had been due to happen for a while given the huge egos on show between them. Anyhoo, they were both sacked, the band got a new singer who brought a guitarist with him and we all lived happily ever after. Until we broke up a good few years later due to "work commitments"
  4. Ladies and gents, I haven't played pub gigs for years. I was always wary of playing in pubs because of the hassle of loading in and out through a drunken crowd, people falling into you while playing and watching to see where the next fight was happening. I've now been offered a post- Covid job in a band. They are a friendly bunch, quite busy and have a set list I would really enjoy playing. However quite a lot of the gigs are in pubs. My question is, are pub gigs worth the hassle? I don't have any other offers on the table and if the gigs were all in clubs I wouldn't have any hesitation in accepting. What do you think?
  5. Whoa there! Back the truck UP! A CARNET???? Are we not allowed to use a garage anymore? I must have missed that particular episode of John Cravens Newsround! How is a net going to keep your car safe? surely the bad guys will just cut the string and be off with your trusty VW Golf? Holy cow, the world has gone mad!
  6. I wanted to be a guitar player until I heard Duck playing on the Blues Brothers soundtrack. I bought a bass the next day and haven't looked back.
  7. Merle Haggard. He was a true Country music legend
  8. Listen to what's going on around you as you're playing. Listen to what the drummer is playing, listen to what the guitarist is playing and remember you are all playing as a band, not as individuals playing the same song. It's a team game. If you make a mistake, who cares, you cant go back and change it, it's done, it's out there. I bet you hardly anyone noticed. But most importantly, have fun! none of the guys that post on here would keep on doing what they do if they didn't enjoy it!
  9. I use a grip clip by Onstage. Your cable gets held firmly in place in the cable holder then the clip attaches to your strap. It's only a couple of quid and you'll never pull the cable from your guitar ever again
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