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  1. I'm surprised no-one has mentioned the mighty Jasper Carrot. On his No.1 hit 'Funky Moped' the backing band would go on to be ELO... who did OK for themselves... 🙂
  2. Me three! If I'm still in the area, I will be there if I can.
  3. They do say a good picture is worth a thousand words... 🙂
  4. Mine also arrived today, thanks! Have tried it on and already my playing has improved... 😎
  5. Replied to PM - Hopefully money sent OK. Let me know if any problems.
  6. Sadly, real life has kept me off the forum for a while; I'm really annoyed I missed this. If you have any T shirts left, I'll happily take one off your hands as a penance... 🙂
  7. You have two backs? Impressive... 😎
  8. I'd agree with this. I went to try out a Epiphone Thunderbird after doing some research and was convinced it was the one for me; as soon as I picked it up, I hated it. Very neck heavy - I was having to practically support the neck with my fretting hand which made playing difficult and it just felt very hard to play. Tried out a Musicman Sub Ray which was my backup choice and loved it straight away - bought it there and then! An absolute beast on the bottom end, but I've always thought it a bit weedy on the top end, but then I didn't go into bass to be playing past the 10th fret anyway... 😎
  9. Could try the Rolling Stones Blue & Lonesome album. Some tracks on there have piano parts if not a keyboard
  10. The lockdown belly is coming on nicely... Having to start social distancing from the fridge!
  11. Just found this post. If I'm still in the area in October, might just come and say hi - not sure I can bring anything exotic with me though.
  12. Absolutely brilliant! Well done! A whole new career awaits, I'd say...
  13. PJ Harvey or Captain Beefheart always work well for me...
  14. Not sure if this counts as a group, but certainly a notable wearer of knitwear BTW, the guitar in this photo is up for sale soon - if you have a spare $1m...
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