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  1. (Located in The Hague, NL. My feedback history: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/280308-feedback-for-torvic/page/3/#comments) Price: 850 euros / 745 GBP Shipping costs included Reducing my collection - Not looking for trades Bought this here: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/343049-sold-shuker-custom-6-string-bass-with-hiscock-hardcase-excellent-condition-free-uk-postage-or-£25-off-eu-postage-£695/ It's in the exact same condition as I received it. It's an almost perfect bass with a thin (flat) neck and a great modern tone - clear, articulate, and strong. There is however one issue I have noticed - there is an intermittent hiss (noise) that shows up when playing for a while. I paid to have the bass checked at my local guitar technician shop but he couldn't find any issue in the wiring or connections. I cannot figure if there is some problem in the bass or in my signal chain / rig. I have decided to sell it as 6-strings are not for me and I need to raise funds for another purchase (GAS strikes eternal). The bass will ship in the Shuker Hiscox case that I received it in. The price is what it cost me so far in euros (shipping, technician check, etc.) I have taken into account the price of the previous sale, the 25gbp shipping discount, the actual shipping costs (i arranged it with UPS standard), and other costs incurred. Borrowing the description from the previous sale (link above): "This things is an amazing bass, it has dual EMG soapbar pickups which provide a vast array of tones from hi-fi clarity to deep bassy lows. I believe the pre-amp is a Seymour Duncan 3 band, it has Volume, blend, bass, mid, treble controls and works beautifully with the EMG pickups. The tuners are Gotoh reso-lite tuners and the bridge pieces are individual hipshot mono-rail bridges. Scale length: 34" String spacing: 18mm Weight: 4.5kg Both the top wood and back wood are AAAA quilt maple, it has a beautiful 3D effect and is about as good as you can get from quilt maple! The body core is mahogany and with 5 laminate neck (maple, wenge, flame maple, wenge, maple). The fretboard is a beautiful piece of birdseye maple and plays as good as it looks. The overall construction is absolutely impeccable, the bass has very few marks on it anywhere, there is one light scratch on the upper bout, but besides that it's almost mint. To custom order a bass like this now would set you back over £3000, so I'm sure someone will get an incredible deal here." I think it is an incredible deal still.
  2. This is a used Windmill Jazz with Rough Crystal jazz pickups. There are some dings on the bottom side but nothing major. The Rough Crystal pickups are from the makers of Lefay and I believe the Windmill basses were built by Mayones. The pickups are in the 70s' jazz bass position (4" between the two pickups). The bass is pretty light at around 3.8kg and the neck is thin and fast. Selling to fund a purchase - no trades please. Spec: Color: 3 TS Neck width at the first fret: 38.5 mm Neck at the 20th fret: 63 mm Scale: Longscale 34 " Neck: maple with 20 medium frets Fingerboard: flamed maple with binding Body: swamp ash Tuners: Schaller Vintage Tuner Brass nut (Warwick style) Truss Rod: with adjusting screw at the heel of the neck Pickguard: black Electronics: passive with volume, volume and tone Bridge: vintage style (4 corner screws) Pick ups: 2 x Le Fay single coil jazz bass Strap locks: Schaller Security Locks
  3. You see you bass you like on BC, you buy it, you fall in love with it, but then other ones come along and you ignore this one, you decide to list for sale, you start using it more in that process, you fall more in love with it and you can't let it go! So it goes with this one. It is withdrawn. Thanks to all you showed interest. If I relist it here, I will notify those who are still interested for first dibs. Cheers.
  4. I sold a Sandberg bass to Andy and shipped it from NL. Everything went smoothly. Enjoy the bass! Cheers.
  5. I got a question about the fretless tone, my experience with this bass, and why I am letting this go. My response is as follows: It is a wonderful design and the tone in a mix really seems like a fretless. It's got some old strings now and I think it will be even better with some new strings. The only thing I don't like is that it is 35" scale. I've discovered over the years that 34" is the most comfortable scale length for me. I am a bit conflicted about letting it go as it is simple, effective, and very well-built. I recorded a demo bass track (with double stops). The track is given below. (recording info: volume fully open - tone control rolled down a bit - the bass was run through a Zoom B3N patch, into a Scarlett 2i2 audio interface, into CakeWalk .)
  6. I think a slightly thinner gauge might sit well behind the 0 fret but a thicker gauge would not if it doesn't fit in the slot carved in the wood. Having said that, I haven't changed strings myself to test this theory.
  7. Zero frets are found on many bass models even with a normal nut. (Sandberg, Maruszczyk and many others use the 0 fret). Indeed the idea is that the open string notes sounds more like the fretted note.
  8. Many of their basses have this design with a 0 fret - https://www.lefay.de/index.php/EN/information/technical-info I also have a Herr Schwarz that has the same design
  9. Hi Harry, it is 3.5kg / 7.7lbs on a digital luggage scale
  10. @andytoadI believe so. I can't say I know the exact difference between lacquer / satin / nitro finishes but my guess is that this counts as lacquer.
  11. @ricksterphil you are right, I measured it again and it is indeed 40mm. Thanks for pointing it out. I have corrected the description above.
  12. Thanks Tony. This one is not 17mm. It’s around 18mm. http://www.mike-sabre.com/DDPFretlessBridge/ddpfretlessbridge.html
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