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  1. related article on reverb: https://reverb.com/news/the-british-guitar-embargo-when-brits-were-banned-from-buying-american
  2. I see comments on sale threads about people committing to buy from EU and then backing out when finding out about the import fees. Perhaps it might help to have a separate forum (like on Talkbass) 'For Sale: Europe & International' under BassChat marketplace. That way UK buyers would be aware that import fees will be applicable when buying from the EU. EU buyers and sellers could continue to use their sales subscription and their long feedback history on this forum.
  3. Hi All, Following is an account of my experience buying and shipping an item from UK (Scotland) to EU (Netherlands) this week: (1) I bought a headphone amp from a friendly seller here for a price of 91GBP (~102EUR) (2) I agreed with the seller to book the courier myelf to manage shipping complications. I have used UPS.com similarly for earlier purchases. I got the shipping box dimensions from the seller. The charges for insured, signed delivery in this case was 16GBP. So the total sale cost was 91 + 16 = 108GB (~121EUR) (3) First change: while booking online, I had to fill in a digital customs invoice that was not required before. In this invoice, I had to fill the following details: "Description of Item: Used second-hand bass headphone amp Value: 91 GBP Freight charges: 17 GBP Country where it was made / assembled : China mainland* Total: 108 GBP" (* The user manual mentioned China / The new retail price on the web was ~300EUR / 267GBP) (4) The shipment was picked up the next day and ready for delivery the day after. However, things took a new turn at this point. (5) Second change: I received an email from UPS stating that import fees have to be paid for this shipment. The payment link showed the following details in EUR (BTW = VAT): "IMPORT FEES: NOTE: the total value used for calculation of all Duty-based fees is 0.00. Government Charges: 24.99 Brokerage Charges: 13.00 Freight Charges: 0.00 BTW: 2.73 Total: 40.72 EUR" (~36GBP) The government charge was 25 EUR (~22GBP) which is approximately 20% of the value declared in the customs invoice above. I assume the 13EUR (~11GBP) brokerage charges were for GBP to EUR currency conversion - this was a surprise to me. Not sure if all couriers charge similarly or worse. And it is not evident whether it is a fixed charge or depends on the amount - I assume it will be the latter. This together with the VAT adds a 10% charge to the sale cost. (6) So in the end, I paid 36GBP (~40EUR) import fees for a purchase cost of 108GBP (~120EUR). That's a ~30% additional cost on the sale (item + shipping cost). And that probably marks the end, for me, of any big purchases from UK on our beloved BassChat marketplace forum, for a while. So long and thanks for all the fish! -Cheers, Vic.
  4. What is the body wood on this - Alder or Ash? and what is the weight? thanks.
  5. If this becomes available again, I would be very interested
  6. I bought a Marvit jazz bass from Lee and it went smoothly with shipping across the pond. Thanks for the deal and good luck!
  7. I recorded some sound samples with different settings. The bass was connected directly to my audio interface. No effect or mastering was used. The track was exported with default normalization. The settings: neck pickup - tone fully open - midway - fully closed both pickups - tone fully open - midway - fully closed bridge pickup - tone fully open - midway - fully closed MG-fretless-tones.mp3
  8. Hi, are the pickups on this model the standard 5-string jazz dimensions or are they different because of the 33" scale length? Would the Aguilar AG 5J-HC pickup dimensions fit on this bass? (https://www.aguilaramp.com/wp-content/uploads/aguilar-pickup-5j-v2.pdf) Thanks.
  9. I sold a MM Stingray to Mick and the entire deal went smoothly. Payment was fast, comms were cordial, and all was well. Enjoy the bass! Cheers.
  10. I'm afraid not. It hasn't been used much at all. If you are interested and want some recordings, please PM me the details.
  11. Thanks for sharing Don. I agree that it is an absolutely wonderful fretless - ergonomic and sounds great! It's in the exact great condition as I received it from you. There is another bass that has caught my eye and as I have too many basses, I have to follow the rule of 1-out for 1-in. I am more partial to 4-stringers now. Unfortunately I haven't used this bass much at all and hence letting it go. Anyone looking for a great sounding and great playing fretless will definitely get a great deal with this one!
  12. Some earlier photos from the makers with tapewound strings
  13. Trades: P or PJ -basses / Stingray Special HH / 33" 5-string / / 24-frets with appropriate cash adjustments - trade value 1750 EUR / 1600 GBP (Located in The Hague, NL. My feedback history: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/280308-feedback-for-torvic/page/3/#comments) Price dropped: 1500eur / 1350 GBP Got this here and it is still like new! Only played occasionally at home. Selling to fund another purchase - no trades Here's the description borrowed from the previous sale: New price: 2565 USD (bass) + 300 USD (shipping costs) + 687 USD import costs = 3552USD / 3152Euro / 2790GBP 34 "scale lightweight Swamp Ash body with Wengé veneer and Brazillian Olive wood top 7 piece Maple / Wengé neck with a nice dark piece Ebony for the fretboard 24 fret lines with dot markings on the side of the neck 2 Nordstrand Zen blade pickups passive Volume / Balance / Tone Ebony ramp (slides in - not affixed with any adhesive) Gotoh tuners and mono-rail bridges weight ~4.4 kg website: https://mgbassguitars.com/
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