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    I had another acoustic gig Thursday night at the BlondiPop. Good crowd and nice venue. A guy complained that he couldn't hear the lead vocals or bass that well. Do you guys ever check how your levels are in the house? GREAT NEWS! My band has a great Summerfest ( world's largest music festival) slot this year. 7/3 at 5:00pm on the ULine Rock Stage. 80s hit nakers Lover Boy are the headliner. Another festival on 7/13 we're opening for The Charlie Daniels Band ( " The Devil Went Down To Georgia") A few other festivals have come through too Guys, I feel so much better Blue
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    Well, this is it, pretty much finished now! I made a bone nut, put on some flatwounds and after a little bit of fettling, I christened it with a quick blast through "One Step Beyond" I have to compliment Musikraft on their necks, beautifully made, this one is an absolute beast, the fattest option they offer, which suits the size of my hands perfectly, and yet it's still comfortable to play, and it needed very little truss rod tweaking. I have tried to take some gratuitous, arty shots, but it's not really one of my strong points, so I'm sorry about the quality. Anyway, thank you so much to all those people who have given their expert advice, opinions an encouragement, this would have taken me a lot longer to complete, had it not been for you, I really am grateful.
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    Thinning down the herd, so selling the basses I don't use especially since I rediscovered my 7 strings bass which is a WARRIOR DM7 NT Signature Custom... LEDUC MP 631 SF (the rarest one with 31 positions, legal 150 years old Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and Bartolini Quad coils pickups) !!! Asking price including shipping fully insured with tracking number to your place in these European countries (ask for other countries) : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (excluding French overseas departments and territories), Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom : £1999 GBP !!! The specifications : 34" scale. 31 positions. 2 mm action under the C string up to 2.5 mm under the B string at 12th position. 15 mm strings spacing at the Leduc locking bridge (not disturbing as it is a fretless and it allows for ultra-fast playing). 9 mm strings spacing at the ebony nut. 2 truss rods. Gotoh tuners. One-piece hard rock Canadian light bird's-eye maple super fast neckthrough with legal 150 years old Brazilian rosewood (Dalbergia Nigra) fingerboard, truss rods cover and headstock veneer. Bubinga wings. 2 parallel wired Bartolini Quad coils with passive volume, balance and tone. Weight 4.2 kilos. Delivered in brand new Music Store semi rigid case. Fitted with Fodera nickel strings (028 - 044 - 062 - 085 - 106 -125), but will come with a new set of D'Orazzio NP466 nickel-plated steel wound (030 - 045 - 065 - 085 - 105 - 125) : just fit them and play, no adjustment needed. Waxed finish. Delivered to Yves ARGANT on the 22/05/1990. Set up by Christophe LEDUC himself. It is the rarest Masterpiece (31 positions, legal 150 years old Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and Bartolini pickups) completely original and never modified. Official price today is €5400 Euros (around £4600 GBP) and at least 2 to 3 years of waiting... It's a 6 strings fretless bass with 31 positions so you can even play some Michael Manring with it. The photos with and without flash to see the real condition, which shows only some little wear with the usual light marks of time : And here an album with some more old photos with the now replaced broken cover for the truss rods (there are two of them) : https://photos.app.goo.gl/M6SGZU1QnEymRKqU8 Yes, I bought it back, and now I'm selling it again as I need to raise funds for a 7 strings fretless bass. Will trade it for a 7 strings bass with 16.5/9 mm strings spacing and 34" scale (this is the best match for me). Fretless unlined would be perfect, but lined or fretted could be ok. 😉 Don't hesitate to hit me with your proposals...
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    To those who may be interested to know, Michael Pedulla has announced his retirement after 45 years in the business of building bass guitars. An announcement was made today via the www.pedulla.com website. I speak for the bass community as a whole in saying that to have been regarded as Mike has, being one of the best luthiers in the world for such a period of time and with so many changes to the industry, is commendable. Personally, I hope he enjoys his well-earned retirement. I would like to extend my thanks personally to Mike and Christine Pedulla for all the hard work they've put in over the years and for bringing us such tremendous instruments. I first played a Pedulla bass at the age of 17 or 18, whilst working at the Marriott hotel in Gosforth. I've told this story many times but the upshot was that I decided there and then that I had to own a Pentabuzz at some point and I finally got there in 2017, a decade later. I have never played another fretless as good as this. Truly, bass nirvana for me.
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    Interested to see you having problems with a bass cab. Before any experiments with side ports, or apertures or tuned ports start with the basics. I’ve been here and got bogged down with “technicalities”. Start with a sealed box if you can. This will show you the true sound of the drivers. As long as it’s well made and sealed you find how low the driver can go and be able to hear if the top end is sufficiently high enough for your “sound”. It’s essential that the driver is a tight fit to the baffle. I’ve had real issues with distortion when fitting new speakers to existing apertures which are slightly too large. I cut my baffles to each type of speaker. They do vary. Test to see if the speaker cone is happy to move more by cutting a small aperture of about 50mm in the baffle or any side of the box. You might find the the increased freedom for the cone is improving the bass or the efficiency (sound level). Get to this start point and we can discuss the next step.
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    The best drawing tools I have is a bendy ruler (like this), some Staedtler Noris HB pencils and a well worn eraser!!
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    Some weird noises courtesy of my reprieved Zoom attached..:D First one, a Krafterky idea for an upcoming song. Second one, i just call it 'Dr Funkenstein. And a nutter bar steward fairground organ from hell sound i found while trying to make Royal Blood type noises! synths.mp3
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    My thinking is that we spend hours travelling, setting up and tearing down so 5 or 10 minutes making sure no-one comes up after the gig and says they couldn't hear the vox or the guitar was too quiet is time very well spent. We have a no widdling policy and are very conscious the punters are probably trying to have a chat and a drink before the band starts so we try to have minimal disruption for them.
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    The 210 has a much warmer vintage sound than the compact or midget, indeed that’s why BF call them Retro. I used a GK RB with the 210 & 410 and just couldn’t quite get that hard sharpness of the GK sound through, so I’d look at their 12s instead. Additionally for outdoor festival gigs I’d be looking at least at a 212, although BF are quality cabs a single 112 outdoors irrespective of monitoring, well it’s asking a lot.
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    Great to hear its beginning to work out again for you Blue - it just takes a few positive things to turn it around when everything drops off and it happens to all of us at some point. Stick with it buddy..... Re levels - yes we always do a 5 minute soundcheck with me stood out front for a listen. Check the kick sound, quick spin round all the drums with the bass, check both vocal levels in monitors then add in the mains, mix the 2 guitars in and then just a spin through the verse and chorus of Rosalie to check the lot. We never change it so it stays a consistent reference point. Literally takes 5 minutes and everyone knows exactly what to do.
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    I had a LP copy that I sprayed the same colour scheme as this but I did a red go faster stripe up the neck hoping it would make me play quicker!! 😁
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    Now £850 - -save yourself some money and a wait ! Maruszczyk Jazzus 4a Custom in mint condition with gig bag. One of the best (if not the best) bass I've owned . Spec as per the video of the actual bass below. Hit me up with any interesting trade offers - completely open minded as long as in excellent condition Collection from Liverpool preferred but happy for you to arrange a courier at your risk and expense.
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    SOLD - 2011 Fender Custom Shop 1960 Jazz Bass in excellent condition. Specs are:- Body: hand selected premium alder. Faded three colour sunburst (65). Neck: Quartersawn maple with 1960 super slim "U" back shape with dark Indian rosewood 7.25" radius fretboard. All vintage hardware with Vintage 60s pickups. Comes with case and goodies pictured. More photos can be taken/emailed on request. SOLD - £1600 collected or local/delivery meet up from Hertford. I'm hoping for a sale only I'm afraid. I.e., not looking for trades. Thanks for looking.
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    The Suit , the hair, the boots, the voice...(he plays bass too)
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    Only had this since February, owned from new. In 100% A1 condition. It comes with a Hotcovers cover, also the Fender footswitch, which controls effects, switches patches and controls the looper and tuner. It's a cracking all in one solution, if like me, you want to ditch pedals but still keep your effects. The amp models and effects are great too, very well designed and easy to set up and tweak, or to create your own patches from scratch. It's only ever been my stage monitor, I sold my last rig as it was overkill, and this is still pretty loud!! I don't think volume has been past 10 o'clock. However, I just don't need an amp and this is an opportunity to down size further. Edited to add, it is 400w as is, through the 2 x 10 Eminence woofers, or you can run it with other cabs at 4 or 2.67ohm to get the full 800 watts. So, trade wise, active PA speakers or practice amps 😊
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    Do the Omega have adjustable spacing, and indeed do you use that on the 2000 or is it just set at 19mm? I have a few 2000, both 4 and 5 string, and the flexibility of spacing is the whole point to me. Even on the 4 string I can get 17 or 16.5mm easily.
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    The size is the 23” x 15” one , I think it’s version 1 , yes the bag is handy 👍
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    As long as you're finished before 11pm there's sod all anyone can do about it. Of course consideration is always a better course of action.
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    This was from last year, whilst the black and white was over 40 years ago. The lead guitar player is the same bod in both pictures too...
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    Hi StevieE, im going to get a good look at it in the next couple of days and take it from there, i will use it all being just in doors, i new about the 50th anniversary bass but didnt really know how nice looking they were, ill let you all know how i get on with it, thanks again.
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    Who is not going to allow it? Until such point as it becomes unreasonable in terms of lateness and volume, it’s not going to be a problem.
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    Just because you dont need a licence for the music, doesn't mean it would be allowed. Youd then have to look at noise and nuisance issues in a residential area etc, unless the neighbours are ok with it.
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    I had one with my HD350 which I sold here - really shouldn't have. Not sure if I sure offer you luck with the sale - you may regret it.
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    Thank you Doctor J love your profile picture
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    No worries . I asked this question of Tech21 via email and that's what they told me a while back.
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    Hi Dave, Thanks, and I'm always wireless so I'll be checking my sound in the house from now on. Blue Agreed, a start up band usually doesn't have a lot to offer those of us looking for money. I've seen ads for start up that clearly state; "If your looking for money, this ain't it" Blue
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    Jack Bruce Ginger Baker Eric Clapton Could be interesting.
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    Roy Orbison - Vocal Tom Morello - Electric Guitar Richard Thompson - Acoustic Guitar Joni Mitchell - Piano Stevie Wonder - Organ Jaco - Bass Tower of Power Brass Section Jeff Porcaro - Drums
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    Not often but theres a possibility I might later in the summer.
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    The totty from the Addicted to Love vid.
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    Cheers. I found this on a youtube search the guy is very good at explaining his methods.
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    Nate Smith, Rocco Prestia, Malcolm Young, Stevie Ray Vaughan would be crazy.
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    Are these gigs the only reason you want to upgrade? If you are playing any gig outdoors, other than your back garden, you have to DI the bass through the PA system. There are very few bass rigs out there that will fill up a whole field with great bass tone. Even a new rig will struggle on an open air gig without FOH support. Having said that, an upgrade is easily done, as is upgrading the performance and power of your back line, but keeping the GK sound you have now? That's unlikely to happen, but do it right and you can upgrade your gear and get a better sound at the same time. If you want to keep the GK sound then I guess a GK head is the place to start. I'd look at the MB800 because you need headroom and this will give you 500 watts into a single 8 ohm cab. I bought Barefaced cabs because they are light, loud, and have great tone. They should sound exactly like the amp you're using, but much louder. BF cabs are pretty sensitive so will put out more volume for your watts. That might be a bonus if you find your festival monitors aren't as good as you would have hoped. The other BF bonus is you can try the cab and send it back if you don't like it. I started with 800 watts and 1 Super Compact. The next day I ordered another SC. 2 just sound fantastic. Now I'm using an SC and a Super Midget and probably sounding better than I ever have. YMMV You have a lot of choices. Have fun finding what sounds good to you.
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    Glock Blue Rock with gig bag, 900w class D bass head. Both in top condition, comes with rack mounts.
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    We all know EVH is a silly billy. He might have been talented in his day but still a tosser. On the other hand MA is a true star. One of those guys you'd like to meet. When the bass starts on its own te tone is "ok" but when the guitar comes in its just a perfect rock tone for that song. Dave
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    Same here! Maybe add five years and it'd be spot on.
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    To go back to the OP, it's a good question.. But its so hard to find just one 'ever there' album. For me, a Top 10 album list for the last 40 years or so would include: Hunky Dory (Bowie) Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars (Bowie) Real Life (Magazine) Hounds of Love (Kate Bush) The Main Event - Live (Frank Sinatra) Ingenue (KD Lang) Fleet Foxes (Fleet Foxes) What's Going On (Marvin Gate) Seldom Seen Kid (Elbow) Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd) These albums get played constantly, but there are so many others that do too.. My guess is there's a top 100 or so albums that have formed the core of my music listening since 1972. And maybe 2 or 3 new ones get added every few years.. Thinking about it, I'm just a boring old git of a bass player who hasn't changed his tastes in music very much for over the past 40 years!! Quite happy though.. 😊
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    Hey Blue. So glad to see you coming out of the doldrums.
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    He's a superb player, tight as fook. His vocals played such a huge part in the VH sound, too. Very underrated musician.
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    I have now finished the wiring on this bass and added the all the hardware. Not much to talk about really, I had to cut down the screw on the 'hootenanny' strap button, as the screw supplied was obviously intended for the body itself. Looks good now though. I also changed the little jumper wire between the two halves of the pickup, it was black on the Bare Knuckles pickup, but white on all the photo's I have seen, so it was an easy enough job for even a wiring novice, such as I. I had to adjust some of the holes on the aluminium shield, as they didn't all line up with the holes on the Spitfire guard, which is also authentically warped.
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    ..... This Bass was given to me Yesterday as a Present. Must be about 30-35 Years old. All Functions are working. Just needed a little Set-Up, Cleaning, some Contact-Spray and a fresh Battery for the Onboard Effects --> Distortion and Phaser... Has been standing in a Living Room for the last 20 Years and was only getting older. HaHaHa...what a crazy Bass, but with these Black Nylons on it you can reproduce some really nice 70s Motown Sounds.... Great... Ah yes...It´s "Made in Japan"
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    Oooh I love the flip flop paint! Very cool bass
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    I thought it was an Integra,but after some ferreting around it looks like an Aria IGB-55 with an added precision pickup. Bit like this
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    I know everyone is chomping at the bit to get their CNC cabs and not a lot seems to be happening, but progress is being made. The CNC company is currently altering their program to take account of what we found in the two pre-production prototypes. The prototypes are now back with the CNC company so that they can rout out the back of the cabinet for the input panel and the two Speakons. As soon as I get the cabs back next week, I'll start assembling one in earnest (with glue) so that we know that everything is A1. I'll then start fitting it out and will post the photos and instructions in the thread. Luke has now designed a brilliant logo for us, and is producing artwork so that we can get grille badges and vinyl stickers made. Another piece of great news is that Celestion is supporting the project. They have offered us such a great deal on the compression drivers that I have taken the executive decision to go for the next model up - the CDX1-1425 - which has the same great sound as the 1415 but twice the power handling for a weight penalty of 150g. They also sent me the sample I need to reconfigure the crossover, which shouldn't take long. So, a big thanks to Celestion's European sales manager Aidan McFall - a fellow musician no less - for his help on this.
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    That's not a buzzard. It's a B2. Here's my buzzard. The last one ever made thanks to a certain div in Germany who shall remain nameless.
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    Personally I would add the Glockenklang Blue Rock. The sound may be a bit modern for some, however, I have yet to see an amp that matches the build and sound quality of this one.
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    Because they're not reviewing anything, just trying to impress with their self perceived brilliant playing, also, not many use a pick either

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