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  1. Hi all, Today I've send the 3 D Drawings to my manufacturer
  2. Hi all, here is the final design of the EVO-FX4 Bass bridge.
  3. Hi all, I've have talked to a local Machine shop who is interested to manufacture all the parts of my new bridge. the first prototype will be ready in a few months....
  4. this bridge came at home as pictured .....
  5. Yeah, the Steinberger bridge is good ... so far ... attached a picture of one original bridge I bought a few months ago for an headless bass .... not the best quality...
  6. If you have done both ,you never need to change these settings ... on all standard bridges the screws are so fine & thin that these can't keep everything in tune for long time , believe me , I have tested a lot of bass bridges in my carer & the only bridge who is the best engineered bridge is the one from Phil Kubucki Ex Factor!
  7. @Stub Mandel intonation & string height should be done simultaneously
  8. Hi all, attached a single bridge version ...
  9. @Si600 attached a sketch of the bridge ...
  10. Design so far finished ...
  11. @SpondonBassed Yes it's a new approach, not my idea, developed by a german friend ,he gave me all his drawings of his patent ... The advantage of this design is to reduce to a maximum all moving parts, small screws, springs on all standard available bass bridges on the market .... hope to find some good manufacturer who produce the first prototype ...
  12. Hi all, attached the drawing, so far finished, of my EVO4 Bass bridge
  13. Hi all, attached a sketch of my EVO4 Bass bridge
  14. Hi all , a short video about my EVO-FX4 check out...
  15. @Andyjr1515 many thanks 😉
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