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  1. Dear Friends, Happy new Year & wishing you all only the best. I had time to re-design my new Headless Bass Bridges.... first prototype will be manufactured end of January 2021 ...
  2. Dear friends, I just received a email from Kevin Johnson that my EVO-FX4 made it on the top 10 bass of the week columns for 2020! Here is the link https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2020/12/28/best-of-2020-top-10-reader-favorite-bass-of-the-week-features/
  3. Hi all, enjoy the short test drive of my italian endorser ...
  4. Dear Friends, today I can’t stop to show you my latest project: here is the new EVO 4 Bass Bridge for Headless Basses .... & the single Bass Bridge Design phase finished
  5. https://fb.watch/1lxDB_L9Xu/ A short video of the new EVO5 Bass Bridge
  6. A picture of an installed bass bridge EVO5 ....
  7. Dear Friends, here is the EVO-6 Bass Bridge.... in progress... ALL EVO BASS BRIDGE ( 4 String, 5 String, 6 String ) ARE AVAILABLE ON REQUEST / PRE ORDERS ACCEPTED. Each Bass Bridge is manufactured one by one for each individual customer! There is no other similar Bass Bridge on the market, only better manufactured copies of the original bended steel plate “ L-Fender-type Bass bridges”
  8. Dear Friends, attached a few pics-of my new EVO5 Bass bridge , showing how to adjust the string height; put the allen key in the hole & by turning the Allen key, you can easily adjust the string height...
  9. Dear friends, attached a few pics showing the adjustment range for string height: min 6,50mm / max 22,00 mm Intonation range : min 8,00 mm / max 26,00 mm😉😎
  10. @itu after the surface treatment (chrome) no sharp corners or edges 😉
  11. Hi All, attached a few picture of my new EVO-4 & EVO-5 Bass bridges.
  12. New EVO Single Bass bridge
  13. Open air Test session Italy “ Pizzo Calabro” with Scarmelo Hendrix “RINALDIS CUSTOM BASSES Endorser “
  14. Many thanks for your feedback 👍
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