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  1. Work in progress :EVO-X5 All shaping roughly done
  2. Proud to show you the finished result of the brand new: EVO-FX5
  3. Work in progress: EVO-X5 Back side hand carving started
  4. Hi from Luxembourg.. attached a few pictures of my jast build ... EVO-FX5
  5. Dear Friends, the flashy green EVO-FX5 is almost finished... setup should be done & test drive ...
  6. Dear Friends, hope you’re all doing fine & safe ! The actual new EVO-FX5 received today the logos applied...
  7. This is a new one nothing to do with the green one ....
  8. Dear Bass lovers, clear grain filler applied #EVO-FX5
  9. Dear Friends, after these eastern days... time to work on the bass neck ... Headstock shaped & neck heel done ...
  10. Hi all, here a short video... sorry for the bad sound & poor bass player... FullSizeRender.mov
  11. Hi I've a short video of the EVO-FX4 ( Yellow) ... will try to post it if allowed ...
  12. Dear Friends, I would like to say thanks to a good friend of mine for his help Bill Compeau , for improving my design! Here a few shots of the rough sanding if the new EVO-FX5 P/J
  13. @SpondonBassed ... yes it’s a MM Bongo neck I’ve build a few years ago for a friend of mine ... unfortunately he never came to pick it up ... so lying in a corner ... I picked it up to install this neck on one of my basses ...
  14. Dear friends, attached a few pictures of my EVO-FX5 in progress 😉
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