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  1. Many thanks for confirming that @Merton I will go ahead and grab this head as it seems there is no doubt that I can safely use one of the 8 ohm outputs on the Trace to connect to the 4 ohm cab. Big relief! Really appreciate all the above help and advice.
  2. Just waded through a PDF I found online courtesy of americanmusical.com which seems to be a generic manual for a number of Trace combos and heads. All I found that seemed like it might be relevant is the following: "Trace Elliot amplifi ers are designed to deliver their rated RMS output power into 4 ohm speaker loads. Therefore each amplifi er can drive 1x 4 ohm cabinet or 2x 8 ohm cabinets (in parallel). Driving a single 8 ohm load will deliver between 50% and 60% of the rated power. Never connect your amplifi er to a speaker load lower than the rated 4 ohms. This will result in over heating of the amplifier and it shutting down into protect mode." I don't know whether this shines any light on the issue but it seems to suggest that all the amps listed can either drive 1 x 4ohm cab or 2 x 8ohm cabs in parallel. I can provide the link to the manual if anyone wishes to see it.
  3. Thanks guys so much. Impedance tends to go over my head, I haven't really ever understood it and just followed the basic rules. However, being faced with 2 x 8 ohm outputs when I use an 4 ohm cab is slightly disorientating. So..........do I need to establish that the 2 x 8ohm outputs on the Trace are parallel before I do anything? Or, can I use the outputs regardless? I assume I just use one of the outputs direct into the cab?
  4. I only asked about volume because when you look at a spec for an amp it'll say something like 300 watts @ 4 ohms and 150 watts at 8 ohm. Or maybe I'm getting confused!!
  5. Cheers for that. So would I just run a lead from one of the 8 ohm outputs to the single 4 ohm in the cab? Also, would this effect the volume?
  6. I was about to buy a used Trace GP7 SM head to run into an old Peavey 4 ohm 1x15 cab. But.............I had neglected to check outputs on the Trace and I now realise that there are 2 x 8 ohm outs on the Trace head. Is there a way to hook up a head with 2 x 8 ohm outs to a 4 ohm cab. I suspect not but I just wanted to be 100% before I do anything. Many thanks!
  7. Thought I'd chip in here as I have a Spector Bantam (short scale) made in the same Czech factory and the standard of woods, finish and detail is just amazing. They sell for around the £1700 mark and the RRP is a lot higher. So not a cheap bass. This makes the Loadstone an excellent buy, particularly with the spec! GLWTS.
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  10. I am delighted to say that I now have a CD for the above book......... yippee!! I would like to extend a massive thank you to @ToneFree for kindly getting in touch and making me a copy. It arrived today and it is just brilliant, brings the book alive. I would also like to thank @petergales who also kindly got in touch and offered to provide a copy too. This speaks volumes about the Basschat forum!!!!! Really is a community rather than just a forum.
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  12. This is a bit of a long shot but I need the CD that goes with this book. I have now bought two used copies of this book, both of which were supposed to have the CD, and they didn't!! So now have two books and no CD. However, if somebody has got a copy of the book and CD am quite happy to buy a 3rd book!!!!!! 😖
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