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    Saw it last night. I'm not a Queen 'fan' but enjoy their music so went with an open mind to watch an entertaining film, not a documentary. I really enjoyed it, everything musically was realistic enough, more so than a lot of films with actors playing musicians. I found it quite emotional in places (glad it was dark in there) and uplifting and joyous in others. It said enough about Freddies life without going into unnecessary gory details and of course the film centres on Freddie, he was the star in Queen so was the the star in the film. All in all I think it's a great film. I liked the nod from Mike Myers towards the Wayne's World scene which was slipped in.
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    Do you think you'll play sitting down, or standing up with a strap on?
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    @Al Krow, The volume knob is notched and each click provides an increase in loudness. In my opinion it's smooth. My Quilter is very similar in that regard and my Ashdown seems to give you more earlier in the stage especially when the compressor is engaged. The Mosfet is definitely the more modern sounding of the two heads. The Tube has more of a low-mid presence with controls set flat on each in my opinion. I don't have much experience with full blown tube amps. The T does offer more warmth than the M but there wasn't a night & day difference to my ears with the gear that I had during the period when both were under my roof. The cabs that I had then all were a little more vintage sounding. They were a pair of old Genz Benz 112s which I still own and two pairs of Ashdown cabs without tweeters (Mi 10 & ABM Mini 408 Neo). The T isn't wild & woolly and the M isn't sterile. They're each just nice clean sounding amps but again, I do feel that T is warmer. My experience with compressors is also not very extensive. I've owned a couple of quality pedals that didn't get used much. I'm sure that there are better compressors but with the limited amount of usage that I have given the unit on the Veyron, I can't say that I've encountered anything that turned me off. Here's a video of the Veyron M being played by the same guy in the previous video that I posted. He's got the Ultra High & Ultra Low engaged which sort of sccops the sound....
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    For a period of time, I owned both the Mosfet and the Tube versions. My plan was to make a decision on which I liked more and the other would be returned to the vendor. I liked them both and couldn't decide. I kept each of them for more than a year until I sold the Tube to fund another amp purchase. Right now my amps are the Quilter Bass Block 800, Ashdown Rootmaster RM-800 EVO and the Veyron Mosfet. Who knows how they came up with the 2000 watts rating. 500 watts? I feel pretty confident with saying that I think it is more powerful than that. With respect to volume, it compares very favorably to the amps that I named above which are rated at 800 watts RMS.
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    Getting a simple and effective unit on a solid body in a position that’s viewable when playing is hard - acoustics have the big slab side to fit them in easily and they are viewable when playing
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    Impressive that you have a cupboard dedicated to storing cherries.
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    Time to dust off the wah pedal.
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    First gig I ever went to was the Hyde Park show in 76. Saw them loads of times. Watched the film last night and loved it. The audience loved it. Loads of laughing out loud and for me, tears!! What a big girl, but music can get me like that!
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    The Sell Off Continues......: 1990 Streamer Ltd Edition: Now - SOLD No Trades. Great overall condition, plays and sounds splendid! Pre dates the Stage 1 / Stage 2 classification I believe. Key specs are: - Bartolini Soap Bar pups and MEC preamp - Birds Eye Maple body, centre is a walnut sandwich with more Birds Eye on the back - 3 piece Maple neck - Ebony fingerboard The full specs are: 4 string Limited Edition Year 1990 Month October Neck Wood Maple Fingerboard Ebony Frets Bronze Warwick Frets Nut Just a Nut Brass Version Neck construction NeckThrough Version Body made out of Bird Eyed Maple Surface Oil Finish / BeeWax Pickups 2 Bartolini Soapbard Pickups Electronic 2 Band MEC Electronic Hardware Gold Hardware by Warwick Made in Germany / 91330 Eggolsheim (West Germany) I'm happy to supply more pics / details upon request. I'm in Chorley, Lancashire. Any trial or inspection is more than welcome. Happy to discuss collection, meet up, shipping.
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    Sold.....Price reduced to £1900 Fore sale is my wonderful Ampeg B15N from the early/mid 1960's. I am sure the experts out there will know the exact year. It took me many years to find one of these in such complete condition but alas some recent interactions with the NHS mean that it is light weight equipment only for me. As you will know the head is a flip top and turns around into the speaker cabinet. It comes complete with the "Dolly" i.e. the bit with the wheels on it which can be removed. It also has the tilt back bars can be seen. The name plate lights up and so as well as sounding fantastic it looks great as well. I have fitted a new handle which is a direct Amp replacement. I am located in Bishops Stortford and I am only interested in a cash deal.
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    2x10 neodymium speakers 600 watt handling. 8 ohm Variable tweeter. Handmade in Holland 17kg (one handed carry) Retailing at £725 new. Had this up a while back but it's still not getting any use. Less than 6 months old in excellent condition. This cab has less than 15 hours playtime on it. Loud, smooth, detailed and clear sounding cabs. Perfect solution for smaller bar/club gigs. Collection only or meet up/delivery possible within a fair radius of Witney, West Oxfordshire. Will consider trade of a cheaper cab + cash my way. I'm very fussy though!
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    I've reluctantly decided to sell my Fender Precision Walnut Elite II. I bought it from a BC member about a year ago. The original post can be found here: http://basschat.co.u..._1#entry2859364 It's from 1983 and is in good overall condition. There are very few dings for a bass of this age but the laquer has started to delaminate from the wood in places, most noticeably on the back, and a couple of laquer chips around the bass of the instrument. The neck is very good, the electrics are noise free, truss rod and everything else works as you would expect. The ebony fingerboard is in very good condition. I had the frets levelled when I bought the bass (work carried out by Feline Guitars in Croydon). The jack socket was replaced at the same time as the original was very loose - the original jack socket is included. Other than this the bass is in original condition, comes with the optional Schaller strap locks and original Voyagair ATA case, which is still useable. I'm also including a Fender catalogue from that year (that I've had since I was a kid!) that details the Fender Elite range, and this exact model. I just want back what I paid for this so the price is £1195. Weight is 10 and 3/4 lbs. Collection from my home in Crystal Palace/Upper Norwood, South London preferred but it could be couriered. Any questions, please ask! The pics:
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    They're both nice amps. It's a shame that so many are overlooking them due to the Behringer relationship. Mine is over three years old and still killing it!
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    Nice review thanks! And I'm sure you meant the M "isn't" sterile rather than "is" You're definitely warming me (and I suspect a lot of others!) to the T.
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    My amps, Veyron included, all have more than enough volume for my needs. I stopped worrying about how many watts it had when I saw how it performed.
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    To answer your original post the AAA-30 is a punchy little thing and lots of EQ scope and handy features. Our practice amps tend to be a little bigger than most but we find they need it for good bottom end so no toy bass sounds here. Hope you enjoy whatever you end up deciding on.
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    Hi All, so up for the chop is my Cort Curbow 5 in the unusually named 'mystic orange' finish. It's in very good condition save for a few marks on one of the tuner housings and the little tab on the battery compartment that has come off but this still works as it should. Squinting at it from across the room is not getting me any closer to remembering how old it is but I'm reckoning ive had it for about 10 years. I've seen before that these can be pretty tricky to shift which is a shame because if I'm honest I think they're great instruments and I'm a big fan of the sound and the design, I just don't really play the 5's anymore (which whilst I remember in this case is E - C). Tradewise I've no idea really and am open to any and all suggestions but I'm definitely looking for 4 strings. My main bass is a p with flats so any contrasting vibes to this are welcomed. I'm also a fan of the more unusual designs, and in the unlikely eventuality that there is someone packing an unwanted yamaha samurai bass who is in the market for a very-much-orange 5 string cort curbow I would happily trade+cash in an astonishing alignment of the stars. Lined fretlesses also. feel free to fire any questions you might have my way, I have relatively solid general knowledge but am poor in the sport rounds, ta, Dan
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    That seems to be a different much better than the approach taken by Andertons who most certainly did take monies from my account before despatch! This was with regard to the Helix Stomp which was due out, according to their website, the following day. Which they then changed to "maybe in a couple of months". I duly cancelled the order to get a refund. Gear4Music also provide a 30 day no quibble return rather than 14 day (Andertons, PMT).
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    A cherry cupboard. Is the door glaced?
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    It goes back to the days of touring bands heading overseas with a truckload of equipment, especially before the Common Market (as we used to call it). To avoid being charged duty going in/out of various countries, you'd start with a Waybill of some sort, a docket listing (in detail) all the kit you were transporting. You'd be checked on arrival in each country, and as long as you still had it all when you checked out then nobody would hit you for Import Duty, whether in Spain, or the States, or coming back home. A decent 4-piece band might be carrying, say, six guitars and three basses, plus a ridiculous amount of other gear. The chance that anyone would bother to check serial numbers was pretty remote. Now compare that with a tourist arriving at Heathrow with an expensive hardcase for a bass, strolling nonchalantly through the Green Channel and whistling ...
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    Most of the demos online are using the FMeron with high FM settings and im not so much a fan of that sound. So I mostly use it with the FM control set all the way down or just before that. The other thing you will find if you get your hands on one is the triggering. Its a little fussy, but when you've figured it out its spot on and very quick. Unfortunately you have to feed it a signal devoid of highs and high mids if you want it to trigger reliably on a low E on a 4-string for example. However playing a Low E or anything lower on a 5-string's B string and it appears to be much less fussy. Im using a P-Bass 4-string with thomastik infeld jazz flats with the tone rolled all the way back. The band Im in probably wont be comfortable sharing out early material I will try sort out some recordings into my soundcard soon!
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    VK make some excellent cabs! These things are retailing for £820 new (including cover) so pretty much half price for a 2 year old well looked after cab. Someone is going to be getting themselves a bargain!
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    That video clip has got me looking a bit further into doing a bit of classical bass. I thought this might be right up your street Grangur - I've just ordered myself a copy! https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1495089118/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=AHRB2OK2Q2YCL&psc=1
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    Since we're still on this subject, no, you shouldn't presume that. For every manufacturer that does the required research another just tosses drivers into a box. The only factor determined by cone size in and of itself is the dispersion angle. It goes smaller as frequency goes higher, based on the size of the cone relative to the wavelength produced. To keep dispersion as uniform as possible as the wavelengths get shorter the cone size must get smaller. That, and that alone, is why midrange drivers are smaller than woofers, and tweeters are smaller than midranges. Of course the driver T/S specs and other pertinent features are optimized for the driver pass band, but those are secondary concerns, as no matter how well optimized they're of no use if the cone size is too large for the pass band to be heard other than directly in front of the driver.
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    And after all the debate about wattage or the perception of said watts, the above post is the most important one. Stew loves the amp. A happy bass player!
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    It’s better than my first time around with this, there are better tone prints for OD, but its not a pedal I would use for OD unless i had to. There is a tone print that has been designed for clean boost, and this is the one ive been using. It’s perfect for just making the tone louder, with a bit of an extra edge to the tone. Very usable but not a drive/OD effect really.
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    Cant think what type of music they'd want for a plumber in a loin cloth fixing a washing machine owned by a lonely housewife with a body that could make the Pope kick a hole in his stained glass window. Funk garage jungle ?
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    The old trick of taking a crappy old bass with you, dumping it and bringing a different one back not viable any more?
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    I went with the family on Wednesday night (to avoid the darned Halloween trick or treaters). A very enjoyable film we all thought. They kept it light, a celebration of Queen - there is a lot of potential for a much darker and gritty portrayal of Mercury's life that I'm glad they resisted temptation and glossed over. Of course it's mainly about Freddie, as he was the one with a personality I thought Malek did a good job. It's tough to emulate Freddie, especially with prosthetic teeth (yes, he did look like he had a couple of Werthers originals tucked in his cheeks). I'd have liked a little more from the 70s as it seemed a bit of a rush to Live Aid. However the couple of hours or so flew by, some good humorous moments, and the film left enough of an impression that we spent the following evening watching Queen videos on YouTube
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    Im picking this up tomorrow! Well excited! '76 Electra Elvin Bishop with Bareknuckle PG Blues Pickups £500
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    Needs a set up and a few minor jobs doing but we're nearly there.
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    Rumour has it they need to change the company to just C Electronic now.
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    Did you expect them to be the right way round? Look at it FFS! Looks like the holes for the machine heads are too wide and have been plugged with some sort of rubber ferrule.
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    Just the pictures are making me chortle. But my bank balance is making me cry. This thread is an emotional rollercoaster!
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    I suspect these guitars aren't for playing but are for rich people to display in a glass case in their office
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    Again, not true. There are all sizes of drivers and multiples of them. These are all designed and used in conjunction with the aims of the designer. If you think a 15" driver is the way to get low end, you're thinking is out by 30 years.
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    +1, and the pertinence goes back to where the OP stated his reasoning behind wanting to add a 115 to a 210 is to get better lows. That assumption isn't supported by the facts.
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    Last night's gig. Hmmm, going to sub title this post as "How to make an emergency snare drum" First two things you need are an idiot french drummer who's left his on the kitchen table and then driven 120 kms to a gig thus, removing the possibility of going back for it. Secondly, you need British resolve. Next, remove his 14" tom whilst he's sitting outside telling everyone we can't play tonight and tighten to nearly breaking point. Look in boot of your car for anything handy. Somehow find a bathroom plug on 2ft of chain. Secure on edge of floating drum rim, drape across top head and fix with Gaffa tape on other side. Voila, one not too clever sounding but very funky gig-able makeshift snare. We were still playing at 2.30 this morning. Went down a treat. We'll see what he forgets at tonight's gig😂
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    NOW SOLD Grado SR60 On Ear Open Backed HiFi / Audiophile headphones I checked out a lot of reviews before I bought these and nobody had a bad word to say about them, and plenty of good ones about how much you get for your money - and that was when they were £80 new. These have seen occasional use in my home studio over a couple of years - normally I use monitors but sometimes need to be quiet and needed them for the occasional bit of amateur mixing. The only reason I'm selling them is that I bought some (way more expensive) Sennheiser HD650s, and the Grados were never sold as studio phones anyway. Virtually no wear to the headband or foam, no kinks in the cable and they come with a Grado case which I bought seperately for them. £40 + postage of your choice or collect from BD20 (Silsden) or HX7 (Hebden Bridge) West Yorks,
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    I went there in the early 90's to try an Alembic Stanley Clarke (only place in the country that had one), I had a Jaydee Supernatural at the time & thought the Alembic would be an upgrade. Got to test the SC against a Jaydee roadie they had in & the Jaydee was IMHO much better!!! Whilst there I tried a Graphite neck Vigier that had just the sound I wanted at the time but it was fretless, they didn't have a Status in at the time but I got to try one later in Birmingham & fell in love!! Great shop, great staff very helpful & just let you try stuff. Those were the days!! Wouldn't of had the chance to compare & find out without them. Still got My Jaydee & still play Status to this Day Brendan
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    Sell or trade Warwick $$ NT4 bubinga bass guitar. This bass produced in Germany is part of the high end of the brand. It is currently manufactured by the custom shop at the price of € 3,900. It is in a new state without any alteration of any kind, accompanied by its hard case and all add-ons specific to the brand. Very low action (2mm on E 1.25 on G).. Numerous setting options for all styles and particularly powerful in slap. Possible trial at home on stack EBS and preamp SWR MM. Additional photos at your disposal. Shipping possible by Chronopost package followed and insured.
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    Tonight's practice rig, with added Fane Colossus 400w in the old Carlsbro cab.
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    Couple of vids from the Red Lion: Back In The Night Wild Side of Life
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    [quote name='Marvin' post='682076' date='Dec 12 2009, 12:05 PM']People tend to look down on the pick because double bass players don't use them and guitards do. [/quote] People look down on the pick because it's a shameful historical symbol of a dark, oppressed period in our history. I refer to the days when the worst guitarist was ignominiously demoted to bass playing. Thank the Lord those days are long gone.
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    I use both techniques & try not to get too hung up on how other players play bass. I can name great players who use both techniques. It will always be hotly debated though

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