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  1. Hi! I'm selling a one-of-a-kind Music Man StingRay from 1988 in excellent condition. Amazing birdseye maple neck, ash body, 2 band EQ preamp, bridge with mutes (in excellent shape), and the best thing: it weights only 3.7kg!!! These basses normally weight 0,8 - 1kg more than that. Recently refretted in order to get low and nice action, the bass is now ready to rock. It has tiny dings here and there, but the overall shape is excellent. I think it's impossible to find another one like this. It's a piece of art and it sounds amazing. This is definitely the best Stingray I ever played (including Pre EBs). Comes with non original hard case. Check out the video, that's the bass I'm selling (recorded by the previous owner and before refretting). Price: SOLD!!!
  2. Up for sale my AVALON U5 Anniversary Edition (Black) with Avalon rack ears. One of the best preamps for bass and acoustic guitars. Great for studio and touring. Perfect condition (10/10). Only used a few times. Comes with original box, manuals, etc. Price: 550EUR + shipping. Thanks for watching.
  3. Hi everyone, Up for sale my new HD360 30th Anniversary Limited Edition. It's a limited run of only 50 units worldwide. I bought it in february 2019, and left the factory December 2018. Only used a few times. It's just like the original HD360 but with a unique design and a tweaked filter. I'm selling it because I need more power, but the sound is amazing!! EBS HD360 Anniversary model is made in only 50 units to celebrate EBS 30 year old history. This amplifier is a true collectors item and at the same time a fantastic bass amp! It derives from the legacy of the HD350 amplifier – a classic among solid state bass amplifiers. This amplifier has a design inspired by EBS 30th Anniversary that gives the amp an exclusive and distinct look. The HD360 Anniversary model provides a modern bass sound of finest quality. It also provide the characteristics of the original EBS 350 amplifier due to adjusted filters in the preamp. With each amplifier comes a copy of the EBS 30 Years Anniversary book. Price: 800EUR + shipping Condition 10/10. Comes with original box, manuals, etc.
  4. Hi everyone, For sale my Music Man Stingray 5 Special from 2018. Much lighter than the normal Stingray 5 (it weights around 4kg only), it features a new Music Man 18v preamp and new Neodymium pickup and toasted maple neck. It's in mint condition except for minor scratches in the back (difficult to see). An amazing opportunity. Great bass for touring and recording. Comes with original case and a full set of chrome hardware. Price: SOLD!! THANKS You can hear and see me playing the bass here: Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KW_RQOtsBE Live in concert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-Gx6W_-Z5U
  5. One of the greatest EQ pedals for the gigging bassist. Secret weapon for Nathan East. Nathan talks about it in this video (min 33:30): https://youtu.be/d9v0QRkFMGw In the video Nathan shares his favorite setting and says he has been using this Magic Box on EVERY recording session he's done since he got it. The difference between good bass and phenomenal bass! Developed by Yamaha over a decade ago for Nathan East, this "magic box" has helped him to achieve his signature sound with such artists as Eric Clapton, Elton John, Michael Jackson, and FourPlay. Fully parametric equalizer designed to shape the midrange of a bass's total spectrum. 3 Q-shape patterns allow you to apply creative and corrective equalization. 1/4" I/O jacks and a bright LED. Limited lifetime warranty. FEATURES Nathan East collaboration 3-band parametric EQ Normal, deep, and shallow Settings Chicken head knobs Gloss chrome finish Angle design 9V battery compartment PRICE: 150 EUR (including shipping)
  6. Up for sale one of the best tube bass preamps ever made, the Demeter VTBP-201S. This is what Demeter says: After over 20 years of production the Demeter Amplification Tube Bass Preamplifier is still the only musical instrument preamplifier to incorporate truly modern tube design technology with circuit features found on only the most expensive and esoteric hi-fi tube equipment. The VTBP-201S has the warmth and dynamic range that only tubes can produce, yet has lower noise specifications than most solid state devices. When the preamplifier is driving a quality power amplifier, it delivers the punch and clarity of the best tube amplifiers plus the almost unlimited power of today's modern power amplifiers. The VTBP-201S Tube Bass Preamplifier uses a regulated B+ power supply which provides quick transient response with extremely low noise. Regulated DC is supplied to the tube filament which gives the unit extremely low noise. We use only the finest 1/2 watt, 1% metal film resistors, polypropylene capacitors, high quality, computer grade switches, and a 7025A vacuum tube, factory selected for lowest possible noise and distortion. The VTBP-201S also has a low output impedance which lowers distortion and insures proper power amplifier input matching. Custom toriodal power transformer. New single space rack mount steel chassis. Each preamplifier is carefully hand-wired using only the highest quality parts and tested at our factory in Templeton, California. You can see as well as hear the quality and attention to detail on both the inside and out. Operation/Controls Inputs: Two inputs are provided: Passive, for normal musical instrument inputs. Active, for high level active instruments. When both jacks are used the inputs are mixed equally. Treble Control: The treble control gives 6dB of boost or cut at 4kHz (6dB per octave, shelving type). Middle Control: The middle give 6dB of boost or cut at 500Hz (wide Q, peaking type). Bass Control: The bass control gives 9dB of boost or cut at a selectable frequency of 60Hz or 120Hz (6dB per octave, shelving type). Presence Control: The presence control gives up to 12dB of boost at a selectable frequency of 2kHz or 4kHz (active type, 6dB per octave). Bright Switch: The bright switch gives up to 6dB per octave of boost from 2kHz. Internal Volume Trimmer: This control is designed to match the output volume of the VTBP-201S with the input sensitivity of any power amplifier. XLR Balanced Output: The VTBP-201S features a Jensen DB-E output transformer for a balanced studio output. Tuner Output: This output is unaffected by controls. Mute Switch: Mutes the audio out. Effects Loop: Has in/out switch and level controls. 2x Electro-Harmonix 12ax7 tubes inside (stock). Made in the USA. It produces a rich and clean sound, great for studio and also for touring. Justin Chancellor from Tool sends his clean signal to the PA through one of these. The preamp is in excellent condition, with very small amount of run time. Price: SOLD!
  7. I sold my Yamaha BBP35 to Rich and he's an excellent buyer and a great person to deal with. Thanks Rich.
  8. Now only 1100 EUR! Don't miss the opportunity. It's a great bass...
  9. Yes it has side dots, like any other Yamaha bass. I don't know the exact weight, but it's not a heavy bass. I assume it weights around 4.2 - 4.3 kg Thanks! Dropped to 1100EUR
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