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  1. Sorry to hear that you are parting with this beast of an amp, I love mine, it’s totally impractical but I still love it.
  2. I bought an amazing Fodera Imperial Elite from Mr. Woolf, A very pleasant transaction from start to finish with excellent communication and superb courier proof packaging, A gent that made me very comfortable about spending the price of a reasonably decent car on a bass, recommended.
  3. Mr Woolf is a gentleman to deal with, I’m very happy with all aspects of this transaction.
  4. Santa has really delivered this Christmas! I'm delighted I've lusted over Foderas for years!
  5. Hi, the original Neck is Birdseye maple with a maple fingerboard, and is wrapped up in bubble wrap waiting for me to get an alternative body for the carbon neck,it’s a great bass the maple cap gives it a top end sparkle, sounds punchy even unplugged.
  6. Hi Cutless, the MM Cutlass decal is from a Uk company "Rothko Frost"
  7. The P is incredibly versatile with the Aguilar DCB's you can get any tone you like out of it strings permitting, I put a set of Aguilar Dcb Soaps and a Glockenklang pre into a Cort 5 string last year and they completely transformed it! it sounded like a 5K boutique bass, seriously great pickups.
  8. My Metro Rs4 ‘59 burst has arrived, after a new set of strings and a setup I’m really impressed with it, it plays, feels and sounds great, delighted with it.
  9. It was stock with a Birdseye maple neck, I will reunite the neck with the body at some stage, it’s a very nice bass.
  10. My fretless stingrays, the one with the Status Graphite neck has Elixir rounds, the pau ferro One has Thomastik Infelds, great basses.
  11. I bought this Sadowsky P bass on here 4 years ago, it had been modified with Aguilar Dcb soapbars, its a superb instrument and has been loved and cherished since I got it, I have a Metro on the way from Italy its due to arrive tomorrow, also bought on here, I will post pictures when it arrives.
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