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  1. The P is incredibly versatile with the Aguilar DCB's you can get any tone you like out of it strings permitting, I put a set of Aguilar Dcb Soaps and a Glockenklang pre into a Cort 5 string last year and they completely transformed it! it sounded like a 5K boutique bass, seriously great pickups.
  2. My Metro Rs4 ‘59 burst has arrived, after a new set of strings and a setup I’m really impressed with it, it plays, feels and sounds great, delighted with it.
  3. It was stock with a Birdseye maple neck, I will reunite the neck with the body at some stage, it’s a very nice bass.
  4. My fretless stingrays, the one with the Status Graphite neck has Elixir rounds, the pau ferro One has Thomastik Infelds, great basses.
  5. I bought this Sadowsky P bass on here 4 years ago, it had been modified with Aguilar Dcb soapbars, its a superb instrument and has been loved and cherished since I got it, I have a Metro on the way from Italy its due to arrive tomorrow, also bought on here, I will post pictures when it arrives.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Yes a simple repair, I can Pm you detailed instructions if you wish, I have a super carbon unlined status stingray Fretless, if I didn’t I would be all over this. the status necks sound incredible .
  8. That's a very easy repair, some clear epoxy and some mylar tape, you use the tape to form a mould over the repaired part, if you don't fancy doing it yourself there are plenty of surf shops in south Wales that do surfboard repairs, must be epoxy though not cheaper polyester resin as it will not bond to it.
  9. There’s another Identical Sadowsky Rs4 ‘59 Burst on here also in Italy, I contacted the seller yesterday and he had traded it recently in a bass shop in Italy, he gave me the contact details for the shop and I successfully negotiated the purchase this morning, so new bass incoming 😃
  10. Pay the extra for JJ’s the improvement in tone is worth it. when I bought mine I completely retubed it, the difference in sound was like night and day.
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