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  1. PRICE REDUCED FOR ONE WEEK 1700 EUROS.Here is a really special Musicman. This is the 20th Anniversary model of this brand, and to make it they used the best woods available . The curly maple top is almost three-dimensional, and the cello-like curly maple neck is simply stunning. Besides being an absolute collector's bass, this is an instrument to enjoy playing every day. Nothing to do with the standard ones, the MM Anniversary is much sweeter in sound. The woods are spectacular and it has an incredibly low action. It is impeccable and with its original case. ) A unique opportunity. I have no interest in any exchange, only sale. Price: 1.990 euros. The backing track of video has recorded whit this bass in my home studio. Plug direct to ampli and corus effects https://imgbox.com/gallery/edit/PQqx2vl ... UrgYC09h2 MUSIC MAN STRINGRAY 20 ANIVERSARIO.mp4 8
  2. Price reduced for one week 3.800 euros. I sell this jewel of bass. A unique bass, with an incredible weight for a 6 strings, 4.3 kgs. Year 2011. The wooden lid of Buckeye burls is a marvel. And it's the most comfortable bass I've ever had (more than Fodera, KSmith, etc). And it has incredible dynamic range, no saturation and with full sensitivity, from gently touching it to staccato, everything sounds great. This bass cost new more than 8,000 euros. I sell it for 4,000 euros. A unique opportunity. Waiting list of more than 8 months if you want it from the factory VID-20220209-WA0001.mp4
  3. 1160 euros. In perfect condition. Bass whit very low latency. A perfect bass to explore beyond de usual limits. You can connect the output Midi port whit the order device, synts, pluging of computer, electric-drums, etc. roland demo.mp4 roland demo.mp4
  4. Hi. I post the pics this afternoon Best Regards
  5. InShot_20210208_011615909_001.mp4
  6. The first switch changes from passive to active, and the second switches the mids.
  7. Like New, previous owner Kuskus. Hard case no original. Use only in home studio. 1.900 euros. Video Add. Thanks. Only sales. InShot_20210616_072932989.mp4
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