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  1. Its no wrong. This bass come whith low b extendet. Its the correcr string place.
  2. EDIT: (Only for three days I lower the price to 6,900 euros. I have found a 4 string MG Fodera. If I do not buy it finally,the original price will return). I am selling this authentic bass gem, Fodera Matt Garrison 5, Buckeye Burl, signature, with Low B extended. A very exclusive bass, due to its combination of woods, buckeye burl, bird's eye maple wood for the fingerboard, pickup with the same wood as the top, original Fodera ramp. In perfect state of conservation. I do not want changes just sale. New cost more than 14,000 euros. Contact: [email protected]
  3. I have a 5 strings Roya. The best bass i never play.
  4. Hi all. I sell this exclusive electric bass, top of the range Jerzy Droz. It is the signature IVES CARBONNE on 6 strings. It is a real gem, very difficult to find. New costs more than 9000 euros, and a wait of more than a year. I do not want changes. Sale only. Transport by the buyer, for all Europe. Thank you. SPEC Jerzy Drozd Legend Fretless with fret marks on wood. * Scale 35´. * 36 frets. * Ebony Nut. * Body and Shovel Head of Etimoe. * Maple top. * Maple neck * Flamed Ebony Fingerboard * Abalone trims bordering the body and the upper (simply beautiful). * Previous Aguilar. * RMC piezoelectric bridge with Jerzy Drozd Custom pickup.
  5. ¡¡¡¡¡¡SOLD¡¡¡¡¡ The bass leaves for the UK. ¡¡¡¡¡SOLD¡¡¡¡A lucky buyer, who takes an Alembic in perfect condition. I will miss you Alembic MK.
  6. In exchange for the 5-string Alembic, I sell this incredible Alembic Mark King, Deluxe,Original Hard Case with cover (front and rear) and COCOBOLO wood headstock, amber LEDs for the 12th and 23rd frets, and red on the rest. Body with K-Body Balanced termination. termination in heart. Like new. S/N 11MK 14157 Impeccable. 4,900 euros¡¡¡¡¡. Unique offer in K-Body, the cheapest in Europe. Only temporary until i buy the other Alembic. I reserve the right to withdraw it at any time. The video is recorded with the microphone of a mobile. Shipping costs borne by the buyer. Thanks for your visit. 20200221_120539_001.mp4
  7. Saludos Lencho. Soy casi vecino tuyo (de Murcia). Quería preguntarte si el módulo tiene una salida MIDI para controlar, a su vez, otro dispositivo (un sinte). De esta forma, si es posible tocar con sonido de bajo eléctrico y un sinte distinto al módulo. Gracias. Un saludo.
  8. Serious seller. Fantastic bass.
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