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  1. 1160 euros. In perfect condition. Bass whit very low latency. A perfect bass to explore beyond de usual limits. You can connect the output Midi port whit the order device, synts, pluging of computer, electric-drums, etc. roland demo.mp4 roland demo.mp4
  2. Hi. I post the pics this afternoon Best Regards
  3. InShot_20210208_011615909_001.mp4
  4. The first switch changes from passive to active, and the second switches the mids.
  5. Like New, previous owner Kuskus. Hard case no original. Use only in home studio. 1.900 euros. Video Add. Thanks. Only sales. InShot_20210616_072932989.mp4
  6. (with video) On ON HOLD Like New. Previous owner KUSKUS. Amazing sound. VTC Preamp. All original.1.900 euros. Only Sales. VID-20210102-WA0011_001.mp4 VID-20210102-WA0011_001.mp4
  7. I sell Mayones Comodus. As new., no marks or scratches. Bartolini pickups with previous Aguilar OBP.3 1.400 euros (ONLY FOR TWO DAYS, REDUCE PRICE TO 990 EUROS). InShot_20210208_011615909_001.mp4 00 euros. Add VIDEO.·
  8. For anyone who hasn't tried a Ritter Roya, it's a bass that has a tone full of richness and variety. You can range from the Alembic-like sound to a pastorius-like nasal sound . It is light, very comfortable, and with a very quiet foreplay. Nothing to envy fodera, Alembic, MTD (and I have all those basses too). That's why the Ritter Roya, not just a design bass, it's a bass with an amazing sound.
  9. I'm taking the bass out of the sale, I'm going to keep it. thank you for yours feedback can close the topic
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