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  1. Those cracks are nothing to worry about, but to avoid them, you need to avoid large temperature shocks, like unpacking the bass directly after delivery (especially in winter times, when the bass is nearly freezing) My First Fodera had plenty of these cracks everywhere, fault of previous owners, went from Denmark to China, back to Denmark and so on. But it's absolutely nothing to worry about. Beautiful bass!
  2. If by any chance you have a trip to Belgium, I'll take it But oh right, Delta variant
  3. It was to be expected because of Brexit, and might never get any better for the used market mostly, which means us, the private sellers A Modulus like yours would (now) sell for 3.000 Euros here in a day
  4. If the UK was still in the EU, it would be long sold for sure, and at a higher price.
  5. I had an Fclef and the neck was crazy, really good bass, not less good than Fodera! And I want your LeFay @Thomas P 😃
  6. Hi, I am trying to select this option during the quote, I can't, urghh... I am limited to 2000 Euros insurance, I now sent them an email, hoping they would reply Any ideas why? Thanks!
  7. Yeah new 2020 European Fodera prices have recently gone out of control, I nearly left the club 🥵
  8. True, However, now brand new, these are 7700 USD before arriving here and all the taxes... Inflation I guess, Fodera keeps raising their prices like no one other Beautiful bass
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. I rarely do this, but I got them out of their cases all-together today for a family picture, wish I had the room and the lights for a better picture with my DSLR instead 2020 MusicMan StingRay Special 4 Aqua Sparkle 2003 Modulus Flea 4 Blue Sparkle 2015 Fodera Monarch Bolt-on Custom 4 2012 Fodera Yin Yang Deluxe Custom 4 2009 Fodera Monarch Victor Wooten Classic Deluxe 4 2020 LeFay Herr Schwarz Headless 5
  11. Oh boy, it took you 28 minutes to even see my post, you sir, are on a constant radar @40hz sell it to him NOW
  12. Please ship it to my friend in France so he stops asking me about selling him mine 🤣 Wouldn't even sell mine for 4k, even though I bought it for just about 1k and hardly play it 😂
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