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  1. Well, I have 5 basses, I love them all, but I would let go any of them for a given price except 2 of them, that I would take with me to the grave, and they both happen to be signature basses! They are both the best sounding and playing basses I've ever owned, a 2003 Modulus Flea (also currently upgraded with a new Modulus Lane Poor pickup too), and a 2012 Fodera Yin Yang Deluxe II (my main bass) Both are now running Elixir Nickel strings and they play and sound wonderful with them, for a very long time!
  2. Why is this beauty not yet sold? Wood combination choice? Walnut sounds amazing!
  3. I don't understand why that particular color in that Squier is worth more than 150 GBP used? Can someone please enlighten me?
  4. I had exactly the same one, spectacular bass and it looks sick IRL.. I kinda want to buy one again 😏
  5. That's insanely cheap.. if only I didn't have 2 of them already
  6. Sale withdrawn I had multiple offers, nobody serious enough for adding only a couple of hundreds more, but I am keeping this wonderful bass as it is worth more to me than what I am asking for it
  7. I am an anti-Vintage bass guy All my basses are modern with extremely low action, including this little beauty here But wood HAS to be dry enough.. otherwise, the bass won't resonate and breath and it will not sound great.. Oh I have tried and heard new Standard ones with no soul at all.. This bass still resonates and shines even with old strings (listen to insta video) And this one is in mint condition. Even tuners are almost new Fodera ones, but the bridge is still original, and gold hardware looks great but does tend to discolor much faster than black or chrome I will include a brand new Fodera 40-95 Nickel set of strings with the sale, or put them on the bass and make soundclips if needed
  8. I got an email from someone telling me this is not yet sold because it's old, so probably not in good condition, and people are looking for Foderas in perfect condition. So I now have to clarify here: First of all; this bass is in PERFECT condition. (even though I did not mention this) There are normal signs of aging in the finish, in case you don't know how Fodera's finish turns over time, it is not my fault. It's actually very very beautiful and always feels silky smooth.. The rest is perfect, no dents on the head, very minor signs of normal use on the body, frets are still good, everything works great, and the bass plays like a dream. But it's a Fodera, so I did not think it would be necessary to state all of this. It is now mounted with old 40-95 D'addario Nickel strings, but the nut size on this bass is more suited for standard 45-105s, even though it works with any gauge. Bass has never seen any shock in temperature or humidity during my ownership since 2011, and I'm still careful about how and where I stock my instruments until today, and forever. Last but not least, this comes from the era when Fodera used to make only a few basses per year, woods selection and wait time was not the same as it is today. I have now replaced it with an almost identical bass, a Yin Yang Deluxe, only because I like the Yin Yang logo since my childhood, but they sound and play nearly the same (many could not even tell any difference, even though I hear some differences with the ebony). Also, I paid the Yin Yang Deluxe way more than I am selling this Monarch Deluxe. Hope that's all clear! This bass made me happy for 8 years (even though I stopped playing bass for quite a long 5 years during this period), I am sure it would make someone else as happy! Cheers! Elie
  9. Honestly thought this would be gone in less than a week.. Maybe vacation time? This is priced at 6k everywhere else, and mine is old, stable and the woods resonates like a dream, come on! 😏
  10. I had the Charcoal/ebony wonderful bass...
  11. Still available! How can you not fall in love with such a slap tone?
  12. Cool! I've had 4 fleas, one black (2005) and 3 blue sparkles! (2004-1997-2003) The 1997 came with the original Lane Poor in it, was still first owner, hardly played and I had it for a crazy bargain back in 2009!
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