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  1. zvirus

    Feedback for RABS

    Pleasure to deal with Rob. Got Jazz Pickups from him EXTREMELY well packed! Gentleman! Tomas
  2. Hi, Anyone in few words please why shall I pay £3000 for a body which does not even look half-decent? Was the wood in 1964 extra good for sound properties? Or is it because made in USA? Is the spraying in Germany that expensive??? Just wondering... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1964-FENDER-JAZZ-BASS-BODY-made-in-USA/123412789685 Tomas
  3. Sold on Ebay..... Hi, For sale great condition looper with velcro attached. Oem Power Supply included Add 1st Class Postage RM - £5 - UK ONLY PLS Bank transfer or PayPal gift - no fees Standard Paypal - add £2 fees (sorry) https://digitech.com/en-US/products/jamman-solo-xt Feedback: Thx Tomas
  4. Hi, I do not why I hesitate to buy this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jazz-bass-Guitar-Body-unfinished-reject-Swamp-Ash-no3A/163291415854 A bit of plaster here and there and can have "nice" body for £55 (only) 😂
  5. Hi, SOLD Fender Custom Shop 60s Pickups Set as received from Fender (Box, screws, grounding strips) - £85 Delivered to Your door via 1st class RM - posted next day WITHDRAWN £78 Delivered via Hermes UK only pls - includes pickguard and a bridge (lets say bridge is Free). WITHDRAWN - Jazz Bass Chrome Control Plate with 3x CTS 250k Pots Solid Shaft and 3 Black US Made knobs (60s style) not £3 Chinese - (You will need imperial key if need to unscrew) - £30 Delivered 1st class RM WITHDRAWN - Brand New Fender Style bridge Chrome - including screws and key - £12 Delivered via 1st class RM Pictures to follow.... Payments: Bank Transfer or PayPal Gift - no fees PayPal Goods add 3.4% - Thx My feedback: Thx Tomas
  6. zvirus

    Feedback for Vinorange

    Got a neck from Vin and must say this: It was so well packed that You could drop it from 50m and will be fine, not to mention fact I got it CHEAP(!) Gentleman!
  7. Do not work for UPS but have to say after posting around 10 basses from N. Ireland to UK (mainland) and one to Spain with (crap) Parcelforce 24... it`s all about packing - bubble wrap, cardboard #1 and cardboard #2 and no Damages.... otherwise of course courier is at fault - look the way thomann does
  8. zvirus

    What is this Soviet craziness?

    With all disrespect to Russians (as a Polish man who remembers 17.09.1939) - too much vodka is not really great for designing and making musical instruments.....
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LEFT-HAND-Bass-Guitar-Neck-Hard-Maple-LE-FT-BS-NK/392058775162 just bit of filler - new fret and You have bargain neck.... Can`t wait to buy it 🤣
  10. zvirus

    Feedback for Daveybooyrooster

    David got my Fender 70s Bass. All went as should when You deal with a gentleman. Happy to deal again and really recommend! Tomas
  11. I do have 2009 Fender Jazz Classic 70s MiM Neck in great condition and decent tuners. Will trade for Japanese 60s Jazz Fretless Neck with tuners. Lined or unlined. Or something around that - decent quality. Not interested in anything made of ebonol. Something like this: Thx Tomas
  12. SOLD SOLD Hi, £450 Delivered - happy to split and sell neck and loaded body on its own - as long as Honest offer/s received. Thx Although it has genuine Fender pickups and Fender`s neck MiM 2009, body is from Classic Vibe 60s Squier Jazz by Fender regarded as HIGHEST Squier model with exceptional quality of craftsmanship. Body has all cavities painted with conductive paint - not present in any Mexican Fender I have ever seen... It looks good and sounds good. Selling as I did a swap and my beloved Squier Classic Vibe Jazz Neck married Fender 70s Body(to look more 62). And the white Bass has to go as CV Jazz Neck FEELS better to me - that`s it. Andy why keep 2 Jazz Basses??? Neck is almost mint, body few small knocks here and there but nothing major... Rather light weight at 4.0kg (on a digital scale) CTS Pots 250k Orange Drop Capacitor on board 0.047 Rosewood Fretboard (not present in latest models) Fender Style Bridge Payments: Bank Transfer, PayPal Gift or PayPal (standard) + 3.4% Fees (around £15) For good being and safe arrival of the bass I`d like to remove neck from body. Putting it back does NOT require special skills (sorry for this) My feedback: VIDEO with same bass: Body Shape:Jazz taken from Squier Classic Vibe 60s Left-/Right-handed:Right-handed Number of Strings:4 Color:White Body Material: Basswood Body Finish:Urethane Gloss Neck Material:Maple Neck Shape:'70s C profile Radius:7.25" Fingerboard Material:ROSEWOOD Fingerboard Inlay:Pearloid blocks Number of Frets:20 Scale Length:34" Nut Width:38mm Nut Material:Synthetic Bone Bridge/Tailpiece: Fender Style Tuners:Fender '70s vintage style open back Neck Pickup:Standard Vintage Alnico Magnet Jazz Bass Single-Coil Bridge Pickup Bridge Pickup:Standard Vintage Alnico Magnet Jazz Bass Single-Coil Bridge Pickup Controls:2 x volume, 1 x master tone CTS