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  1. small frets... nitro paint.. what else do You need? What a BEAUTY! ps. wish to have spare £620
  2. Hi, Removed from my 70`s jazz reissue. 5 screws included(!) Price includes 1st class UK postage - (No EU please) Paypal Gift please or bank transfer Thx Tomas
  3. zvirus


    Got bass bridge from Nick. An easy and pleasant transaction! Delivered next day! Thx Tomas
  4. Hi, Ernie Ball 2814 Cobalt Flatwound Super Slinky 4-String bass strings 45-100 Bought 24.01.2019 - used for about an hour... Still got the package and paper bags. Not my ball.... Back to roundwounds Cut as it should 2-3 winds each string Jazz/P-bass £32 delivered to your door via 1st class postage (UK ONLY PLS) PayPal gift or bank transfer pls Small review here Strings in action:
  5. zvirus

    Feedback for steve

    Got Programmable EQ from Steve. Nice and easy transaction - well packed and posted promptly ! Gentleman!
  6. Hi, Used but in good condition - cut to fit CORT BASS 34" (sorry) .050-.100 Free UK postage 1st Class Royal Mail
  7. zvirus

    New Build - Wenge/cocobolo/padauk hollowbody

    Wow... what a Skill! Amazing
  8. Hi! Well... it took me years to understand that no fancy bass will satisfy me every way! And have had so many disappointments even from USA made instruments... Tried many different ones - LTD, Vintage, Squier ebonol Fretless. Got an unlined Cort which actually is great but.... its made in Factory to some specification - not my specification(!) No need to say it feels great knowing that You/I are similar to Jaco in a SMALL way of course... 😉 - after defretting the bass... Another factor is money - I could go and buy and spend £1.5-2k and have actually the same "thing" (do not shout at me please) but mine is made by me and costed around 15% of GENUINE F. bass.... This bass shown below feels and plays like £1.5k bass because I put my heart and hard work into this project..... are You next???.... List of the parts and tools: Squier Affinity P-Bass Neck - got it here from nice BC Fellow... Jazz Bass Alder Body (Light one 2.05kg) Made in Japan from Ebay Bare Knuckle '60 PE J-BASS pickups from Ebay 60s style Bass Bridge from Amazon Control plate with pots and knobs - CTS250k solid shaft pots and USA knobs Bone nut for a guitar converted into bass nut Amber Alcohol Based Dye/Stain Mineral Oil to protect fretboard 99% alcohol solution for cleaning purposes Clear Decal Paper from Ebay Gold and Silver Sakura Metallic Pen from Ebay Clear Varnish from local Car Parts store Sanding paper grade 120-2000 from local Car Parts store 9.5inch Wooden Radius Block from Ebay Ink Jet Printer So.... one day I got decent Squier Neck and defretted it according to this video. Then I bought some other parts and made my own baby which plays and feels WONDERFUL and wont swap it for any factory made Bass... And after weeks of fiddling it ended up with this: Even created the logo and named it as it Should not F.... bass as most people would because - Squier does not mean "Cr.p" And my best Jazz bass has Squier Classic Vibe Neck as it`s WAY better made than USA I have had once - Squier deserves logo on my bitsa bass! The purpose of this thread is to encourage You and assure You that no bass feels better in my hands and I wont swap it for anything! Hi res. photos here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JZ6keVOtyy2lMvq2vQ6jyc_Hff6U_m4d Some sloppy sound samples here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XpkWEKsULBYOLKaGwgV5k4oU-LEN6TSq/view?usp=sharing - No EQ just tini bit of compression and reverb... I`m happy to help if You have any questions - here or over PM! Cheers, Tomas
  9. zvirus

    Feedback for RABS

    Pleasure to deal with Rob. Got Jazz Pickups from him EXTREMELY well packed! Gentleman! Tomas
  10. Hi, Anyone in few words please why shall I pay £3000 for a body which does not even look half-decent? Was the wood in 1964 extra good for sound properties? Or is it because made in USA? Is the spraying in Germany that expensive??? Just wondering... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1964-FENDER-JAZZ-BASS-BODY-made-in-USA/123412789685 Tomas
  11. Sold on Ebay..... Hi, For sale great condition looper with velcro attached. Oem Power Supply included Add 1st Class Postage RM - £5 - UK ONLY PLS Bank transfer or PayPal gift - no fees Standard Paypal - add £2 fees (sorry) https://digitech.com/en-US/products/jamman-solo-xt Feedback: Thx Tomas