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  1. This photo explains your Avatar.... great studio and good looking DB too...
  2. I got Stagg EDB Deluxe (rosewood fingerboard) and after LOT of work plays and sounds great... Shame Thomann does not make EDB with rosewood or ebony fingerboard... I do not think you can "fix" birch ebonized fingerboard - you can rosewood one or ebony.... just my 2 pennies plus birch is rather soft wood I guess https://tinytimbers.com/janka.htm https://www.fantastic-floor.com/red-birch-hardwood-flooring.html Ebony - 3220 Janka scale Rosewood - 1780 Janka scale Betula albosinensis - Red Birch - 1260 Janka scale Why actually they bother to make an instrument with rather SOFT fingerboard???? I`d pay that £100 more for rosewood or ebony... Well... looks like I`m a dreamer....
  3. Well well I was scared to move on Electric DB but now I prefer to play (actually learn) on EDB than play electric bass so looks its too late.... I`m already collecting money for DB(!) After Stagg`s arrival wife said: " I was thinking you are getting Double bass not some sort of ugly stick! 🙄 " NOTHING is better than a sound of a Double Bass - NOTHING.... I play fretless too and still insist DB sounds more "woody".... For one person it will be nothing for another plenty.... I do not care as my stagg draws only 7mA.... and I`m a far away from gigging yet Cheers!
  4. Very good point. I was aware of it long time ago... before went to passive basses. Can`t afford "proper" DB so must use stagg and its active electronic.... Just for a bit of info. Before the mod after about week of playing I guess 2-3h in total battery voltage dropped about 1V - In a week WITHOUT jack inserted into Stagg`s output. So 20mA draw from factory is A LOT I`d say... SLB 200.... say nothing... wish I could afford... Cheers!
  5. Hi, Just did step 2 only and from 20mA it went to 7mA. Re. Step 1. I have found on the internet that: I`m very shocked after I have found that my EDB Deluxe is quieter than my P-Bass or Jazz Bass. No hiss not a TINY bit of ANY noise! I did not bother do any shielding as preamp`s casing acts well as a shield Thanks For sharing this will prolong battery life by 3 times! I have cut the lugs with sharp blade. No heat used... (It`s one way ticket - you wont fix it back!)
  6. https://www.minotaurguitarstraps.com/bass-wide-straps/63-classic-bass-padded-brown.html Already packed for posting so CANT check - sorry...
  7. Hi, Used Minotaur Strap made in Greece. Brown part is made of real leather. Check photographs for it`s state. You can view them in better quality by clicking on them(!) It`s this one: https://www.minotaurguitarstraps.com/bass-wide-straps/63-classic-bass-padded-brown.html PayPal Gift payment please or bank transfer Add £4 for postage please - UK Only Thx Tomas
  8. Hi, *** 1 Transmitter and 1 Receiver *** Brand new, never used with my band. Just opened the box and tested it with my "studio" headphones... too late for return... Comes as received... box, power supply. All ready to go (after adding 2x AA Batteries) Add £5 for 1st class UK postage please... Paypal Gift or bank transfer please Amazon`s price £98 Amazon Reviews here UHF frequency band (670-680MHz) and PLL frequency synthesized technology for stable. EU 863 – 865 MHz. working performance • 6 selectable channels • Powered by 2pcs AA batteries, low power consumption design for long playtime up to 12 hours • Multiple sets of receivers can be operated with a single transmitter within the operating range • Dynamic expansion circuitry for high S/N ratio • Complex anti-interference circuit for using 6 sets at the same time without mutual interference • Receiver LCD displays frequency, channel and battery level Long operating range up to 100m My feedback:
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Hi, One of the best in the market. Well looked after (cleaned inside out) and comes with decent padded bag plus power lead (cabinet not included) 500W @4 ohm 300W @8 ohm Priced to sell and post to You via 24 hours courier (free) - posted next day after making payment (I have to book courier) Bank transfer or paypal gift please UK ONLY NO TRADES My feedback: Cheers, Tomas
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. Hi, Mint condition including box. Velcro underneath. Add extra £2 for 1st Class Royal Mail Postage UK ONLY please. Click on photo for BETTER quality... My feedback: Thx Tomas
  14. Mark sold me (this time) Fancy power supply. All done to highest standard! Packed well and he hugged me when I was thinking that Hermes is rather slow...😂 Perfect! Thanks!
  15. Alex sold me Diago Gigman pedal board - pleasure every way! Packed well and as described! Cheers! Tomas
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