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  1. Lexii

    Show us your rig!

    I love it mate, I've been using jazz an p basses but this is definitely a wnner. Does the p bass sound if you roll to thr neck, but sit it in the middle of both and it growls. Neck is nice, build quality is excellent and it sits comfortably. I honestly don't have a bad word
  2. Lexii

    Show us your rig!

    New bass, Reverend Mercalli 4, barefaced super twin, markbass little mark ii.
  3. Lexii

    Markbass Cab help

    All good advice, thanks
  4. Lexii

    Bass Family- show us your basses.

    Just the 2 for now
  5. Lexii

    Markbass Cab help

    [quote name='Jack' timestamp='1496080149' post='3308633'] Who by? Decide which of the Markbass cabs you like the best then buy two of those. Are you open to other brands? Barefaced stuff usually gets recommended whenever weight is an option. Or if you like the GK cabs you have now then why not look at something like two GK 1x12s or 2x10s? [/quote] Local guitar store advised on low end loss with smaller speakers. Anyone with experience on the 2x10hf? No one round here has them to try. The barefaced stuff is similar weight but seems more money and less available secondhand
  6. Lexii

    Markbass Cab help

    I have on occasion lost the sound on stage too, this is why I wanted to keep some variation of 10s so I get some kind of cut through on stage. I also considered two markbass 2x10hf cabs but worried I'd lose bottom end.
  7. Lexii

    Markbass Cab help

    Hi guys, new to the forum and after some help, I've searched but can't find the answer. Currently for gigs running a markbass little mark ii into 2 Ampeg cabs, a 4x10 and a 1x15. However lugging these cabs is back breaking and as such means I have a practice amp aswell. Also taking a ton of room in my house. Have decided the markbass cabs are the way forward but need opinions / help on which way to go. The idea is to still have 2 cabs but as they are light I can ditch the practice amp and use 1 cab and the head for rehearsal. Initially I decided get the stand 1x 15 and pair it with 2x10hf for gigs or just use the 2x10 for practice. The other option I thought is to get the 4x10 and pair it with the 1x15 traveler for gigs and just use the 1x15 for practice. I keep getting my self lost with it all, I'm told I need the 1x15 to keep the bottom end strong but don't know which way to match it all up. Any advice would be great. Thnks
  8. Lexii

    Hi from Lincs.

    Been a guitarist forever but fell in love with bass when I was asked to join a band on the big strings over a year ago. I haven't picked up a guitar since and am wondering why I didn't do it sooner. Look forward to seeing you around the forum. Warmoth 72 p bass with bare knuckles. Custom jazz bass with bare knuckles. Markbass little mark2 head Markbass randy jacks on head Ampeg 4x10. + Ampeg 1x15