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  1. Came up on my FB newsfeed. Makes the brand secure I think after Gibson. http://ampeg.com/roundsound/news-events/2018/05/loud-audio-llc-announces-the-sale-of-iconic-ampeg-brand/
  2. This came up on my FB feed for some reason. Doesn't quite look the same as the pic to me (control knobs, neck pick up) can't quite manage the reserve... https://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/frank-zappa-s-customised-1952-53-gibson-les-paul-10-c-08748eda8c?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=display&utm_campaign=retargeting&utm_content=dpa&gdffi=dca0399140a148a7a30f2232feaa5a73&gdfms=3071FE75C02143D0A901C14816B369D3
  3. It's partly done with with steel wool, ran out of time and can'gt get back to it until next week. Going to take it back a little further to a complete matt finish I think. Plenty of laquer for protection. Se what it's like then Andy
  4. Only to use a pillar drill for symmetry and progressive drill bit sizes to avoid tear out on the wood. The last 10mm size i turned the drill by hand very slowly. If you meant suppliers, the ones I got from Northwest guitars are good quality. Andy
  5. Got a bit done, I tried a red dye on a sample piece of ash and it didn't work for me, so I've sanded and flatted (and sanded and sanded..) sanding sealer, then sanded, then four coats of clear laquer, then sanded then four coats of laquer and at the moment I'm cutting back with 4o steel wool. To be honest, I'm feeling the satin/matt finish more than gloss finish. Going to oil the neck and fingerboard and put it together to see the overall effect. The grain is looking good I think. Shaped the headstock and added a waterslide decal for a bit of fun. I've also picked up some generic ashtrays from ebay (china) will post some pics when its together (with and without them) and maybe get some views from you guys (er and gals) Andy
  6. ...and while I said I was going with the supplied set up, I,er, picked up a high mass bridge and through body ferrules last week....( I know, I know, stick with the program...) Andy http://www.northwestguitars.co.uk/4-string-electric-precision-jazz-bass-guitar-bridge-bb404/
  7. No problem Andy, the more options the better really. Although you have created some stunning tops I'm still leaning towards a trans red I think. Haven't had any time with it yet work/kids/etc taking up most of it. It won't be gathering dust though Andy
  8. Yes that's the idea, maybe even a little softer on the colour strength. Thanks Discreet, Andy
  9. Thanks for the pics Jez, I think the bold grain on the two pics is a bit much for me, was looking at something more subtle if I go down the the exposed grain route. Something like a background shading tint, not too strong. Can't find a pic of what I'm trying to say lol. Must admit the ash body you've oiled is a nice finish and the matched grain is completely OCD lol, must have been a job getting that result! An old Encore, from Kays catalogue? Thanks Andy
  10. Thanks Norris, feeling the clear colour now. What make of grain filler did you use and was it a water based dye? Discreet has me about convinced about red I think. Andy
  11. Hmm, red now... mind distinctly boggled. Could be right with the white guard that came with the kit (starting to dribble, and not about the trans blonde), Andy
  12. Think I might try the sponge option Grangur ha ha! I don't have the receipts to hand, but it was around £200 all in for cost of bass, shipping, VAT, and Handling charge I think. Maybe a few £ either way. Worth it I think
  13. Yes read through your build and picked up a few tips along the way. Turned out real nice mate and I'm feeling more inclined to a natural finish now. No snap decisions though lol Andy
  14. Original plan was black, like a Roger Waters signature, but now.... Andy
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