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    I should have married you! 😂
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    I think it's down to the fact that as a fairly small community and everyone values their reputation. ... And bassists generally aren't the big ego types who think they'll just blag their way out of anything
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    Well that wasn't entirely easy to resolve, and taught me a few things about eBay, the main one being that they will listen hardest to whichever party is prepared to shout the loudest (and this was a guy who sent all of his message IN CAPITALS so I'm guessing it was him, for a while at least). Also, and rather alarmingly, the person who eventually resolved it for me - a process which took several long conversations - suggested that eBay doesn't disclose the nature of complaints made, even to the person who is the focus of those complaints. In short, they initially said they couldn't remove the negative feedback because they had evidence from the seller that the feedback was accurate, but they could not share that evidence with me? Amazingly however, not one of the people I spoke to had actually read the eBay messages between me and the seller, and the guy who eventually did said "no brainer, he's clearly in the wrong", my negative feedback was removed and case closed within minutes. I'll be honest though, I found the whole thing quite stressful, the guy was clearly a little obsessed with getting his own way, and the constant messages and accusations just started to wear me down after a while. Anyway, lessons learned.
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    Show her this and tell her to count herself as lucky.
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    I've just completed another bass part ex / sale with Martin from Wales - we had lots of communication both ways throughout the process and have been exchanging a few texts since about the basses we swapped. And it got me thinking as I was writing his feedback and looking at the three pages of feedback I've got....basically (bar one specific example - exception that proves the rule?!) I've had nothing but overwhelmingly positive experiences ( a LOT of them!) with people I've never met. Often involving quite a lot of money / expensive instruments and therefore trust of this unknown person. It's a great community of people who really do give bass players an excellent name. I'm sure other forums for different instruments may be the same (I'm not on any so can't really comment) but this really is a lovely group of people on here and I"m chuffed to call myself a bass player knowing that there's a lot of lovely people out there who also call themselves bassplayers! All good!
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    The stereo post was unintentional--I blunder my way across the keyboard. The meaning, I believe, is that once rock music (in this case Fleetwood Mac, which descended over time from rock/blues to strained baby food) was expressed by way of tunes like 'Don't Stop,' rock was in most ways dead as a doornail. Punk happened because it was needed.
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    Kindle deal has ended for now. Standard Kindle is only 2.99 (I think) if you have a kindle/e-reader thingy. Thank you all for the nice things you said. Am trying to get the third one done (very different again but does have a certain band turn up for a couple of chapters) but am helping a friend by doing the edit on their brick of a book. Also the weather is nice, so spare time is being spent drinking rather than writing. P.S. I'm not quite as twisted as The Craft Rooom might suggest. You'd like me, honest. :)
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    You've obviously never seen me depping then......😂
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    For sale/trade this awesome bass. It has some wear in the maple fretboard, as usual in this kind of wood. The only thing i would change if i wanted to keep it is the bridge, as this is a standard model from Benavente they put some cheap hardware (bridge and tuners, but actually the tuners do the job), everything else is like being a custom bass from them. It has a walnut top, the body is alder and maple neck (D shape 35" scale lenght with 24 frets) the action can be set really low with no buzz. The electronics and pickups are benavente. It weight only 4kg for those with back problems, or that just want lightweight basses, like me It can be shipped without problem as the bass is located in Portugal. With a straight sale i will pay the costs for ship.
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    What will you be using it for? I have a behringer head somewhere that I bought because my main amp crapped itself 3 days before a gig and it was the cheapest amp on GAK at the time. It works, and makes sounds but that's about as far as it goes. I do remember it barely being powerful enough - it was pushed pretty high to stay in the mix, and consequently had little headroom. I think of it as a Toyota Auris of amps - acceptable white goods.
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    I know everybody here is offering their advice freely, sincerely and with good intentions but, with all due respect, every student is different. What works for one may not work for another. As an ex tutor I guess I would say this wouldn't I, but nobody can really know what is the best approach for any given individual sight unseen. Some of the above may well work, but then again it may not. I have nothing to gain or lose by saying this, but if he's to i) benefit, ii) enjoy the experience then he (and his father) really ought to get some professional guidance from somebody at some point. Unless of course dad's expecting him to get bored fairly quickly... Just my two penn'orth.
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    Its an experiment! I’ve done the storage thing in the past. I’ve had basses hidden in Belgium before now! Rebel streak kicking back in I think!
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    Awful. Thank the Lord for Cliff... 😁
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    I liked that. It reminded me of what The Ox did with The Who.
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    I've been a member here since 2010, I've traded loads of gear in that time with only one deal not going well - that member now blocked. I'm glad to say that every other deal has gone well and I've made loads of friends as a result. Another great place to meet up with fellow members are the Bass Bashes - nice to put faces to usernames and to spend quality time with people with the same interests.
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    Might be good PR, but I'm not going to buy his new album! I am tempted however to check out some of the Who releases from 1971 and earlier...hmmm maybe the PR did work after all 😄
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    Hats off to AC - firstly for resisting the idea that good bass lines are complex bass lines (simplest is often best) and secondly for putting up with Bonio, who must surely be right up there as one of the most hypocricital, hubristic and monumental bell-ends of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.
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    Great playing & good videos that show the bass off in different musical genres - it copes easily with them all. The bass is a great spec too. I don't need another 4 string otherwise would have been tempted, but can't see this being around for too long. GLWTS.
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    Well bass direct no longer have a chocolate burst old smoothie in stock ........ Because it's in the back of my car 🙂 .... Condition brand new with all case tags and keys .... Used twice by a musician who decided to stick with p basses .
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    There is. It’s called Talkbass 😀
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    Q is still my fave Who stuff along with Next and got lucky to see the 2nd show of the '73 North American Quadrophenia Tour right after Keith's infamous crash and burn in Frisco. 1st of 2 nites @ The Fab Forum in LA and got a rare encore, Pete smashing his Les Paul, and two My Generations in one show! can't stand much of Tommy.
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    New video on Youtube today : Chowny SWB-1 Active Bass and Bass-Mosphere Chorus/Reverb Pedal
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    Aw, she's gorgeous! Such a little cutie.
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    Just that has made a world of difference!
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    I did the same 8 years ago. I tracked down the guy I sold it to on BC and he sold it back to me. YAY.
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    Aside from all the comments and opinions about tonewood science, Is your bass from the Fender Roadworn series itself, or one that has been naturally (or un-naturally) roadworn? I ask because the Classic series of Fender basses, also made in Mexico, alongside the Roadworns are apparently identical in every respect, other than finish I say "apparently" as I can't confirm this myself, but there have been several posts on here from BC'ers who have owned both, and say they find them incredibly similar in terms of playability / feel and sound Just thinking, if you start re-finishing and end up with a less than ideal finish (not questioning your spraying ability here, honest! lol) - you may end up de-valuing your bass, or at least being unhappy with the finish I just wonder whether a better approach may be to trade your Roadworn for one of the classic series? Worth placing an ad on here, I'd think.... Whatever you decide - best of luck with it. I'm a fan of the Roadworn series, I know some aren't - but they are wonderfully built instruments
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    Lets mount a covert rescue attempt
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    I can certainly vouch for Bass Bags, they are just up the road from me in Duffield. Mostly new instruments, but my most recent bass teacher had bought his bass from them and they won't sell anything that is not a good bass. .. or for a range of older basses as well as new ones, try Tim Toft in Stone (http://www.timtoftviolins.com/category/instruments/double-bass) and Turners (http://www.turnerviolins.co.uk/Instruments/DoubleBasses.aspx) in Beeston (Derby side of Nottingham). Toft's don't list much stock at the moment, but call them and ask; when I last went they had quite a lot in their bass room; also their Bass repairer is top notch and all their basses are nicely set up and have a price label on them. Turners maybe a little far East for you and I've found them a little shy of actually stating genuine prices, so assume everything is negotiable; but they usually have lots of stock right across the price range. For a big purchase like a new Double Bass, be prepared to travel and see as many as poss. Thwaites in Watford have a room FULL of basses (some of them the price of a decent sized house - but many affordable too). I have only just found out about this restorer and dealer in Leicester, but worth watching his stock or giving him a ring, Tim Bachelor (http://www.batchelar.com/double basses.html). Good luck with the bass hunt.
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    I'm not sure how looking at abused children was going to help him decide if he had been abused, I can't see many publishers getting involved with his next book if it contains that topic.
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    First time checking out Tesseract. Lovely.
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    You're very incorrect. that indeed IS a Mk3 scalloped arm contour smaller body and output jacks in reversed position compared to a Mk2 no-neckplate heel smaller headstock with Hipshot tuners circuit boards sit in a tapered angle fashion a Mk3, whereas they sit parallel on a Mk1 and Mk2 Pic below: Mk3 vs Mk2
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    Just shows that the often dismissed talents of Mr Clayton are in fact greater than many give him credit for.
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    Pickguard arrived in the post today - Cheers @Jono Bolton so while I wait for the other chrome work to arrive...I stuck it on.
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    Greg Cordez is in Bristol. http://www.gregcordez.com He's a bit good.
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    Whatever the hiding place was you got the PA out of, just put your missus back in it. Job done!
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    Depends if you really want one or not doesn’t it.....it’s significantly cheaper than a new one! Si
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    Great bass playing and I like the singers voice
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    There was nothing happening to your left.
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    Your face says it all...what a show!Are we having a good time? Where's the next gig...
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    I wouldn't pay more than £1,000 - £1,100 for a stripped 86... then I'd get it refinished Inca Silver.
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    Interesting... 7.99 pounds + delivery (to Spain ). It's at the very least worth consideration, when I finish reading my current book.
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    It is all a ruse. You don't need books, CDs, hifi system, magazines, videos, DVDs or TV...all you need is your laptop and a subscription to lots of things at only £9.99 per month each. Oh, and cloud storage for all your backups at £9.99 a month for when your laptop breaks. "Why am I so poor?" the junior office worker mused, listening to Spotify though bluetooth headphones on his iPhone X while clicking away at his laptop. His £4.20 large coffee with cream from Starbucks cooled next to him.
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    So confirmation - jiffy bag found sans peli case with Roxannes inside. I guess the customs declaration of "earphones" and their value was too much of a temptation for some light fingered miscreant.

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