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  1. Spandex was more glam rock than thrash tbh Metallica might have worn some in 1981 though 🙄
  2. Dd verni was endorsed by bc rich basses ghs strings and peavey/Marshall amps. I think the difference in their sound was the active pickups and they mixed their albums so you could hear the bass. W f o has a very loud bass sound for a metal album.
  3. I really like that bass tone and playing. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Didn’t fat mike smash the headstock on Melvins head one night? On backstage passport dvd
  5. I need to give the recent stuff another listen I lost touch after why do birds sing
  6. What are you planning to play in your set? I know the first album is generally considered to be their most popular but I have a soft spot for the third album too.
  7. David borrowed a Yamaha eight string from jimmy Bain and wrote dawn patrol with it.
  8. Been a fan since among the living and always thought Charlie and frankies rhythm section set them apart. Seems like nice down to earth guy.
  9. Great bass playing and I like the singers voice
  10. I stumbled across his videos when I was looking for YouTube videos of vintage Ibanez basses. I’ve followed his videos for 4/5 years now and really enjoy them. To each their own.
  11. Saw them when they played Milton Keynes a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. The singer leaving the stage during instrumental pieces bothered me a little.... still enjoyed the show great music, lights, lasers, inflatables Brit floyd were very good too, saw them a couple of years ago.
  12. [quote name='Barking Spiders' timestamp='1505808446' post='3374383'] not normal 'fans' no. I've got a fair few fave bands who've made albums that are utter tosh by their normal standards and deserve the universally low ratings. [/quote] Fair enough, I suppose being subjective I might have discovered a band through a specific album or caught them live promoting an unsuccessful album and my perspective is different. One of the first ac dc albums I bought was flick of the switch and played it so much i knew every word/note I was a bit surprised when I found out it was considered a "flop" sales wise.
  13. Not to dwell on the sabbath comments but give me heaven and hell or mob rules over technical ecstasy or never say die. The first six sabbath albums are pretty untouchable imho
  14. Surely any dedicated fan of a band will defend their catalogue, Is that really surprising?
  15. Pickup looks stock. The roadster rs824 and rs924 came with dimarzios.
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