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  1. Was hoping they'd have their uke basses on sale but there doesn't appear to be any .
  2. Looks super that, fits in with the aesthetic of the surrounding gear as well.
  3. The GR is 31cm wide, the C2 is 31.8cm so you should obviously get both and stack them.
  4. Love these little things, wish I had the need for one! Too bad they don't do a green one to match the Elf. They have black for the Gnome and red for the Bam200.
  5. Last time I was in York we went in RWB Music which had a Stingray 5 in, one of only a handful of basses in a tiny store so they have made it that far!
  6. A bit nice: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373795240516?hash=item5707eeba44:g:XlQAAOSw-pNhlTRL
  7. That was my experience with Warwicks, never had a socket fail on me and I was doing at least 4 full shows a month with Warwicks as my main basses for years. Had a push/pull volume pot fail and the usual plastic Just-a-Nut disintegration but no jack sockets. Maybe just luck of the draw.
  8. Me neither up until the last 3 years, had a switchcraft one fail. Just wondering if I'd been unlucky Was definitely the jack as I put a different one in and it's fine (for now).
  9. I had a PX3B a while ago but couldn't get on with it, didn't like any of the effects (not really what I bought it for) and it was a bit on the quiet side for practice (which is what I bought it for), very handy little things though and hold their value. I suppose the Mooer PE100 is the modern equivalent and is around the same price as a used Pandora, no bluetooth though.
  10. Yeah the visible bit is the knurled part, the rest is internal. Everything is enclosed though so whereas on a regular front mounted jack you can bend the pins to fix them you're kinda screwed with these. Never been much of an issue on the past (gigged Warwicks, Corts and a Zoot for years with them in) but only seem to be getting a few months out of these. Just found one in my parts box and soldered it in, will order a switchcraft one in preparation for the inevitable crackles.
  11. For edge mounted outputs, look like this:
  12. Would be good if someone made one that could be manually tightened, like if it had a screw operated internal collar or something.
  13. The one on there at the moment only makes contact if quite a bit of pressure is applied on one direction, to get a signal I had to rest it on my knee and push down while playing. Literally broke while sat in the gigbag with nothing plugged into an it!
  14. Been through a few stereo barrel jacks on my Cort C5 backup bass, branded (switchcraft) and generic (eBay UK/Chinese source) they just seem to be the proverbial chocolate teapot and fail for no real reason. Installed the last one just before packing my gigging stuff away at the start of lockdown and it was fine, seems to have self destructed just by sitting in the case. All soldering is fine and all my cables have Neutrik jacks. Am I just being unlucky with bad batches or has the overall build quality slipped over the years? Never had a problem with them before, is there any brand I've missed?
  15. He was friends with Alice Cooper early on in the Winger days I think and got a bit of industry assistance, not a bad pal to have all truth be told!
  16. Oh yeah I know, he was trained in ballet as well IIRC. Think it was Alice Cooper who gave him his first big break wasn't it?
  17. Kip Winger was the guy who had his career ended by Beavis and Butthead, quite a funny story if you want to look into it.
  18. Fine thanks, just like winding all the anti-Warwick guys up who have to spew their rubbish on these threads ad nauseum.
  19. SB, SD and NS2000 are all wonkier takes on the original NS, just far uglier due to the lack of good design ethos. Even the NSX is a clumsy clone of another famous NS design isn't it? Again far uglier that the sleek, on point shape it's copying. They truly are the Behringer of bass when you think about it, not an original idea in 45 years. That's actually impressive in a weird kind of way, you would think they'd have come up with something half decent on their own purely by chance sooner or later. You know how a monkey sat at a typewriter could theoretically write the complete works of Shakespeare given an infinite amount of time? You reckon if you did the same with Stuart Spector he could eventually come up with a bass that didn't look like total a55?
  20. Gigged for years with a DI as our guitarist, no real issues as long as they have good organisational skills which he did. We had to refuse a couple of dive bar gigs as he may get recognised but that wasn't a problem for anybody.
  21. The Behringer of basses would be Spector surely, them never having actually designed an original bass shape an' all?
  22. It's a different video but no less mental.
  23. Collectors will buy it and that's who it's aimed at.
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