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  1. My torment is worse than your torment. Just sayin.
  2. My Hofner Contemporary Series "Club" bass, with the exact neck and general set-up of the violin version, was indeed a lot of trouble. Reducing the factory action took a lot of time (and some dollars as well). With reduced action, the bass was a very good one. The Contemporary version was $795, including case, and well worth it, I felt--after the adjustments.
  3. I've two Japan-made, a P and a J (currently). Top quality.
  4. Could it be that sustain is lauded simply because there is not all that much to say about 98 out of 100 basses?
  5. I picked up the bass after the trio I was with got into jazz. I realized quickly that my basically folk guitar skills were not going to make it in this new world. Got a bass, learned a few basic moves (blues!) then took lessons for a year and got better: scales, modes, key centers, and just learning on the fly. It helps immensely that my trio mates are great musicians. I've since studied jazz guitar but still consider bass my first instrument.
  6. The only thing I'd do is buy cabs set at 8 ohms, not 4. As it is, the low ohm rating restricts my ability to stack cabs.
  7. Yes to the hardware ! Great bass, and named for a great player. Cheers!
  8. Thanks, Silvia, for the great and thorough review. There's an Ibanez bass dealer in Rutland, here in southern Vermont (Be Music). When this bloody virus is behind us, I am going to go in and play a few of them. Hope all's well with you. Ted
  9. +1. I have a Schroeder 2x10 that weighs 35 pounds and I've never wanted for volume. Schroeder declares it can put out the sound of a 4x10 (but of course he would say that). Whatever the case, it's a killer cab.
  10. Ronnie Lane and Pete Townshend came out with "Rough Mix" in about 1978. Great stuff but not much played then or now.
  11. I am turning jade with envy just looking at this. Great buy.
  12. Hofner Contemporary Series basses (Chinese made) are several pounds lighter than a P-bass.
  13. Thanks, MD, that's exactly what I did; or rather, I sanded the bottom side of the top piece of the bridge. Worked very well.
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