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  1. Great band and real character bass player. Loved 'em back in the day. This was my fave. https://youtu.be/JkPoVzSPkqQ
  2. I had a play on that, a few months ago. Spot on bass.
  3. I've owned a couple of US P basses and only played a Cutlass, in a shop. In general I'd say EBMM gear is of a higher standard than Fender, though there will always be exceptions. If I was looking for that type of bass, I'd definitely go for the Cutlass. It looks feels and sounds, so good. As you say though, the re-sale on a Fender will always be better.
  4. A real black beauty. I kinda like the chrome control plate. Congrats.
  5. Sorry to hear that. Have you tried it at differing heights, on the strap? I have a Vintera and American Performer Mustangs and both balance perfectly. Neck dive is a killer.
  6. Sorry to hear about the QC issues but it looks a really cool bass and I love Nordstrand pickups. I've always found Indonesian gear to be spot on. I reckon you should email Ibanez about the issues. Have fun with it, once sorted out.
  7. Going back to my Fender A.P. Mustang, after my initial like of it's Fender strings, I decided they just weren't quite up to it and have reverted to my usuals, Elixir. I have stuck to the lighter, 40 to 95 gauge. Elixir don't seem to do short scale but these standard length strings work just fine, on this Mustang. And I have to say, they are a real improvement in both feel and tone. Definitely worth the extra cash and there's the longevity too.
  8. It sure looks very cool, especially in Daphne Blue. https://intl.sterlingbymusicman.com/pages/stingray-short-scale Though I do prefer 2 pickup basses, this is a real tempter.
  9. Sorry to be obvious but if you like their sound, who cares what anyone else thinks? I've heard good and bad things about most string makes, particularly LaBella and anyway, Picato are not pricey, so give 'em a go, I reckon.
  10. grayn

    NBD - Sire V3

    Congrats, looks a nice bass, although 3 completely different knobs looks odd, I'm sure you'll sort that out. Cool bass.
  11. Oh Yeah, hadn't spotted that, although GuitarGuitar still have this 34" model. https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/05090913515618--lakland-skyline-hollowbody-bass-3-tone-sunburst?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI96TjyruL6AIViEHTCh1QVQi5EAQYASABEgJjgfD_BwE
  12. Your one, with the Fender(ish) headstock looks a lot better than the more recent version.
  13. grayn

    NBD - La Reunion

    Great story, great bass. Congrats.
  14. Well said and congrats again on a top bass.
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