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  1. I owned and gigged the US Performer and really rated it. I much prefer 2 pickup basses and the Jazz on this bass certainly was not useless. Really well built and finished, with some great tones.
  2. A really stunning bass. I reckon in a few weeks you'll be wondering why you didn't realise how amazing it iwas, earlier. Congrats.
  3. Thanks. The JB of course. But later on I spent ages noodling on the Cort. It's whole feel and tone just makes me experiment more. Made me go all King Crimson😸
  4. I went out today, to get a guitar and bass. I had in my mind to get a Telecaster and either a 4 or 5 string bass. I did try out a couple of nice Teles but came home with a 4 and 5 string bass, instead. I already have a very nice '61 re-issue Jazz Bass, so didn't need another JB. But I picked up an American Original 70s Jazz Bass, in vintage white and got rather wowed by it. Really gorgeous and very smooth to play. Well, it has different pickups, positioned slightly different and different body wood to my '61, so that's my excuse for getting it. I also tried a couple of Cort 5-stringers. A GB75JH which is incredibly good, for very little cash. But the one that came home with me was an A5 Plus SCMS, which is a single cut bass, with a through neck and multiscale fretting and really excellent spec. Bartolini Mk1 pickups, Hipshot hardware and some beautiful woods. Including Ash body, with a spalted maple top and a maple and panga panga neck. The pre amp works really nicely with 3 band EQ, vol, pan and a passive/active switch. 2 very different basses, in pretty much every way but both are a real buzz to own and play. The Jazz will be more for band playing, the Cort for noodling and recording. Though I may take it to band practice, for some fun.
  5. I really like the controls, having separate tone knobs is ideal for me, as I like to roll the tone off a little on the bridge pickup, whilst keeping the neck pickup full on, The only difference I would make would be to have one volume and a pan control, instead of two volumes.
  6. I fancied another Jazz bass, so headed over to Promenade Music today. I tried a number of basses in my price range, including a Marco N1 TFL, a Markbass MB JP Black Chrome and an Ex Demo, Fender American Pro Jazz. Each one of them shone, in it's own way but the bass that came home with me was a MIJ Fender Limited Traditional 61, Jazz Bass. Yes, it is a very conventional Jazz bass but when done well, that is a very good thing. I particularly liked the 4 knob (2 x dual concentric) controls, with a volume and tone for either pickup. The C profile neck is a pleasure to play and the vintage style pickups sound full and smooth, with a nice growl. The quality of build and finish are excellent and the overall, traditional feel, sound and aesthetic make this a great, passive bass.
  7. Seriously impressive bass, congrats.
  8. Great band and real character bass player. Loved 'em back in the day. This was my fave. https://youtu.be/JkPoVzSPkqQ
  9. I had a play on that, a few months ago. Spot on bass.
  10. I've owned a couple of US P basses and only played a Cutlass, in a shop. In general I'd say EBMM gear is of a higher standard than Fender, though there will always be exceptions. If I was looking for that type of bass, I'd definitely go for the Cutlass. It looks feels and sounds, so good. As you say though, the re-sale on a Fender will always be better.
  11. A real black beauty. I kinda like the chrome control plate. Congrats.
  12. Sorry to hear that. Have you tried it at differing heights, on the strap? I have a Vintera and American Performer Mustangs and both balance perfectly. Neck dive is a killer.
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