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  1. 😄 Perhaps in some cases, but not all. Here is another early John Mayall album..Blues from Laural Canyon".. complete with track listings and key. "Vacation" – 2:47 E "Walking on Sunset" – 2:50 Ab "Laurel Canyon Home" – 4:33 C "2401" – 3:42 A "Ready to Ride" – 3:32 E "Medicine Man" – 2:43 G "Somebody's Acting Like a Child" – 3:27 Db "The Bear" – 4:40 Bb "Miss James" – 2:30 F "First Time Alone" – 4:49 B "Long Gone Midnight" – 3:27 Eb "Fly Tomorrow" – 8:59 D
  2. I'm surprised no one has so far mentioned the "Godfather of British Blues..." John Mayall. Although he plays a range of instruments, I would say that keys is his main one. Here is a track from an early album of his where he plays all the instruments except drums... "The Blues Alone". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6pSWlcjOkk
  3. I never pay much attention to the "greatest" X,Y, or Z polls/opinions. They are in the "ear of the beholder". For me, a "great" bass line is one that supplies exactly (no more or less) what the song requires. If it sounds great to you then it is...
  4. Check out G&L basses. The G&L L2000 is a very versatile sounding bass.
  5. I assume it has a Badass bridge. 😉
  6. See post number 40 in the link below. The contributor JTE is a longtime, and well respected member of Talkbass. https://www.talkbass.com/threads/wilton-felder-tone.1012078/page-2
  7. IMO you need to begin from the ground up and understand how chord tones are made from scales. Jamming along with scales is great for the ear, but you also need to move swiftly on to CHORD TONES. Here is a great site which will explain in an easy to understand way. https://www.studybass.com/lessons/bass-chord-patterns/chord-tones-are-primary/
  8. Carol Kaye is one of the most famous pick players. In the link below (see tip numbers 26 and 27) she gives detailed instructions on pick playing. Plenty here to keep you occupied for a while. https://www.carolkaye.com/www/education/tips1.htm
  9. Canned Heat's Larry Taylor (RIP), and Buddy Guy's bassist Greg Rzab.
  10. A very thoughtful gesture. Thanks. 🙏
  11. Correct. !!! The late great Glenn Cornick was on bass for Tull's first four or five albums. He is/was one of my favourites, with a very busy but lyrical style. As well as his amazing playing on " Living in the Past" and" Bouree," check out his playing in Tull's lesser known track "Jeffrey Goes to Leicester Square" from the "Stand Up" album. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyFWn4uYC_4
  12. Thomastik rounds are worth checking out. https://lordofthestrings.com/en/bass/electric/4-string/thomastik-jr344-jazz-bass.html
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