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  1. Monkey Steve

    Forgotten gems that your band plays...

    ha - we did exactly the same thing! Well, we didn't change it to the Davey Boys, but, you know
  2. Monkey Steve

    Geddy's Bass Book - Out In December

    Having heard an interview with him about the book, he does seem to have spent the last few years obsessively playing his basses to compare and contrast the tone (and the book has a comparison of basses for every year of Fender Jazz production over the time period to see whether he can hear the differences) so I wonder if he either had one where it did improve the tone back in the day so he defaulted to changing the bridge/tailpiece without ever checking the individual instruments, or if the snake oil of magic extra sustain has worn off. Or, you know, drugs. Perhaps I should read what he's saying properly then...
  3. Monkey Steve

    Geddy's Bass Book - Out In December

    I've only skimmed through my copy, but I'm pretty sure he says that having been convinced at the time that the Badass improved the sustain, he now thinks he was probably wrong about it
  4. Monkey Steve

    Forgotten gems that your band plays...

    Not really function fodder (though we did do a couple of catered parties and a wedding), but an old punk covers band of mine had a set that was already half full of "oh yeah, I remember that one" songs - stuff that was in the charts back in the late '70's and old punks would recognise and enjoy but were unlikely to be recognised by everybody (which was fine, we didn't tend to get a lot on non-punks at our gigs) However, the one song that always went down an absolute storm and quickly became the final encore of the night was Fight For Your Right To Party by the Beastie Boys
  5. Monkey Steve

    Any singing bassists here?

    I've done it off and on, more BVs than lead. To echo a lot of what has already been said, for me I have to know how to play the bass line well enough without concentrating on it, then move on to the vocals. But there would be certain things where the different timing of each part would make it impossible. In one band where we sacked the singer and couldn't find a replacement for ages, the rest of us shared out the vocals to see if we could keep ticking over, and there was one song where one of the guitarists could manage the choruses but not the verses, and I could manage the verses but not the choruses so in summary, make sure you write all of the vocal melodies yourself, and structure those around what you can sing while playing the bass line
  6. Monkey Steve

    Bands that wont learn covers properly.

    the worst one was The Trooper - the combination of the lead guitarist's lack of feel and timing, and the rhythm guitarist's lack of talent, the harmony guitar parts, while technically having the correct notes in the correct order and with the correct harmony intervals, all sound abysmal, like they are playing a completely different melody which is a problem when people are supposed to recognise the song. It was one of the tracks on our demo, and the lead makes up for it by playing a brilliant, note perfect solo...he then lets the rhythm guitarist has a go for the second solo and it undoes all of that good work, like somebody with broken fingers falling down the stairs
  7. Monkey Steve

    Geddy's Bass Book - Out In December

    I note that Amazon now show it as available within 1-2 months, so basically it's not in stock and they're not sure when they're getting any more. You might be OK, but Amazon do have a habit of doing this and then sending you a slow and steady stream if e-mails saying that they aren't sure when they'll have it and you might want to cancel your order and find it elsewhere. I had an order for a load of lightscribe CDRs that was open for about two years before they eventually admitted that they weren't going to be getting any more.
  8. Monkey Steve

    How was your gig last night?

    I wouldn't say it's a cultural thing, more that it's so unexpected that when it happens you remember it as being a really nice gesture. An old band of mine used to play an excellent music pub about three hours drive away - we always got on with the landlord and he treated us brilliantly. But despite doing a roaring trade in food and drink all night, and knowing that we'd have set off mid-afternoon and wouldn't be in until the small hours, he never once offered us as much as a free pint or a bowl of chips
  9. Monkey Steve

    Bands that wont learn covers properly.

    Of course, sometimes it's down to the limitations of one or more band members. I was in a metal covers band, and me, the drummer and the lead guitarist would assiduously learn the recorded versions of the songs (me and the drummer especially...the lead guitarist had an awful sense of rhythm so sometimes his phrasing was a little off, albeit that he would have the right chords). Then we had the rhythm guitarist, who was a great bloke, but very much there to make up the numbers. The irony was that he probably worked harder than anybody else in the band, and was playing to his absolute limit at all times...just his limit was quite often below the level required to play the song correctly. He'd the resort to tabs when playing the songs at home, and if he got an arrangement into his head it would stick there - more than once we spent a good chunk of time correcting what he was doing at a practice, it would sound great, then next week he'd come to practice and play it the wrong way again. We recorded a demo - all I can say is thank the deity of your choice for Pro Tools
  10. Monkey Steve

    Bands that wont learn covers properly.

    I depped with a band for a couple of gigs at Christmas, which was all fast, technical death metal, meaning that the sound on their early albums was awful, just mush with no discernible bass. But it mostly followed the guitar so I found a few guitar tabs and tried learning some of the bass from that. Not one had the correct guitar lines I don’t mean not getting the correct chord shape, but actually getting the melody completely wrong. the odd thing was that they usually fitted so I did use a couple to try and work out the bass but whenever I’d take it into the studio there would be a shake of the head from the guitarists, no, that’s not what we play...
  11. Monkey Steve

    Bands that wont learn covers properly.

    Also, online tabs have a lot to answer for. Especially guitar tabs
  12. Monkey Steve

    Bands that wont learn covers properly.

    Playing wise, I’ve only had this once - a mate asked me to replace the departing guitarist in his punk covers band. Turning up at the first practice with charts for the very hastily learned set of about 25 songs, well over half were in the wrong key or had the wrong arrangement. All a hangover from the previous guitarists somewhat limited abilities. fortunately the band were eager to get the songs right - there were a lot of “oh yeah, that’s how it goes/that sounds a lot more like the original/that sounds better” from the rest of the band. Having then learned the set and after playing it for a few years I’d sometimes be surprised to hear the originals with a slightly different arrangement - our version would subtly morph over time
  13. Monkey Steve

    Help to motivate to play when depressed

    fortunately I'm not a sufferer, so this isn't a tip about dealing with depression, but the one thing that gets me out of bass boredom and the general feeling of not being that bothered about playing: just changing the strings! New, zingy sound, and suddenly the ennui is lifted and I want to play again. Fully appreciate that it's my solution, and won't work for everybody. Good luck in finding what works for you
  14. Monkey Steve

    You can only have........

    it depends what you mean by flexibility... I can get pretty much all the sounds I need from my five string Warwick Stage 1 with coil tappable passive $$ pickups with active eq, and by varying my playing technique. If the bass doesn't do it then a pedal probably can, although I do have exactly the set up for "my" sound and I don;t often feel the need for something that sounds any different. Not fretless so if that's a requirement I'd get a five string fretless of some description, but personally that's not on my radar. I do, however, have a five string fretted Wal on order, as that sound is pretty much unique...and once I get that (in about a year) I may find that my Warwick is of less use...
  15. Monkey Steve

    I have an artist endorsement deal

    yeah, from mates who have deals it seems highly variable. In the band I depped with at Christmas, the rhythm guitarist and the last but one bass player got deals with ESP/LTD, right at the point they were trying to sign everybody in extreme metal (it was noticeable just how many on stage at Bloodstock were playing ESPs that year) and got a few free guitars (good ones too) but in exchange they had to sell their souls sign a contract that they wouldn't play anything else. The lead guitarist, who had been playing Jacksons, didn't like the ESPs that he tried and didn't want to commit to one company, so instead asked management to get him an endorsement with Jackson. So far he's had a free t-shirt, his photo is in a Jackson catalogue, and if he ever wants a new guitar they'll sell him one at half the list price, but he's happy with the ones he's already got so he has no intention of doing that. Not really worth his bother...though his ego does like being a Jackson endorsee... Another lead guitarist mate who's in a much higher profile band has deals with Ibanez and Mesa Boogie. For Boogie it's mates rates (but he does use that to save money on his purchases) and for Ibanez it's a bit more about getting guitars from their custom shop, which they only offer to their endorsed artists, not to the public