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  1. Monkey Steve

    Strings...oh god not again!

    D'Addarrio Pro Steels for me - seem to retain that brand new zinginess for longer (and in my experience D'Addarios have always stayed brighter for longer than other brands)
  2. Monkey Steve

    Cracking live albums but a bit meh in the studio

    I always found the studio albums of the period a bit under cooked. I tried to love them, but (as per the point of the thread) but never liked them as much as the live album. For my "less than 25 years old" nomination, my favourite Beatsteaks album is Kanonen auf Spatzen which is one of my all time favourite albums full stop, although it's not that I don't also love the studio albums that the songs come from so it's probably not appropriate for the thread
  3. Monkey Steve

    50th Birthday and £500 max spend.. Sire MM?

    yeah, I've certainly had some chunky necks on older Warwick 5's, but also some very slim ones
  4. Monkey Steve

    50th Birthday and £500 max spend.. Sire MM?

    Have to disagree - they’ve had a choice of two neck profiles for years now and there are plenty of slim ones. Especially the thru necks
  5. Monkey Steve

    50th Birthday and £500 max spend.. Sire MM?

    I'm a firm fan of Warwick, and they are ridiculously cheap second hand - massively under-priced for the original German instruments IMHO. If you can find a thru-neck version of any of their models in your price range it will be slim and fast, and in my experience handles the low B very well. That said, they have a lot of variety in neck profiles and pickup choices over the years, to say nothing of the different ranges that they have introduced in recent years so it can be quite difficult to keep track of what was made where and by which team of craftsmen. Even more so since they started badging their RockBass range as Warwick, although a mate of mine has one and swears by it so perhaps not to be dismissed Finding a bargain can be a bit of a task, trawling through eBay and small ads. But if you are having a trip to Andertons anyway it would be worth trying a few of the assorted ranges to see if you like them...and then off to the interweb to look for second hand ads
  6. Monkey Steve

    Cracking live albums but a bit meh in the studio

    Whitesnake - Live In The Heart Of The City
  7. Monkey Steve

    Lost by ParcelForce - oh Joy!!

    I tend to think that any lost parcel shows a lack of "reasonable care" regardless of whether the courier admits to having put it down the wrong chute or not, and I'm not aware that this gives any more entitlement to the full value of the lost items. Good summary here: https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/what-are-my-rights-if-a-parcel-i-sent-is-late-or-missing which seems to boil down to the sender having a contract with the courier that confirms the amount of compensation, which in turn depends on the level of insurance bought (if any) Possibly worth a try, but there's a key difference in that EU law confirms that the customer has a right to expect that goods will last for a reasonable period, which is not governed by the length of the guarantee. I suspect that you said the magic words that they were waiting to hear before they will roll over and pay up. No point fighting a claim that they know they will lose, and certainly not worth the PR disaster of trying. While it may be worth a try, I don't think that the OP has the same rights to fall back on. It's not like being the most complained about companies on the planet has made any noticeable difference to their performance to date...
  8. Monkey Steve

    Drummer Related General Band Moan

    Had similar issues, both with band members showing up when it suits them and cancelling (or just not showing up) when it didn't, and more frequently with nobody in the band wanting to bite the bullet and sort out a situation (or the BL not wanting to be the bad guy) For the former, we had to impose a similar rule to the one suggested above, that if you cancel within the 48 hour period then you have to pay the full costs. That sorted that one out to a degree, despite much "but the rest of you can still practice if I'm not there" whining from the guilty party. For the latter issue, in my experience a problem like this had never, ever got better on it's own , and trying to ignore it, or complaining about it to the rest of the band but saying nothing to the band member who is the problem, just makes everything feel much worse. Better to take the pain and get on with the sacking now - you will all sleep much better afterwards and can actually move forward. A couple of questions. Is there a specific issue that the drummer is dealing with that's behind this? If he can't make rehearsals because his wife's just died and he's got to look after the kids (and an array of things that may stop well short of that level of seriousness) then IMHO it's time for sympathy, understanding and as much of working round him as you can manage until he can sort things out or decides for himself that he can't do it any more. Maybe finding a second drummer who understands the position and is ready to play whenever drummer #1 can't, given that it's almost full time as things stand. Even if there is a good reason for things, that doesn't mean it'll get any better. Once had a guitarist who's lateness was legendary. He had plenty of valid excuses, but at the end of the day, the band would be sitting around for two thirds of rehearsals because he was running late again, and it doesn't matter how good the excuse was, the band was suffering and he was the problem that needed to be resolved. By sacking him. I'm not seeing why you would want to offer him a hiatus, unless the specific reason for his flakiness is time limited and will improve in due course. I did once have a band member who asked for one, for perfectly good reasons, that the rest of his life was going to be far too hectic for the next year or so and he didn't have time for the band. In fairness, he presented it as a resignation, but giving us the option to ask him back if we needed him after that year had elapsed. We could then recruit a replacement on the assumption that it would be permanent, who I then sacked a year later as he was nowhere near as good as the original guy who definitely wanted to come back (but presented it as "the original line up is getting back together" and he understood).
  9. Monkey Steve

    Tuning to suit the guitarist

    I did this for a band that I depped with at Christmas - the songs on their last album were in standard E, but everything prior to that was tuned down (on the guitars) to a C. I tried it with just my 5 string and just re-tuned up half a step for the songs in C, and back down again for the songs in E. Then after a while I brought a second bass, left that in E and left the fiver in C. I did also experiment with a capo, but by the time I'd checked the tuning it wasn't any easier than re-tuning properly or changing the bass. My preference for "drop" tuning on the guitars is simply to move to the low B on my 5 string, but if the whole guitar is up or down a semi tone or even a fourth, then from experience it's usually best to match that, especially where you want/need to use open strings
  10. Monkey Steve

    Use of image

    no, that's not the same as having a right to take photos. You would have to stop taking pictures if challenged, and you would have absolutely no rights to use the photos commercially. the fact that there is no law automatically forbidding photography until challenged is a very different thing to having a right to take photographs, because rights do not disappear when somebody asks you to stop. the truth here is that nobody cares enough to do anything about it, and they wouldn't get very far if they tried - certainly not at the level of a gig where nobody is paying to get in. But it might be very different if you tried to sell photos of a band who can afford to take you to court
  11. Monkey Steve

    Use of image

    you don't have to sign anything for Ts % Cs to apply. You are deemed to have consented to them by buying a ticket/appearing at the festival. It's what asterisks on websites were invented for
  12. Monkey Steve

    Use of image

    and you think that the festival makes a point of covering all these points when they sell the tickets, but doesn't mention the consent to being photographed in the artists contracts? If they were deemed to be in a public place then there would not be any need to have the Ts & Cs. And if you had read and understood the Ts & Cs you would have seen that you cannot do what you like with the pictures you've taken because you cannot use them for commercial purposes without authority, which you do not need if they were taken in a public place. So it is very, very different from photos you have taken in a public place. Are you genuinely not understanding this point? I'm done repeating myself
  13. Monkey Steve

    Use of image

    Here's what Glastonbury has to say: https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/tickets/#TCS Term 12 for the festival goers and Term 10 for the photographers, with an extra page to expand on that: https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/media/photography-at-glastonbury/ Here's Download - General Term f for festival goers, Banned Items d for photographers: https://downloadfestival.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/DL-Ts-and-Cs-2019-v3-FINAL-.pdf British Summer Time at Hyde Park (terms 19 and 25, although interestingly they don't directly deal with amateur photography): https://www.bst-hydepark.com/terms-of-use Reading (and presumably Leeds) General terms e and g: https://www.readingfestival.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/2019-Reading-Weekend-Ticket-Terms-and-Conditions.pdf General Term H at Wilderness https://www.wirelessfestival.co.uk/terms-and-conditions shall I go on?
  14. Monkey Steve

    Use of image

    cough... But that's not what you've been arguing is it? You've been arguing that people have the right to take photos of you at festivals . They don't. There is a contractual agreement for people to have their photos taken, and to not use the photos for commercial reasons. A contractual agreement is not a right. And that is only really there because these days doing anything else is unenforceable. It wasn't that long ago that people with cameras were stopped at the entrance, and anybody caught taking photos was thrown out.
  15. Monkey Steve

    Use of image

    Yes, but that has got absolutely nothing to do with your right to take a photo. You only have a right to take photos if you are on pubic land, and even then there are restrictions. If you are not on public land you have no such right - the fact that this is largely a petty restriction that is not worth enforcing in the age of smartphones does not change the law and give you the right to take pictures when on private land.