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  1. Helmet at the Islington O2 in a couple of weeks. might go to Acid Reign’s album launch gig the following night then it was supposed to be Saxon - Hammersmith for me, with Krokus, Girlschool and Diamond Head. It’s been rescheduled for the end of March so fingers crossed for Biff’s full recovery
  2. to the OP, contacting local Cash Converters, music shops and anywhere else that might buy a musical instrument is worth doing.
  3. are you a private detective by any chance?
  4. and excellent live - saw him with Lounge Against The Machine at Sonisphere a few years ago and they were utterly brilliant And a shout out for the Lounge Kittens who's three part harmonies and piano version of the filthiest excesses of punk, metal and R&B are fantastic (and again, they are great live)
  5. well if we're including mooning, Angus Young has some form for that, and I still have nightmares from Dumpy's Rusty Nuts shows back in the 80's that never failed to give Dumpy's er, dumpster an airing Die Antwoord's singer did the same at Download this year...as did Tommy Lee when I saw Motley Crue back in the day
  6. bands never work well as a democracy. They work best as a benevolent dictatorship, and maybe you need to be the dictator. Don't expect them to get round to the photos and video, tell them all that you're getting it done, and make the arrangements for it,
  7. well, I'm sure you're a great bass player and this doesn't apply to you, but for the sake of playing devil's advocate A mate of mine had to put up with a bass player who basically couldn't play the bass - he was actually a rhythm guitarist who had ended up in the band for reasons too long and irrelevant to go into. And he wasn't a very good rhythm guitarist either. So my mate, a very talented lead guitarist, would routinely have to point out that the bass player wasn't playing the right lines for the songs., and show him which notes he should be playing, and this included suggesting where he played on the fretboard (although that was more because it was like dealing with a complete beginner) I've since depped with them and they are actually very tolerant about the bass player coming up with their own lines and interpretations of the songs, but they do have to be in line with what he band is playing, and if you're doubling a riff then you need to get the riff right So when the not-really-a-bass player spat back that he wasn't going to play what he was told, he was going to play what he had come up with...it didn't end well, and I can't say that I was on the bass player's side in that one
  8. Yeah, I'm basically with SP work out what you want from each of the bands, and assess whether you honestly think they will be able to provide it for you. And is there any more that you could be doing to fix it? Because, pointing no fingers, I've sat in enough rehearsal rooms with band members complaining about this and that that they think the band should be doing more of, who then do absolutely nothing about it, instead waiting for the magic gig fairy to come along and find them the higher profile paying bookings that they think they deserve There's nothing wrong in quitting a band if it's not what you want, so don't feel guilty. What I would suggest is that if you want to leave on good terms (and you may not) is that before you simply text everybody to say you're out, let them all know what you're unhappy about, and see whether they will actually change. And don't believe them when they all say that they will change, because talk is very, very cheap. Set some goals and deadlines and if they haven't met them they can't say they weren't warned.
  9. There's also something to be said for a strong band leader who keeps the band on message rather than letting band members make choices that the audience would not appreciate. It's sometimes a mistake to play your favourite songs rather than the audience's favourites, and I've been in bands which have learned something that one of the band members has insisted we do, only to see it greeted with complete silence by the crowd because it's not what they've come to hear Equally I've seen strong BL's ruin a set by making the band play all of their favourite songs rather than putting any thought into making it appealing to the audience, so i guess it doesn't really matter who picks the songs as long as they are the right ones
  10. I did tune my low B up to a C for one band, but not for any clever alternate tuning reason, purely because the guitars were tuned down to a C, and the rest of my strings were also tuned up a semi tone
  11. I'll always check how long the item will take to deliver - if it says "next day" then it's usually in stock, but if it's "3-5 days" or longer then it's probably at their suppliers and they're pretty confident that they can get one if you do actually order it Andertons are my local shop and they are miles ahead with on line stock levels and managing where things need to be. I've popped in before now to pick up something and been told to hang on while they send a minion to the warehouse to get it, and the website is very clear about whether the stock is in the shop or in the warehouse. And there's no price difference. I don't know if GAK have changed things yet (doesn't sound like it from some of the comments above) but a mate of mine has had issues with them not having stock in the shop that they have in the warehouse, and not matching prices, because (so they told him) the warehouse/on line shop is effectively run as a separate business
  12. have to say, that while I like my five string tuned to a low B, my instinct for a higher string would be to set that to a high B rather than a C. i suspect purely because I play a lot of guitar (including a seven string) so it would feel natural. Completely understand why a bass player/ist would favour a high C
  13. have you just never brought it up? or have you made suggestions before and been knocked back? I've made a couple of friendly suggestion while depping for an originals band that were dismissed, but no conflict as it was always their show and their choice. For covers bands I've always taken the view that I'm OK playing a few songs that aren't my favourites or wouldn't be my choice, but you need to compromise to keep everybody happy. But then I've never been the hired hand or relied on the gigs for my income, and would happily have left if the band started playing a lot of material that I actively disliked
  14. The second or third gig I ever went to, my first at Hammersmith Odeon, was Uli Jon Roth and the Electric Sun. Don't remember much, other than him playing a lot of old Scorpions songs and being dressed as a Japanese wizard...looks like that hasn't changed great guitarist though
  15. of course there's this https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/wjkdyw/rage-against-the-machine-nude-protest-at-lollapalooza-93 Uncensored pictures are available...as are interviews where Tim Commerford insists that it was a very cold day and he's just been surfing...
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