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  1. If you can't find a bag with more room, try adding something to the top/bottom so that the bass wears against that rather than the bag. I had this with a Warwick - nothing unusual, just that the straplock at the bottom end worked it's way through the bag after months of being carried around. I solved it with some card wrapped in gaffa tape that sat at the bottom of the bag, so that bass wore through that and i could replace it cheaply and easily every couple of months.
  2. hmmm...the announcement doesn't seem to be saying that they won't actually be playing any more gigs, only that they won't be doing any more full tours Pretty sure Ozzy's tried that line a couple of times too
  3. Fingers crossed he's not the guitarist's best mate...
  4. good plan although... Had an issue in a previous band when we sacked the singer and couldn't immediately find a replacement. The plan was brilliantly simple - we should all try singing all of the songs and then we can work out who suits them best. unfortunately one of the guitarists heard this as "say which songs you fancy trying and as long as you're not rubbish you'll keep them" and he bagsied about 80% of the set. None of which suited his voice. No amount of recorded evidence would convince him that he wasn't superb. On some level he could hear it, but it was clearly down to where the recorder was placed that explained why the voice on the tape didn't match the voice in his head, right? good luck
  5. tricky one that - always much easier to tell somebody that their singing sucks if you're not the one that will be singing as their replacement. It'll be interesting to see the BL dynamics - will the guitarist be strong enough to sort it out, or too polite to say when the vocals aren't up to scratch?
  6. go with an open mind - you have nothing to lose except a few hours of your life What I would suggest is to be very honest (in a polite way) about things when you are there. In particular, if they are all a bit rusty, see how well they can improve If you are concerned about the musical direction, perhaps also do a bit of band leadership - take the lead in suggesting what other songs could be covered. That might then flush out the other personalities. And sack the keyboard player. Your previous experiences are not unusual
  7. Learned to play using a pick, and that was pretty much it for the first few years, and certainly for my first few bands. Never paid much attention to bass players or techniques if they weren't needed for what I was playing. Beyond buying a couple of Stu Hamm albums after seeing him in Joe Satriani's band...which got played a couple of times and then ignored because, well, I just don't enjoy listening to that sort of stuff - I'd rather sing along to a chorus than admire the musician's technique. Which isn't to say that I don't admire great musical skill, more that I want to admire it in service of the song But over time I've got better at playing the bass, and have picked up other techniques. For me they are tools, and it's better to have the right tools if ever I need them, even if I don't need them right now. YMMV - there isn't a right or wrong
  8. I have a set of Schallers on an acoustic bass - an Ortega, which came with them. I find them overly fussy to use compared to the Dunlops that I have on all my other instruments - pulling out and sliding the lock off sideways rather than just pushing in and popping off the lock on the Dunlops...had to retype that several times to make it sound less dirty... Happy to put it down to personal preference, but Dunlops for me. The Schallers are perfectly stable
  9. didn't we get into this on another thread a while back? Maybe not Fender? The defence offered was that as a manufacturer it makes little difference to them because they get the wholesale price no matter what and actually letting sellers drop the price means more sales for them, but they were trying to maintain minimum prices offered on line so that they were comparable to what bricks and mortar shops would have to charge because of their overheads
  10. the best/worst one was a guitarist from one of my very first teenage bands, who's not very good playing was made even worse by his refusal to tune up mid practice/gig. He'd done so at the start, and despite playing an 80's Strat (with not the most stable of trems) he saw needing to tune up again as some sort of weakness, an indication that he wasn't any sort of musician if he couldn't hear that he wasn't in tune (not helped by the fact that the other guitarist had perfect pitch and didn't need any sort of tuner at all). In fairness he proved his point - he wasn't any sort of musician and couldn't hear that he wasn't in tune But he did have a unique tone - you could hear one note and know it was him playing
  11. that was how we used to do it in the good old days - electronic tuners were laughed at as a complete waste of money when I started playing because everybody took an E or A off of one of the other instruments (which we trusted to be close enough to in tune). Though it did mean breaks during gigs while guitarists tuned up (anybody else listened to the live discs from the Motorhead 1979 reissues? Fast Eddie seems to spend half the gigs trying to get his guitar in tune) I've also read a couple of interviews with producers who prefer this when they are recording bands (Brett Gurewitz for one) because it's far more important that the band are in tune with each other than at concert pitch (quite why they can't achieve this by all being at concert pitch is unexplained)
  12. I'm on my second D'Addario one and have no problems with the low B. Admittedly it's the second one because the first fell to pieces, as did a previous non-D'Addario one - as per @DoubleOhStephan seems to be an issue with cheap headstock tuners. But I like the D'Addario's display, and I only use it in the front room for both electric and acoustic bass and guitars so it's fine for me. Wouldn't take it on stage.
  13. basses that don't come with a five string option basses that come with a five string option but rather than just widening the neck and hardware, the manufacturer does a complete redesign so what appeals about the four string design is now absent
  14. mate - that brings back memories from many moons ago. I used to love Upside Down from the Polka Slam fanzine 7 inch - think I bought it in the queue for the Marquee. And despite loving it, pretty sure i never bought any of their other stuff. Haven't played it for years...might be listening to it again tonight...
  15. My ex worked in a high street branch of a very well known bank in the late '80's/early '90's. This was back in the days before banks had a legal obligation to give bad references for former employees who have been dismissed, or even suspected of anything dodgy, and she had lots of tales about branch managers taking "early retirement" after large amounts of money was found to be missing, because the banks didn't want the bad press that might come with sackings and prosecutions. Armed with a neutral reference confirming their experience of managing people's accounts, they often reappeared at a different bank in a different town to start again. Anyway, she told me that at her branch in a fairly busy bit of South London, they would regularly have visits from foreign nationals, typically straight off the plane from South American, who wanted to open an account in which to deposit their holdall (and in more than one case, a suitcase) full of US dollars. They never had any papers beyond a passport, and rarely spoke English. And because the branch managers got an annual bonus that was partly based on the amount of new accounts opened and the total level of money on deposit, they were very keen to be as welcoming as possible so that word might spread amongst the other South American travellers, even though the bank had a strict policy on not accepting anything that looked like it might come from the drugs trade.
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