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  1. i did have a perforated eardrum, but when i was a really small child, not recently. My memories are only of being in a huge amount of pain, but on the plus side when it healed i was fine and there was never any lasting damage
  2. I don't follow. You not being in the band doesn't mean that the wife can't continue, or that they can't use the PA or the rehearsal space. More of an issue for the band should be how you withdraw from playing gigs. A drummer mate of mine managed his (not for the same reasons, he was moving to a completely different area) by putting a firm end date on his playing, and telling the band to start getting his replacement up and running ASAP. There was a long enough hand over period where the band could still book new gigs and he'd play them, but they knew that had to get something sorted out in advance. He did his bit by helping his replacement learn the set, and in the end handed everything over well in advance of his original departure date, with everybody happy. Though I do agree that it might be easier if your wife wasn't in the band. probably best to start discussing things with her first, to make it clear that you're really not enjoying it and want to stop, but want to make sure that she can still continue doing it. Would she really want you to keep doing something that makes you miserable?
  3. hmmm From your perspective, if it's not making you happy, don't do it. S'fine. I have a very different perspective, but we're all different and that's what makes the World an interesting place But also think of it from the band's perspective. I've been in bands where one band member has not enjoyed gigging, or hasn't wanted to do as much of it as the rest of us, or doesn't want to play gigs more than half an hour from their front door, or has come up with cunning excuses of why the band isn't really to play gigs. And it's never ended well, even when they've reluctantly played the gigs - the whining about every little thing that didn't go right is really tedious and spoils what everybody else is getting out of it. Don't become that guy. So I'd suggest letting them know that you're really not enjoying it and then give them the option to find a replacement. Drop out gracefully
  4. has any of the band already got insurance for any of their instruments? Before you pay more for a specific policy, check whether that gives the band some public liability cover - seems to come as standard, but as ever, check the small print to see whether it applies for the band as a whole or just for claims relating to the insured gear
  5. I would need to check in the loft to see if I did actually throw out the now 31 year old tin of FastFret that I got when I got my first guitar at 19 (I already had a bass at 18). I just threw out the strap they I bought at the same time when I got my Rickenbacker (which I still have, and it was 13 years old then) but I still have the Jim Dunlop strap locks - bit battered by time but still working fine. So 31 year old strap locks
  6. 5, the answer is 5, always. 5 For the string spacing, Wawick's standard is 19mm for a 4 and 16.5mm for a 5 but goes up to 20mm for a broad neck 5
  7. as did Pete Stevens when I bought a Wal from him in 1999...
  8. There can be a difference on Same Day delivery items with Amazon charging more if you want it today...I would look for an example but it's after midday so they're not being shown. But I recall reading an article on it somewhere that showed there were separate listings for the one day delivery options with slightly higher prices, and when I checked it was true One thing i do like on the marketplace listings is that they are listed in order of total costs, so anybody offering a lower base price but higher shipping will get pushed down the list accordingly. I also find it slightly amusing that competing retailers will trim a penny off their price to get a boost up the listings
  9. see here: https://blogs.quickheal.com/quikr-scam-alert-beware-of-the-distance-buyers-scam/ and here: https://startsat60.com/discover/lifestyle/style/the-gumtree-scam-catching-out-innocent-sellers
  10. It's not necessarily the "have it tomorrow" aspect of that which appeals to me, but the "arrange which day you want to have it, including the weekend". I'm not often at home during the working week, and deliveries from other companies usually end up with a trip to the post office. Amazon lets me arrange for everything to be delivered on a day when i will actually be in. For me that is a major selling point
  11. Have to say, my experience of Amazon's customer service is uniformly excellent, particularly for stuff that they are selling me direct (rather than from third party) - replacements sent out straight away (with the threat that they will charge you again if you don't send back the original item), and if it's low value quite often they'll just tell you to keep or dispose of the original faulty/incorrect item. I've also had more than a few instances of £10 credits where I kick up a stink for a delivery slot being missed...you do need to kick up a stink though. The fact that I can order what I want at typically low prices and they'll deliver it at my convenience means that Amazon tends to be my default place to start looking for anything i want to buy. Vinyl is one exception where I'll shop around (and annoying as it is to not be able to pre-order or get stuff on line for a week, I do applaud Record Store Day for keeping their releases out of Amazon's clutches...until the Marketplace sellers start listing their left overs) and won't buy from them unless they are the cheapest seller, but the returns process and the fact that they don't add on postage charges means that they're still in with a reasonable chance of getting my order. That said, the website seems designed to make it as difficult as possible to actually make a complaint - directing you to a standard returns process, and restricting your options to deviate from that, and hiding how to make contact with CS direct. Current issue is a faulty vinyl copy of The Bends. Started the returns process and Amazon had a replacement with me the next day. Albeit with the threat that unless I send the faulty copy back by the middle of July they'll charge me for the replacement. Faulty copy dropped off for a Hermes return the next day (last Sunday)...website shows it as not having yet been received, and the main returns page doesn't give me any further options. Going into a separate returns page lets me track the package...which falls over and tells me that somethings wrong...do I want to continue shopping? So off to the well hidden page to send an e-mail to CS asking where it's got to given that I dropped it off a week ago. For musical gear, I'll stick to small stuff like strings if there's a significant saving (and for the bigger stuff, i can't remember seeing a listing for any instrument or amp that I was interested in where it was actually in stock - lots of listing for everything but nothing they ever actually seem to have), but actually they usually come from third party sellers and if it's a shop I know and trust I'll often go straight to their website and order direct. For the slightly more expensive stuff, like pedals, I tend to see what the price is on Amazon, which sellers have it for the cheapest price, and then go and order it from Andertons because they're always close enough and have next day delivery.
  12. as an aside, I do quite often toy with the idea of getting a dirt cheap instrument on eBay, just to try something new, the idea being that I can always upgrade to a better one if I take to it but avoid having chucked a load of cash at something I didn't really get on with it A sixer would probably fall into that category (also an 8 string (2x4) or a fretless)
  13. yes. Technically the winning bid is legally binding and there isn't a way to just pull out of the purchase. However, if you don;t pay it won't be worth the bidder taking you to court, especially if you don't pay because you don't have the money - what would they expect to gain from it? Apparently it's the same for real auction houses - they rarely pursue non-payers. So really the worst is a non-payment strike to let other sellers know that you can't be trusted
  14. I think we need to see the bass to judge If it's a Fender Bass VI in mint condition then well done If it's a chinese knock off with the headstock hanging off then you might need to suck it up and make it an amusing tale to tell your bandmates
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