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    Bristol, 2011 The last audition I had was for a band that the drummer who was in my jazz band had joined about six months previously. The band had regular gigs but didn't have a bass player up to that point as there 'wasn't enough money to pay a fourth person'. Anyway, they wanted a double bass player and the drummer wanted me in the band so he booked a local rehearsal space and the singer/guitarist drove the 60 miles from his home to Bristol for the occasion (which he moaned about all the way through the audition). I'd learnt the songs from the album the band had just recorded - it was pretty easy as there was no bass on the album, so I could just do what I wanted and it was all Johnny Cash style G/C/D stuff. Easy peasy. The singer/frontman bailed out of the session half an hour before it was due to start as he'd forgotten he was supposed to be playing football. No problem says drummer, the guitarist can sing the other guys parts. The audition got underway and everything seemed good to me. The drummer was mostly playing along with the guitar as that's the sound they had evolved without a bass player, but the drummer and I had been playing jazz together for the past three years so I wasn't bothered about having to play along to a non-standard drum part. The guitarist wasn't happy though..... when the drummer asked him how he felt it was going, all he could say was 'I dunno - it's not what I was expecting'. Further questioning from the drummer revealed that he actually didn't know what to expect as he'd only ever done solo stuff and had never played in an actual band before this one and had never played with a bass player before. No problem says the drummer, we'll have a proper rehearsal next week, before the next gig with singer/frontman and we'll see how much better it is. Fast forward to next weeks rehearsal, the frontman/singer bails again because he has a hangover... so we go ahead anyway and rehearse the set. Drummer is happy, I'm reasonably happy but guitarist still doesn't know if I sound like he thinks he wants it to sound, even though he can't explain to me what that sound is. He's also demonstrating an alarming tendency to be unable to remember which key the songs should be in. Drummer reckons we're all sorted for the gig next week. I'm less convinced. Alarm bells should be ringing - I've not yet met this flaky singer/frontman who I'll meet for the first time at the gig next week and the guitarist is still being very non-committal about whether I'm in the band or not. it's only my faith in the drummer and his insistence that 'everything will be cool' that I'm not walking away - but it's not looking good from my perspective The gig comes round and I meet the singer/frontman for the first time. He's actually a pretty cool bloke and apologises for not being at the audition/rehearsal, but admits that as he's never been in a band with a bass player before, he would have no idea if I was any good or not and therefore would have no meaningful input to make. Fair enough really. The gig goes pretty well, the band's fans say they love the addition of bass, so I'm in if I want it..... 7 years later I'm still in this band. we do 60+ gigs a year and have released four albums. Not all auditions from hell end up staying in hell. The original guitarist is gone though - he whinged one too many times about having to drive to Bristol for 2 gigs and two rehearsals a year.
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    Put the video up on here, we can give it marks out of ten.👍
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    I'm feeling a bit ranty, but not about that.
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    Finished!! Well not quite, I haven’t installed the electrics or wired it up yet, but everything is together now and it’s looking awesome! I’ll replace the temporary strap buttons with Schaller strap locks, put on the string retainer and the tug bar once it’s strung. It’s the lightest Precision bass (or any bass for that matter) I’ve ever played. At just 6.5 lb it’s 3 whole lb lighter than my Fender Jazz, my shoulder says ‘yay!’ Looking forward to getting some flatwounds on it and seeing how it sounds!! Very pleased 🍊
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    I agree. So far the only unusable parts have been the bridge posts, I've managed to source some new brass ones. The nut it came with was non original..a strange affair made from plastic and a brass strip..they were originally solid brass..so I'm fitting another new brass nut...the rest of the brassware is getting a " comb over" as it is very pitted and crap looking.
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    These stories are brilliant. And you tell them beautifully, Mr Happy. I'd definitely enjoy reading a blog of this stuff. S.P.
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    I was giving this some thought last night. My wife just chipped in said, 'Why does it have to have Hamer on the headstock? As you love Mike Lull stuff so much, wouldn't Mike Lull build you one? This actually set me juices flowing somewhat. Mike Lull is Jeff Ament's primary builder and Mike Lull has built two basses for me already, so umm, it's worth a punt. Dollar is weakening against Sterling. Might be a good time to enquire...
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    Yes, I sometimes shout out "1 2 3 4" really loudly, too.
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    Yes, because being popular is where it's at. Personally, I'd just as soon listen to the Reynolds Girls that any of FMs turgid nonsense...
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    Beautiful condition lovely low action sounds great 24 fret maple fingerboard swamp ash tobacco burst weighs around 9lb comes with Sadowsky case No trades bank transfer or no fee PayPal £1800 plus shipping £1600 my feedback https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/137382-feedback-for-harry/?page=5&tab=comments#comment-3275118
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    The PRS SE range are pretty darn good, and have a 'wide, fat' neck profile. Great for big handed d bass players. I've had a few of the SE Singlecuts (the ones with the P90's). Great players, great sounds, and seriously good build.
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    I didn't know about these....not being a fan of the S1/S2 range means that I can GAS for another Status other than the Kingbass...graphite neck bass for £800??? I may be in trouble.. GLWTS
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    I'm not saying long-established foodstuff manufacturers shouldn't still be making food but I look at multinational corporations like Heinz who are churning out the same baked beans they first made in 1901 and wonder why they are.
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    I've taken out almost all notifications, just leaving in the 'automatically follow content' and I haven't had an error message so far, doing exactly what I have been doing in the past, so thanks to Ped - you probably have cracked it. David
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    Although the listing does mention "Easy for brick layer and farmer fingering" so maybe he has a different audience in mind?
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    What John East says! Set the top pickup to deep and bassy and the bridge pickup to bright - then blend away. The big thing over the Wal tronics is the adjustability of the treble pass through and the filter resonance. Playing the Wal this evening and wished I could pull the resonance knobs out .. sort of half way. Makes my Warwick's EQ based knobs (treble and bass, cut and boost) seem positively stoneage.
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    Does anyone know why there are no Jazz bass models with wider necks? There's plenty of Precision style basses with slim, jazz-like necks (like the Fender Aerodyne, the Fender Deluxe P-Special, etc) but from what I have seen there have never been any Jazz style basses with wider necks - unless you swapped the necks yourself (like Tim Commeford did). Any reason for that? I'd really like to get a Jazz Bass but since I much prefer wider necks (big hands...) I have no choice but to swap necks which, in my opinion, is a shame because it ruins the feel of an instrument - and it also makes it cost a lot more.
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    That looks great!!!!......
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    Did a project P based on an Axl acrylic body a few years ago. Original scratchplate but different everything else, so required plenty of drilling for bridge & pickups, plus filling existing holes if they were close to where I was drilling. I used a hand drill, after marking/starting each hole with an awl. The material removed from the holes came out in nice little spirals, and there was no cracking around the tops. Old holes I filled with superglue, which was left to harden. It did a reasonable job of making them a bit less obvious too, but they were all hidden under hardware anyway. Weighed a metric f*cktonne and the neck was awful, but it looked awesome.
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    Excellent condition for age (built by Pete "The Fish" in Nov '83). The only damage are a few dings in the varnish at the back of the neck (there's no damage to the wood, and these are a trivial repair). A couple of the frets at the dusty end of the neck are also not well seated at the edges, and need to be pushed down occasionally. Comes in a Hiscox case. I've has lots of questions about the weight - it is 4509g (9lb 15oz).
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    I can imagine!! I will do so.
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    It’s not glue, more like a microsuction pad. Hard to explain/understand without seeing it in person! It’s very non-invasive and entirely (cleanly) removable.
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    I use a half metre lead from OBBM, right angle jack at the bass end, straight one at the other, plugged into my Smooth Hound transmitter which I then slip into my back pocket. No problems at all. So far I have remembered not to sit down....
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    You could always ask Dave Kitching to tell you about the time someone called 'Pretty Woman' and he went into the Albert King song. Rest of the band were playing the Roy Orbison song of the same name. But you can imagine that when Dave tells it, it's a whole lot better than that!
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    I think Jack should be renamed Saint Jack. You've got more patience than I have HJ 😀
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    yeah, clearly a lack of product knowledge and misunderstood posts on a forum are no barrier to harsh comments - that almost never happens on forums.....at all.....ever....
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    All the gen is here ... Thomann: Phil Jones Briefcase ... Hope this helps; good luck with the sale.
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    I've got one of these for playing in the house (unmodded), worth twice the price and once set up easily worthy of gigging. Harley Bentons are amazing for twice their price ( not one for gear snobs but that's their loss), if i didn't already have one i would be severely tempted by this. GLWTS.
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    I've been playing for 45 years, but I'd have to pick up a bass and watch what my fingers are doing to be able to say anything about my 'technique'. My fingers go where my fingers go, that's all I can say.
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    Amazing how close Tokai have got to the original Gibson design, the headstock comes broken off as standard! That's attention to detail right there.
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    They are classy pieces of work.
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    i own one and It's the best amp I have ever tryed IMHO you (I have tryed Mesa Titan, Ampeg SVTII, Ampeg SVT CL,... but I never tryed any orange or Fender/Sunn)
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    Does that mean it plays best during the run up to christmas?
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    Park Royal 2002 The drummer in our pub r'n'b band went back to his Merseybeat outfit (better money) so we needed someone to fill some previously booked gigs. We saw about five potentials, two of whom stood out for all the wrong reasons. Drummer B was a rather ethereal little Scottish chap who sidled nervously into the room and approached the rehearsal room kit as if it would bite him. It became clear that he was both terrifically shy and entirely unacquainted with the concept of 'the shuffle'. In the hope of jollying him along I walked over during a break and started chatting to him, whereupon his eyes filled with tears. 'Please don't stand so close to me,' he said in a flutey Highland accent (I was about five feet distant). 'It's very intimidating'. Well, he didn't get the job. Drummer D was your archetypal skinny rock dude, just back from the States and keen to get gigging again. After one song his face turned crimson and he collapsed over his kit. 'Just ... getting ... my ... breath ... back, ' he wheezed. 'Bit ... out ... of ... condition'. We gave him a quarter of an hour and counted off a mid-tempo blues. After a couple of minutes he collapsed again so we gave him the soft word and sent him on his way. A day or two later he emailed me saying how much he wanted to be in the band and attaching pictures of himself in ladies' lingerie including one horrifying shot where he was bent forwards, his butt cheeks clearly visible through the sheer silk panties which swaddled his nether regions. Pass. Eventually we gave the gig to drummer E who after the audition professed his undying admiration for our musical skills then called me a day later to say his wife had listened to our tape and she thought we were sh*t so he wouldn't be coming again. Back to the drawing board.
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    I agree, it's a properly good read. Enough of these and they could be compiled into a good book.
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    All dreadfully familiar. Before I moved to Finland in the mid 90s, I spent 15 or more years living in West London, so when I moved back to the UK (my native Oxford this time), I was amused to answer an ad on JMB for a bass player for a blues band, supposedly accomplished, experienced, plenty of bookings, etc, in Uxbridge. Well...band leader was a serial guitar buyer who simply had no idea how to play (I attended 3 or 4 rehearsals...ended up having to tune his guitar for him). Lead guitar guy was pleasant and reasonably good, but just got a lift to the rehearsal rooms and played whatever the BL brought along for him from his collection. I had to tune them, as well. Drummer was a decent bloke, but had to take a few days away from rehearsals ( no gigs booked at this stage) for family matters, so BL decided to get in a dep. Except he hadn't told the pro drummer who stood in what the deal was...nor had he told the original drummer. Played 3 or 4 songs during which the drummer and myself were struggling to control our mirth as the BL launched into unrecognisable versions of well-known blues songs... then the drummer packed up, told them thy were wasting his time, that none of them had a clue about music...except the bass player, he added. BL through a fit, threatened drummer with all manner of physical violence...and I never went back. Did several gigs withe drummer in other bands later though, and was once in a music shop in Oxford when I heard my name, turned, and there was the talentless BL in the process of buying yet another guitar or six. He insisted on showing me how they did certain songs now...exactly as they had been a year or two earlier. He still had to watch his fingers and carefully put each one in place for every chord. I left, rapidly. A few days later I had an email from him with a link to some video of a gig he'd done...it was completely unwatchable and unlistenable. Good idea this thread, it's very cathartic and I suspect that just about every gigging player will have similar tales to tell.
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    If you are successfully using a 112 then any quality 12" PA speaker will probably work for you. If you are playing decent wedding gigs then really you shouldn't be cutting corners with your gear. Go for RCF, QSC or top range Yamaha and you are likely to get something that will handle the bass you need and prove reliable. If you can afford it then it's always a good idea to think about using the same speakers as monitors that you use for PA. That means if something goes down mid gig you can do a straight swap and just go on playing in most cases.
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    A bit late to the thread but wanted to point out If you set the turner to Bass mode polyphonic tuning isnt even an option.
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    Yes, and increase your confidence. If you're not feeling confident about your technique, that is.
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    Its just a bit o fun and hopefully people shouldn't take too seriously. Certainly if it was me thinking of buying a new bass i would be listening to many many reviews and VID clips before trying out for myself. Based on the above clip i wouldn't even look at the Stingray yet i know they sound great on other clips and live. Dave
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    Hello, for sale is my Ken Lawrence Fretless C-Brase II -selected chambered alder body -lined fretless -34" -spalted and flamed maple top -gaboon bbony fretboard and pickup cap -additional piezo pickup in bridge -like new condition -sounds absolut amazing, flys like a buttefly or drives like tank, it’s all in you fingers :-) Meine Preisvorstellung liegt bei £4280/4750€ (NP 7700€) Trade options are Fodera 5, Alleva Coppolo 5 or 60s Vintage Fender Jazz Bass. [email protected]

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