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  1. Exactly. The trade deal will be of utmost importance. If the UK somehow manages to screw up a good trade deal (aka they leave the EU single market) then forget Thomann since every package will have to go through customs everytime. Wouldn't surprise me if that happens but I'm hoping for the best!
  2. Dingwall pick-ups are also split-coil pickups like the P-Bass ones...the Combustion is basically a double P hidden underneath those bars.
  3. How's the Combustion/Dingwall neck? Is it more like a P/Stingray or a J? I never tried one but from what I've read the nut witdh is 42mm, like the Stingray/Precision?
  4. The whole "Sterling by Musicman" thing is ridiculous. It's such a confusing, non-appealing and boring brand name. They could've gone the route of Squier/Epiphone for their SUB models (with a decent brand name...) and go the route of Mexican Fender for their mid-priced instruments. Honestly the reason why Fender MIM sells so much is so obvious and few people get it - people these days pay A LOT of attention to the brand name. In a world of consumerism where looks matter the most and everyone wants to feel "special", very few people are going to drop almost £1000 on an instrument that says "Sterling by Musicman" - especially since used Musicman Stingrays also go around for that price. I know Basschat's community is mostly older (no offense!) but I'm talking about a youngling's perspective... If Musicman re-branded their Ray34 as "Musicman Stingray" but still kept the "Made in Indonesia" underneath the logo or whatever (like Fender does) and sold it for like £800 you'd see a lot more of them being bought new.
  5. Damn, you've been posting some of the best bargains I've ever seen! Sorry to hear about your financial situation. Whoever gets this is a lucky chap, beautiful design & great bass. Wish I had the funds right now for it. GLWTS!
  6. Ugh, not for me... I get it that "vintage" instruments are hip now, but that just looks like a cheapo 80s Japanese bass or something like that. Something you'd find at a pawn shop. To top it all off, the sunburst...gosh, I'm tired of all these sun, tobbaco and whatever bursts. Never found them aesthetically pleasing. But hey, to each their own, just my 2 cents!
  7. Cheers lads, really appreciated! Video indeed looks awesome as well in my humble opinion 😁
  8. So a while ago my band and I were creating a new song and we started writing the bridge...since it was a "jam session" we really had no idea what to throw in there but we wanted to keep it simple since it was pretty much an Alternative Rock song with a basic structure. Until the drummer turned to us and said "what if we had a bass solo?" We all laughed at the suggestion but decided to try it out. I stepped on the fuzz pedal and just went to town with some basic licks. Turned out everyone liked it and we decided to keep it in the song. It's really simple and it leads to a "breakdown" of sorts but we thought it sounded alright. Yesterday we released that song, here it is: Would appreciate it if you listen to the whole song, but if you want to skip to the "bass solo" part, it starts at 2:33! Let me know what you think, always open to constructive feedback
  9. Even worse. They removed the truss rod adjustment at the end of the neck (Musicman style). The best thing about the Elite was that. And they removed it. Yep...
  10. Do you guys like that shade of blue? I honestly think Fender has the best blue colours in the market (Daphne, Lake Placid, Tidepool, etc) but that blue just looks horrid to me. It looks...soul-less? It's how I'd describe it.
  11. Well, can't say I'm disappointed since I didn't expect much. But it honestly looks that this series is a DOWNGRADE from the American Elite. The compound neck radius AND the contoured neck heel were already present on the Elite so not sure why they brag so much about it on the video...The only "new" thing is the hi-mass bridge which honestly isn't even an upgrade since the bridge on the Elites was quite solid. And what the f u c k are up with these new colours? Seriously I know tastes are personal but those look dull as hell. The old American Elite colours were MUCH better. I'm not even a Fender hater and I don't blame them for not innovating since their userbase is pretty much as close-minded as it goes but they could've at least tried. Their Elite series is supposed to be modern and innovative. Instead it's re-branded with the same old stuff and made worse with disappointing colours. See you in 3 years for the American Royal series (or something like that).
  12. Really curious in hearing how that sounds! I'm a proud owner of a GK MB Fusion 800 and absolutely love it but I'd love to see if the full-solid state GK Legacy offers something different.
  13. Damn that looks crispy clean for a '77 bass! Congratulations.
  14. Thomann is indeed amazing! What baffles me is how they have such good customer service while being the biggest online music store in Europe (perhaps even in the world?). They must have THOUSANDS of customers every day and yet they're still very fast in their replies and always provided top notch shipping (everytime I order from them in the morning I get it dispatched THE SAME DAY - completely bonkers for such a large company).
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