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  1. kyuuga

    MICHELE feedback

    Just received a G&L L2000 tribute from Michele. Really great packaging, smooth transaction and nice communication! Solid, great seller. Cheers.
  2. Is that the most beautiful bass I've ever seen? Not sure, but probably.
  3. Pretty much this...I had one and sold it due to some balance issues and the extremely thin jazz-ish neck. It was thinner than a jazz neck and I just couldn't get on with it. Sounded pretty fine though, but it had the classic PJ problem - jazz pup was mostly useless unless fully dimed along with the P.
  4. Damn that's a beauty!! If you don't like a beautiful P-Bass, are you even a normal person? There's no way anybody can dislike that! It's the classic, quintessential bass design.
  5. Agreed...what's up with the bridge being so forward? They could just move the bridge & the pickups back. Will the strings even have the same tension/length with the bridge being that far forward?
  6. Wish I could get that, lovely colour and really amazing bass. But alas, no funds as of this moment... Whoever gets it is gonna be highly pleased! GLWTS
  7. Classic colour, never fails! That is "THE" colour for a Stingray much like sunburst is the colour for a vintage Fender P imo.
  8. Absolute bargain and lovely colour combo. GLWTS!
  9. Honestly, in my opinion, "full-on" on the 2EQ is awful. The treble completely takes over the bass control and it's a complete glass cannon with only high frequencies. Very harsh and sizzle...but if that's your thing, you do you. 2EQ is tricky to get but once you get a nice sound you can make small adjustments and it'll sound good.
  10. Oh yeah it's one of those substitutes...donkey is S H I T (if this also gets censored it's the S word that ends with HIT). 2EQ and 3EQ are very different in terms of use - not so much sound wise as some people think. 3EQ is way easier to use but the problem with the Mid frequency is that it's a double-edged sword. On one hand it'll definitely help cut through the mix, if you turn that all the way up there's no way your bass will go unnoticed, not even in the heaviest mix. However, the specific frequency it boosts (500hz) is very..."ugly" I'd say. I don't know how to describe it but it's that typical mid frequency that makes your bass sound very dull. Obviously in a mix that won't be as noticeable but it's still not a pretty tone. The treble frequency is also very "glassy". If you turn it more than 2/3rds up then it's just too sparkly for my taste. You gotta use it carefully. Keep in mind that I'm talking about the "old" MM's here, but from what I've seen the Stingray Special (2018+ model) doesn't have these issues since the preamp is 9v (more headroom) and also the preamp is much nicer and more controlled. The 2EQ is way harder to use because there's no center detent and you're not only boosting bass and treble but also many of the frequencies around (the spectrum of the frequencies boosted by the preamp is much wider). You really have to use your ear...but it also provides a different sound, a bit more scooped I'd say but also a bit mellower. But to me it's not worth the hassle. Either way, both the 2EQ and the 3EQ sound like a Stingray and in a mix the difference is barely noticeable IMO (some will argue the 2EQ soundwise is SO MUCH BETTER but hey...I've never noticed much of a difference unless you use the Mid knob a lot on your 3EQ).
  11. Yeah, I wanted to replace the preamp because I feel like the treble control is too "glassy" and the mids hardly do anything (well they do boost the presence but the specific frequency sounds like donkey). But honestly not sure if it's worth spending 200+ quid on a single preamp...
  12. Just out of curiosity, did the John East preamp on your '02 Stingray make much of a difference? I have an '05 Stingray with the original preamp and I've been thinking of switching it up for a MMSR preamp.
  13. There's nothing quite like 'Rays 💛
  14. I don't know why you think it's a "happy medium". The MH signature bass is pretty much just a P-Bass...with a Jazz Bass body. Nothing else. It's still a Precision, with a typical Precision sound (on steroids). NOW, with that being said, I do think the MH basses are great. I had one that I regret selling. There's 2 versions though: the older one (2001-2005) with the normal P pickup and the newer one (2005-2011?) with the reverse P pickup. Both sound pretty much the same tbh...maybe the reverse P has a bit more lows and less highs but not too much of a difference. From owning and playing one here's what I can tell you: they sound flipping AMAZING with a pick and some overdrive. Classic punk/rock tone, really crispy and will cut through any mix easily. But...they're kinda a one-trick pony. With no tone knob and that Quarter-Pounder pickup (which you could replace but then what's the purpose of buying a MH bass...) it really always sounds agressive and clanky. It's not very good for playing fingerstyle imo, unless you're playing agressive à la Steve Harris (it'd probably be the perfect bass for him come to think of it...). So that's pretty much my take. KILLER tone with a pick especially in punk/rock/metal songs, pretty bland on everything else. I mean it could do the job...but it's certainly not the best for sure. Oh yeah it sounds kinda good for slapping as well...but to be fair a P-Bass really hasn't got the best slap sound - it's not bad, just I feel like the Stingray and the Jazz would do much better.
  15. The SBMM's are a good way to try out the Stingray sound but having owned a Ray34 I can say that the MM has another "sound" to it. Even though the Ray34 does a good impression it lacks that midrange that the Stingrays are known for. And the MM has plenty of it. If you have a Ray34 and get replacement electronics (like a John East preamp) that'll get you to "the tone" obviously but if you're gonna do that you might as well get an used Stingray. Just my 2 cents. Also, the hardware on the Ray34 feels a lot cheaper than the Musicman's...especially the knobs and the tuners - even though the Ray34 is amazing at staying in tune, the tuners are just a bit too big.
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