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  1. Musicman pulling a Gibson on this one - pretty sure it'll backfire, bass players are usually way more conservative money-wise than guitar players...
  2. Personally I dislike signature basses. I think they're just marketing moves and having someone's "signature bass" doesn't make you play or sound like them. And it's certainly not very different from having a regular bass of the same kind (which is what exactly the signature bass was before it touched the player's hands). I loved Musicman's approach of "no signature pieces" when it came to their basses, it really struck out to me because everywhere I looked (*ahem* Fender) there seemed to be a ton of signature basses which provided virtually nothing new from normal basses. HOWEVER, I do understand that companies need to make money and signature basses for them are almost "guaranteed" sells, especially when it comes to a giant band like AC/DC which has millions of followers. And I think MM took a first step into the signature world with their Joe Dart Musicman Bass which was quite refreshing (different from any Stingray/Sterling bass) and they made few copies - very overpriced, but still... I just hope they don't go the same way as their guitar deparment which is bloated with signature models from players who I had never heard of (nothing against them, just saying) and they offer virtually nothing different. All the power to Musicman though, it's their company and I'll support them as long as they don't go out of their way to create signature pieces just for money and leave the original basses behind (ex: Fender between the late 2000's and now...the Mexican Precision bass was severely left behind while they kept creating innumerous signature models for no reason).
  3. Thanks guys! Glad to have some positive feedback, tone is very important to me as a bass player.
  4. So, my band headed to the studio a couple of months ago to record some new music. One of them was this highly-energetic, bass-driven punk/alternative rock song that really required a tone that "cut through" but at the same time supported the guitars & drums. I ended up using my #1, a Musicman Stingray from 2004, into a Kemper profiler that emulated a good ol' Ampeg and a Darkglass plugin to get that extra grit. The result can be seen below, but especially from 2:02 onwards since that's where the heavy bass-driven bridge starts (and there's also a distinctive bassline in the chorus with a nice little fill in the last chorus). Let me know what you think - do you like the tone? Do you think it fits well in the song? Or is it too harsh/trebly?
  5. I appreciate all kinds of musicians - no matter what instrument they play. I find that video fascinating and mr. Lewis is an excellent MUSICIAN, takes a whole lot more than being a drummer to get on that level. I do agree with @Leonard Smalls though. In this day and age of YouTube and Instagram, I've seen and heard a ton of instrumentalists who really aren't musicians lately. Unfortunately, while a few years ago this trend seemed to be reserved for guitarists, it has now plagued a ton of drummers all over the world. I've grown tired from all the "drum chops" videos with all their clinics and sponsorships (the drummer market is really weird...). Find it refreshing when, once in a while, I come across a drummer who also understands there's other musicians in the band. And a big part of drumming, for me, is playing with the song and accentuating what everyone else is doing. Be it either with the kick drum to help the bass, the snare to help the riff, the cymbals to nail singer lines, etc etc.
  6. Or maybe it rises up the Cutlass in terms of priority since the re-sale value only tends to go up 😏
  7. The first time I heard Rage Against the Machine's debut album I was blown away by how good the bass sounded. So agressive, in your face and punchy. "Take The Power Back" is an amazing example of that... And then the distortion tones, oh god. "Know Your Enemy" that last part is insane and obviously also "Killing In The Name" when everything kicks in. Tool is another band that really blew me away with the bass tone. "The Pot" in particular - think it was the first song I heard by them - is incredible. That verse tone still leaves a smile on my face everytime. The bass tone on "Suck My Kiss" by RHCP also is incredible - it's so punchy!
  8. Damn that's insane. And how does it play? Is the neck good?
  9. Wow, that's amazing! Beautiful bass... I wanna do that as well. Where did you get the body/neck?
  10. As I always say: people don't know how to use Stingrays and then get surprised they "sound bad". Seriously, everytime I listen to a demo like this, the bloke who plays it has to go and boost the EQ all the way up (creating that sizzly, mid-scoop tone that NO ONE uses) and call it a day. I don't see him boosting the EQ all the way up on the other basses, why did he have to do it on the Stingray? Anyhow, rant over, for this type of 50s/Motown music obviously the Fenders will sound amazing because that's what our ears are used to. Instant Jamerson vibes as soon as he started playing. Maybe a more neutral genre would have made more sense. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Me too man! Love it as well. I think there's some really great pop songs being made right now and especially in the last 3-4 years. Artists like Bruno Mars, Charlie Puth, Dua Lipa, etc have all come up with huge hits with amazing basslines. Great time to be a bass player.
  12. So Dua Lipa strikes back with another great bassline...she seems to be pursuing a "modern vintage" style. Her new singles sound a lot like modern 70s/80s songs, which is GREAT! She already had a great bassline in "Don't Start Now" but her new single "Break My Heart" is even better in my opinion. I covered the song and damn, it goes HARD! Very funky.
  13. It's free in a Winrar way 😁
  14. kyuuga

    Your Go To Bass

    My go-to and only bass at the moment (decided to get rid of all the others) is an '04 Musicman Stingray that I bought used for 800€ - it was virtually new, the old owner barely used it in all these years. Sounds thunderous, funky and precise with great clarity. It's a bit of a beast (~10lb) but it makes up for it in its gorgeous looks and tone. Looks hella great on stage as well if I may say so. 😅
  15. We must include a new rule in NBD! It should be obligatory to post a video of you playing that beast 😁
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