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  1. I'm still giving serious thought to the original question but the live gig I wish I was the bass player on would have been this
  2. Always drink beer on stage, if there is a TV I'm often watching it especially if the audience are too.
  3. USA Fender Jazz... Or is it?

    True. I'd give 200 quid for it.
  4. USA Fender Jazz... Or is it?

    Run away
  5. I bought some La Bella on my honeymoon in 2010. I've taken them off my bass twice and both times after several months have been dissatisfied with my tone until I realise the bass misses those strings deeply.
  6. My 62/63 p bass takes some effort to play well. The pay off is glorious tone.
  7. P bass growl

    Still can't stop thinking about that '77 What am I going to do about it? I've got a mid 2000s P bass, would a neck swap to maple from rosewood give me a chance of getting there? I played a mid 70s one 3 years ago, fat neck, maple fingerboard, growled like a mother.
  8. P bass growl

    I can't stop thinking about that Brown 77 OMG!!!!
  9. Should never change strings if someone says they love an instrument
  10. Show us your playing videos!

    Works for me on desktop and mobile.
  11. Pino says you are wrong.
  12. What Do You Bring To The Table?

    No one will ever get away with not paying us with me in the band.
  13. Hysteria..a bass album, seriously

    [quote name='Mike Brooks' timestamp='1510086984' post='3403938'] George Michael albums. [/quote] Now we are talking!
  14. Later with Joolz last night

    the first few series were incredible. I don't really watch TV now but any time I've seen the show there has been one band that I've really enjoyed and often that I've never heard of before.
  15. Taking it to the bridge

    [quote name='jacko' timestamp='1509114892' post='3396768'] The space between the bridge saddle and the end of the fingerboard is your playground. Use it all. [/quote] I am often plucking over the fretboard too. A soft run of the open E string and it's a wonderful far cushion for the guuraist to lay on.