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  1. AntLockyer

    Show us your playing videos!

    "Do you know Foxey Lady" "Nope" "It's in F sharp, it'll be good"
  2. AntLockyer

    December Cover Song Challenge - GET WRITING!

    Our opener from our last gig
  3. AntLockyer

    What are must know songs for Jam nights ?

    I missed this when it was first posted. That is pretty awful, but it's a shame you never went. There are some good guys that used to go to that Jam Paul Campbell is always fun to play with, when when he forgets all the words.
  4. AntLockyer

    What are must know songs for Jam nights ?

    One downside is one chap in particular regularly calls a bass solo. I just can't stand it.
  5. AntLockyer

    What are must know songs for Jam nights ?

    That's what makes it for me. It's a social club for music nerds. We get them in, the landlord makes some money and everyone has a good time. At the one we did for several years in a pub that sadly got converted into housing it was weekly and rammed out every time. A good mix of musicians and people from the surrounding area. We've had some fairly big names in so maybe a bit more of a draw than is usual.
  6. AntLockyer

    What are must know songs for Jam nights ?

    I'm in the house band for a jam night. It's mostly blues but anyone can do anything and I just ask what he chords are before we start. This generally means the guy will realise it is too difficult when he starts rattling off a thousand changes or that it is straight forward enough. Get good at knowing the chords on a guitar so you can watch for the changes on anything you forget and just relinquish control. It made a huge difference to my confidence, transformed the way I play with my normal band to the point that we don't rehearse at all anymore and new songs get added to the list a week before.
  7. AntLockyer

    Spandau Ballet bass rig

    Not sure he played the same sort of gigs.
  8. AntLockyer

    Pino Palladino Custom Shop P Bass

    A bog standard 1962 USA P-bass isn't it?
  9. AntLockyer

    Later with Joolz last night

    hahaha I jsut went to watch The Lemon Twigs on Youtube. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  10. AntLockyer

    I don't practice - enough is enough

    No it's good, it has made me think a bit more about why I'm doing this. I'm also quite geeky so getting into a subject like this is the way I learn.
  11. AntLockyer

    I don't practice - enough is enough

    I'm not learning Wooton or Jaco lines. In terms of stuff I'd like to play there are loads and loads of things that I've never bothered to work out or have tried and failed. I'm mostly interested in being able to express myself in the genres that I like funk, rock, motown, blues, soul etc. to get there I think I need a general level of technical skill and knowledge in the areas set out in the original post Technique, facility and articulation Time and groove Fingerboard visualisation Genre based studies Language of music (phrases and harmony)
  12. AntLockyer

    I don't practice - enough is enough

    Basically did nothing last week other than a bit of noodling and playing along to some jam tracks. Got back into it today with some reading. What I'd done before must have bedded in because I'm way better and was able to just sight read my way through the new exercises. Onto Chapter 4 in the book now.
  13. AntLockyer

    Birthday Jazz

    Hopefully look a bit like this On to some more practical matters. There is a broken screw in the back of the headstock tgat needs sorting, no idea how I'm going to do that yet. Also the string tree isn't in the right place and only just holds one of the strings in. Is there a way of marking it correctly? Directly between the 2 tuner holes?
  14. AntLockyer

    Birthday Jazz

    Colour decided. Charcoal frost with a mint guard. Not decided on whether I should splurge on one from Spitfire or not. Probably not as I just bought some Aero pickups which is really exciting for all sorts of reasons.