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  1. I've been playing and loving a Barefaced Compact 15" for about 13 years and it's definitely showing its age. I'm looking for suggestions for what to replace it with. Money is no object, but it needs to be light. Obviously I'm considering replacing it with another Barefaced - the Super Compact looks like it fits the bill in terms of capability and weight, though in terms of being able to hear myself on stage, I do worry about it being so low down. The Super Twin might solve that issue. I'm also finding myself lusting quite heavily after a GR AT212 Slim. Any other suggestions? S.P.
  2. Is anyone running into problems when trying to get back into the rehearsal room, with respect to different band members' attitudes to risk? How have you solved these conflicts? S.P.
  3. A rucksack. Yes, really. Prior to lockdown, I had this big heavy holdall that I was using to transport all my cables, including a whole bunch of spares, and it was starting to annoy me, so I replaced it with a nifty little rucksack for the stuff I use at every gig, and then a smaller holdall for the things that can be left in the car because I (hopefully) won't need them. I was really pleased with this rucksack - it's exactly the right size, everything Tetrisses into place very nicely, and because it goes on my back it frees up a hand when loading in or out. Never had the chance to take it to a gig. S.P.
  4. He says it himself in the first minute of the video - videos of playing bass get very few views compared to videos of him being a memelord. I don't watch his videos myself, but you can't really blame him for how the "system" works. S.P.
  5. My band's starting to get contact from our regular venues again, though they're talking about autumn and winter, not summer. S.P.
  6. I apologise if I'm being a bit thick, but what I'm looking for is a VST that I can apply to an already-recorded bass part to give it the feeling of having been played through a EHX Bass Mono Synth pedal or something like that. I'm not looking to create an entirely-synthesised bassline from scratch. As lowdown hit upon above, this is going to go into a video, and the end result needs to at least bear some resemblance to how we look and sound at a gig. From looking at most of the plugins linked above, they don't seem to have the facility to operate in this way? S.P.
  7. I'm working on a video of Don't You Want Me with my 80s band. I'm not looking for something that exactly matches the sound of the bass on the original song, as I think that will look a bit weird when juxtaposed with video of me playing, but something that leans in that sort of cheesy direction would be great. S.P.
  8. I'm looking for a VST plugin that will give me an effect similar to a bass synth pedal. I'm just experimenting at this stage, so I'm not looking to spend money if I can help it. Does anyone have anything they can recommend? Thanks, S.P.
  9. The one gig booking that wasn't flat-out cancelled was to be for tonight. The venue were considering going ahead with it outdoors. But they decided not to take the risk. With a second lockdown on the horizon, any tiny hope I had for any gigs before the end of the year has evaporated. S.P.
  10. Fair point, but if the drummer can't enjoy the rehearsal because he's worried about covid then that will put a dampener on the mood a bit, surely? Looking at OP's exchange, the drummer has been very reasonable, offering plenty of alternatives and options, and making clear what he is and isn't prepared to do. OP's responses seem to have been mainly just shooting everything down. I'm really glad that I'm not in a band with him. S.P.
  11. 4EVER80s' lockdown video cover version of Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds: S.P.
  12. Our lockdown cover version of "The Power Of Love" by Huey Lewis and The News. S.P.
  13. My band mates are up for rehearsing again, but I've had to tell them that I can't, as I've got plans to see my mum at the end of August and I'm trying to avoid any unnecessary exposure before then. I'm assuming that pubs won't want to put on any indoor bands for the foreseeable future, and so if we start rehearsing again in September then we'll still be back up to speed well before our next gig. S.P.
  14. I've been reading this book ("Weekend Rockstars") on and off over the last couple of weeks, and finished reading it just now. I really enjoyed it, thank you! S.P.
  15. I've already achieved that, but I'm guessing you were referring to music being your source of income at the same time. S.P.
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