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  1. Even early KISS, Deuce, She, God of Thunder, Parasite were as 'heavy' as Steppenwolf for the time?🤔
  2. Guess I'm fortunate enough to play for original bands the last 6-7 years but occasionally we'll play cover gigs under different band names. Sometimes they'll pick songs that I'm not very thrilled to play. At other times I get stoked to play certain covers(eg Black Sabbath 'Into the Void'). What is your fave cover band to play? Hard to choose so let's make it top 3? Mine are AC/DC(simple, less is more yet still ROCKIN) Iron Maiden (not so simple and always ROCKIN) & Black Sabbath/Ozzy (nuff said). All 3(4? lol) are always crowd pleasers and good fun whenever I get a chance to play'em. Obviously I'm a Hard Rock/Metal head but I'd like to include players of all genres. What are your fave 3 bands to cover?
  3. Good for cleaning pipe resin, lol.😜
  4. Right before the pandemic, I bought an LTD AX 414 & a BC Rich Platinum Warlock (yeah, I play metal lol!) to use for upcoming gigs but still haven't used them for live shows. In the last year I've also acquired a Subway D800+ di and a Darkglass AO preamp pedal. Sounds great at rehearsals but there's nothing like LIVE. It made me wonder, what new or unused(live performance) gear are you itching to play when the venues open up?
  5. I'm in Hawaii and I just received an item from Thomann on Tuesday. They carry some items that are hard to get here. Packaging, tracking was good and item is working perfect.👍
  6. Yeah, 8,000 seat venues better have a good foh system!😉
  7. Scenario- You're fortunate enough to play a 5-8,000 seat indoor arena. What rig setup do you bring?
  8. Wow, really beautiful looking axes! This one isn't green or purple but red is always good too?😊
  9. If you decide to ship to the US I recommend DHL. Prices are decent and the tracking updates are great without having to pay extra for 'premium' service. I'm in Hawaii and order from Gear4music quite often(some items are cheaper including shipping than I can buy here) and never have any problems. Right now I'm waiting on an item from Thomann's in Germany and they use UPS which only has 'basic' tracking unless you want to pay extra. So when tracking the update only says "On it's way". Definitely do not use Fedex! They'll pick up your shipment and won't check the weight/postage until right before it goes on the plane. If there's not enough postage they return to sender and sometimes taking 5-7 days to do so. Their customer service won't even tell you why it's being sent back much less do the common sense thing by letting you add/pay for more postage and continue on with the shipping.
  10. I'm in Hawaii and I honestly have to say Gear4music. Our local big name store hadn't restocked their inventory after Covid began(I don't blame them, they weren't the only ones) and was already out of certain items I had GAS for. So I read reviews and chanced it with G4M. I had no problems at all with 3 different purchases from them and even with shipping included it was still cheaper than if I bought it here. Go figure
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