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  1. Flying with instruments - my guide

    I used to do cruise ships and your agent or cruise line will pay for it dude. Just ring the HR up, you'll get it back, sometimes when your on the next ship even. Just seen your on the ship now, just go see pursers or ring your agent it'll get sorted.
  2. Custom flight case builders?

    Mono have just released a Uke case, that may work?
  3. That's great. I'm still using mine, been great so far although. Playing at Pinewood Studios this weekend so hoping to utilise the whole room, so we'll see if it can cope.
  4. In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Thanks for the info dude. Will do.
  5. In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    EBS, After much discussing, I may just go down the Custom IEM route via there website as I can pay via PayPal credit, saves me spending £700-£1000 in one go! Would you go for the UE 11's or the 64 Audios? The 64's are expensiveeeee
  6. Flying with instruments - my guide

    Never had that problem and I've flown all over the globe. Working with agents, and doing cruise work, they will not pay for an extra seat. Just buy a 'proper' case, I'm merely stating my experiences :-) And you're right the one in that picture is not a decent case.
  7. Recommended Amp Techs

    Anyone know any Aguilar repair guys about?
  8. Flying with instruments - my guide

    What's the answer to that then? Surely just to take it on the plane with you.
  9. This. As a full-time dep, like someone said on here, I just ask what the dress code is. Turn up, get the set on the night and read. So having a micstand/ipad holder for me is essential.
  10. Flying with instruments - my guide

    Agreed, but the airline will always tell you that you cannot fly with it. They will always recommend putting it in the hold. If people are so worried about it, just place it in the hold, buy a decent flight case and you'll be fine, mine once got lost in Vegas, and I had to have it shipped out to Hawaii when I was on a cruise, and a strong flight case will protect it. I, however, will continue to take it onboard with me like I have for the past 6/7 years. Each to their own :-)
  11. Flying with instruments - my guide

    I fly with easyJet all the time and gig overseas regularly and haven’t had any problems getting my bass on. Just be first in that queue. If they moan (which they won’t)they’ll put it in the hold. If you’ve got a mono case you’ll have no problem either way.
  12. Free chord charts - any interest?

    This ^ As long as you've got an internet connection you're sorted. SO many songs to download off their forums. And super useful when you wanna transpose It's also great for playing along to the jazz standards, tells you each scale to use for each chord. Real useful.
  13. Bluetooth Speaker

    UE Boom 2. Fantastic.
  14. Free chord charts - any interest?

    Try iRealPro for that! The app is fantastic as well. And a huuuuuge library of songs.
  15. Free chord charts - any interest?

    Send this over to the Transcriptions Page, that'll be handy! Look forward to seeing more! Also, may I suggest, instead of chords, maybe using the Nashville Number system would be really useful. So that one chart can be used, no matter the key :-)