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  1. dand666

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    What are the filters in those? I have some ACS pro 17’s and I have a love/hate relationship with them.
  2. dand666

    Show us your rig!

    That’s expensive. I’ve been running just a SL112 for years and it’s fine. As long as the venue/sound man has good monitoring!
  3. I've played on a few massive stages, walkways and all, and SmoothHound was managing okay. Even with the massive Shure Antenna things all up around the room and a lot of wireless lapel mics e.t.c The only problem I had then was the distance. But looking back to it, the unit was down on the ground under an electric kit. (no amp gig, all IEMS). And It would only drop at the end of a long walkway. So my own fault really. So for the price SmoothHound is great, it works well and its dead simple to set-up!
  4. dand666

    Post your Fenders here!

  5. Here are some pics. Let me know if you need any more! As you can see, I added my own velcro as the sticky pads just couldn't cut it.
  6. If it fails mid gig does the kit stop working and/or are you left with something flapping around that requires gaffa tape? It will be left flapping, but it won't come out of the Input jack What if the bass you’re using is a pre-CBS Fender with an ultra-thin nitro finish - would the sticky pad damage the finish and leave an unsightly mark? It won't leave a mark, at least nothing a cloth and some polish cant sort out. What happens if you have more than one bass? Do you have to buy sticky pads and Velcro for each one? Yes. But Chris from SmoothHound will usually send them to you for free if you need them Hope that helps. Like I said, I have had some small problems with it so far, but for the most part, it's been great. Will try and upload them pics later to give you some more understanding of it all :-)
  7. Yes. My bad... And WoodinBlack is right. The best situation would be to clip it onto the strap or a belt with a cable. But I bought a wireless system to get rid of cables. Sick of cables, cables, cables. So that option was a no no. I'll try and upload some pics later. I need to test it out again as it was cutting out the other week. I think this was down too the transmitter door kept falling off and maybe the batteries were getting loose. Not sure. Will report back.
  8. The problem I'm having at the moment is the receiver. The clip at the back is so flimsy, however, I've used my own velcro on the receiver and some velcro on the bottom of my bass. Another big gig this weekend with a big band so will report back via the interference with other wireless gear!
  9. dand666

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    I have got some Shure 535's and would love to get them reshelled into moulds, any other company that would do this? *edit* I suppose this would work? http://www.custom-inearmonitors.co.uk/iems/custom-fit-earphone-sleeves.php
  10. dand666

    Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 *SOLD*

    Killer of an amp!!
  11. dand666


    Cleetus, is that you?
  12. dand666

    Flying with instruments - my guide

    Last time I put my guitar in the hold it was from London to Vancouver. It somehow got lost and ended up in Vegas. I was scheduled to cruise out to Hawaii a couple of days later so had to get it flown out there, luckily someone on board had a bass to lend me! Pain in the derrière.
  13. dand666

    Flying with instruments - my guide

    I used to do cruise ships and your agent or cruise line will pay for it dude. Just ring the HR up, you'll get it back, sometimes when your on the next ship even. Just seen your on the ship now, just go see pursers or ring your agent it'll get sorted.
  14. dand666

    Custom flight case builders?

    Mono have just released a Uke case, that may work?
  15. That's great. I'm still using mine, been great so far although. Playing at Pinewood Studios this weekend so hoping to utilise the whole room, so we'll see if it can cope.