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  1. Setlist Maker or BandHelper - Same developer and kind of the same app. Can do pretty much everything you ever want from it. Its ridiculously powerful.
  2. If It can get under 1k I'll have it!
  3. 7! That's nuts. I was on Princess. So not sure on other liners. But I was in the party band so it maybe a little different. I know they're trying to merge everyone! Chaos.
  4. Why not just dep it out? The FB groups are going crazy at the moment looking for deps as everyone is getting pinged >.<
  5. So last nights venue they did check. But we just brought the flow tests with us and they said it’s fine. pointless really as they could’ve been old flow tests or not even taken by us! so yeah a load of bollox really.
  6. Venue the other week wanted us to take a flow test on the day. Venue this evening either wants us to show we are double jabbed, or take a flow test on the morning. Both venues have stated this, but like the last one, I'll doubt they'll even check. Just another tick box procedure.
  7. 4 sets? They are really hitting you hard. Only had 4 sets once when I was cruising. Depending on if its a sea day e.t.c Great work with the transcriptions mate 🙂
  8. Sold my Spectracomp to Sam. Great comms and fast payment 🙂 Top man
  9. So Amp to the GLXD to Comp to the TH Pedal?
  10. Hi Guys, Question on a signal path for you. So new to pedals it's crazy. So I have a Aguilar TH, a Cali76 Compressor and a Shure GLXD wireless unit. What would be the chain? The wireless unit is throwing me off lol
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