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    I've said it before but I'll say it again. The BBC is an utter scumbag organisation from the top to the bottom, and the sooner it's shut down, or at least defunded with public money, the better.
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    Stingray V - 20th Anniversary.
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    Having owned a Fender 51 and a couple of Squiers, I had been missing owning one. Just in the last couple of weeks I finished getting some parts together (mostly Squier) and assembled this one. Cheap as chips and plays great. I have been playing it for at least an hour every day and found it quite inspiring.
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    Just started watching this now, Peter Hook being interviewed by Dagan from PMT, fun so far Peter Hook Interview At PMT John 😎
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    Just spoke to a mate who helped arrange the PH video (he works for PMT). They're not particularly limited, as touted in the BB thread. The hand signed ones are all gone.
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    I've only got about 10 mins left to watch of the 'interview'. I like Peter Hook, could listen to him talk for ages. That said I don't like Joy Division, New Order, his style of playing is a bit meh for me as is the signature bass...still thoroughly enjoyed the video though 😁
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    Its on the ACG Basses and Guitars group https://www.facebook.com/groups/117104031648312/permalink/4982034371821896/
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    It wouldn’t sound fine in the mix if it was played as unevenly and out of time as you say. Listening to solo’d parts is of very limited use. He’s a wonderful player. The ONLY thing that matters is that it works in the mix. It doesn’t exist for any other purpose. Part of being a great player is knowing what works, and knowing when it’s done. Endless retakes and having to come back another day doesn’t get you work. Perfectionism gets you nowhere!
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    🎄 December Cover Song Challenge 🎄 As is tradition, we're doing something a bit different for December... so instead of composing to a photo, we're running a covers competition. Basically, choose a song or instrumental that you like and write your own version of it. You can be faithful to the original or completely ruin it get creative; the choice is yours. All of the usual rules apply with a few additional caveats: It doesn't have to be a Christmas song. You're welcome to submit anything recorded this year (not just from December), so there's no excuse for those of you in cover bands not to enter. Don't go lifting any samples from whatever song you intend to cover, as that will breach the usual terms and conditions leading to extreme punitive measures. This is the only time of year that bagpipes are allowed! But that still doesn't make them right. The deadline for entries is midnight on December 24th.
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    Merry Xmas Basschatters! Thought I'd share a quick arrangement of "Christmas Time Is Here" by Vince Guaraldi Trio, taken from the incredible "A Charlie Brown Christmas" album. Always loved Guaraldi's contrast of sweet melodies against unusual harmonies so thought I'd have a go at transcribing a piece finally! Have a great Xmas when it comes, all!
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    For sale or trade jerzy drozd obsession of 1999 in perfect condition! Body : Walnut Neck : Maple three-piece Fingerboard : Wenge Preamp : Bartolini NTCT Pickups : Bartolini Machine Heads : Gotoh Bridge : Jerzy drozd Scale : 34 Weight : 3.9kg String spacing : 19mm Suitcase : Gator Price 1600£ or 1700€ It has some marks in pickups.
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    Try looking at various bass head owner manuals, some will give you start points, for instance my Mesa Subway 800, linked below (think it's about page 14 on download). https://mesa-boogie.imgix.net/media/User Manuals/070532_Subway_D800_171103-download.pdf
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    If it was a live show I’d be tempted to agree to no dosh, then play So What by The Anti Nowhere League, just to learn ‘em a lesson.
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    I got me a Shinto saw rasp. They're an evil looking thing aren't they? Does anyone keep the packing just because it's all in Japanese?
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    Good idea. Please buy one. You can then sell it to me, half-price, and I'll promise not to laugh at you. I will just say "Thank you, Andy. Much appreciated" 😉
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    Agreed. I don't have one anymore (alas) and I use my B3K for a touch of grit rather than filth. But if I needed a proper filth pedal again it would be the AO.
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    Worked perfectly. Absolutely no noise now with the 1Spot supply turned on. Very pleased! Thanks for the tip.
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    Generally hate Christmas these days, sick of it rammed down your throat by September 2nd! Anyway that aside, I like this version of white Christmas because it’s one my daughter and I sing together and I haven’t seen her for 12 months. Hoping she can get home for Christmas.
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    Very nice storky, 👍I regret selling my one , great basses
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    I would almost say that the launch has had 'Gibson-esque' qualities. All we need is some automatic tuners and a 'RSD - Play Authentic' social media campaign complete with some lawsuit threats. Seriously though, I feel that Warwick are not taking any real ownership over QC issues. It has been left to Roger Sadowsky to try and sort out the QC issues and I have no doubts that he will do his best to do that given his general background in having strict standards of quality control. Realistically though that should be Warwick's job as part of the licensing agreement, which was theoretically signed to give Roger Sadowsky more time to dedicate to building instruments in his NYC shop and not sorting out QC issues in Warwick's factory. 2020 has been a crap year for launching products, but even with that in mind this launch has been pretty disappointing.
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    With respect, I think you may be giving that little cluster of pots and wires greater reverence that it deserves. I don't doubt that it works well, but it is still a remarkably simple circuit of a few quid's-worth of parts, probably pennies at bulk. Fender's electronics were simplistic and well known of in the 50's- even their amp designs came from plans freely available to use from RCA by that point, and the term 'rheostat' (basically a potentiometer) dates from about 100 years prior to the first Fender lap steels. It's a great looking instrument and will likely be beautifully built and sound lovely. I can't quite see the logic in charging some £400 above a standard SR Special- but then I'm no businessman. If I was after something similar I'd buy a SR Special, have our own KiOgon knock up a fine quality loom from a push/pull and rotary, and sell the EBMM pre, to boot. I'm not out to knock the bass or EBMM- in fact I have missed having a Stingray since mine went years ago, but the passive circuit is nothing which hasn't been around from well before any of us were born, and far more complex thngs have been in bass guitars since at least the 60's. As I said though, looks great- I'd certainly be happy to have one!
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    Yeah I will check although its not been registered, plugged in or turned on. I will double check though mate.
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    Beside my high gain distortion bass setup, which does have a somewhat fuzz-esque quality, consisting of a Joyo Orange Juice, which is an analog emulation of an Orange amp like overdrive, stacked into a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone mixed in parallel via my Boss LS-2 with a Mosky Black Rat, which is a Rat clone, in the Turbo Rat mode, stacked into a Joyo Orange Juice, and this, even if I realize that it might sound unnecessarily complicated and some might think why not replace it with 1 or 2 proper quality pedals, works absolutely spot on perfect for my high distortion tone, my "real" fuzz tone in my bass pedal effects setup is handled by a Behringer SF300 Super Fuzz, which is a pretty accurate Boss FZ-2 clone, which again was a take on the Univox Super Fuzz octave fuzz, and while this also actually works great I feel that there, unlike my high gain distortion setup, still would be room for improvements. But damn, just watched a demo of the Orange Fur Coat octave fuzz, with control over the switchable octave up, and man does it sound absolutely monster massively incredible sublime for bass. Might have to put a few bucks aside on my quite tight budget to get one of these to replace my Behringer Super Fuzz. So massively thick, with a monster crushing crunchy rasp to it, and with the capability to get quite spluttery too, while still retaining fairly good low end and overall definition. Here's a demo of it: The Behringer Super Fuzz is a great bass fuzz pedal, and not just for the money, but the Orange Fur Coat in my opinion still manage to beat it by miles. Might be the absolute best fuzz for bass I ever heard, judging from the above YouTube demo at least, and I am quite certain this would deliver the absolute spot on perfect fuzz tone for my bass pedal effects setup.
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    Sire V7 is the bass with the best B string I've played at that price range and the 18mm spacing is comfortable for me. Although the Harley Bentons have a great rep for the 4 strings every demo of a 5 I've heard has had a low B that sounds like a risky fart so if you want to save money have a look at the Sire V3 @ around £300. I picked up my V7 used for around that price though so that might be an option.
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    I Love Karnivool. Superbly tight rhythm section, Jon Stockman's tone is one of the best fitting sounds at present in the hard rock / metal genre for my money. The man himself has some good Youtube play alongs - mainly advertising Darkglass gear. My current go to sound is based around the Jon Stockman patch for the Hx Stomp from Jon Willis, Dr Tone Secret Helix Lab. Tempted to get a ticket myself.......
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    Nobody's saying otherwise are they? I see people offering their opinions on a topic, some like the post and some don't. Labelling the responses as cancel culture is a bit dramatic.
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    His prices amaze me. He just added Peavey T-40 scratchplates to the inventory this afternoon, £29.99 for 3 ply and £31.99 for 4 ply. T-40 has 2 pickup cutouts, 26 screw holes, 4 knobs and 2 mini switches to drill. There's also 4 position dots to bore, they're just through the top layer of ply. It's a helluva lot of work for £30 👍
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    Try a smear of vaseline on the worm gears... applied with a cotton bud for ease. Might smooth things out and give a better feel.
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    Thank you 😀 Cool stuff. Here are the links: Interview (1.5 hrs long!) Signature bass:
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    Of course there's no question there are plenty of better bands out there, but these guys are at least making music rather than sitting on their ars*es doing f-all and have managed to pull together a multi-track recording during lockdown. Which is more than a lot of us have managed - including my two bands! So if you happen to be reading this Cabana Room - good for you! Keep making music! 😎👍
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    It doesn't need a custom corner piece, he just needs to glue/screw a small piece of wood behind it. Problem solved.
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    I'm not quite sure how to comment on your reaction to brown 70s Fenders! As far as the bridge goes, that's the reason I immediately knew that it was my old bass! It's a Scahller (the one with the roller saddles so you can adjust string spacing) that I put on the bass in the early 80s. It's not the standard bridge replacement for a Fender, so that together with the year and unusual finish make it quite unique. The old BBOT ended up on another P bass I had when I converted it back to the original spec before selling it. The BBOT from that bass was eventually sold to a guy I know who was putting together a bitsa for someone using old Fender parts. The bass is going down to Jon Shuker tomorrow to be cleaned, set-up and to swap out the bridge for an old badass I have in my spares box. I'm also going to swap the pickup for a Bart that I had on another P bass (I'm going to switch between that and the original pickup to see which I prefer). All in the spirit of what we used to do in the 80s, getting 70s Fenders and modding them! I shall post another picture when I get it back from Jon.
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    No that’s fine, I was only asking about that one in particular as it’s a personal fave... I have been looking at other ebs pedals recently (and owned a multicomp before, which I see has also been updated) ive not checked the ones you mentioned but would be interested to hear from anyone who has, to know what exactly has been updated.
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    The other day I managed to drop a couple of old jars, a cat and a biscuit tin full of cutlery onto a stone floor. Accidentally wrote a Noise Rock album.
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    You could enquire of some of the luthiers suppliers (try Google).
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    There's a few here, if not an exotic wood supplier? https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2334524.m570.l1313&_nkw=figured++wood&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&_osacat=0&_odkw=+figured+thin+wood+
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    Buy with confidence: Zomnius is a great guy to deal with.
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    Not only is that response surprising, from a business standpoint, it's utterly stupid. It's an admission of liability. By all means save a few quid if you want, but it would take a couple of minutes on each corner to rectify the issue before potentially exposing customers to injury. If it was a toy, Trading Standards would be all over it like a rash. Potentially, they still could be.
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    It worries me that QC might slip just because ‘the cat’s away’. If that is the case, I wouldn’t feel confident buying one, just in case you ended up with one of the under the radar ones. I’m aware of the supposition and equivocation in this post, but it’s hardly a great start for Warwick, especially as these basses aren’t dirt cheap.
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    You won't be disappointed with the Peavey miniMax. They're superb sounding and versatile. And LOUD! The built-in tuner seems to be very accurate. The fan is loud at home but no problem at rehearsal or on a gig. Frank.
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    I'm not a fan of the aesthetic of single cuts but of the crop out there, this brand seems more appealing to me, not that I would buy one.
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    Serious case of "Seller's remorse" setting in...
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    Have you actually listened to those tracks (I mean the isolated bass tracks on YouTube)? Of course I have no way to know the authenticity of them, and they could also be live tracks, but the horriblyness of them is very real, and it seem consistent on the ones I have been able to find. Now listen to isolated bass tracks by someone like John Entwistle and it's a whole other deal, those sound absolutely awesome. Also making something work doesn't mean that it couldn't be better, I guess it just speaks of how small a role bass plays in Queen tracks, as said imagine Freddie Murcry doing a similar sloppy job and the tracks would have been unlistenable. And I am not talking about them not being perfect, I am talking about them being right out horrible, there's a big difference.

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