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  1. Sounds like it's doing its job! Do you (or anybody reading this) know if it provides true 'isolation' or just noise filtering? There seems to be conflicting information out there.
  2. Well that's very generous...! I'll send you a DM
  3. Has any body encountered this before? The descriptions isn't all that clear, but if I understand it correctly, it's a power supply isolator with 800ma capacity. Could be an extremely handy problem solver! Much like a GigRig Timelord, but smaller, with more current capacity, and at a fraction of the price... All most people would need to power their boards is a one spot, a daisy chain, and a couple of these for problem pedals! https://www.joyoaudio.co.uk/joyo-zgp-guitar-effect-pedal-filter-isolated-output-power Would be very interested to hear if anyone has any real world experience!
  4. That makes sense. As a side thought, I wonder how many users are getting busy making their own sounds vs. using presets already made by the community vs. just sticking to what comes pre-loaded on the pedal. I'm having loads of fun with the editor but that kind of deep exploration probably isn't for everyone. And that's just the Spectrum, I image in the C4 is even more of a rabbit hole!
  5. Yeah that's true. The limitations never actually occurred to me though because the available options are still mind-blowingly plentiful for me personally!
  6. Well, I bought one too. I was initially very hesitant because I've been a long time subscriber to the "analog is better" orthodoxy. But I took the plunge and... ...wow. This thing delivers just as much slam and squelch as any analog pedal, and then some. The real eye opener is the tweakability. It has 29 filter types, and you can trigger them with 11 envelope response profiles. And every parameter within those options is tweakable. And it has two discrete filter engines which you can combine as you wish. And you can EQ every preset independently. That's before getting into the distortion, octave and LFO capabilities... I think having all this at your fingertips is especially relevant for a filter pedal, because filters are so subjective and one man's gold is another man's garbage. Basically, whatever the sound in your head may be, you can get it with this pedal... and then a hundred more sounds that you never knew you wanted. The only downside I have found is that it is prone to environmental noise. But no more so than other high quality pedals I have, I guess the room I'm in is a pretty challenging environment in terms of noise and it seems to be a crapshoot as to which pedals do ok and which do badly. Bottom line... if anyone is looking for a filter pedal, I don't see how you could reccomend anything else!
  7. Headphone amp, Powerstation and Gigrig El Paso gone. The Gigrig supanova is still available!
  8. Brand new Source Audio power adapter. Standard 9V centre negative, 300ma capacity. £10 posted.
  9. Brand new and unused set! Universal long scale, 37.25" winding length. Medium Gauge: 44-62-84-106 NB this is a 5 string set with the 5th string removed. Same as the regular M7200 Set (4 string, medium guage). Price includes postage.
  10. Very handy pedalboard-friendly headphone amp. Ideal for practice and wired IEM purposes (especially because it has a limiter function like high-end IEM transmitters, so any mic drops/sound man snafus don't blow your eardrums). Footprint is just 100mm x 92mm More info here. EDIT: WILL INCLUDE POWER SUPPLY FOR £5 EXTRA. These do not come with a power supply as stock, but I have one which works perfectly which I can include if you like - see last pic. NB this unit needs 15V centre-positive.
  11. EBS gone, 3leaf withdrawn, Bright Onion buffer added!
  12. AJ567


    My guess is that the problem isnt actually the zoom. Tracing noise issues like this to one particular pedal can be very misleading. It may look like the zoom is the cause, but it's actually (e.g.) the digitech introducing the whine but only under certain random conditions, like when the zoom plus another pedal is engaged (I'm making it up but you get the point). So a head scratcher like this is probably not any one pedal, but a combination. Had my fingers burned on this more than once! One sure fire way to solve it is to isolate each and every pedal...!
  13. If you don't need a device which can adjust the levels of the two signals, then the JHS Summing Amp may also work. Bright Onion could probably make you the same thing for cheaper though.
  14. You could add one of the gigrig isolation adapters and carry on using your one spot. Not cheap but a very neat solution.
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