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  1. Using a vocal track as the basis for the tutorial is a great idea because it makes the examples and differences more tangible and easy to talk about (e.g. "notice how you can hear the 't' at the end of the word", etc). Also our ears are naturally more sensitive to small details when it comes to vocals.
  2. Great video! Thanks for that
  3. My main player is a Mayones Jabba 5, before that it was a Warwick Thumb NT4. They're both excellent. Also very different. Both manufacturers are of sufficient quality that you really don't have to worrry about which brand you choose. In your position I would try to make your decision based on the differences between specific instruments. In terms of sound, pickup config and preamp (if applicable) will largely determine the character of the bass. Do you want a J-type, P-type, PJ, MM, or something more unique like the warwick thumb? I'd try to understand that first. Also bear in mind that most warwick models use active MEC pickups which are very hi-fi; mayones is a mixed bag. Other things to bear in mind - Warwicks have narrow 16.5mm spacing on their standard 5 strings. In terms of neck feel, warwicks are known to be a bit rounder and fill the hand more, I think. Again I think Mayones is a mixed bag but possibly someone else can give more detail. In terms of neck-through vs bolt-on, consensus seems to be that it doesn't make as much difference as you might think, but it's a can of worms to say the least...
  4. Thanks, that could work. The 9V AC power requirement is a bit of a pain for pedalboard usage though. Funny how a simple version of that without the tube magic doesn't seem to exist! Maybe this "use case" is more niche than I'd realised...
  5. Another wild card option. Could get a cheap passive monitor and use one of those pedalboard power amps. I had no idea such things existed until now! Mental that you can get 100W out of a 1590b enclosure (it's cheap as well): https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_custom_line_thunder_99.htm NB this is actually for electric violin, not bass, so power headroom isn't really a concern.
  6. My monitor actually doesn't have a level control! Even if it did I'd prefer to have it on the board. @Al Krow the end of the chain will be eventide h9 > stereo DI > mono sum > [the thing we are talking about] > personal monitor I'd generally be running the monitor on the low side so it would be best to have the level attenuated at the very end of the chain for the monitor only, so that SNR is preserved for FOH/recording
  7. Very tasty! I assume that was a custom order? SFX is very much on my radar if I end up going the custom route.
  8. Looks like a booster followed by the neutrik gadget you mentioned earlier might be the way to go - many thanks. So... Now taking suggestions for a quality clean boost with 20db of gain and a master level control (i.e. signal is muted when knob is fully CCW). Looks like the keeley katana is an option... any others? @MartinB a custom build could be an option, thanks. Might even be simple enough to DIY... @alkrow fair question but I do need volume control for my purposes. The signal will need to be full strength for effects earlier in the chain (as @jrixn1points out) and a separate stereo DI for FOH
  9. Many thanks for the responses all! That Mooer active DI is almost perfect but lacking a volume knob. For the TC Spark and MXR line driver - does anyone know first hand whether the level knobs on these pedals control "boost level" or "master level"? I.e. is all the way "off" muted or unity?
  10. I'm looking for a device that will take an unbalanced instrument signal, boost it to line level with balanced output, with a master level control. Ideally a simple box with just the two jacks and a volume knob. The purpose of this is driving a power amp or powered monitor right off the pedal board. I don't need any eq or tone enhancing fairy dust. Just 20db of gain (or thereabouts) and line balancing. Seems straightforward and useful for many applications but I cant can't seem to find anything like this on the market! Any ideas?
  11. Oh wow. Just when I thought I was done, this is seriously making me reconsider things... could replace my Xerograph with the Dusk and then have the whole board tempo synced via midi clock...
  12. Cheers! Hard to say if it worth the money. It sounds fantastic. The way I see it, the preamp is the heart of this kind of set up, so I took a deep breath and bought the best one I can. I sometimes think about how expensive it was and wince a bit. But I know myself well enough to know that if I'd got something else I would always be wondering if the Noble is better, then end up upgrading and spending more in the long run. On balance I'm comfortable that it is "worth it for me".
  13. Thanks very much! Yeah I think having the whole board in a bypass looper makes a lot of sense. Especially because I quite often jump in and out of sounds for just a few notes at a time.
  14. Ah right, yes that is home brew. It's a patch bay, bypass looper, and an on/off switch for the battery pack. If a one spot is connected then it toggles between one spot and battery power.
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