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  1. Sold some cables to Johann, he's a top bloke! Deal with confidence!
  2. Sold some cables to Ian, he's a pleasure to do business with!
  3. Top quality cables up for grabs! Highest spec you can get (short of snake oil). 1. Klotz AC110 wrapped in black/gold techflex, Neutrik gold plated plugs. 50cm. £9 2. Klotz AC110 wrapped in black/gold techflex, Neutrik gold plated plugs. 4.5m. £11 3. Sommer Tricone wrapped in red/black teflon sleeving, Switchcraft plugs. 1m. £9 £4 postage to UK. Cheers!
  4. 3 way daisy chain with standard 5.5 x 2.1mm jacks... grab a bargain!
  5. Top quality cables up for grabs: 1. Hicon (Sommer) pancake-type plugs, Sommer Spirit XXL cable. 10 cm length. 6 available @ £3 each 2. Switchcraft right angle plugs, Sommer Spirit XXL cable. 15cm length @ £4; 30cm length @ £5. 3. Custom cable - Switchcraft Right angle or Right angle to straight plugs, Sommer Spirit XXL cable. Made to whatever length you want @ £7. 4. Custom cable - Neutrik gold plated right angle to straight plug. Made to whatever length you want @ £7. 5. Unbranded right angle to right angle cable. 15cm @ £2 6. Unbranded TRS right angle to right angle cable (for expression pedals etc.). 25cm @ £2 Please choose however many cables you want and add £4 for postage. Cheers!
  6. T Rex Tone Trunk Minor up for grabs! Sized similarly to a pedaltrain nano+. I have added some modifications to this board: - Input and output jacks with flying patch leads. You can cram more pedals on this way! And it keep things nice and neat. Top quality components used - Switchcraft jacks, Sommer Spirit XXL cable, Hicon plugs. - Blue LEDs under the board (powered by standard 2.1mm centre negative 9v DC jack). Just because - Push button power switch (also blue illuminated). I originally fitted this because the board was battery powered and this switch allowed me to quickly turn power on and off. This switch is a simple circuit breaker using standard DC jacks so you can use it to toggle the LEDs on and off. Or any other part of the board, for that matter! Includes soft case. Good condition. £50 including postage to UK. NB I have a whole bunch of matching patch leads for this board (listed separately). More info here: https://www.t-rex-effects.com/tonetrunk-soft-case# PS sorry for the crap photos, it turns out the lovely LED glow is pretty hard to capture on my phone camera!
  7. Category-killer delay up for grabs. If you're in the market for a standard "3-knob" type analog delay, this is the one you want! Amazing lush bucket brigade sound, maybe a tiny bit brighter compared to the MXR Carbon Copy. And it has a whole bunch of extra goodies on board: - Delay knob has an LED which flashes at the tempo you have set. Very handy! - Modulation depth and rate controls - FX loop so you can insert something to affect the trails only - Trails volume can go higher than the dry signal if you want to get experimental! Mint condition, with box. £100 including postage to UK. More info here: https://www.seymourduncan.com/pedal/vapor-trail-analog-delay
  8. Source Audio Programmable EQ seems to be exactly the pedal you are looking for! You can save gain and EQ profiles for up to four instruments
  9. Yes that’s correct! glad to help 😊
  10. Recently tweaked this “octave up only” tone print, I think I’ve nailed it. Step 1: start with the “Poly” template. Step 2: On the sub2 output EQ tab, make sure that “link” is turned off. Step 3: on the Up output EQ tab, change settings as shown in the first picture. Step 4: on the mapping tab, change settings for “Sub2” as shown in the second picture (NB end point of the curve is 400hz) Step 5: still on the mapping tab, change settings for “Sub” as shown in the third picture. Step 6: on the octaver tab, set “Sub” and “Sub2” all the way off. Do not change any other settings. Voila!
  11. NB it's worth messing around with the curve on the 'tone' knob (by which I mean LPF assigned to knob 2 - knob changes cutoff frequency ). I think mine is set as a straight line from 20hz to 20khz, which is way too aggressive. I've been meaning to change it.
  12. I'd be happy to... I'm guessing it has to be done through the desktop app though, slight problem for me because I don't have access to my computer atm. Will get back to you! You should be able to get pretty close if you DIY. I think I used a 2nd order HPF set at 400hz for the global EQ, everything else should be self explanatory.
  13. Xerograph works fine with any standard expression pedal from 10k - 50k. You only need a expression pedal with range control if you want to lower the frequency at the ‘toe’ end. With no range control it can get harsh at the toe end but only if your settings are quite extreme. It’s just preference - you might even like it that way. I use my xerograph with a home made expression pedal. No range pot to start with, but I added one later just to try it. Very easy to add a range pot to any standard expression pedal - happy to talk you through it if you like.
  14. All solid choices, nice work! I've tried both the Octamizer and T16, they're both great. Octamizer can go from smooth and natural to growly, and is exceptional for in terms of clean blend options thanks to the tilt EQ on the clean channel. T16 is a bit more 'synthy' in terms of the OC2-school of 'nintendo'-esque sounds (hope you know what I mean...). Octamizer when set at the 'growly' end of its range is sort of synthy, but in a different way. Overall the Octamizer is a bit more organic sounding/feeling. Haven't actually tried the Mastotron or SA Manta but they seem like solid choices, as I say.
  15. You have a long and fun journey ahead of you Ben! Since you mention wanting an octave pedal for chordal things, I'm guessing you have an octave UP pedal in mind. There are basically two classes of octaver - analog and digital - which should be thought of as different things. If you want a clean octave up, you need a digi octaver. For octave down, people generally agree that digital sounds wimpy, while analog is awesome (and can get very synthy). NB analog octave up does exist, but for technical reasons it has more in common with a fuzz effect - you won't get a clear sounding octave-up note. A classic combination for synthy sounds is Octave > Dirt > Envelope Filter. Octave can be either digital-up or analog-down. Different flavours... I like using both at the same time ;). Also defo worth playing around with the order of these three effects though. Xotic BB has you covered for dirt, at least for the time being. Fuzz (especially gated fuzz) can work very well for synthy stuff though, so you might want to add one in due course. I personally go Analog Octave Down > Fuzz > Digi Octave Up > Overdrive > Envelope Filter. From what it sounds like you are looking for, I would recommend that you buy a digital octave pedal (as per my first point) and envelope filter to begin with. Combined with your BB, these will give you a flavour of what the octave/dirt/envelope combination is all about. You will probably end up adding an analog octave pretty quickly after that. Followed by a fuzz. My personal recommendations are as follows - DIGITAL OCTAVE: TC Sub'n'up. No-brainer IMO, check my post on page 2 here for why. ENVELOPE FILTER: More than any other pedal, this really is all down to personal preference and playing style. You will have to try a few. MXR Bass Envelope Filter is a decent starting point. Very popular, and very tweakable so you can get to know what you do and don't like. ANALOG OCTAVE: Boss OC2 is the classic, but it has its problems, so a lot of people prefer modern interpretations of this pedal - check out 3leaf Octabvre, MXR Bass Octave deluxe. Those kind of build out from what the OC2 can do as a starting point. Aguilar Octamizer and any of the COG models are very popular as well (but a bit less focused on 'nailing the OC2 thing'). FUZZ: Many many options. For 'synthy' I would start by checking out 3leaf Doom, Darkglass Duality, Zvex Mastotron. NB there are quite a few all-in-one 'synth' pedals out there. My personal preference is to avoid these, because I feel like I get more versatility out of multiple 'specialist' pedals. I'm also picky so I like to be able to choose each element of the 'synth' signal chain. Perhaps others will chime in with recommendations for 'all in one' pedals though, if you want to go down that route. Also, I personally don't like modulation effects, so somebody else will have to chime in for Chorus pedal suggestions!
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