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  1. Pick Click

    I use dunlop 1mm, the black nylon ones, they work well. It's amazing what a difference different picks make to the sound.
  2. Denial - a river in Egypt?

    You forgot Bert Weedon!
  3. Guitar as Bass

    Acoustic bass here. Just pick it up, play, put it down again.
  4. Deep Purple, Highway Star. Love this version as well.
  5. Set Up Time

    Bearing in mind that we all turn up together in the van, from arriving to ready for sound check, about an hour. Depending on the usual.
  6. Stage gear

    Wear something that you wouldn't wear in the street, you are entertaining after all.
  7. Is there any really bad new gear out there?

    YOU WERE LUCKY.................................
  8. Holloween Gigs 2017

    I'm trying to find a big hairy spider to hang on my tuners, but then I might frighten myself. I've been in Vegas for a couple of halloweens, Fremont street, and it was absolutely brilliant. The parade was a bit of a shambles though. Frank and the Steins were superb.
  9. Duos

    Might be worth bearing in mind that a duo gets squeezed into a tiny corner just big enough for 2 guitarist to sit / stand side by side. Certainly less room than needed to set up a drum kit.
  10. Migration Update 18/10

    I just pressed the like button 2 weeks early!
  11. Crazy Historical Amp Question!!!

    Fascinating! Looks a bit cranky today but what wonderful innovations for the time.
  12. In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1508320145' post='3391285'] This makes me laugh this talk of drum gear - why is it as a bass player that doesn't play drums, I'm the owner of a full set of drum mics, a full set of percussion mics, drum screens, a set of triggers... Hell, I have more vocal mics than the lead singers in the band too... And the guitarist has also taken to using my amp too... Go figure. Hashtag mug. [/quote] You as well!
  13. Rack case for wireless receivers

    Straight from Shure themselves. [color=#4B4B4B]To ensure good diversity performance, space antennas apart by at least one-quarter of a wavelength (about 5 inches at 600 MHz). The receiver antennas should be angled apart in a wide “V” configuration, which provides better pickup when the transmitter is moving around and being held at different angles.[/color]
  14. Discarded p-bass in bromley

    Too much effort!
  15. Short scale bass question

    While I love playing short scale basses, lighter, faster, great tone, as I play pretty hard, the E always seems floppy and goes sharp when hit, sorry plucked, and comes back in tune a second or so later. It you play lighter than I do then it will be fine.