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  1. And one for Deep Purple fans. I have to say that I think Sweet were a brilliant band, just listen to their albums!
  2. I have to say that that's a lot more art worthy than the unmade bed or the pile of bricks.
  3. I'd use a small mixer for that. Feed the signal to inputs then stereo out to the P.A. and use a monitor output to the drummer.
  4. I've only ever played in 3 piece bands and the gaps feeling empty are not apparent to the audience. You may think it, but the audiences attention is on the solo. The only things that you could try to do is have a cutting bass tone and for the drummer to perhaps play more fills and add more cymbals.
  5. Been there and done that, I share your pain.
  6. My 4 Vox Foundation cabs sounded pretty good with any valve amp I used them with.
  7. No chance. I would help out if another bands gear broke but otherwise, no!
  8. Turned down a gig for the 2nd bank holiday in May because we don't want to risk the covid thing. We managed to book the 30th August instead when things should be a lot better.
  9. In my opinion you'd lose the definition of the note the lower in pitch you go.
  10. I use something like that, a vanity case that is, and it has proved to be pretty resilient. It's like 2 cases that clip together in the middle and I use the top half for smaller things like my transmitter bits and pieces and picks and fuses and the bottom half for leads. I bought it in a charity shop for £7 and I've used it for a few years and it's been great. I forgot to mention, the top half also has a mirror so that I can preen properly before strutting my funky stuff. Just like this one at the bottom of the page. https://www.shpock.com/en-gb/i/XK8IqnGtxkpTLmC9/2-tier-vanity-case-make-up-hair-dressing-case
  11. There are many opinions about this but from my perspective, apart from open strings, every other fret acts as a zero fret so the zero fret height should be no different from the rest of the frets.
  12. Just bought an iRig blueboard from Adam and a most excellent transaction it was too. No worries here!
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