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  1. I remember playing in clubs in Germany in the 70s and it was all done illegally. Simple visitor's passport issued by the post office, a hastily typed up list of equipment which we called our carnet, a ferry from dover and hope for the best. Luckily, we got away with it. Don't forget that George Harrison was deported from Germany in 1960 for being under age.
  2. They used ILP electronics power amp modules in their combos. Quite good actually.
  3. Been asked quite a few times in pubs. It's on the form you have to fill in to get the cash. Name, address, phone number, signature, N.I. number etc.
  4. Nothing will change for a year. After that it depends on the trade deal that is negotiated.
  5. No, Wem came later. A pair of Vox 4x10 columns and a Selmer P.A.100. Valve of course.
  6. This is good. http://www.bluearan.co.uk/index.php?id=TUFFGAS20&browsemode=manufacturer
  7. Getting back to the bass. Reading the specs, the nut seems quite wide. Is the neck more jazz or precision? Is it thin or chunky?
  8. I wouldn't play it at all. Hate it with a vengeance!!!
  9. A while ago my amp died on me and to get me by I used an old Traynor power amp I had lying around and a Behringer graphic eq pedal to drive it with. I was surprised at how good it sounded and you could buy something similar for peanuts. I have an old power amp that you could have FOC but I've just noticed that you're about as far away from me as you can get without crossing a sea.
  10. My pleasure. I have a few of their plans and they're not bad at all.
  11. Here you go. https://www.johnanthonyguitars.com/store/c17/Bass_Guitar_Plans.html
  12. The collection point is the same as the chosen courier uses. For Hermes it's one stop shops.
  13. Whatever happened to that'll do and it may not be technically perfect but feels and sounds great!
  14. You're so right. I wish I still had it then I could sell it for a goodly amount as recompense for the suffering.
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