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  1. How about Mark Kermode, does he count. He presents the film review on BBC news. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=no6_SlABApw
  2. Just play a well know song, probably an instrumental, something Apache or Diamonds.
  3. have a look for Crimson Guitars and their stunning stains on youtube. Ben goes to great lengths to show how he does it. Also Crimson guitars.com
  4. I tried many years ago and couldn't stop the wire breaking. Doesn't stop me from thinking it might be fun to try again though.
  5. Can't answer that one other than to say that it just didn't look right.
  6. I found this after spending hours sanding with a radius block. I cured it by even more sanding but with more emphasis on the nut end. It worked but I'm sure there must be easier and quicker ways to do it. Thinking about it, even using a jig must give the same result unless the nut end of the fingerboard is raise a bit.
  7. A Barefaced 2x10 is pretty much as loud as a normal 4x10 so you may only need one and because the crossover in the cab you get maximum dispersion which ever way you have the cab.
  8. All this talk about Nickelback made think I've never heard them so didn't really know what you were talking about so I watched a few videos on the tube and they're not bad, some good tunes there. I'm going to listen to a few more. As far as listening to the Beatles in 1000 years time, why shouldn't they. A good song is a good song when ever it was written. During my lifetime we've had vinyl, cassettes, CDs and now digital downloads and I'm sure that whatever technology is developed next all the good songs will be available on it. Just think of the profits to be made selling yet more versions of the same songs.
  9. Guitar build, excellent. Semi-acoustic, also excellent. Guitar or bass the build is the same so please carry on and I'm looking forward to seeing the process.
  10. If they're replacing your amp and cab they're not that expensive.
  11. I found this myself when recording. Tried all the amps and cabs and effects and wasn't happy, plugged straight into the desk and I'm a happy bunny. The perfect sound, so it's not just you. I wish it was that simple live.
  12. Selmer treble and bass 100. Hiwatt or Mywatt Simms Watt AP 100 Marshall Superbass 100 The list goes on.
  13. Does the nut material actually make any difference on anything but open strings?
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