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  1. bertbass

    NBD - what the hell did I just buy?

    It is indeed a Kay, as sold by Woolworths in the 70s. Didn't cost a lot then worth even less now although some think they are worth a fortune and collectable.
  2. In the olden days, valve amps had 4, 8 or 16 ohm output settings and all 4 x 12s were 16 ohm so full output to 1 or 2 or even 4 cabs. Just set the impedance selector to the right setting.
  3. Never heard this one before so I've just watched it on youtube and I'd like to say what a brilliant tune and why are you complaining, however, I can't as it's total crap! I share your pain. It's just a vehicle for a guitarist to show 'how brilliant am I' and yes I did suffer all 6 minutes and 9 seconds just in case I missed a good bit but I didn't.
  4. I never liked Trace Elliot. Never could get a good sound out of them. Good luck, maybe you'll succeed where I failed.
  5. I'd buy one of these. http://www.hotroxuk.com/jj-electronics-ecc83s-12ax7.html
  6. Don't forget Gigster and Ajax drums, Zyn and Super Zyn cymbals. I shan't mention Krut or sizzle cymbals. Horrible things! Premier drums were around at the time as well and the cheaper Olympic. They all seemed pretty loud to me at the time, actually, they seem pretty loud now as well even though they're over 50 years old. Just didn't sound so good, but then maybe that was the drummers.
  7. bertbass

    Fender '61 Flea Bass Woes

    You actually have up to 6 years from date of purchase under the sale of goods act 2015. https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/regulation/consumer-rights-act
  8. bertbass

    Bass Players in the Late 60s

    No John Entwistle fans then?
  9. bertbass

    unmark forum read

    That's what I thought. I'll have to be more careful in future. Thanks!
  10. bertbass

    unmark forum read

    Hi, I accidentally hit the off topic forum read button. How do I undo it? Thanks.
  11. bertbass

    Tower of Power tiny desk concert

    You play some pretty roomy gigs then!
  12. bertbass


    Interesting! Well, I think it is. Some of the innovations that emerged out of World War II are well-documented, ranging from the microwave to the atomic bomb. But there's one small tool whose WW2 heritage is lesser-known: superglue. Superglue was first developed by scientists at Eastman Kodak who were trying to design gun sights for the military after they found that some of their failed attempts had other useful properties. While the adhesive has become known for fixing pottery and clothing, during the Vietnam War, it became life saving. "If somebody had a chest wound or open wound that was bleeding," inventor Harry Coover once told the Kingsport Times-News, "the biggest problem they had was stopping the bleeding so they could get the patient back to the hospital. And the consequence was—many of them bled to death. So the medics used the spray, stopped the bleeding, and were able to get the wounded back to the base hospital. And many, many lives were saved."
  13. bertbass

    Too old for rock and roll

  14. bertbass

    Eastwood Custom Basschat Edition Bass?

    Left handed version would be nice!
  15. bertbass

    Headset Mic

    I'm wireless so wanted the mini plug for the transmitter, had to rewire it though for the Line 6 transmitter. Very happy with it. It is a bit low in the output department, but that's never been a problem as I just up the gain a bit. I do use a footswitch to switch it on and off so that I can cough, talk the others in the band etc.