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  1. Session made a similar unit many years ago, infact I've got one sitting on a shelf. Never used it though. https://www.award-session.com/pdfs/Award-Session History0068.pdf
  2. It's just a tool for me. A very nice one mind you. I don't display all the hammers or screwdrivers I've ever bought even though some of them have also been very nice.
  3. One of these should do the job for you. Actually perhaps get 2 or even 3! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2m-IEC-Kettle-LEAD-MAINS-C13-UK-3-PIN-POWER-CABLE-PLUG-CORD-PC-MONITOR-PRINTER/113411339570?hash=item1a67d7b532:g:pFEAAOSwBkBcANgs
  4. A tooth brush is a handy tool for getting brasso into those hard to reach areas.
  5. Never seen that before. Brilliant! Thanks.
  6. No agencies round here and if there were, you'd get even less. When I say South East I mean East Sussex. It makes me laugh when everyone says the affluent South East, they obviously haven't been to Hastings.
  7. So Have I on numerous occasions.
  8. I remember when a Selmer PA100 superseded by an HH 100w P.A. and any pair of 4 x 12s, 4 x 10s or 2 x 12s would be all that was needed and in many cases, desired. How things have changed.
  9. Band saw blades are easy to change. Here's one of many videos on how to do it.
  10. Interesting. Thanks for that.
  11. Electronic drums and all instruments plugged straight into a mixer with enough outputs so everyone can have their own monitor mix. Cheap stereo or headphone amp for each musician and a set of headphones. Absolutely brilliant! The only thing that will be loudish in the room will be vocals. It will be cheaper than trying to soundproof a room as well.
  12. Newtone. https://newtonestrings.com
  13. Over 50 feet in length and you'll start to hear a drop in volume.
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