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  1. bertbass

    Headset Mic

    I'm wireless so wanted the mini plug for the transmitter, had to rewire it though for the Line 6 transmitter. Very happy with it. It is a bit low in the output department, but that's never been a problem as I just up the gain a bit. I do use a footswitch to switch it on and off so that I can cough, talk the others in the band etc.
  2. bertbass

    Headset Mic

    I use one of these, https://www.thomann.de/gb/shure_wh20tqg.htm?ref=prod_rel_341637_1 and it's great. Not the highest output though.
  3. bertbass

    Do you remember your first bass...

    After dabbling on a Vox stroller, bought from my Mum's mail order catalogue, Marshall Ward, my first venture on bass was a Vox Clubman bought from a friend for £5. Shorter than short scale, no truss rod and smaller than small machine heads. The previous owner had replaced the Vox pickup with a Burns Trisonic which unfortunately was thicker than the body so a wooden bowl shape was glued to the back of the body to cover up the hole. I also bought a linear 50 and a home made 2x12 to use with it. How was I to know one of the speakers was blown? Can't remember what happened to that bass.
  4. bertbass

    Hohner battery covers screws - sourcing

    https://www.accu.co.uk/en/raised-phillips-countersunk-screws/175528-SIRK-M2-5-8-A4-BL https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sinmova-Stainless-Phillips-Countersunk-Machine/dp/B0721242ZT/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_2?s=diy&ie=UTF8&qid=1533718699&sr=8-2-fkmr1&keywords=M2+black+8mm+Phillips+countersunk These are not black but a felt tip can be very handy.
  5. bertbass

    The Les Paul Twins

    Paint's fine with me!
  6. bertbass

    Technology/Advice request

    I can't help with your problem but I do like the ideas and music.
  7. bertbass

    The Les Paul Twins

    FireDragons sounds great!
  8. I tried it once and although my head knew what I should do, my fingers didn't. It felt like I was trying to play bass again from day one but I didn't need to do it, just wanted to see if I could and have the choice of all those right handed basses that us left-handed players are denied. Good luck!
  9. bertbass

    Unexpected NCD. Marshall experts opinion please.

    This is interesting. http://www.marstran.com/cabdata/cabdata.html
  10. bertbass

    Unexpected NCD. Marshall experts opinion please.

    You're right, the top cab has the top 2 speakers angled back but the bottom cab has the baffle slightly angled from about an inch at the bottom to about 2 inches at the top and I can't see that slant in the photos.
  11. bertbass

    Compact drum kits

    Our drummer recently got a set of these, https://www.drumshack.co.uk/traps-a400-nc-acoustic-drum-kit/p/10?option=27017&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIw6a1gZb22wIV1JTVCh3R4AQ3EAQYASABEgJiTPD_BwE and they are brilliant!!! Light, loud if you want them to be and so easy to transport. They are amazing!!! A couple of videos. Well worth considering.
  12. bertbass

    Unexpected NCD. Marshall experts opinion please.

    Not a Marshall bottom cab as the baffle doesn't slant back. Not a Hiwatt, they used Fane speakers. Not a Sound City as the handles are wrong and they also used Fanes. Judging but the bit of fret cloth wrapped round the edges of the baffle inside, I'd say it's something like a Sola Sound.
  13. bertbass

    EQ Pedal

    When my amp packed up once, I used one straight into a power amp and was pleasantly surprised at how good the sound was.
  14. bertbass

    EQ Pedal

    Cheap Behringer graphic pedal will do that for you.
  15. bertbass

    Genz Benz Issue

    I'm pleased for you, excellent result. I wish mine was as easy to fix.