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  1. A build for our own Len_derby

    Hi, thanks for the recommendation but I have a laser cutter / engraver. I can cut and engrave acrylic, glass and wood but not metal.
  2. Paper tickets for small gigs - why?

    Not something I've ever been involved with and wouldn't do it if I was but I would imagine it's the impulse buy thing. See the band, like the band and buy a ticket for the next show. Most audiences probably wouldn't go to the bother of going online to try to find tickets after the event.
  3. Pubs or Clubs ... what's the difference?

    Don't forget the bingo! God forgive you if you make a sound.
  4. Not a single problem here I'm guessing. Are you wireless or have a long lead? Take a stroll out front during a sound check and listen for yourself and then decide if your bass is too loud or not. If it's OK out front, which is where it needs to be nicely balanced and you still can't hear what you're playing, you need to get your cabs nearer to your ears or perhaps tilt the cabinet back so you can hear it. Does the keys player have a busy left hand? Your band mates could be hearing that and blaming you. Is the guitarist stealing your frequencies? Too much bass on the guitar can sound an awful lot like bass. Do you cut a lot of mids? This can cause you to not hear what you are playing and to turn up to compensate. It's very unlikely that your gear is at fault.
  5. Garden Music room advice?

    The only help I can offer is to check the planning regulations. Where I am, if it's wood you can build anything up to a certain height without planning permission as long as it's far enough away from a road. Brick built and planning permission needs to be sought and building regs apply etc.
  6. NBD - Vox?

    My first bass! Single burns pickup though. The previous owner modified it. The pickup was deeper than the body so he glued a rounded circle of wood on the back to cover up the hole. No truss rod and seriously short scale and it cost me £5 in 1965. I thought it was wonderful until I got another bass and realised that it was infact rubbish! Enjoy your find and the refinishing and be shocked as to how much it's worth.
  7. Seller's Remorse

    Everything I've owned since the mid 60s 'til 90s. Doesn't matter how good or bad it was, it would have been worth a fortune now!
  8. Bass cab build BFM omni top 12.

    You might find pages 17, 18 and 19 handy.
  9. On stage personal monitoring.

    My pleasure. Got one for our drummer and he's happy with it as well. He even managed to work the volume control the other night!
  10. I've got a shed with a band saw in it and a table saw and a thicknesser / planer and router tables and a pillar drill and a big bucket to catch the drips when it rains!
  11. We've just started using an RCF M18 which has both 2.4 & 5 ghz modems built in. Done a few gigs with it and it's been rock solid, wonderful bit of gear.
  12. What Trolley do you use

    I bought one of those, pretty good but everyone refused to use it except me preferring to carry everything so took it out of the van and the grandkids used it for a while to push each other up and down the garden path and then my son nicked it to put his generator on. A good quality trolly.
  13. Fender Studio Bass Restoration

    Try hot air, heat gun or hair dryer, to tighten the cloth.