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  1. Another vote for the RCF M18. Set ours to 5G and never had a problem. I know I could be tempting fate here but by the time I get to use it again, fate will have forgotten all about it!
  2. 6 x 10, much easier to move around and less to carry.
  3. Not a lot different from last year!
  4. I used to use Elite Stadium steel strings, 50 - 110 but tried NewTone steel strings, 50 - 110 and now I'm hooked.
  5. After many years using Elite Stadiums, I've just changed to NewTone strings. Brilliant.
  6. If the gigs haven't been cancelled, I'll still do them. I don't think there will be many though. I feel that there's too much panic and not enough common sense.
  7. This is what you need. https://www.pennelcomonline.com/en/gb/Penn-Elcom-3-Stage-Removable-Case-Trolley-H4515/m-8943.aspx?PartnerID=10&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=UnitedKingdom&gclid=Cj0KCQjw0pfzBRCOARIsANi0g0sAvEMDbqooWz-Mhzato7FX7jMUCMvjDnOkLD6jLAACHCxEBInkXFAaArEmEALw_wcB
  8. Our guitarist has the guitar version and has used it on few gigs and it's been quite good. I wouldn't use the bass version for anything other than a practice amp though. I just looked on the Vox site and while the guitar version has a 10" speaker, the bass version only has an 8". Strange.
  9. If it's lasted 8 years then I would have thought that anything that could go wrong with it would have already happened. I think it's safe to buy.
  10. Barefaced don't use standard Eminence speakers anymore. As the company has grown, Alex is now in the position of being able to design the speaker parameters that he requires and Eminence make for him and anyone who has a 3rd generation Barefaced cab can confirm that that approach has worked well.
  11. Used to play it a few years ago and it always went down brilliantly and we used to do the album version! With regards to that twin neck bass, I found this. Interesting. Rinus plays a custom built double neck in the shape of a Danelectro longhorn (A bass which he was a well known fan of) But the halves are COMPLETELY different from each other. The upper half of the bass has a Fender P-bass neck, Bill Lawrence pickups and that portion of the body is made from solid alder. The lower half of the bass is hollow with a masonite plate fitted flush to the top of the body, the Dano neck is a 30 inch short scale and it has 24 frets, the lowerhalf also has a kahler whammy. When in concert Rinus Plays almost the entire set on this double neck, interchanging necks when a different sound is needed, it has the "Boom" of a P-bass and the twang of a Dano.
  12. Played a Long Horn when I saw then live in the 70s. Brilliant band as well!
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