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  1. Over 50 feet in length and you'll start to hear a drop in volume.
  2. +1 to ampband. Much cheaper than the MU as well.
  3. I use the Stagg version of that for my Barefaced 2 x10 and Rumble head. Perfect! My ears hear what I'm playing rather than the backs of my knees and the sound and tone is not effected at all. Go for it.
  4. Could be you just need to restart your mac.
  5. Wise words here. Why not buy a few piezo transducers and try experimenting to find out the possibilities. A bit of wood with a piezo araldited to it, a bit of mouse mat double sided taped over the top and tap away. Adjust to taste! Sorry, forgot the lead. Solder a length of lead or a jack socket to the piezo wires. Can't solder? use a connector block.
  6. easy peasy! You need 2 of these, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Piezo-Sounder-Sensor-Trigger-Drum-Disc-Transducer-Elements-Leaded-Range-of-Sizes/261498022342?hash=item3ce27f29c6:m:mbE9oU10UcjIN4_jnsiBEIQ 2, jack sockets and 2 leads and do something like this, You could use a couple of bass drum pedals and make a couple of piezo ' bass drums ' as triggers. I'm sure you can think of something.
  7. It certainly was this difficult 15 years ago, in fact, it was worse. No emails then. No Facebook, no websites only your phone, land line of course and good old Royal Mail who faithfully delivered promo material and demos that were totally ignored. The only way to find gigs was to read the gig pages in the music press or possibly word of mouth then it was off the the library to read the Yellow Pages to try to find addresses. At least now you can easily find venues to be ignored by!
  8. Here you go! It's in german but not a problem. https://www.gitarrebassbau.de/viewtopic.php?t=6
  9. Me, I hate football but Mrs Bert supports Manchester city and her dad supports Manchester United. When her dad comes round ours it's amazing how polite they are to each other when discussing the weeks games.
  10. Newtone make standard gauges as standard but will also make any gauge or length as well.
  11. https://www.pennelcomonline.com/Mobile/en/Penn-Elcom-3-Stage-Removable-Case-Trolley-H4515/m-m-8943.aspx Also available from Amazon but cheaper, https://www.amazon.co.uk/Penn-Elcom-Removable-Case-Trolley/dp/B00AK987VU
  12. It was actually part of the pickup. Horseshoe magnet.
  13. Crossover components in the UK, no problem. https://www.falconacoustics.co.uk
  14. Just tried Newtone strings for the first time. Customer service was excellent as are the strings. I've become a Newtone customer!
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