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  1. The zero fret should be the same height as the other frets and not higher. There seems to be a lot of opinions on this but if you consider what you did with a capo it should make sense.
  2. Woolworths used to sell those.
  3. You go to this effort and the audience don't appear because it's going to rain!
  4. I'd still get in touch with DPD and get a quote.
  5. When I bought my laser cutter from China I used the Woodland Group as shipping agents but I have to say they were next to useless and cost me a load of extra cash through their c**k ups. I later found out that DPD could have imported it for me as well, I wish I'd used them.
  6. Sounds like the pickups might be out of phase, try swopping the wires over on one of the pickups and see if this puts it back to normal.
  7. When I was making my first bass, I checked the fret spacing on the basses I already owned. A P bass, a Rick 4001 and an old Columbus jazz, the only one that came close to being accurate was the Columbus.
  8. I'd do it myself. Plenty of youtube videos and of course in the build threads right here in the build diaries. Fret positions can be found here, https://www.stewmac.com/fretcalculator.html
  9. Prior to 1968 my £1 a week paper round money didn't go very far, it did buy me a 10 speed racing bike though, bought off my Mum's Marshall Ward mail order catalogue over 38 weeks. 17 shilling and 6 pence a week it was. That didn't leave a lot left for strings and the only string I knew of were tape wound and Bl**dy awful they were too! My £9 a week wage in 1968 didn't go that far either and it wasn't until I saw an advert in Beat Instrumental, probably John Entwhistle using swing bass, that I even knew that round wounds existed but I managed to buy a set from the local music shop and what a revelation they were. I never used a tape wound again! I bought my first and last P bass in 1972 and it cost £220, 10% extra for left handed and in sunburst, an extra 10% if you wanted a solid colour. It was rubbish!!!
  10. Has anyone mentioned tone 'glue' yet and the effect on sound of different glues?
  11. I really like lacquered fingerboards and I also like rosewood fingerboards so on any bass I've build, I lacquer the rosewood. I've no idea if it effects the sound but it certainly feels nicer to me. In my opinion, the sound of a bass is also effected by the sounds of the rest of the band around you and the songs that you're playing.
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