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  1. My pleasure. I have a few of their plans and they're not bad at all.
  2. Here you go. https://www.johnanthonyguitars.com/store/c17/Bass_Guitar_Plans.html
  3. The collection point is the same as the chosen courier uses. For Hermes it's one stop shops.
  4. Whatever happened to that'll do and it may not be technically perfect but feels and sounds great!
  5. You're so right. I wish I still had it then I could sell it for a goodly amount as recompense for the suffering.
  6. Did you know that a drum stick can seriously dent your bass! I didn't until a drummer hit mine with one. Never could get that dent out of the neck.
  7. I bought a 72 precision new in, unsurprisingly, 1972. Left handed and sunburst for £220. Unfortunately, it was rubbish!
  8. I've been with headset mic for a number of years and it's brilliant. I use a Line 6 XD-V55HS Digital Wireless Headset Mic System and it's never let me down. The transmitter clips to your belt and runs on 2 x AA batteries. I use rechargeable batteries for both the mic and bass. The headset mic itself however is total rubbish so I use a Shure SM35-TQG which is great. I've only just it bought to replace a Shure WH30 which has been discontinued. I've also built an on / off footswitch for it so that I can switch the mic off if I need to cough etc. The transmitter does have a mute function, press the button for 2 seconds, which may well be good enough for you but as I take most of the lead vocals and play bass it's a bit difficult to stop playing for 2 seconds to press the button. If you don't move around a lot you could think about a wired mic which would be a lot cheaper. Again I'd recommend a Shure headset but this time with an XLR connectors. I can only recommend going the headset route.
  9. Stupid question time alert!!! The Safire Pro 14 has 2 inputs on the front with gain controls and has a further 2 line inputs on the back without gain controls. It also has a 2 channel S/PDIF output. The S/PDIF outputs a stereo signal if I've read it correctly. Where does the input for the S/PDIF outputs come from? Is it from the 2 inputs on the front or the line inputs on the back or somewhere else entirely, or have I no understanding of this at all.
  10. Thanks. I'll try my best first.
  11. Many thanks for that. I've just had a read and my first reaction is, WHAT!!! I'll have to keep reading until it begins to make sense.
  12. Hi all, I have a problem with my saffire pro 40 and pro 14 interfaces. I'll tell you what I've done first and then explain my problem if I may. I have connected my Macbook pro to my saffire pro 40 with a firewire lead. Another firewire lead from the saffire pro 40 to the saffire pro 14. All the lights show that they are connected. However, when I open mix control, I can only set it to either the pro 40 or pro 14. The pro 40 shows only 8 analogue inputs and the pro 14 only shows 4 analogue inputs. I want to record with 11 inputs hence connecting the 2 interfaces together. Where have I gone wrong and is it even possible to do what I want to do. Do I have to buy a new interface so that I can connect the 2 together with an optical cable. I am confused!
  13. 2 steps back? You were lucky!
  14. If you're any good at building cabs you could do a lot worse than buy Bill's plans for subs. Easy builds and seriously excellent performance. Pretty light too. https://billfitzmaurice.info/index.html
  15. You could have tried these. https://modulusamplification.com/Fender-Speaker-Mounting-Screws-Mount-Screws-each-P5875267.aspx
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