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    Well, i've just done the same to him. Bought a 150 quid item, and marked it payment made, but didnt pay him. Lets see what the [email protected] makes of that
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    his voice is probably the most controlled silky smooth voice ive ever heard. Its just spellbinding power and control.
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    Hey folks, some beautiful basses in here! I took this for another thread but here's my 2014 Sterling HH in Trans Gold - Still as clean as the day I got it. Gotta admit I keep finding myself looking at Stingray Specials this past few days...
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    I'm starting the sponsorship with £25 to charity of your choice
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    Speaking of white Spectors, I just had a great and fun rehearsal with my band for our gig on Friday using my Spector Euro 435 (35" Euro 4 LX with solid maple wings) This is my main live bass since last spring and although I prefer the NS-5XL for recording this is really kicking donkey for playing live. Since the G string is not a necessity for the gig it is tuned B(A)EAD and I can have the iconic white Spector PJ look onstage 🙂 This is such a great bass, I got rid of the Aguilar P/J that it came with in favor of a X series EMG PJ but kept the Aguilar OBP it came with. And in action! 🙂
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    Couldn't resist this on Ebay when I saw it, these are awesome basses. The YT video below is bang on... It is as new, lovely matt sunburst finish. I'm not a fan of active preamps generally, but the Markbass in this is great, I think of it as 'passive plus'. No extremes, just good variations. It's strung with TI flats at the moment, and the neck pickup sounds just fantastic, rich and creamy. Can't think of anything bad to say about it really. (Bass will be sold with rounds on, though) Happy to post in bombproof packaging, but postage will be extra. Pictures:
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    Another long overdue transcription which I wish I could have done decades ago! Geddy Lee's bass part to 'La Villa Strangiato' from the 1978 Rush album 'Hemispheres'. The 'Ghost of Aragon' section was the tricky bit. It is only really a pentatonic lick but a slippery little sucker nevertheless. https://bilbosbassbites.co.uk/la-villa-strangiato-rush/
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    It’s great 😊 The fretwork and neck are perfect so I can get the action as low as my Vigier. It’s effortless to play as a result. The pre sounds great - I’m not sure what the internal dip switches do but currently it’s very spicy sounding and really lively. Slapped notes sound full and weighty right up to the G. The body is very tactile - a little bit smaller than a full sized J, and slimmer - it reminds me of a Smith in that regard. The neck joint is neater than your regular four bolt plate and very tidy. But yeah it sounds tremendous. The pickups soloed sound great too, which I have found isn’t always the case with jazzes. The smooth covered pickups are nice under the fingers - I’m used to using them like a ramp. I don’t know about the specs of them but they are super Hifi. Also I think they’re the first pickups I’ve had where they actually raise up when you loosen the screws! It came in a Hiscox style Celinder case which is in pretty good condition. The bass has obviously been played and has a few small marks and scratches but that’s good because I don’t want to have to baby it! The G tuner (Hipshot) is a little unresponsive to tuning down, it sort of needs going back to take up the ‘slack’ and back up to tune - maybe it needs oiling? Otherwise - perfect. Seriously love the shape and thin body. The bridge saddle grubs require a very odd sized Allen key - I have a set of every type, metric and imperial - none fit! Luckily the correct one was in the case. The truss rod needed a very slight loosen to compensate for my strings but that is a regular 5mm and was smooth as you like. The neck is a serious piece of work though - lovely bit of clank/buzz when you want it but clean when you attack slightly differently. No other neck has been this good for me and I’m really fussy with my almost dead straight neck and super low action (I normally find G saddles don’t go low enough and have to file the groove down) Compared to the Atelier? Hm. Too early to make a direct comparison but it is more Marcus Miller and enables me to set the action slightly more to my taste. It’s a close call. Both are just fantastic at what they do and have that organic grindy 70s slap sound. I’ll get some pics in the next few days maybe if the whole collection which has grown a fair bit lately. I quite like that this matches my P of choice (Black/Maple) Cheers to the Gallery for sorting a Saturday delivery, too. Cheers ped
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    Pic below - not a great one, but the bass is at my local guitar shop having a pickup/electrical glitch fixed so I can’t take a better one. Appreciate, there are alternative fret cleaning methods. And yes, said fretboard was lemon oiled with Dunlop 65. Made a huge difference too.
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    Bought this just before lockdown cannot see any gigs happening in the near future so decided to have a clear out never gigged pretty much as new ..small mark on tip of headstock ..Great sounding bass and a great look..will include hard case and uk delivery insured Bolt-On SCALE34" BODYAlder NECKMaple FINGERBOARDMacassar Ebony FINGERBOARD RADIUS400mm FINISHBLACK SATIN NUT WIDTH45mm NUT TYPEMolded NECK CONTOURThin U FRETS/TYPE21 XJ HARDWARE COLORBlack STRAP BUTTONStandard TUNERSLTD BRIDGELTD BB-605 NECK PUEMG P5 BRIDGE PUEMG LJ5 ELECTRONICSActive ELECTRONICS LAYOUTVolume/Balance/Tone STRINGSD'Addario XL (.045/.065/.085/.105/.125)
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    Hello Basschatters First post so be kind please.😁 it's a long one I'm afraid (something I've never had to say to the wife alas...). After many years on the dark path I've moved from 6 string onto bass. And great fun it is, wished I'd done it sooner. I'm looking at buying my first bass rig. I think I've just about understood Ohms and parallel etc. I'd be grateful for some tips on what would work for me Ideally I want to get a something I can add to if needed. Therefore I'm thinking head and cabs rather than combo. If gigs are ever allowed again, realistically the venues we'd play would be small to medium so would 500w head be enough? I've looked aroubd and like the look of the Orange Bass Terror or Little Bass Thing (at the very top of my price range), Ampeg Portaflex Pf 500 and the Ashdown Rootmaster 500. Cab wise I was thinking of starting off with an Ashdown 1 12 and then adding a 2 10 when more cash is available (ie. when I shift some of my guitar gear). The Orange 1 12s are out of my price range. The current band I'm in is sort of fuzzy, roomy heavy rock. But I have quite a wide taste in music so would like something versatile. I also have a fair few pedals and want a rig that will take pedals well. As well as trying to keep the cost down I also need something I can lift. I'm now at the dodgy back and knees stage 😪. The Rootmaster stuff looks ideal for that. If I've understood correctly the heads I've mentioned would give me 250W (Orange) or 300W (Ampeg and Ashdown) with 1 8Ohm cab and then the full 500W with 2 8Ohm cabs or 1 4Ohm cab. Is that right? The Ampeg has only got 1 speaker out. Would I therefore have to connect the 2 cabs to each other and then 1 cab back to the head?. Is that safe? Thanks for bearing with me. Any recommendations, ideas gratefully received. All the best Andy
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    The thought entered my head that this is village therapy and the men are taking turns airing their grievances.
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    Doesn't that '+6dB' logic only hold true if we were talking about 1x 12R cab being doubled to 2x identical 12R cabs though? I think what's being lost in this is that, if only using one cab, we can use the 4R setting to cheat the impedance/power game a little. I guess the real question is: what's the volume difference between 600W into a 2x10 and ~400W into a 4x10? Which after all that doesn't really change the answer, it's going to be the 4x10.
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    With a beefier power amp. I think you're right. Unless you play the entire time in your room or in a studio environment, these demos where the cab is close mic'd tell you very little about how something performs in the "real world".
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    Hello guys My name Sandraupa but you can called me upa , im live in indonesia which is a famous country for Ibanez sr premium and ibanez sr prestige that made a bass with our high quality woods, and high quality control Gear : Ibanez SR 305 IPT 2009 as my primary and for live performance Ibanez Premium sr1605 ntf as my backup and of course for youtube session For Live Performance : Hartke Bass Attack Vxl and Boss CS 3 For Recording im using : POD BASS XT LIVE Cable : Samson Technology Genre : im usually playing genre Rock and metal , but sometimes playing Rock Alternative Time : im Have Been playing bass from 2004 and present and my first bass is aria pro 2 Social Media : you can also find me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/sandraupata youtube : http://www.youtube.com/c/SandraupaChannelIDN Twitter : http://twitter.com/sandraupata Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/SandraupaTA
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    Welcome aboard!! I have the wrong glasses on and thought you were calling yourself 45 String. That's over half a piano 🤯
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    Not bad looking!! Wonder if they would ship to USA?
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    I know my hiscox Case came with d-rings and the shoulder strap. I'm pretty sure if you contacted them they would be able to set you up with something.
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    He said ‘62 was the best year for his fenders and now it’s all I can think about 😂
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    I've had the later 121h for a few years now, which I believe is the same head. I couldn't tell you when or if the fan comes on, either at home, at rehearsal or gigging.... and I think the fact that I've never noticed is probably a good thing.
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    Inaudible! The amp is not really working at low volume. I can't stand extraneous noises, especially high pitched ones, since my hearing aids make EVERYTHING really loud. If the fan was making a noise I would throw the amp out of the window, probably. Hope this helps!
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    No. My sister is totally tone-deaf and has crap taste in music.
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    I was in an originals band with my brother. He is 10 years younger than me and we have never had a cross word. My bro was a 17 year old drummer at the time but we needed a new bassist as the existing left two weeks before a long standing gig. He left in a strop but said we could use his bass gear if we were stuck. I asked my bro if he fancied an audition on bass before we cancelled the gig. I gave him a cassette of a live recording of 23 of our original songs. Learn 6 of them and we will see you next Tuesday for a run through I said without much hope. The following Tuesday he had all 6 down perfectly, oh, and the rest of the 23. Originals, and from a wobbly cassette???? Impressed? You bet we were, and after one band practice we did the gig the next week. I secretly hate him for having so much talent, he obviously got my share as well. He now plays keyboards as well as bass and drums, oh and guitar. Git.
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    BF make excellent cabs, but I'd put them into the "high-end" rather than "budget" category, which is what I think the OP is looking for?
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    Sounded good through my £250 in-ears. 👍
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    Now there's a thought.
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    I was in an originals band with my brother...... we were both in our late twenties at the time, so well past our arguing phase. The band as whole was pretty democratic, so no room for ego or strops. The band split due to external circumstances..... but one thing in life I'm really grateful for is that I had a couple of years in a band with my brother. We have a studio demo tape to mark it.... and our mum has a copy & MP3s of her beloved boys!
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    I still can't listen to her. Whenever I hear her voice around now it just makes me feel gutted. She hadn't even begun to peak as an artist.
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    Rapper battles - YES! Bassist battles - I'd rather drink poison.
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    Advertise for what YOU want. If you want a balding bloke with a huge beard in his 60's then you obviously want that for a reason. Bands are products and who is anyone else to tell you YOUR product.
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    Favorite male rock voice; (vocals start at around 4.30)
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    ..... I literally bought a different 5 string yesterday as the waiting time for these is too long. That is some really bad timing on my part 😂😂😂
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    Another sublime female singer - far from my usual music taste, but what a voice - Rhiannon Giddens.
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    Exactly this for me too. I spent much of my teens listening exclusively to three or for bands and dissing any other music and anyone who didn't share my tastes! Now, realising what a bleedin' idiot I'd been, I listen to anything or everything with what I hope is a reasonably open mind. I am still occasionally smitten, as in I know within a few bars that I'm going to really dig something but if something doesn't hit me like that I will still give it a few whirls and see if it grows on me. The opposite for me, some bands I have to finally admit I do like them!
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    Paul Rodgers, awesome vocals and still has it nowadays.
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    Not just the voices, but the poetry and emotions conveyed.
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    Lady Ga-Ga, without posting any of her music (as I’m not particularly keen on it) she is one hell of a singer.
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    Yes, MB2s are 34”. From the RA site... Mb-2: This is a full 34” scale semi-hollow bass. Warm woody tone with a strong fundamental due to the hollow wings and solid center block. This is the most versatile of the basses due to the punch of the long scale. This design can produce good staccato tone if plucked back towards the bridge, or pillowy warm tones if plucked over the neck/body joint. Punchy enough to play rock or blues with, warm and open enough for jazz.
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    Budget instrument manufacturers such as Harley Benton have upped their game so much over the last few years that cheap no longer means poor quality. I don't think I own anything worth more than £300.
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    Another price direct from Windcraft (owned by Dawkes)............https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Windcraft-FAXX-C-Melody-Mouthpiece-Plastic-USA/372108969768?epid=1949893834&hash=item56a36c4728:g:gWgAAOSwm~lfj7lG
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    "So remaining jobs: - fit luminlay side dots - fit the pickups - install the Dunlop inset strap locks - string it up with the new Status strings - take the arty-farty shots" And the one I forgot - earth the bridge blocks Pickups are in: And a blurry picture of the inset strap locks installed:
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    Have you lost your marbles?? Don`t you know that mixing cabs from different manufacturers upsets the space time continuum and the world could end!! Think of the children!
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    Hey everyone, just looking for a bit of advice. A couple of months ago I knocked my bass over and snapped the neck off. I got a few quotes for the repair and the job was looking to be £1000+ which is more than the bass is worth. I got myself a cheapish Thomann bass so I can keep playing but now I don't know what to do with this bad boy? I'm tempted to post it as an ebay auction with no reserve to recoup whatever money I can from it but I'm willing to let it go to a good home for nothing really if somebody wanted to take it on as a project. Any ideas?? one

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